The Pope [3]

An angry cunting, if I may, for Pope Francis.

This disgusting apologist for paedophiles is now blaming ‘the Devil’ for thousands of his priests preying on children, calling on people to believe that the ‘malign one’, as he puts it, is responsible for decades of the most horrific abuse, actions that ruin not only the child’s young life, but carries over into their adult life too, causing serious mental health issues, self-harm, self-loathing and suicide.

Let’s not beat about the bush; in the year (of our Lord!) 2018, he’s actually using a childish, cartoon-like representation of Lucifer as scapegoat for thousands of child rapists, warning believers not to dismiss Satan as merely a ‘myth, a representation, a symbol, a figure of speech or an idea’.

And, of course, as only self-important tossers and pathetic halfwits continue to believe in any sort of organised religion, Catholics in general will seek to indulge the continuation of the abuse by dissociative rationalisation, believing their false narrative that once a priest has confessed his guilt to god, he is therefore absolved and will ascend into heaven, leaving a trail of broken lives behind him, his legacy protected by the corrupt cunts at the top.

Bollocks to Catholics and all religions.

Nominated by Thomas the Cunt Engine

108 thoughts on “The Pope [3]

  1. I vote for the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Pastafarianism.
    You’re actually encouraged to smoke weed to experience religious euphoria and have 3-ways. With consenting adults. It’s a recognized religion in New Zealand and Ministers are authorized to officiate weddings.

    • I think Pat Condel said ALL RELIGION IS A VIRUS OF THE MIND.
      I Cannot get my head around that in these enlightened times so called intelligent level headed people still believe in a man in the sky that watches over us.
      I do get it when cunts use it as a devious way of controlling others. what most religions want out of its flock is control and manipulation, Their minds and their money .
      For about 30 years I built and designed church organs for a living. And let me tell you child abuse was more rife than you think especially within the Catholic Church. If a priest was up to no good the church would simply move him to another Parish.

      • I have encountered similar…

        I used to run a small (very small) CD coy. putting out organ music; I certainly met some people with enhanced Savilian tendencies… oddly enough, NOT catholics, either, which I think proves exactly how widespread the problem is.
        Felt that I wanted to help them, somehow, but faced with my own utter revulsion towards their behaviour, and my inability to undestand it at all, I seriously can’t see what to do – apart from, perhaps, chemical castration, lobotomy, imprisonment…

  2. OK. I came to believe in Satan as a malign spiritual force in the world, prompted by really hearing a Louvin Brothers album called Satan is Real and one of those guys died in misery. Good and evil are oppisites. It doesn’t mean I can be a vile cunt and blame Satan as some kind of spiritual scapegoat and be absolved and I don’t believe that priestly absolution is a get out of hell card. The concept of Satan is at the very top of the Catholic Church such that there is more evil than good. Blaming Satan does not make buggering choir boys and girls ok. The Devil is the great liar. The Goebbels of the mind if you like. If I believe that and act on it I’m guilty. The best concept is to do no harm. Anyway Pope Francis is an anti-pope. The wolf in sheep’s clothing. Very probably a cunt of the highest order. He’s not genuine. I can smell the bullshit from here. Bollocks to Tank Engines.

    • I see below that you have been very naughty Alan. So what I need from you is a ‘firm commitment of ammendment’. And for your penance say one Our Father and three Hail Marys. Now my child a good Act of Contrition for Admin.

    • Fucking hell Alan,
      What the fuck are you up to that ISAC is putting you on notice? Its the best speakeasy on the internet (IMO) – you must be submitting some very tasteless posts. Multiple monikers is not a wise move either. Stop being a cunt and play nice.

      • Thanks for the link RTC. I see Mega Cunt Blair has been gobbing off again, to CNBC this time. Why can’t the cunt just expire. Also some fucking sweaty sock is trying to halt the process through the European Court of Justice. You lost cunts – get over it. Don’t trust Nanny T to deliver the goods though – have never known a cunt who can use so many words and say precisely nothing.

      • The cunt was blairing for money at a techie conference in Lisbon today. Was he bellowing about anything to do with ‘technology’? He was not. He was announcing that he would fight to the end to prevent Brexit.

        Relax, cunters. We all know that when Tony talks about fighting, some other cunt gets the muck and bullets on his behalf. And we know that Tony’s 16-man taxpayer-funded security detail is getting very worried indeed that they might be those other cunts.

        It really is about time someone did it.

      • For me B Liar exists in a category of his own. In Dante’s inferno he is of 4th ring of the 9th circle, the word cunt does him no justice.

