Extinction Rebellion (4)

Emergency cunting for Extinction Rebellion: the rahs that be have got the judiciary to agree that they were unlawfully arrested. Now I’m no expert but I know that if I decided that peacefully protesting involved any of the following I would be arrested but because my name isn’t Rupert Holier-thanthou and I don’t worship St Greta.

– camping in my local park for 8 days causing noise, mess and idiocy
– gluing myself to the road outside Liverpool Street Station and blocking the pavement
– stopping public transport
– handing out patronising I’m sorry leaflets outside the nearest tube

and these are just the ways in which I have been personally affected. I am ABSOLUTELY sick of the cunts.

Nominated by IfuckinghateXR

Thin end of the fucking wedge. Now the judiciary have basically given them carte blanche to carry out their juvenile student rag day antics they’ll just get bigger and more frequent.

I CANNOT wait for the day I actually come across one of these fuckers in person trying to stop me going about my business, watch out for me on the news…. especially if it’s one of those where the crusty wankers descend on a restaurant and start throwing the fake blood around while berating people for eating meat.

Nominated by Cuntan the Cuntarian

79 thoughts on “Extinction Rebellion (4)

  1. If the law won’t do anything then it’s back to pre Peel days and a fucking good kicking for these cunts. Men bollocks kicked off. Women cunts kicked in.

    • These untermench will go home in their cars turn on the heating and make a nice cup of coffee before retiring to bed. I wonder how they think how that works. Maybe it’s the fairy godmother. More finger wagging cunts who know better than l. Plebs that I am

      • “Pre Peel days” You mean John Peel? Balls kicked off, Cunts kicked in sounds like a great name for a Punk album Smugcunt https://youtu.be/b5YzhrIyx10

        It could be like a compilation album of the best male/female punk bands that wanna destroy the patriarchy haha lol

      • Daaaaahling you’re so parochial one would never do anything so coarse as to turn the central heating on, Sebastian and I have specially imported logs from ethically sourced forest reserves for our woodburner

  2. Attention seeking cunts, young cunts who want to change the world, old cunts who want to think they did something meaningful in their wasted lives. All of them lead by people who’s real intention is political not environmental. Now the courts get involved and give the cunts a blank cheque to bring cities to a standstill in the name of communist agitation.

    An EDL march can be banned due to the disruption it may cause in a limited area but these should be extinct cunts can stop London or any other city from functioning and cause massive economic impact and the law says it’s legitimate protest. Left wing political aims ok, it seems.

    I really do hope the silent majority kick off at these cunts, the judiciary have castrated the police and allowed these cunts to destroy the police budget, expect more stabbings and less police intervention due to lack of budget.

    If the police are not allowed to do their job and keep the Queens Highway free of these skum the public will.

    The cunts do not want to sit in the road in front of me, I will just let the old wagon roll gently forward.

  3. I think it’s about time these cunts became extinct with a swift kick in the knackers or a punch in the cunt.

    Most of these “activists” are just doing it for the “likes” or because they’ve got fuck all to do all day. And I bet you these fuckers will interrupt the Day of Remembrance, purely because the media will be there, which means lots of publicity for this shitstains.

    I do hope ordinary people kick the living shit out of these fuckers; more so with the police just standing by and laughing into their helmets.

  4. I have an interest in a product called liquid skunk, Its an additive that is added to the bowser’s on riot cannon and used to great effect in Israel.
    I was searching for a video of it in use but found this instead.


    Now spraying the fuckers with liquid skunk might make them fuck off sharpish (this is a better film) https://youtu.be/AP4BQ5fNZDc

    • A very reasonable response to the dirty hypocritical cunts Lord B.
      It might actually improve the smell of some of the cunts I’ve seen on TV.

    • I think that a good kicking should be deployed first and then followed up with a good old dousing of liquid skunk.

  5. It’s almost like this once great country is hell bent determined to destroy itself with empty platitudes and false sympathy to people who don’t deserve it…these lazy, two-faced cunts are just one group who are taking advantage of this moral flip-flop.

    A crying shame to see this happen.

  6. The fact is that Extinction Rebellion (via their puppet masters – no doubt Soros will be bankrolling them in some shape or form) are less interested in climate change and more interested in social change under the guise of climate change.

    They essentially want to convert the west into a communist state of equilibrium by annexing the wealth of hard working people to be distributed to the undeserving by means of climate taxation.

