Theresa “Treason” May [30]

I know this is getting repetitive but fuck me Theresa May is really upping her game for Cunt of the century isn`t she?Her latest shitshow has been snuggling up to the EU begging for an extension to Article 50 despite saying on 108 occasions in the commons that we would leave on the 29th March.Now to really top it off she has approved indicative votes in the commons that include a second referendum or revoking article 50 altogether.

I have come to the conclusion that Theresa May is not stupid she is doing a Columbo pretending to be clueless when really being incredibly sharp.She never wanted us to leave in the first place so she sabotaged the negotiations to the point that Olly Robbins overruled Davis and Raab and capitulated this country to the EU.May and Robbins could not get their tongues deeper up Juncker Verhofstadt and Tusk`s saggy arsehole s if they tried.Theresa May is a fucking trainwreck.The damage she has done to the countries reputation is immense and she has alienated Remainers Leavers the DUP and probably near enough all of her supporters.I mean whether you are a traitor who wants to keep us in the EU or not.I cannot fathom why the traitorous remainers or the Brexiteers in her party are still in her cabinet.She is beyond terrible.At this point I would say she is possibly worse than Anna Soubry.Soubry although a monumental cunt at least has the courtesy to let us know what her intentions are however objectionable.The Maybot though pretends to be on the Leavers side when she is euthanising Brexit .It is like Harold Shipman consoling a dead relatives family.She is the cause of Brexiteers anger.Not the sole cause but a big cause.Yet she keeps up this pretence.Who is she fooling at this point?She had no intention of even attempting to honour the referendum result and I think everyone can see that now.

Nominated by Shaun of the Dead 69

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    • Soubry should be prosecuted for wasting plis time.
      She should also be persecuted.
      Covering her with green vegetable slime and then parking a horde of locusts on her would be excellent (The Abominable Dr. Phibes. Wish I could play the organ like him…)
      Or electrocuted under a hairdryer (Theatre of Blood).
      She is utterly grotesque, an atrocious mistake of nature.

      The Maybot is most certainly a traitor, and should be hanged, drawn and quartered.

    • Soubry’s issue with the protestor is really a civil matter. But why spend your own money in dealing with an issue when you’ve got Inspector Knacker on speed dial..

  1. As we’ve seen before in previous cuntings (regarding her two faced intentions) she is proving to be a bigger CUNT than Gordon Brown and that EU whore sell-out Blair put together!
    The plan all along has been keeping us in Europe. This evil cow is merely facilitating this desire by her Soros backed paymasters and clearly lying openly at this stage is part of her ‘brief’.

    Extending our membership beyond March 29th will be a dangerous game to play, obviously now she is willing to play it.

    Consequences at this stage are unknown but as said before by others if democracy is not achieved on 29th and UK does not Leave EU on that date then I dare say the Government will lose control of the inhabitants of Blighty when they deploy pitchforks and house bricks very fucking quickly.

    If democracy is stolen by this Cunt and her ilk then I doubt many folk won’t hesitate to take it back by force I’m afraid……….

    • She is either a complete and utter cunt, or, she intends to run it down and exit “no deal” . If that is the case, she will probably go down as a fucking genius, and will survive all!

      I do feel however, that she is just a useless uninformed cunt, who, following a trip to Berlin, allowed Mamma Merkel to write the now “infamous” deal. And she would have allowed this because she is a useless twat without any backbone.

      Her stubborn refusal to alter course is a symptom of her unsuitability for any office of responsibility. She is incapable of independent rational thought, lacks the charisma and nonce to lead, and is adrift on herr self inflated ( but deluded ) ego.

      Mrs May isn’t even worth a shag. Even Macron ( as far as I know ) has passed up on the opportunity of a bit of a “chisel”, and Christ on a bike, hje ain’t usually that fussy .

      Will there be riots on the street ? Nah ! We haven’t got the bottle. But Im as sure as hell shits in a hat, that things will change politically, and forever !

      May, yer a cunt, and your fucking on borrowed time.

    • Most people are too distracted by shit fucking ‘reality’ tv and other shite to do anything.

  2. What is it about European leaders…..some of those with something to say need to have a name beginning with “M”.

    May, Macron, Merkel etc.

    They all have the same first name….”Thatcunt”

  3. I wonder if she’s as big a cunt at home as she is in parliament? Or does Philip keep her line with a slap every now and again?
    Not making light of wife beating but if anybody deserves it, it is her.