        Satan sits in the last ring, Judecca. It is in the fourth ring of the ninth circle, where the worst sinners, the betrayers to their benefactors, are punished. Here, these condemned souls, frozen into the ice, are completely unable to move or speak and are contorted into all sorts of fantastical shapes as a part of their punishment.

        Unlike many other circles of Dante’s Hell, these sinners remain unnamed. Even Dante is afraid to enter this last circle, as he nervously proclaimed, “I drew behind my leader’s back again” or Brown the one eyed clown hiding in B Liars shadow.

      • Forgive me Cunto and fellow cunters for I have sinned. I let my piss boil over and put textual diarrhoea all over the page. I realise that I have done wrong and I’m very sorry. My spiritual cunting advisor has told me that I was out of order and that I fucking know it. Also that we are not politicians and are an easy target. I have been yellow carded. Any more and I’m red carded and it’s goodbye
        My humble view now is that it’s not right or fair that one selfish cunt (me) should bollocks it up for the many. I was vile and disgusting and for that I apologise. For my penance I’ll say three fuck Tony Blairs to hell and back. I am truly a shame faced cunt.

      • Now that’s more like it Al. A hefty penance awaits you in the inferno, I cant see you even making purgatory 😉
        Fucking Hell, the last time anyone apologised to me I had just had my nappy changed and my mother stuck me with the safety pin to see if I would bleed 😉

  3. A German midget jumped into the river yesterday to save my precious little dog who was drowning…
    …After he climbed out he handed me the dog and said “Here is ze dog, keep him varm and dry him off and he vil be fine”…
    …I said to him “Are you a little vet?”
    He replied “A little vet?”….. “I’m fucking soaked”

    Guten morgen Kunters.

  4. Everything will change but still be the same. The problem is we don’t know ourselves, not religion.

    The grot and festering will simply find a new dark corner to congregate and lurk in.

  5. Was this the Pope that said that “souls” not worthy of Heaven don’t really go to Hell they just, ahem…disappear…or was that the Pope who did Bullseye? For two thousand years the “church” has been lecturing, admonishing, warning, threatening, hectoring, and torturing using this fairytale nonsense to cajole its empty-headed followers but with just a breath… Pope Påêdö IV says, “Naa, erm…you’ll be alright”.

    Oh, then this was qualified by “The Vatican”. Who is the greater power? He’s the chosen one. You can’t just move him to another parish like the copious amount of child rapists/catholic priests.

    These cunts are just as pernicious as the Mudslimes.

  6. Thomas Cromwell had the right idea, dissolution. Let them believe in whatever fairy tales they will but hit them where it hurts most, proscribe them, confiscate all their property, end all state subsidies and tax concessions. Make them get real jobs, not just the papists but all other kinds of botherfolk and Mussies

    • In saying that I have no particular problem with Jews, Sihks, Hindus or non white Buddhists. They don’t piss in my ear, try to cadge my money or are well known for raping children.

  7. Paganism just had to go. I mean, how can a tree and a bit of mistletoe tell you what to do? It was a quick cunt to realize that dumb cunts would follow and obey a “mighty one “. A book of rules, some relics, some ceremonies as well as tons of bull shit has secured centuries, even millenia of obedient morons who subscribe to the ideological ” suffer all, the poverty , the hardship and the pain. Accept in the name of God, and ye shall be well rewarded when you are dead!”

    I mean, I ask you. The rich cunts must be pissing themselves laughing as more and more people turn the other cheek.

    And to cap it all, the “Mighty One ” has an earthly representative to help us through our turbulent difficult lives. A Pope FFS !

    • I don know. Would you really want to just root around in the mud with a bunch of hippies and menopausal saggy bints extolling how great nature is? Sounds like a right ball ache to me.

      For all their faults religions propelled us forward by stirring the male fire up. We’d still be living in mud huts and hoping for a piece of mud encrusted pissflap action otherwise.

      • I’d rather have the occasional tidy and clean modern day quim inspired by angels, when I can be arsed of course, versus a constant supply of unwashed foul bug infested hairy swamp snatch.

      • Given the high levels of STDs and prospect of her ‘accidentally’ getting pregnant, yes.

        I’ve had some close calls already. Seeing that girl you banged now heavily pregnant just after the possible window since last banging her. Almost had a heart attack.

        Fuck that noise. More important things than pussy. Get a fleshlight if need be.

  8. Don’t forget the non apology. I am sorry if offence was felt during my past actions, and in any way taken as inappropriate. With the valuable assistance of the Cardinal and other partners I am humbled as I travel on this journey, continuing to seek God’s guidance and to inform the national conversation on issues around consent. Now fuck off. Maybe I should have worked in PR instead of being a useless drunk.