    Who pays taxes? Working people.

    Who don’t pay taxes? Undeserving layabout cunts and/or illegals.

    And if you moan then you’re a climate change denier! That’s how (they think) they will win.

    Fortunately only useful idiots (like the cunts in red above) are too stupid to see what Extinction Rebellion really stands for – which is communism.

    And we all know how well communist and militant social states work out (don’t we Venezuela)!

    Between this lot and the pound shop Robin Hood – Commissar Corbynov – working people will be on a 150% tax rate to pay for it all, and all so that M’Tembe can sit on his idle Somali arse all day, in his paid for flat, chewing khat that our free handouts enabled him to buy!

    Well they can fuck off! If you’re that fucking concerned about climate change, please feel free to fuck off to Beijing and protest there because that’s where most of the world’s pollution is coming from! You’ll fit right in because it’s already a communist state! Happy days!


    • Who don’t pay taxes? Undeserving layabout cunts and/or illegals, you can add rich cunts who know how to circumvent the taxation system.

      • Quite. Try finding some rich cunt who’s paying over 40% like the poor bastards on minimum wage have to. These protests are all irrelevant anyway. Give it 50 years and this will be a peaceful cuntry and these cunts will all be extinct.

        • Poor bastards on minimum wage do not pay 40% tax, or anything close.

          The first £11,850 of your income is not taxed at all. Income over that amount is taxed at 20% until you reach £50,000 when it’s 40% on income over that amount.

          • I actually meant to say 32%, i.e. the 20% income tax plus 12% NI above £8,632 till you reach £50k at which point you’ll pay 2%.

      • Well Bertram, I pay exactly the tax I’m supposed to and not one fucking penny more!

        And if I had the wherewithal to avoid (not evade – there is a legal difference) paying tax then I would do that too!

        If HM Govt don’t like it, legislate against it and make it illegal.

        You talk about “rich cunts” but they – unless they won a big Euromillions lottery – do not become rich for no reason. Usually they’ve built businesses up which employ hundreds if not thousands, so the tax they feed into the system (directly and indirectly) whether personal or business tax is still significant.

        “Oh but I bet their employees are treat like shit!” – we live in a democracy, don’t like it? Fuck off and get another job then!

        You show me one person who gets a tax bill or checks their PAYE slip and says: “Oh, that seems a little low. I better call HMRC and offer them more money!”

        Minimum wage earner or billionaire, that’s just fucking bullshit!

        Everyone pays what they have to by law and NOT ONE FUCKING PENNY MORE!

        It’s better off in my arse pocket than HM Govts because if it’s going to be pissed away, then at least it being pissed away on beer and tabs for me and not on M’Tembe, Mo’s mob and Jeremy Kyle scüm!


    • Nice nom Cuntan!👍
      These jules, Tarquins,jontys, and double barrel bollocks have a lot of free time on their hands dont they?
      Now im all for stopping water pollution, protecting greenbelt,anti litter, protection of wildlife etc
      Those are my views.
      Others have different views.
      I agree to disagree.
      Thats a civilised society.
      But if im sat with my family eating meat and some posh leftie cunt throws fake blood on us, him an his mates are gonna get the opportunity to see how hard a fork can be driven into a human skull.

      • To be fair I just commented on the original nom and it’s been added as another one….. but as the gimmegrant said when shown the piles of taxpayer’s cash just waiting inside the DSS building “I’ll take it”

  7. If these cunts cant be banned, I think every time they start holding up traffic and causing mayhem a good fucking beating is in order, no mercy, forget teargas just a good kickin, something for the yoof of today to take an interest in and then they will see the abuse to their rights, same as all the people who,s rights are being effected by the fucking morons…exytictoin rebellion will be extict in a week

  8. The photo looks like a scene from The Handmaid’s Tale where they are awaiting mass execution.

    We should move into selling bulk rope and strychnine.

  9. Now that Extinction Conformity have been given permission via the courts to close London at will, we can expect to see more rebellion from real working people. This will get nasty and the elites know it, but quite what their motives are I can’t figure out at the moment…..

  10. Hmmm… disruption of a Rememberance Day gathering… I can’t see that ending well. 40 or 50 serving and ex military + family in solemn attendance and bunch of top-knotted ExReb cock-ends rock up intent on mischief… Sideways glances and nods pass between the assembled tommys, overcoats are doffed, folded and handed to Wives and it’s fucking game on!

