The Grenfell tower inquiry.

The Grenfell tower inquiry.

What a load of cuntish bollox this is.
We know what happened, and yet, like the Hillsborough Stadium deaths, people trying for a payout are desperate to blame faultless emergency services.

In this case the Fire Brigade who I have the utmost respect for.
That cunt Doreen Lawrence even accused them of being racist.
“Had that been a block full of white people, they’d have done everything to get them out as fast as possible and make sure that they did what they needed to do”.

Well listen here Lawrence, the fire brigade aren’t racist, but I wish the fucking lot of them had gone up in smoke.

Nominated by Duke of Cuntshire

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  1. I think most of the cunts who lived there are in the wrong country. Go back to your shit stain piece of land you have fucked up and take that other piece of shit Stormzy. Utter cunts.

    • Wbenever something like this happens, where people die theres always a public inquiry, but seems to me its always some one down the laddet whos made a scapegoat!
      Never the cunts at the top!
      Always someone has to carry the can and its normally a guy called Dave rathet than a guy called Piers or Oliver

      • The “top” people always hang some poor sod out to dry. I detest these cunts with all my being.

      • Morning MNC! I’d say morning to any Grenfell residents but let’s be honest none of them will be out of bed before 2pm. Or alive for that matter

      • Belated Morning Cuntan!
        Sorry pal was out all day on a job!
        Just catching up now!👍

      • Evening MNC, shame the grenfell fuckers cant take a leaf out of your book (not that they’d be able to read it if it was in English)

    • The only tragic thing about Grenfell is that that cunt Stormzy didn’t go up in smoke with it. Talentless racist Um Bongo drinking cotton-picking hateful lump of dogshite.

      • I’ve only had the mispleasure of hearing the talent-free tosspot about twice, and the listening experience gave me a desire to grab the nearest sharp implement I could find and cut my own fucking ears off. Stormzy (stupid, cunty name as well) could release an album of a warthog farting and nobody would know any different.
        Rap – created for those who cannot sing, have no talent and cannot play an instrument but want a career in the music business anyway . Shite.

  2. There have been loads of the crispy-fried chiggun-lovers brethren all too keen to piss on their still smouldering graves by fraudulently claiming to have been made homeless despite never having set foot in the tower (and therefore entitled to de white man’s compo bwana); with fine upstanding English names like Abdelkarim Rekaya, Mohammed Syed Rinku, Anh Nhu Nguyen and Yonatan Eyob; notice a theme here??
    That last cunt was given over EIGHTY GRAND; when I got made redundant a few years ago the dole office cunts told me I wasn’t entitled to a penny cos my mrs worked 8 hours a week as a cleaner – yeah that was a big help with the mortgage.
    Only fucking tragedy was that they didn’t all have more friends over for a benefits and smack party the night of the fire.

  3. This is how it worked. Come over here and get a council flat. Fill it with illegal 15 to a room migrants and then fuck off back to bongo land and live off the proceeds with a nasty cuntt picking up the rent for a slice of the money. Don’t expect any of this to come out in the ” enquiry”. Cunts all round.

  4. Dodgy cladding, I accept that. Fire doors jammed open I don’t. If the council had done their job it may not have happened, BUT they can’t do their job. Why not ? Because they are over-run. Over-run with the cunts that jumped off the boat and got housed in that tower block and hundreds of others all over this prosperous nation. Keep the cladding, fill more tower blocks and have an annual cull. Check out the LIDL Xmas advert, not a diverse family in sight. Fucking brilliant ! Got to hand it to the Krauts…… well some of them !

    • ‘Check out the LIDL Xmas advert, not a diverse family in sight.’

      Really?????????? Fuck me sideways.

    • yeh maybe we could make it an annual day/night affair with entertainment & fireworks hotdogs & “I got burnt” T-shirt etc..

    • Yes, put the Krauts in charge of the bonfires ! They have experience in this field, it is rumoured…

  5. I hope I am not giving away any secrets, but highly respected MP David Lammy had a friend who died in that fire.

    • Yep quite surprising how many werent even in the fucking place but put in for everything they could get while real people couldnt still only in modern britain.And before lammy announces it fir the 500th time he had a friend in there who got fryed to a crisp fuck him en all.