  9. Not only is Pope Francis a cunt, he’s an incredibly thick cunt. Doesn’t he realise God is all powerful? God’s the big guy. A snap of his fingers and kiddie fiddling would not exist… ever! Truth is, God’s a sadistic pervert who gets his rocks off watching shit ride roughshod across the planet . Either that or he’s not all powerful. And if he’s not all powerful he can’t be God, because God is all powerful. Then again, the Pope is infallible. Fuck it. Good morning.

  10. Anyone that has fucked around with the ouija board or planchette knows that something happens. The atmosphere changes..

  11. The Milky Way galaxy 400 billion stars. 170 billion galaxies in the observable universe. Dated at approximately 13.77 billion years old. Planet Earth a complete fucking non-entity in the midst of it all. The human race – do me a favour. Nah, can’t be right mate. We was all made by God/Allah/Jaweh/The Jolly Green Giant on one Sunday/Saturday/Friday a couple of thousand years ago because that’s what it says in the Bible/Koran/Tanakh/B&G Foods brochure. I’m with Cuntflap on religions. All the kiddy-fiddlers, nonces, ponces, peaceful beheaders and uncle Tom Cobbly can fuck off and get a proper job. Cunts – all of them.

  12. Milky Way Galaxy (the one we are in) 400 billion stars. 170 billion galaxies in the observable universe which is 47 billion light years across in all directions. There is evidence for the existence of other universes. Plant Earth – an obscure tiny pimple of absolutely no importance whatsoever in the galactic and beyond picture. The Human race – a virus that is rapidly attacking itself and its host environment. It will be extinct in a blink of the eye in cosmological terms. Religion – story books called Bible/Koran/Tanakh/Shruti etc. to console Humans whose brains are incapable of comprehending the enormity of things and incapable of accepting their total irrelevance to what was and will be. I’m with Cuntflap on this one – fuck all religions equally. They are all equally cunts. Get a proper job all you spouters of bullshit and stop fucking killing each other. Nature will take care of that in due course.

  13. If all the cuntishness in the world is caused by Satan then he is a very busy boy……..and he’s winning!
    And here endeth today’s sermon.

  14. I think we need to ask what it is about Holy Church that makes it a focal point for the agents of Satan. Compulsory celibacy for priests (or the pretence thereof) might offer a clue.

  15. I believe that Catholics are the ones who get free wine and biscuits if they sit through the sermon. I might go along some time, I’m rather partial to a chocolate Hob-Nob,but must admit that I wouldn’t have considered a bottle of robust red wine as an ideal accompaniment….Still, who am I to throw the first stone? I once watched some Cunt put lemonade into a malt whisky which he drank while eating Coronation Chicken vol au vents…. fucking pleb. He has never been invited to any of my soirees,of course.

    • Quite a lot of Scots do that, or maybe used to before the present crop of ready-mixed sickly alcohols in expensive packaging. But not with a malt. Dear god. That’s beyond the pale. Chap is obviously not a gentleman.

      Cof E communion wine tastes like rum ‘n’ black without the rum and something strange being done to the black. CofE communion wafers are essentially prawn crackers without the prawn. Avoid if possible. Not sure that the Fenians offer anything better. You can get a free vegetarian meal at your local Sikh gurdwara should you hunger for simultaneous spiritual and corporeal sustenance.

    • Not a whiskey man but the worst abomination has to be Guinness and blackcurrant or lime. Fuckers should be horsewhipped.

      • OTOH the only way the Real Locals round Weston can choke down their scrumpy is with blackcurrant. Tourists are instantly recognisable as trying to drink it unadulterated. (The mass produced stuff has dead rats added in strict proportion to the fermenting mash to provide amino acids, but with the real McCoy, the rats get in by themselves and expire in ecstasy.)

  16. “Since God has given us the papacy, let us enjoy it.”

    “It has served us well, this myth of Christ.”
    Pope Leo X (1513-1521)

  17. I did wonder if he was one of The Gays. I,of course, gathered up my Top Hat,cape and sword-stick and left after giving the host a piece of my mind concerning chemsex parties,depravity,degenerates,the dangers posed by the spread of The Gayness,her choice of party food and finally the decor of her house.
    The Derby and Joan Club were mesmerised by my magnificent Exit,and have never made the mistake of inviting me to one of their louche gatherings again…..bunch of sexually incontinent reprobrates.