    Time for a reality check methinks… Greta, put that fucking fidget spinner down and pay attention.

    There are 4 primary factors that determine a species’ trajectory towards extinction which are…
    1) Destruction of habitat – ever visited London? Birmingham? Leicester?

    2) Competition for resources from invasive species – ever visited London? Birmingham? Leicester?

    3) Predation (either direct or via infectious disease) – Whites are being effectively and selectively predated by both mechanisms

    4) Hybridisation – ever visited London? Birmingham? Leicester? Ecologists are well aware of this factor and will legislate to prevent it in the case of rare raptors and the like to allow the young of hybrid hawks to be hunted and exterminated. You can’t put a zander pack into an English waterway if you catch one, it should be dispatched and left on the towpath all with the aim of preserving the uniqueness of the affected species thus preserving diversity within nature. Attenborough rattles on about it constantly but in the next breath the dopey old cunt falls into lock step with his paymasters and promotes its rapid miscegenation into international beige.
    So here we see more concern over North American birds of prey than to humanity. In fact even to suggest that such care be taken over the TRUE diversity within the white European population will soon be deemed crime enough to have you burnt at the stake.

    So Greta you pig ignorant, hypocritical little fuckwit, it appears that all four factors are bearing heavily and disproportionately on us white Western Europeans, but will you be scrawling that on your next banner? including it info the ‘classroom aids’ for Ejumacators? those PR packs distributed to councils, local rags, charridies et al? No thought not, daft little cunt.

  11. Ladies in red. Yes that’s what the police ought to do like they did in Guantanamo play music constantly-

    ‘I’ve never seen you looking so lovely as you did tonight
    I’ve never seen you shine so bright
    I’ve never seen so many men ask you if you wanted to dance
    They’re looking for a little romance, given half a chance…
    And I have never seen that dress you’re wearing
    Or the highlights in your hair that catch your eyes
    I have been blind

    The lady in red is dancing with me, cheek to cheek’

    That would clear the streets.

    • The cunt second left is a bloke, but maybe a carpet muncher I don’t know anymore who gives a fuck there all scum.

  12. You get a free pass to break any law you like if you have green/purple/ blue hair and a nose ring.
    The lefties are taking over our kids minds judging by what utter bollocks my grandkids come out with after school.
    You know the score, brexit/Boris/ Trump bad.

    • My daughter came home from college yesterday and told me her tutors are expressly telling all their students that they must vote labour now they’re old enough….

      • Well they should be reported. Teachers in the UK are not allowed (by law) to push their political opinions onto their pupils.

        Doesn’t seem to stop the fuckers though…

      • woah woah woah …! You are kidding? Now that would see me straight on the phone DEMANDING a next day face-to-face with the headmaster and relevant head of dept. I’d want the cunt’s head on a pike staff.
        I think I’ve ‘inoculated’ my lads against this sort of cuntery pretty effectively and shown them how to spot it particularly when it’s delivered via its subtler/subliminal presentations. One memorable slice of deep-fried horse shit was one ‘teacher’s’ insistence to the eldest’s class that if they had a Japanese car, ate pizza or curries, wore clothes made in China, went on holiday to Turkey etc. then they had NO right to protest immigration! This is actually how they think!

          • My next door neighbour’s son was taught in class that Brexit is a not a good thing. The teacher did say it was just his personal view, but declined to put the case for Leave.

          • RTC

            It may be his opinion but he shouldn’t be airing it in class. It’s ok if he does it outside school though/on social media etc.

            I’m not sure they should be allowed to do it on social media though. Kids look their teachers up on Crapbook and might agree with their favourite ones if they say Brexit/Trump bad etc.

          • It’s only ever justified if getting them to debate using the Socratic method (to help with public speaking/forming an argument etc).

            The teacher can get one team to argue for a motion and one against it (even if they disagree with it). Or the teacher can play devil’s advocate etc.

            But that’s not what they do, of course!

            I’m sick of teachers using the sneaky excuse of, ‘They just asked my opinion so I gave it to them but I didn’t push it onto them’. Just giving their opinion can be enough to influence kids in many cases.

          • I’d do it because it’s the sort of complaint the head won’t want. Even though nothing will probably happen to the teacher in question (as the head will probably share his opinion), he’ll be told to be more careful and that the law states he can’t do what he did. Complaints against teachers go against them if they get too many of them. If you know the parents of any of the other kids in this class a ‘block’ complaint could have him in serious trouble. I hate grassing too but this cunt deserves it.