  4. The DUP have just announced they will vote against the Hunchback sell out. It’s up to Labour now. Surely they will vote against and get a second referendum?
    A bent referendum of course. The writing is on the wall.

  5. May might be a cunt, but there are bigger turds in parliament that need to be flushed down the Westminster crapper as well – that includes Steptoe, Dame Keir, Mr. Benn’s boy, Soubry, Grieve.

    They are all just as bad as Mrs. May

    If I were the government tough I would take back the bribe I gave the DUP – Arlene Foster is a great big cunt as well. Westminster is full of them -May doesn’t deserve all the opprobrium

    • At least Arlene Foster isn’t prepared to sell her country down the river.


      She’d make a awesome PM.

      • She refused to be cowed by terrorists, so I reckon that she’d barely have to break stride when dealing with the jumped-up, farty little twerps of the EU.

  6. Comparing the DM to the DE this evening. The DM is all about Brexit being defeated, but the DE is all about the stronger likelihood of “No Deal” Both Papers poles apart. !

  7. Remember that old joke……..
    Somebody broke into the Kremlin last night and stole next years election results?
    Not so funny now.

  8. 30 cuntings? THIRTY FUCKING CUNTINGS?! And two in one day as well? Jesus Christ that might even supersede Bliar levels of cuntery. She makes Chamberlain look like a titan, Callaghan look competent, Heath look like Churchill. She is that monumentally shit.

    • I’ve been on here about four years and this is the first time I’ve seen anybody done twice in one day. I’d be surprised to see somebody done thrice in a day, although not if it were this EU-rimming duplicitous hag.

  9. If my alcohol savaged brain recalls, during the run up to the referendum she was acfually criticised for not being vocal enough in the remain department. I remember, she hardly commented. I felt she was 55 45 remain.

    • I think the clip below represents the ONLY time she poked her head above the parapet during the referendum campaign, probably ordered to go on the Marr Show by Cameron.

      Lying through her rotten teeth as usual (re immigration this time), set my alarm bells ringing… can’t say we weren’t warned.

  10. Christ on a bike.

    Al-Beeb is on in the background as I try to catch up on a weeks cuntings.

    Fuck me its been a bumper week.

    Anyway can you believe it Al-Beeb are running a report about how Social Care in Scotland is already being affected by Brexit, which of course, has yet to happen.

    Apparently applications from EU Nationals are down, I didn’t catch by how many but then that’s because they didn’t say.

    What I find genuinely fascinating is that they just keep running this shit.

    They really must think the constant propaganda will change ‘the people’ minds.

    How fucking out of touch can an entire organisation / institution be.

    Keep it up you fucksticks.

    • Down to Brexit?
      So fuck all to do with them being unable to pass the language test then…?

  11. What would like for eat?
    -I’d like a pizza, please.
    We haven’t got that.
    -It says on the menu, pizza.
    Yes, we were hoping you’d choose something else.
    -Why give me the choice then?
    You can have shit-on-toast, a pie made with shit and roasted in piss, or pasta.
    -What’s the pasta?
    Shit-flavoured pasta.
    -Alright then, I’ll leave. Goodbye.
    You can’t leave. See those bouncers, they won’t let you leave until you’ve eaten.
    -I want pizza.
    You cant have that. Choose. Now! If you don’t respond, we’ll serve you the shit-on-toast as a default option.
    -I won’t eat anything.
    Then you’ll die.
    -I’ve chosen the pizza. I will have the pizza.
    Pizza it is then.
    Covered in shit.

    • Great analogy Captain!

      What a shame you weren’t invited on GMTV to counter Terry ‘Fuckwit’ Christian’s ‘who gets the parachute’ analogy.

      No doubt he’d have shouted you down, or call you ‘waaaycist’, or that you didn’t know what you were voting for…….

      • If you mean Terry Fuckwit v. Tim Witherspoon, McCunty, I watched that on yoochoob after seeing it paraded on here. That little turd must’ve run out of paper-round pocketmoney though God’s tits was he spouting some shit.

        One of the worst aspects of Brexit has been the analogies:
        “If you joined a squash club…” OH FUCK OFF YOU NAUSEATING REMAINIAC CUNTBAG.

        • Too true.

          Smart ass cunts love analogies.

          They think it makes them really clever.

