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Now these ladies are pissed that they can not claim their pensions at 60 as promised, but they will have to wait until the same age as men to claim their pension. I can see that these people have been royally fucked over by the government but so has everyone else who have had their pensions pushed back from 65 to 66 and then 67 and for some it’s now 68 and 69. What fucking gripes me is that these cunts desperate for their share want their pensions pushed back to 60.

Meanwhile the men they have grown up with (and maybe shared marriages et al with) could not claim theirs till 65 anyway. Fuck equality when it works against you, suddenly that can go out the window. So this is what makes my piss boil. These cunts (sorry women) should be fighting for everyone’s pension male or female but no they are just fighting for their own. Selfish cunts.

Sorry ladies you wanted equality, you may have even burnt your bra to obtain it, but now you have it you realise that it’s shit. You can’t pick and choose when you want equality but you arrogant fuckers think you can.

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  1. Arseholes. Did they expect they would get equality by mens’ retirement age being reduced to 60? Like that was going to happen you muggy fucking cunts.
    We’ve got untold foreign free loaders to pay for so shut the fuck up and be grateful for what you get , shitheads.

  2. Presumably the old adage during life & death emergency situations of “women and children first”, will be banned as being sexist to men then?

    Or will there be a “situation-of-convenience” as we have here with these pensions, where women will choose not to abide by such equality-for-all tropes given that it will affect them personally!

    But going back to pensions – it is indeed sexist that men have to work until 65+ despite having a shorter lifespan. But of course that doesn’t matter because by and large we’re talking about white working class men – and they don’t deserve jack shit according to the usual suspects. But everyone else regardless of gender, age, creed etc should be “entitled” to retire at 60 on a full pension. Hip hip horray!


  3. Pretty sad that cardboard cutouts have more rights then the average brit, the bonfire bandits have been arrested and plod confiscated the st george flag as racist evidence

    6th man arrested? why stop there? Everybody at the bonfire in the video will be charged with wrongthink and will have their whole lives destroyed and turned upside down because of it unbelievable

    • amazing police response – all done and dusted within a couple of days.

      Of course in the real world of burglaries, rapes, robberies, carjackings suffered by ordinary folk, coppers either haven’t got a fucking clue, or can’t be arsed because there’s no media attention or virtue signalling groups on their backs.

    • When the fuck did bad taste become a crime? It was so low I thought it was fucking hilarious. This is the curtailment of free speech through stealth. It wouldn’t happen in America. If I call a black guy the N word in America it’s known as free speech and guaranteed by the constitution. If said black guy lamps me a round house right, it’s accepted that its my own fucking fault. The police here are now the thought police and won’t arrest real criminals. It’s a cunt.

      • This Grenfell Tower effigy business is ridiculous. It’s almost reached ‘denying the holocaust’ proportions. Bad taste? Probably, but where’s the crime? Police should have more important things to do, like arresting architects, terrorists and, dare we say it, muggers and burglars.

    • That was enjoyable to watch, as was laughing at the loony left getting themselves into a lather about it.

  4. Now this is a cunting topic I can really get my teeth into.

    As per nom, let’s preface this by agreeing how shitty and truly fucking rotten it is that people in general are increasingly going to have to work until the day the drop dead, thanks both to unscupulous MPs using ‘ageing population’ as the sudden excuse to rationale pensions, along with private pensions often being worth less on retirement than what was fucking paid in.

    It must also be terrible to be someone who just misses one of these retirement age cut-offs, and finds they have to keep working for longer.

    But fuck me down dead, ain’t it a bitch how these shitcunt women and worse, how their campaigners all can’t wait to ‘man’ the lifeboats and escape the good ship Equality of Employment for the Sexes. Now, suddenly, the literal axe-wound gender realise just how fucking hard and unfair it is for the men working until 68, and they do not like it.

    EWIS – Equality When It Suits. This is the same reason why you will never see wimminz campaign for equal representation in the mining, refuse collection or streetsweeping industries. No, they want equal representation in the boardroom, on the trading floor, in the senior management roles – i.e. where the money is at.

