Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. is a cunt, isn’t he?

This egotistical flaker has just been paid a fortune for redoing another version of Dr Doolittle. Whispers suggest it’s a charmless pile of wank from the oily turd. Apparently, he does a Welsh accent. What a choice to talk to the animals.

Once a bit of a junkie, Downey is now most famous for his plethora of “Iron Man” films, though I’ve seen one and it was nothing like the Ted Hughes story. Hollywood also indulged in redoing a couple of rancid Sherlock Holmes flicks starring Downer. His cunty levels still weren’t high enough, so he was paid to do a video for an Elton fucking John dirge, the undiscerning whore.

Robert Downer syndrome started early when they decided on redoing the classic “The Singing Detective” and change it from a British surreal masterpiece of grit into an American, real piece of shit.

He once made a short anti-Trump film with all of his dressy-up pals from the Marvel “Avengers” soap-opera. The one-trick pony actor, who makes fantasy films about flying around in space, also recently spouted about the environment and said he wants to “clean up Earth” with his…zzz…

Instead of redoing this and redoing that, what about redoing drugs, you dead-eyed, Iron Cunt. If you could talk to the animals, they’d tell you to fuck off.

Nominated by Captain Magnanimous

35 thoughts on “Robert Downey Jr.

  1. They’d just ignore the drug-addled midget if he spoke to them in a Welsh accent.
    Apart from the sheep, who’d probably run a mile.
    Mind you, as he’s only marginally taller than that Warwick whatsiscunt, I reckon any sheep with half a backbone (that isn’t a Welshman’s cock) might fancy its chances, and quite rightly savage the smug little shitbag.

    sorry I have to put this in, your comment brought it to mind.

    • I think I have hurt myself laughing…..

      I think that is the result of years of pent up frustration

  2. A Hollyweird airhead to be sure, but got to admit liked the sherlock Holmes films he did, and cried with laughter at ‘due date’ when he spat in that dogs face.
    But like most in LA hes a woke, virtual signalling, Tango hater.

    • Enjoyed the first Iron Man film. Not so much the second. The third was rubbish.

      Never take any notice of these cunts outside their acting roles, so can’t really comment further.

  3. You can’t make political judgements while dressing in lycra, wearing a superhero costume and making children’s films. The fucker should get Bell’s palsy.

    • I’ve had Bells Palsy and it wasn’t that bad so I’d have to settle for him getting motor neurons so in the end he can only move his fuckung eyeballs like eagle-eye action man the cunt.

  4. I heard about this bellend and his ‘Avengers’ luvvietwat pals like Johansscunt doing their childish anti-Trump film… I notice none of these bona fide celebricunts have left the USA yet like they said they would if Big Don came to power…. They are just rich mouthy cunts who are all talk and no walk…. Cunts like Downey Jnr and his Marvel gang of wankers think that the Noo Yoik cuntfest that is Saturday Shite Live is the height of satire and political commentary, so rank stupidity and bullshit is to be expected from such daft and imbecilic cunts…

    Oh, and the Avengers were and always will be Patrick MacNee as John Steed and his lovely sidekicks in Honor Blackman, Diana Rigg and Linda Thorson… So fuck off Downey Jnr and the rest of those Hollyweird fuckwit cunts….

  5. Reminds me of Dustin Ho(f)fman in Marathon Man, but without the method acting skills.

    Arsewipe: op je fiets 🚲 🚲 🚲!

  6. A cosmic cunting indeed.
    I suspect this addled twat couldn’t take a piss without an assistant and a full page advert in Twatter.
    Everything he stands for with his tremendous chums I stand against.
    Fuck off.

  7. Excellent cunting Captain, these two lines really made me laugh –

    ‘with all of his dressy-up pals’
    ‘If you could talk to the animals, they’d tell you to fuck off.’

    Thank you.

    • Lots of diversity there, the guttural speak of the dooshka’s, clicks and whistles of the East Africa, intelligible street slang of da urban yoot and the very rarely heard Queens English.

  8. I got up yesterday morning and took a concoction of iron supplements and viagra in the hope I might attain some type of superpower but just ended up spending the rest of the day facing north….