          You know, break down really complicated issues in to bite size chunks so the prols can understand it.

          Fuck off.

          • I’m no smart arsed cunt, but I have one we can use.

            EU Membership: It’s like paying a fee for your Nectar card, only being able to shop through nectar partners and having the CEO of Sainsburys dictate your house rules.
            Would you be better off with a subscription nectar card, or the ability to shop where you like?
            Shop where you like of course!

    • Excellent Clip! I loved watching Boss Hogg Neil putting the Gin soaked EU whore in her place.
      The look on her ‘Chevy Chase’ was priceless when Boss Hogg laid the slap down on her………..

    • The look on her face was fucking brilliant, she is such a fucking cow, peoples vote, yes you bitch the first one is to dump you out of parliament!

    • Brilliant, the look of indignation is priceless. Now she knows what it’s like to be ignored

    • More people need to put that bitch in her place, the look she gave was that of disbelief that someone would dare silence her. She’s abandoned her party, fucked off on some selfish jaunt with other mutinous cunts, gone against a democratic result, refused to vacate her seat in parliament and yet still can’t understand why people call her out. The huge problem we have is the vast majority of MP’s are like this, they’re so out of touch they think the world should just stop and listen to them and never question their motives. Fucking cunt she is.

  12. The look on the bitch’s face! Fucking fantastic.
    Brillo is the last professional journalist on the BBC.

    • Which is why Moanin Jones & O’Cunt continue to demand the BBC sack him, for extreme right-wing bias…

      • Isn’t Brillo the last thing keeping anyone who voted leave, or is centre-right, watching any BBC cuntent?

  13. I’m pretty resigned to the fact that we are not going to have Brexit. The tinfoil hatter inside me thinks it was never going to happen, and designed to create such a fuck up that we have to rejoin before we’ve left, but with our concessions gone, and a commitment to join the euro, and further integration for our sins, eagerly lapped up by the now rabid remain establishment. Putting that remainer harridan in charge of Brexit was like putting Jimmy Saville in charge of child services. Stitch up from the start.

    • Sad but true. We were never going to leave.
      Biggest shafting since, well, the last one…

  14. That Soubry clip is a corker! She’s moaning about not being able to go home…..Good, get used to it you traitorous old witch. Get fucked.

  15. Off topic, but England look shit-hot tonight against Czech Rep. At least it’s something to be positive about…..

  16. Is that 30 times this year? I look forward to another cunting tom. One might guess it may contain a Theresa fucking dismay. Cunt.

  17. OC – yes we certainly seem to. Cause for great optimism.

    When Southgate got the job I honestly thought the chinless wonder would make a complete bollocks of it. Made me look a right cunt…..😂

    • I honestly thought the same but I’m delighted that I’m being proved wrong. We never saw this kind of vibrancy under Hodgson. Or Capello. Or Schteve. Or Eriksson.

  18. We’re fucked if we remain, all this shit about our economy going to fuck with no deal, I seem to remember the financial crisis in 2008 was when we were a member of the EU, Greece has gone bankrupt more times than Meatloaf, Germany are on the edge of recession, clearly being a member of the EU does wonders for your economy.

    I’m royally fucked off and disenfranchised with the whole thing, I have seen no positive evidential reason to stay in the EU, only arguments saying what might happen if we leave. Treason May and her cabinet should swing for their two faced handling of Brexit. I’ve never felt more betrayed, lying, selfish, cunts!

  19. Sky News headline:

    “Theresa May could drop vote on Brexit deal if it lacks support”

    No shit Sherlock!

  20. So that stupid petition had apparently reached 3.5 million signatures and now the celebricunts are jumping on the bandwagon…..

    I smell a rat regarding the legitimacy of those 3.5 million signatures.

    Annnnddd the person who started this shit show off is an ex college lecturer fat bint. Go figure.

    • Yea, there are numerous sites that offer a service to obtain a fake email address for 1 time use. Usually it’s for a signing up to another site/service to just receive the confirmation code or link, but they could just as easily be used to sign a petition as many times as you desire too.

      I would bet my left nut that there are numerous bots out in force doing so.

  21. I have said it repeatedly ………. whilst not a racing certainty by any means ——- TM’s utter cuntatude could yet rescue Brexit. So Don’t despair fellow Cunters!

    Why CW WTF do you mean?