  6. If Bideford is the Little White Town (well used to be) this is the little Colours of the Rainbow town. Nobody I know , except the libtards (who are only pretending anyway) , gives a flying fuck. We all know about the foreign trash who have ripped off hundreds of thousands in compo already and we all know the posh cunts responsible ( the only cunts who want this trash here in the first place) will walk quietly away from it.
    If you come to this country from some shithole you take what you’re given. If you then break the rules by crowding into a property you are not entitled to in the first place then tough luck. Will we ever hear about the other gimmegrants who sublet these properties in the first place? Will we ever know how many illegals got fried? No and no.
    Sick and tired of hearing the whining. Stay in your own country, we don’t want you here.

  7. I’m sure that after years of gum-flapping,buck-passing and millions of Pounds for “experts”…..”Lessons will be learned”.

    Fuck them.

    • Oh..and I still don’t give a Fuck about the “victims” in this case.

  8. So according to Lawrence, if she is delayed for any kind of service (including a KFC special), she’ll say “well that cus I is black innit!”

  9. The Lawrence woman has already been bought off with a seat in the House of Old Cunts but she still can’t keep her gob shut. Take some of the £305 a day you’re given for doing fuck all and give it to the cunts with their hands out you dozy old bitch. Nobody is interested in your Lammy/Flabbott/ Lardbutt race card opinions. Fuck right off.

  10. LOL I see Rees-Egg-Moggy has taken a load of flak with his remarks that they (these dwellers of said tower block) were too ignorant to
    use their own judgement & should have ignored the *stay in your flats* & wait for help.. because Egg-Moggy is clever & he would have saved himself & not burn like the rest of them!! maybe they should have jumped out of the windows with umbrellas or something??

    anyways how can I make a claim cos I have amnesia I recall living there & I have a burn mark on my finger..???

  11. Yawn are the Granfal cunts still fucking this old goat, this is what happens when you have a tower block full of benefit scroungers and illegal immigrants, this is what happens when you tolerate these cunts, any angle these fuckers can screw you on they will, so prepare to be fucked in the ass by these camel fuckers, they wont go away until they have been compensated a hundred fold and they will still have the fucking nerve to look dissapointed and moan like fuck, i would love to know what the score would have been if this had happened in most of the countries that these cunts hail from[ totally different] imaging the Somalian gorenment, it would be your lucky to be alive, if you want to stay that way shut the fuck up you cunts or a fire will be the last of your worries, these fuckers should be happy, they where graces with Lilly the musical mong and Adele what more do you want…… grabbing cunts give it a reat

  12. I suppose racism is rife, the alleged death toll of the disaster is 72, that’s quite a few people by any count.
    The whole thing has been marred by frauds and false accounts from alleged victims.
    Then we take a little look at Piper Alpha, 167 dead a few safety issues exposed and the operator was found to be incompetent, but never prosecuted, so Black lives matter on hysterical proportions yet white working ones don’t.
    Perhaps this needs to be brought into scope a little bit?

  13. Another GB success story, if we can’t fry all these illegal immigrant cunts then we will squeeze them into refrigerated lorries. Good work people.
    Reece-Moggy stating the bleeding obvious, if it’s on fire – get out. Duh. Thick cunts.

    • Apparently, escape opportunities were hampered by a herd of goats tethered in the main corridors of the 7th Floor. ( The Camels were no problem as they were currently rented out at the time )

  14. After the event, the collection tins were being rattled for the survivors.
    I think several million quids were raised.
    Does anyone know what has happened to this money, is it “resting” in someones account like Father Ted did?

  15. The Royal Borough of Chelsea and Kensington is rather strange, some parts have some of the most expensive homes in the UK, while other parts (North Kensington) are shitholes. The Wait for a council house is years, so how the fuck did all those in the Grenfell Tower manage to get one? I assume there must have been some locals living there but I can’t recall seeing any interviewed. As for Doreen Lawrence her remarks were stupid but even she realises that as she apologised.