            Even if it doesn’t result in action against the teacher, it’ll probably stop the cunt from doing it again (or at least make him think twice).

          • Unfortunately the tutor in question is a wimminz so that’s already one get-out-of-jail-free card… nevertheless I shall try and see what happens, fuck me was I fuming last night!! Let’s hope she’s not an ethnic as well or I might as well save my breath, never thought to ask

          • To be fair if she admits to blatantly telling her pupils to vote Labour now they’re old enough, that is enough to get her a reprimand at the very least. If her immediate boss refuses to do such a thing (quite possible if they’re pals), then I’d tell the boss that it will be him/her as well as the teacher that I would report to the local council (if this didn’t work you can report to the Department if Education itself).

            If there is no doubt it happened, then the teacher would be in trouble. She could end up in front of a panel trying to keep her teaching licence.

            If we all fight back against teachers indoctrination our kids then it might stop the cunts from doing it.

  13. Nice little red robes this sadfucks are wearing totally doesn’t make them seem crazy or cultish.

    If Saint Greta Cuntberg and her merry band of climate crazies care so much about the environment why don’t they go lecture countries with the worst pollution like India or China? This little Soros, assburgers astroturfed puppet wouldn’t even dare set foot in these places I bet!

    • I think someone already approached her and her trainers backstage somewhere and asked her that question already. Apparently according to her, she didn’t go preach to those countries yet, because nobody invited her there to do so.

      Says it all really.

    • Yup. This daft little bint might gain a fraction more credibility if she went off to India and China and started ranting and telling them what to do.

      Not a chance of that ever happening, of course…because her handlers are Marxists!

  14. The fact that they can sue the police has a hidden bonus. They will have to disclose their names on the Court papers. Then everyone who was prevented from going to work will know who they are and can counter sue for lost earnings. With luck this will tie up the Courts for months. Serve the wanker judges right.

    Like many cunters, I will be marching at the Cenotaph on Sunday with the rest of the 10,000 that the Legion is hoping for.

    With luck the ER hordes will turn up for a severe beating. Disrupt us at your peril – decent people are starting to fight back.

    Total and utter cunts

    Big Al

  15. I thought this was the most ridiculous legal decision I had ever heard of …….. until they decided to charge that copper who tasered some cunt with murder. WTF? I think we are being sent a message here……you’re on your own mate. If you are a victim of everyday crime, tough shit…the coppers ain’t gonna do a fucking thing. Should have had insurance you cunt.

  16. The only thing wrong with that photo is that Negan and Lucille aren’t there to smosh their cunting heads in . As for the the masses gathered behind them, well the problem with this country is there’s never a bloke with a suicide vest when yoy really need one. RIP Cungland.

    • Now that i would love to see i like jeffrey (dean)morgan on/off screen for various reasons biker etc.but twatting those fucking bell ends to death with a big stick with nails sounds good to me.

    • Theres quite no opposition like paid opposition Vladimir Lenin- “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves”

  17. A good emergency this panto.
    All I took from hearing about this judicial dog turd is that from now on All Bets Are Off.
    Those happy clappy fuckers should start running to mummy’s house as soon as possible.
    Dirty rats.

  18. After drinking a nice flavorful aromatic monk crafted Belgian ale, this draft lager taste so fucking waterey ffs seriously

  19. Years ago the Isle of Mann had an ideal punishment for little hooligans – six strokes of the birch across their bare arses, and while it did not interfere a jot with any other remedial action the court thought necessary, very few of the little bleeders came back for a second dose.

    It was stopped of course because it was *cruel* to the little cunts.

    I think now would be the ideal opportunity to reintroduce it across the entire country – it could be applied to expenses fiddling MPs like Vaz and co, this XR heap of shit and above all for trouble-making knife welding N! gger Naggers – and political troublemakers like Grieve, Sturgeon and Violet Elizabeth Benn. Hit the fuckers where it hurts. I suggest a pilot and Jess Phillips as the first volunteer.

    • I would think Keith Vazz would relish the prospect of a good birch thrashing on his botty cheeks, yet to hear if he is going to stand for re-election, so not yet disowned by Labour, says it all really

    • With just one minor alteration make it a small tree and beat them to within an inch of their life

  20. Speaking of the traitor Grieve, he has asked for the public to stop sending him donations for his campaign funds as he has more than enough. The fucking cunt is making out that thousands of people are sending him small donations whereas we all know it’s come from a couple of his rich mates who owe him favours. Cocky bastard, hope he loses his deposit.