    Chances of……

    A long Article 50 extension …. the Conservatives are finished. She/ they will not allow that.

    A second ref —- Ditto above.

    Her deal gets through. Very unlikely ( unless the 4 th Reich make a last minute concession on the ‘trap’ ).

    The ‘various’ – indicative votes next week? Not binding ( at moment at least) and also critically only about the political declaration (right now – but that rouse has been rumbled apparently). NOT the WA — anyway collectively a cul- de- sac ( we hope).

    So we have the favourites left —— revoke Article 50 ——- NOT A HOPE – even for these utter cunts.

    A different BRINO that fits into the existing WA ———— Possible but highly unlikely.

    NO DEaL – managed WTO — not what the Maybot wanted or set out for but the best of the bunch perhaps ——- and what any sane person should desire at this point.

    So it’s not over yet —- March to Parliament !!!!!!

    Mutter Futters the lot of em

    • I like your optimism CW, and up until yesterday I was still optimistic regarding a no deal. But unfortunately every time no deal seems to be the only option remaining, some cunt like May, Tusk, Junker, Corbyn………changes tact and all of a sudden no deal is buried once again. I’m shocked that we’re even in this situation, I’ve said it before, but after the referendum result there should have been and still should be, only two options on the table. No deal or a deal. No revoking or extending A50, no second referendum, no Norway style remain, nothing else. We voted to leave, the last two years should have been to decide which of the two routes we should take to leave. Upon seeing May’s fucking horrendous deal, plans should have begun for no deal. How the fuck have we got to the stage where we’re either extending article 50 or revoking it entirely?! How have they managed to subdue and silence 17 million people?!?!

      • We will have all the soy boys, feminists, poofters, fruitloops, socialists, wet tories and old wimmin of both sexes mijncing and prancing their way round London again today demanfing the referendum result be overturned. What a steaming heap of shit they are – no doubt gleefully reported by the BBC, while Grieve and Benn wank over their TV screens and get their glasses steamed up

        • Andrew Adonis has written in the guardian today that, “Today is the day we get our democracy back”. Fuck off you cunt, how do you work that out. We get democracy back by ignoring a binding referendum result and protesting for the exact opposite of said result. What a complete wanker.

          • It’s a bit rich for that poncy fucktard Adonis to talk about democracy. He has never been elected to anything. Just the same as Alistair Campbell, former piss-artist porn writer – he only got to such a high position by licking Blair’s rectum.

            Non elected cunts, old pensioned off has-beens like Hattersley and Kinnock (pere) have the fucking cheek to talk about democracy.

            Let’s just have a general election and get rid of most of the shit currently living on our charity

          • He’s a Lord. Democracy means something else entirely to the HoL.

            Something to laugh at.

        • Don’t bother turning up to protest unless you have real champagne in your hamper. None of this prosecco bilge.

      • You are of course 100% right Elboobio. However my view on the outcomes is based on the fact that if you strip this all down it boils down to MP’s remaining in denial about the cold hard facts of the referendum ~~hence trying to fuck us all over! So what CW you fool – you might say – how does that stop them fucking us over? Well it’s called ‘reality dawning’ —- it’s what happens to small children eventually . When those cunts see the numbers of ordinary folk ( silent majority) who turn out next Friday , when they realise the actual implications of any brand new alternative ideas they cook up ( the processional effect) and they look at the ‘law of the land ‘ as it stands……….. the penny will finally drop.

        I feel 70% sure we will get Brexit – either TMs utter shite version ‘tweaked’ or managed no deal. . The alternative is a completely broken Country for decades on end.

        • Morning CW.

          “TM’s utter shite version ‘tweaked’” is not Brexit.

          We’d have to perform major surgery on the Withdrawal Agreement for it to come anywhere close to genuine Brexit, and there’s no way the EU will allow that to happen.

          We have to be seen to be punished, pay billions and be prevented from competing with the remaining 27 on the world market. Bottom line for the EU.

          Have a nice weekend Cunters…

          • Morning RTC. Of course I see your point — and I hate the deal. However perhaps I should have clarified what I meant by tweak which was really to bring it in line with the Brady Amendement ——- which I admit is a bit more than a tweak. If we are not trapped then TMs deal is a stepping stone —— a completely unessessary one but it would qualify in my book as Brexit just about. I would spend the rest of my life wondering why such a pathetic version was achieved but in time it will pass as the starting point got further away into the distance. Anyway we have to hope we get a managed no deal on the 12 th! I encourage every ISAC who is interested to go onto leave means leave website and sign up for the Chiswick walk to Parliament next Friday.