    There have been repeated drives to get more women in under-represented fields of mechanical, civil and structural engineering too, as respectable and relatively well-paying professions. However, word on the academic ground is that the lassies might be keen on the pay, but not so keen on the exceptionally high demands of the university courses that required for these careers. Much better instead to coast along on some shit at university like Business Administration for 3 years, then use the old quotas/positive discrimination aspects implied to worm their way in at financial institutions.

    And don’t even start me off with the whole ‘pay gap’ lie spun by scumcunt liberals like the Guardian. Again, women want the option to take multiple periods of maternity leave – ultimately funded by the taxpayer as employers can almost always claim this back from HMRC – and still be on equal pay grades to the saps who carried the can while these self-entitled cunts were leesuirely wheeling Bugaboos around Clapham High Street.

    The days of women being hard knocks and working very tough, traditional roles are now long gone. Another casualty of the snowflake generation, women now believe they can and should have it all – but are finding out just how unpleasant it can be as the equal of men.

    You can’t pick and fucking choose what applies to you in the workplace, cunts. Welcome to equal opportunities – including the equal shafting at the hands of taxed employment and pensions.

    • Excellent post TECB
      To coin that E.U. Cunt tusks favourite expression it sounds like the wimminz are “ cherry picking “

  5. I’ve had to get up early to get onto this cherished site to firmly cunt the BBC and their decision to remake the wonderful Watership Down. Why? Apparently because it’s too violent and scary for a younger audience. Well, dont show the fucking original to your little shit-house children then you absolute cunts.
    If they cant take a little bit of animated blood and a cartoon dog then you might as well lock the cunts in their rooms right now and take away their ipads, because they are going to be seeing worse than that if they can cope with walking out of the front door and from under the clutches of their limp parents by the age of 24.
    Oh, and you can guarantee they will have James Corden as a voice actor, Sam Smith singing Bright Eyes and a 100000% promise that Winston and Mohammed the immigrant rabbits will be making an appearance. I have never been so angry over a media decision in my life. Richard Adams and John Hurt will be rotating as I type this.

  6. I wholeheartedly believe in equality between the sexes. Same percentage of cunts here and there. Somewhere in the region of 99%.

    Silly moaning bints. Im in my thirties, I’ll be lucky if there’s still even Sterling currency at this rate. Probably just get a digital jpeg emailed to me of a wheelbarrow full of notes or some account manager giving me the business smile whilst raising the finger.

  7. I have heard some of these hard-done-by wimmin on the BBC who love the why-are-we-treated-so-bad? whinging tarts, but they will refer to their fucking selves as “WASPI wimmin”. Why for fucks sake?. It sound like a group of elderly obese lesbians dressed up in bee costumes.

    Strange to believe in equality but think you need to retire half a dozen years earlier than inferior men.

  8. If the government cave and let women of a certain age criteria retire at 60, I can imagine a massive surge of men in their 40s & 50s becoming transgender women in order to have the “right” to retire at 60 also. And if anyone disagrees they’ll be accused for being “(whatever fits)phobic”

    I also bet that all those women that had the op to become men, will be kicking themselves when they realise they have to work until 68. But typically they will re categorize themselves as women.

  9. Excellent work CF
    That’s given me an idea
    I’m gonna claim due to excessive partying in my younger days where I had a penchant for straight bourbon and dubious ladies its aged me and although I’m only 52 my body is that of a pensioner, so hand over my fucking bus pass and pension you Cunts!!
    Maybe even get some muggy fuckers to crowd fund my deluded nonsense……..

  10. Gimmegrants and Rapeugees roll back their ages (and foreskins). They get British Nationality and free education in state schools by pretending to be 15 plus years younger. It’s a real cunt that I now have to wait two years for state pension when my mate already has it. Now don’t laugh. I was perusing an online dating site that really is the fucking pits, the lowest of the low. The number of fit 60 plus and quite attractive women out there in my age group is fucking massive, going after the very many fewer fit men. Also there were Bernard Manning faces in blonde wigs and coiffured Johnny Vegas looking “birds.” I stopped looking. It should be renamed Plenty of Trout. These old slags should be working til 70 to pay for my fucking health care, given the fucking stress the evil bitches have given me. Gina Miller likes equality too. My lovely vicious thought of the morning was of her hog tied naked being banged by randy German Shepherd dogs. Women’s liberation is a cunt. I’m now hoping to date a Japanese sex doll.