    • From what I know of inner London social housing practices I would expect to find that the majority of inhabitants were sub letters. Very common problem illegal without permission from the housing provider but hey fuck that money to be made! Some cunt slips his bent mate in housing a few quid to get a tenancy. He/she then sublets dwelling to some other cunt. The best bit is that this cunt whose name is on the tenancy will be picking up housing benefit for the house/flat he/she has sublet. Nine times out of ten the new occupiers will also be receiving housing benefit. Money for old rope, housing associations and councils shit scared of equality laws just turn a blind eye in many cases even though these acts are serious offences that in addition to the safety aspect also cost loads of money. Our money disappearing down the toilet to fund some criminal cunt ethnic.

      • Very true and the investigations into this practice takes so long the councils never catch up, I would guess with Grenfell they probably didn’t give a fuck.

      • Spot on re the bear. I didn’t care for the opening line though, “Grenfell one of the worst things to have ever happened in the UK”; you utter fucking gay, not sure if anyone who survived the Blitz would agree with you….

      • Blitz? Pah, that’s nothing. Some snowflake cunt almost burnt his fingers on a hot Starbucks, now THAT’S tragic nowadays.

  16. Ever notice how all the lamestream media avoids the fact that initially they reported that there were allegedly n-hundred deaths and only weeks later – after the forensics had been carried out – that the actual number was 72?

    I mean even if they were to have estimated “… between 50 and 100…” but no it was something stupid like 300. Why was this exactly?

    Loss of life aside, no one is interested in prosecuting cunts who had the flats on the nashy but who cash-in-hand sublet them to ‘n’ illegals while they stayed in houses paid for by that money?

    Crimes were committed but not by the services, or the government (obviously that tower never existed or was like The Ritz during 1997-2010 wasn’t it), and yet we’re supposed to gloss over this fact because, well, it’s insensitive to the perpetrators isn’t it.

    Also the perpetrators fleecing the state are of a “peaceful” disposition and therefore are teflon coated when it comes to prosecution.

    If the cladding (I don’t even know what it was used for but cosmetic is one reason, to gold plate a turd so to speak) was shite then that is on a) the contractor, b) the local council.

    The government does not micromanage such things (although a Labour government would want to – cunts) but they kop for the blame, and as it’s the “nasty” Tory party you won’t hear the last of it. Had it been under the tenure of St. Tony and nest of Noo Liebour vipers, the likes of Lammy and Abbott would be saying: “Move along please. Nothing to see here!” – cunts!

    If compo is dished out then it should only go to people (citizens or legal visitors) with a right to be here. Illegals should get fuck all because guess what? Had they NOT been here in the first place, they’d still be alive!

    Fuck ’em!

  17. Were/Are all these fuckers in Grenfell Tower Labour voters?
    It seems just like the NHS Labour have hijacked this disaster for their own ends? Every time you see this on the news you have some twat from Labour either Corbyn or that Dark Key Dawn Butler banging on about the poor people in the tower and how there human rights were denied?

    • Am not sure why we are paying to repatriate the corpses; sandbags are needed in our flooded areas.

      BBC Noos described Derbyshire as “north”…
      I suppose if you are Londonistabi, it is, relatively speaking.
      Newcastle-upon-Tyne is north, I believe.

  18. Most of the victims probably played the race , persecution, bogus refugee card to get here anyway . Now they can play the fackin harp.

  19. Don’t like the idea of anyone being burned. The people seeking to gain from it sicken me.

    I’ve got Welsh blood from somewhere in the past and someone got served in my local ahead of me the other night, by the cunt barmaid, oops sorry! bar ‘person’, who was clearly indulging in Welshist behaviour. I am now too scared to go to the pub, for some unlikely reason which I haven’t made up yet, I’ve been left traumatised by the whole experience and am demanding compo.

    Doreen should be investigated for inciting racial hatred, and prosecuted if appropriate (which it cunting well is to my mind….). What a fucking stupid, hateful thing to say, when fire ‘fighters’ (another annoying term) and be able to get away with it is beyond the pale….

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