          • Even if May had gone to Brussels and requested the Withdrawal Agreement be amended in line with Brady (she didn’t), the EU would not have agreed, because that would have meant relinquishing control over our ability to make competitive trade deals independent of the Customs Union.

            I agree regarding the rest of what you say. If it goes to No Deal WTO on the 12th (should have been the 29th of course, but the law can apparently be made up as they go along), you can bet your bottom dollar the EU will immediately agree to continue trade seamlessly along previous lines whilst entering into GENUINE negotiations for a mutually beneficial outcome.

            The EU 27 have more to lose than the UK in a WTO scenario, No Deal would doubtless focus minds sharply!

          • Yes spot on RTC — save that I don’t see this whole Brady ‘impossible point’.
            To illustrate ——At what point in three years have we seen a slight blink from the EU? Never ( that was easy when you are the Nazi Party negotiating with Lord Haw Haw) Answer — this week when the impact of their over playing their hand has at long last come into sharp focus ——. Er there could be a no deal —- hum we don’t want that we want the current shite treaty or revocation — er let’s row back a tiny bit for once . The cancelled press conference and midnight statement testified. In Summary Brady would have been a piece of piss if we had been congruent from the start and even now it’s poss verses no deal.

      • ‘How have they managed to subdue and silence 17 million people?!?!’…They haven’t, they’ve simply ignored them

  22. Why are there still deluded members of the public, who keep getting interviewed on the BBC news; ‘what do you think of Theresa Mays hangling of brexit ?’ …”oh, I think she’s doing her best. I feel sorry for her” !!!
    Are you fucking kidding me ???
    When are the public, the news channels, the newspapers, the cabinet and all of parliament going to wake up to the fact, that she has drunk 4 gallons of gasoline, tied dynamite all around her waist, and is staggering around with a lit fag in her mouth !
    Get her the fuck out of no.10 ! – NOW !! aaaaaarrrrrggghhhhh!

    • Who do you replace her with though?, Rees-Mogg whose grip on reality seems to have deserted him (does he really think Greg Clark, Ken Clarke, Dame Keir or Steptoe would allow no deal to pass?) Boris who is more in the entertainment line of politics like Sadick Kunt)? bumptious Michael Gove, a typical political whore?, Amber Rudd, a daft bitch….

      There are no Maggies or Winstons now – they are all a steaming heap of turds. We are fucked.

      • Exactly. There are no statesmen in parliament nowadays. Just self-serving shit-cunts.

  23. Since the Anti-Christ – and I really mean that – Blair took over in 1997, there has been no such thing as politics. Everything is just smoke and mirrors in preparation for the takeover of the UK and Europe by ISLAM.

    I really don’t know how many times this needs to be said, but here goes yet again.

    1. You are born a male muslim. You get told day in day out from birth by your father that you are the best type of human in the world, and that all other types of human are inferior shit.

    2. You start going to your madrassas, where you are indoctrinated day in day out that being a male muslim is the best thing in the world, and all other types of human beings are inferior shit.

    3. You go to mosque and your ‘community leaders’ continuously re-inforce to you that being a male muslim is the best thing in the world, and all other types of human beings are inferior shit.

    I genuinely don’t understand why ‘The West’ is so readily and welcomingly bending over and letting this crap shaft it up the arse. I genuinely don’t. I’m just so glad I will never have children.

    • We are in the early phase of all this. The real war might not be for 100 years yet – but it will come and it will come when the west is weakened further.
      Nothing will improve until we have a proper public discussion about Islam. I am not an expert on religion but my understanding is that Islam claims that it’s religious text are the actual words of God and therefore unlike other religions who ‘interpret ‘ certain especially bat shit mental aspects of their own story books – by contrast the Words in the Koran are infilable. This to me means that whilst I have known and like many Muslim people (labeled as ‘real Muslims’ ’ by the virtue signaling libtard , arse juice, turd heads we all have to suffer each day) I would happily press a button and vaporise the ISIS et al lot ——vaporisation being too good for the scum anyway ——- and live next door to the others. My punchline is ……………….. that the ones I would live next door to are therefore NOT REAL Muslim by definition —- and as much as I despise the ISIS looney tunes I would stand by their side and man their barrackades to defend their right to be known as true Muslims and not as the James O B mutter Futters of the world would have everyone believe are ‘perversions’ of their faith.
      The west has this all wrong and until we turn the telescope round the other way and look through the correct end we are in the words of Fraser from Dads Army ………. Doomed …. all Dooomed !!!