  21. Imagine these little rich wankers spending Sunday afternoon getting a massive kicking off a load of angry veterans, along with any spineless rozzers who try to step in to protect little Tristan and Rupert.
    Bring it on I say.
    Sooner the better…

    • I wouldn’t be surprised to see the cops lay into the veterans in support of ER.

      If that happened on Remembrance Sunday, I think the gloves would finally come off for many.

      I doubt that would happen

      • Nothing would surprise me, given the brave new world that’s being built around us…

  22. Take advantage of the arrogance and naivity of youth and brainwash them into believing in their own superiority.
    Hitlerjugend MK2….

    • A good point you make about the Hitler Youth. They were told don’t listen to adults (except us) don’t listen to your parents. They are all old fogies, stuck in the past, their day is gone. You are the future, you are the new Germany.
      That’s all beginning to sound eerily familiar.

  23. More and more of these cunts are going to get a kicking from pissed off Joe Public trying to go about his business. Then just watch the scuffers charge poor old Joe. I wouldn’t put it past these twats to try something on Remembrance Sunday, but I hope that even they have got a bit of dignity.

    • I doubt whether they cover WWI and WWII in history lessons (do they even teach history any more ?)

      As Mr. Coward sang “Don’t let’s be beastly to the Germans”…
      We mustn’t offend the little Schneeglockchen…

  24. I hadn’t heard anything about these cunts staging protests on Remembrance Sunday. They are on thin ice with the public as it is, if they go ahead with that it will be open season on the twats.

  25. Now the working man has a lot of travails to put up with in winter, chillblanes, freezing sodden feet, equipment freezing up, poor lighting et al , so spare a thought for our poor ER comrades as it will be awfully bothersome in trying to glue their ass to the road, personally I would rip off their kegs or any other fancy apparel they have chosen to wear and sit their ass onto a plate of steel at two-o- clock in the morning wont be feeling so smog and clever then cunts

  26. Why aren’t the police doing anything?! The extinction rebellion have been causing disruption. I don’t look at them and think, ‘wow they’re doing something meaningful and for goodness of the earth and humankind.’
    I look at them with annoyance, and frustration. In years to come, they will probably look back on it with shame.
    They won’t be thought of of goodness but of something to feel pity for. “You twit. Don’t you realise you wasted your life behaving like a twit?” sort of thing.

    • Evening spoons, i agree with you, but some of them genuinely think theyre doing the right thing and are doing it out of idealism, others are plastic anarchists, some because its currently trendy on the left, and get a kick out of acting up.
      Thing is theyre alienating ordinary people, sooner or later they wil target a event which is attended by people not willing to tolerate it.

      • Evening, MNC. I hope you are well.
        They need an old fashioned mum or grandma to come over and drag them off by the ear and talk some sense into them.

        Or perhaps the ghost of headless Bethan should scare them off.

        It’s difficult. It’s annoying.

        • People should do what I did in Leeds. Get right in their face & tell them to fuck off out of the way or you’ll level the cunts. They turned pale & slunk off like the lazy vermin they are.

  27. Climate change is the new fear mongering which will allow the powers that be use stricter controls on us all. This gives greater profitability in fossil fuels and all other resources in the long term.

    These Extinction rebellion cunts are the vehicle for this. Why would the powers that be not want them to be free to spread the the fear, it is the exact thing which empowers them.

    The thinking man or women is royally fucked, a collective madness has taken over and we are all in the midst of a political and social clusterfuck.

  28. The picture reminds me what Jon ‘stripey socks’ Snow said. I’ve not so many white faces.

  29. Policy Exchange have written a report about these cunts@
    “The people behind Extinction Rebellion advocate a political agenda with ambitions that reach far beyond environmentalism. It is a campaign that seeks to use mass civil disobedience over climate change, to impose full system change to the democratic order. Yet, the underlying extremism of the campaign has been largely obscured from public view by what many see as the fundamental legitimacy of their stated cause.”
    check it out

  30. I want a Liquid Skunk Cannon for my car. Could be quite handy in a tight spot.
    I could have it discreetly mounted so it looks like and oversized windscreen wash jet, then when it needs to be used, flick a switch and boom. Dirty Skunk juice firing at the crusties.

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