The Pope [3]

An angry cunting, if I may, for Pope Francis.

This disgusting apologist for paedophiles is now blaming ‘the Devil’ for thousands of his priests preying on children, calling on people to believe that the ‘malign one’, as he puts it, is responsible for decades of the most horrific abuse, actions that ruin not only the child’s young life, but carries over into their adult life too, causing serious mental health issues, self-harm, self-loathing and suicide.

Let’s not beat about the bush; in the year (of our Lord!) 2018, he’s actually using a childish, cartoon-like representation of Lucifer as scapegoat for thousands of child rapists, warning believers not to dismiss Satan as merely a ‘myth, a representation, a symbol, a figure of speech or an idea’.

And, of course, as only self-important tossers and pathetic halfwits continue to believe in any sort of organised religion, Catholics in general will seek to indulge the continuation of the abuse by dissociative rationalisation, believing their false narrative that once a priest has confessed his guilt to god, he is therefore absolved and will ascend into heaven, leaving a trail of broken lives behind him, his legacy protected by the corrupt cunts at the top.

Bollocks to Catholics and all religions.

Nominated by Thomas the Cunt Engine

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  1. And all this fuss about a Spice Girls reunion… The way those BBC and Sky cunts are going on you’d think the Beatles (including the two dead ones come back to life) were making a comeback… And who gives a fuck if Skeletor isn’t taking part? She did fuck all anyway… I’d say the absence of Yoko Beckham is a plus for the others…

    Would still smash Geri, mind… Like a fucking jackhammer….

  2. The Catholic Church hides a multitude of sins, not least among them the particularly ahem, ‘Vatican’ choirboy problem. The sooner religion and its dangle-berries are wiped from the face of this Earth, the better. For the one in particular, it’ll immediately put an end to the vast majority of wars, violence, conflict and genocide occurring around the globe. Hmm, I wonder what the common thread in that might be !??! I can’t possibly think.

  3. A curious one here – Nadine Dorries MP has supposedly voiced her concern with being the the target of an ‘obsessed’ James O’Brien on Twitter, and is apparently contacting the police. I have no idea what has been said or done, but I assume O’Cunt has of course been doing his Brexit schtick once more and as a purveyor of political justice, has overstepped the mark like all good cunt liberals.

    • Correct. O’Shithead has been disparaging Nadine Dorries’ intelligence and misrepresenting her views on a daily, sometimes hourly basis, ever since he caught her speaking out against Project Fear earlier this year.

      She epitomises what he fears most: An articulate Brexiteer who will not be intimidated or derailed from her argument by his clever sleight of hand linguistic misdirections and bullying.

      Good on her if she’s fighting back – something ordinary members of the public who disagree with O’Shithead’s worldview and are abused for their pains cannot do.

      If he wasn’t a libtard he’d have been banged up for Hate Crime years ago.

      • Fuck me! Within 20 seconds (literally) of O’Brien introducing his show today he announced he’d be handing out another “Nadine Dorries Award For Weapons Grade Ignorance” prize to some lucky cunt this morning… not sure if one of his hapless callers would be the recipient, or a politician who had recently come to his notice for having the audacity to mention Brexit in a positive light, cos I switched off after 10 minutes.

  4. Bergoglicunt is a cunt of the highest order but I do think I should defend Catholics here. Not only are my parents Catholic but all the Catholics I know are lovely people who are far more angry at these kiddie fiddling scum than any of us could ever be. Besides, I was a bad kid in my first few years of secondary school and I know for a fact I wouldn’t have been given the amount of help and opportunities to change as I got in my Catholic school in one of the surrounding secular ones.

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