  9. A MASTERFUL cunting, in particular that last throwaway line, classic.
    These constant remakes of classics, especially that irritating as fuck, word, “reimagining” into some “woke”, preachy, subliminal propagandised WANK, is enough tho consider crowdfunding a small, no, make that a BIG Nuke, I’d call The Don”, to drop on Hollywood and most of the west-coast asylum hopefully triggering “the big one”.
    Cunts like Downey-duvet are the symptom a the malaise sweeping the West, I call it the Cuntrona Virus, symptoms include uncontrollable verbal-diarrhoea, Trump-tourettes, delusions of self importance & a highly infectious inner ear complaint that throws the sufferer off balance always to the extreme left. The latter is in direct proportion to how much money they have. Fortunately most are isolated in gated communities, but perhaps it’s time to cut off their Comms to stop the spread & send in someone to weld the gates shut.

    Streisand, Streep, DeNiro, Clooney, old lefty cunts of the first order. Disney Jr is junior at the moment but rapidly achieving early old-cuntritude in his own right.

    As for the utter, unoriginal, repetitive, expensive, CGI-ridden, “reimagined” (read FUCKED) WANK, turned out by BotoxWood, I haven’t watched a new film in years & don’t get me started on Star-Whores a franchise of such unimaginable, execrable bollocks, made even worse by the Disney propaganda machine, I propose the next film is called Star Wars – The Attack of Ordure.

    CUNTS the lot of them Down-da-crapoer is merely the latest in a long line of luvvie cunts stretching into the distant future, unless the wildfires, Coronavirus, the flood of illegals, the *big one” & the Sheikh’s Holy Nuke get them first. I must arrange for St Greta Høwdäreyøü of Schïttbückett to visit at that time.

    Rant over time for that prayer, as the Imam of the Holy Al-Aqsaminstahkharpet, to put the freshness back into America, for Qaliphornia being sent to fuck,

    As the profit says, Allahfucking who? AKHBLAAAAARRRGH.

  10. A thought struck me, like the Holy Kaaba from the skies. If Downey’s BV character is Welsh, surely he’d fuck the animals, although he’d be out of luck with the pushmepullyou, How does it take a shit, it has no arsehole? Mind you, Downey dies have an arsehole, a redundant one, as the shit comes from his gob.

  11. I just watched Dr Sleep the sequel to the Shining, one of my favourite films. Fuck me it was bordering on a Super Hero film and the characters at the Overlook Hotel were like cunts from an amateur dramatics society. In typical Hollywood tradition everything becomes trivialised.

    • I loved Kubricks film the shining even though it wasn’t a faithful adaption of the book abd he added a bunch of shit. Didn’t think a film sequel was necessary to the shining but its a box office money grab

      IT didn’t need a sequel either hell it didn’t even need the remake tho it was alright definitely better then that horrible remake of Pet sematary I watched a few weeks ago “sometimes dead is better” too true Jud

  12. I drank way too much coffee this morning feels like my 1st cocaine experience minus the blissful euphoria. Yep hearts basically beating out of my chest now see you later cunters going go smoke some pot and try and to crash land this caffeine plane high as safely as I can

  13. As has been said many times, actors are generally OK speaking from a script, off script the problems arise.

  14. “Robert Downey Jr. is a cunt, isn’t he?”

    Why is that grammatically a question? Surely it is an empirical fact

  15. Every time I see Robert Downey Junior, I always think of a mate of mine who exclaimed “I seen this septic tank on breakfast TV this morning, he was promoting his new single, but he sounds exactly like Elton John and even the song sounds like a fucking Elton rip-off”. I told him “That IS an Elton John song, you daft cunt. That cunt in the video is miming to fat Reg, fuck sake”.

    • I recall reading that Robert Dopey Jr (what is it with Septics and their ludicrous ‘Jnr’s and ‘III’s by the way?) is the highest paid actor in Hollywood. Fucking scary if correct.

      • Hes highest paid cause he whores himself out to any script hes sure reaching new lows with the recent dolittle. Also Its mostly because of all the marvel capeshit films downey has done like ironman and the avengers

        I’m personally not a big fan of the marvel film universe being a bit of a comic book nerd, it takes alot to please me. The best marvel movies to date imo are spiderman raimi trilogy, avengers age of ultron, guardians of the galaxy vol 1,2 and antman everything else has been been shite downs syndrome jr is just a unbearable cunt with questionable talent as a actor

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