Extinction Rebellion (4)

Emergency cunting for Extinction Rebellion: the rahs that be have got the judiciary to agree that they were unlawfully arrested. Now I’m no expert but I know that if I decided that peacefully protesting involved any of the following I would be arrested but because my name isn’t Rupert Holier-thanthou and I don’t worship St Greta.

– camping in my local park for 8 days causing noise, mess and idiocy
– gluing myself to the road outside Liverpool Street Station and blocking the pavement
– stopping public transport
– handing out patronising I’m sorry leaflets outside the nearest tube

and these are just the ways in which I have been personally affected. I am ABSOLUTELY sick of the cunts.

Nominated by IfuckinghateXR

Thin end of the fucking wedge. Now the judiciary have basically given them carte blanche to carry out their juvenile student rag day antics they’ll just get bigger and more frequent.

I CANNOT wait for the day I actually come across one of these fuckers in person trying to stop me going about my business, watch out for me on the news…. especially if it’s one of those where the crusty wankers descend on a restaurant and start throwing the fake blood around while berating people for eating meat.

Nominated by Cuntan the Cuntarian

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  1. I want a Liquid Skunk Cannon for my car. Could be quite handy in a tight spot.
    I could have it discreetly mounted so it looks like and oversized windscreen wash jet, then when it needs to be used, flick a switch and boom. Dirty Skunk juice firing at the crusties.

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