    Fuck them

  18. Afternoon Dick !
    Anything other than a “ wee drappie “ water in a nice peaty malt
    As to The present pope – pope island stealer
    Or the deranged one ( hitler youth )
    Fuck them both and their poofy ways

  19. What a bunch of knuckle draggers in this comment section. Bunch of retards are happy that our Christian country has lost its religion, while at the same time, the same knuckle draggers will whinge and moan about Islam. Why do you think Islam is flourishing you bunch of inbreds? It’s because Europe has lost its Christian identity and there is a big void to be filled by Muzzy scum.

    First strike Henry “Thou shal not cunt the cunters” its in the rules mate, play nice

    • Cuntflap

      Feel you and Henry both make valid points.

      Whilst in the UK we call ourselves a Christian country the last time I looked only 2% of the population attend church regularly. When compared to the percentage of those who follow the peaceful religion suspect we fare extremely poorly. This leaves the door wide open for any religions wishing to infiltrate or take over.

      In Ipswich we have many empty or near empty churches, but have an increasing amount of mosques springing up.

      I do feel that long term nothing good has ever come out of the worlds different religions and we would all be better off without it. Devisive and totally unnecessary in my humble opinion.

      • Indeed… we need a return to the good old days of Crusades, Inquisitions, religious wars, drowning witches, oppressive morals, hostility to sex, whipping cunts and slitting their noses for fucking outside marriage, Christian priests burning cunts at the stake if they did not believe that wine turns to blood when a priest prays over it, or preaching that masturbation is worse than rape (because at least rape can result in pregnancy) or that the earth sits immovably at the centre of the universe. 

        Back to basics basically.

  20. Firstly I understand that the vow of celebacy was put in place to protect the wealth of the church in question (the church had no obligation to care for dependants ect) wanking is also a no no in said religion, buggering children is also frowned upon.
    Now I was listening to one of those old fart radio stations where they were discussing pedo priests in south America and how they got away with it.
    A preist would abuse a child, then blame the child and send it to another preist to confess its sins.
    Basicly the abuser convinced the victim that it was their falt and then stopped anyone from intervening by locking them down under the rules of the confession, so an intervening preist could easily be silenced through confessions heard.
    sly bastards arnt they.

  21. Use to be it was more likely to get a blow job from the poop. How thing change. Old joke what side was the pope shot ITV boom boom

  22. A text book cunting, Thomas.
    It beggars belief that the the Cunt could try to blame Old Nick for the paedo priest plague. It’s as pathetic as it’s insulting. The tragedy is that millions of sad dupes will actually fall for his bullshit, more fucking fool them.

    • It’s really frustrating. I wish they would up the pace a bit. A couple of thousand a day wouldn’t be unreasonable would it?

  23. A second ‘ child ‘ has been removed from Stoke High School near Ipswich, where a reputed 30 year old was removed the other day.
    How many of these fuckers are there ?

    And how many people are not doing their job ?

    Good evening.

    • Thanks Jack

      Unusually I missed this as our local rag strangely silent on this.

      Ok though, our local Labour faggot MP is on the case. The one who voted to remain where 58% of the local electorate voted to Leave. The one who I wrote to and never received a bastard reply. Cunt.

      Answering your questions Jack:

      Loads and loads in Ipswich, and absolutely nobody.

      But who in charge really gives a fuck as long as it does not affect them personally AND they can blame someone else.

      These asylum seeker cunts get exactly the same priority as the locals over school places in Suffolk. We have lived in our current house for 25 years but struggled to get our son into his local school despite being in catchment and paying nearly £2000 a year council tax.

      Went to appeal (where there were cunts who had just arrived in the area, could not speak the fucking language and needed interpreters), which thankfully out of 190, there were 4 successful including our son.

      No prizes for guessing which way I voted in the referendum.

      This country is fucking pathetic.

      Good morning.

      • Hello Willie, glad to hear that your son got a place. Otherwise it’s a depressing tale.

  24. When we sneaked into Belfast late one night after the shit hit the fan in August 1969, one of the first things I saw was a mural painted on the end of some terraced houses near the Peace Line, which was created and we manned.

    The Mural said “FUCK THE POPE”

    Says it all really – and my opinion was instantly formed and has never changed, nearly 50 years later.

    The Pope really is a prize cunt.

    Big Al

    • A Glaswegian friend of mine was once passing a peaceful’s mosque under construction in that fair city. Some wag had sprayed ‘No Pope In Scotland’ on the side.

  25. I won’t take the piss if your god is one of the four thousand currently being worshipped on earth, I’m sure yours is the real one….

    God gave me a brain that’s why I’m an atheist….

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