      • Some good points well made there CW.

        This whole ‘real muslim’s’ label makes me laugh.

        Who decides what makes a ‘real muslim’? I can’t help but think those cunts that have coined the phrase, you know, those cunts at Jimmy Saville House are probably the least qualified to know what makes a ‘real Muslim’.

        I wonder how many Muslims, real or otherwise they live next door to, work with, share dinner parties with, have kids at the same school, go swimming with, go on holiday with, are in a relationship with, go to the match with, go to the pub with, worship with………..

        I hazzard a guess at some where between not many and fucking none at all.

        Funny though, isn’t it, that all the cunts that have donned the rucksack, driven vans at pedestrians, stabbed random people enjoying a night out, stabbed coppers and cut the heads off the none believers, in both the lead up and in the minutes before they carried out their barbarity they genuinely believed they were real Muslims and had to do what they were doing as they were the most purest form of Mussy.

        Fucking funny that ain’t it.

  24. All the cunts in Parliament and the EU despite all the tough talking when the chips were down after Bercow told May the shithouse to get fucked with a third vote on her shite withdrawal agreement their arseholes were twitching like a rabbits nose hence the shite options being bandied about including the potential death knell of withdrawal of Article 50 following their cuntfest on Thursday in Brussels.

    The lot of them are self serving duplicitous cunts all on back handers after being lobbied by the great and good in the business world since the referendum result was announced.

    Those that believe albeit naively that democracy will win out in the end, the referendum will be respected and actually delivered the unfortunate truth is the capital autocracy we actually live in is now going into overdrive and is now telling all the electorate that had the brass neck to vote for leave to wind their necks in and know that it is the few that will decide in the end what will happen (withdrawal of Article 50) to best suit their needs.

    The only way to get these cunts to sit up and take notice if the worst does happen and Article 50 is withdrawn or the Brexit can kicked a long way down the road that their duplicity will not be tolerated is organised resistance, blockades of major transport terminals, every bridge in London, the City, Canary Wharf etc.

    The problem with this course of action is there are too many soft cunts with no backbone so we’re proper fucked!

  25. Moderators………..I always say Everything in moderation except moderation!

    Any news on my post? I know we have to keep standards but thought it was the most mild imaginable…….

    Ta muchly

    • You are right CT It’s the only legitimate question — and no deal would win I believe.
      Don’t worry I can’t see there being another referendum because it will not work even those wanting one will see that once they stop and think for a second.


    A blue rosette Smith Square cunting please for the fucking self destructive Conservative Party. With all the trouble they have at the moment, with the extremes of the brothers-in-pomposity Grieve and Bill Cash, it seems the Tories want to get rid of Mrs May….. to annoiunt Nicky fucking Morgan – another bloody Remainer!:

    Are the fools senile enough to truly believe replacing one old bag with another with similar views will solve anything?.

    At the moment both main parties are unleadable. I would be tempted to give Steptoe his long held wish of a general election if only to flush away the shit that is “The Independent Group” – Chuckaduckie wouldn’t have time to find himself a safer seat or Soubry or Gapes – Gavin Shuker Ltd t/a Gemini 2 t/a “The Independent Group” would be soon wound up – up shit creek without a paddle. Also shit breeches David -anything-you-say-Mandy” Milliband wouldn’t have time to be parachuted into a nice safe seat. It was very good of him to return to this country after 5 years of the high life in America, but he can fuck right off again today,

    As for the Tories they seem to have as much a death wish as Labour, installing leaders who are totally inappropriate – the rot started years ago but was compounded by Cameron – Anthony Blair in even frillier knickers, and the dreadful arsewipe Osborne, who now spends his twilight years writing fiction for the newspaper he flatters himself he edits.

    Get rid of Mrs. May but for Christ’s sake find a leader with the balls to deliver Brexit so we don’t have the farce of EU elections.

  27. War, what is it good for ? Might get rid of these traitorous MP,s & The house of “Lords” !

    May a curse be upon their house….

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