  11. If I’d had the sense to self identify as a woman 5 years ago when I turned 60, I’d be quids in today.


  12. They don’t need bother themselves too much, I reckon. Give it a few years and nobody,except ex-Civil “Servants” and retired politicians will be due a pension. The Government’s Ponzi scheme will undergo a Philip Green style “rationalisation” in order to fund Pakistan’s space programme,or General Umbongo’s takeover of Manchester United.

    This country is bankrupt. The money currently taken in National Insurance is not being invested to pay for future pensions,it is being spent as it is collected. People are living longer,add in the vast amount of people who don’t pay in at all,”stay at home” Mothers,the unemployed, the low paid etc., and yet they are all,presumably,going to be due a pension. There wont be enough people in gainful employment in the future to pay for the vast number “due” a pension….Again, it is nothing more than a giant Ponzi scheme,and will,inevitably, collapse.
    Anyone currently in their 50s or younger better get used to the idea that the pension,be it private or State, that they have paid into,will not fund any kind of comfortable retirement. The money,quite simply,isn’t there. Private pension pots will be raided to make up the shortfall in public-sector pensions until the whole rotten House of Cards collapses.

    Luckily I have a plan to ensure comfort in my old age. I plan to upload a video of me shitting on an effigy of The Prophet Mo. The 25 year jail sentence should ensure my 3 square meals and comfortable bed long enough until I’m chucked off the nearest minaret.

    Fuck them.

    • I’m amazed that more people don’t see this quite frankly. We’re bankrupt and have been for some time, all the public facing figures and statistics are a total fudge.

      • Well we’ve certainly got little gold left after cyclops flogged it at a car boot sale …..
        After years of robbing Peter to pay Paul surly the reckonings not far away?
        When some foreign Cunt eventually asks the country to settle its account the BOE will do a passable impersonation of the chuckle Bros “ from me to you”
        I’m not sure anybody will be laughing then……..

    • As of the first quarter of 2018, UK National debt amounted to £1.78 trillion, or 86.58% of total GDP.

      The taxpayer is currently paying out a staggering £48 billion in annual debt interest ALONE!

      If you’re in your mid 50s now, imagine what those figures will represent in 10 years time…

      This country is finished.

      • Another tube strike in London yesterday because the RMT didn’t like their employer sacking a guy who failed a drug test, and another who opened the doors in the middle of a tunnel. Steptoe and McDonnell have both said they will relax union law god help us.

        Of course that arsewipe Sadiq Kunt, who is supposed to *lead* TfL said fuck all about it. That motherfucker couldn’t lead a fuck in a brothel.

      • And that’s not counting private and business debt… tip of the iceberg.

        Catweasel’s answer? Borrow another £500 billion.

      • Morning RTCP….
        glad to see Labours trusty old money trees in rude health!
        I was just starting to worry ….

      • To be fair, out of control borrowing isn’t just a Labour problem. I tried to load a graph showing the increase in Govt. borrowing in the last thirty years,can’t work out how to do it,unfortunately, but the Coalition and Tory governments certainly aren’t shy of shaking the borrowing tree either……and yet we can find £13.4 billion pounds a year to fund Cameron’s proud boast to fund the (ringfenced) Overseas Aid Budget.

      • Afternoon Q… afternoon Chunky… afternoon Dick…

        Unlike the Tories, Labour are congenitally programmed to piss taxpayer’s money down the shitter. High taxation and borrowing irresponsibly is their default position. Not saying the Tories never succumb (they do, albeit to a lesser extent) but it’s not in their DNA.

      • Morning RTCP.

        We just all need to dig for victory down our sofas for those pound coins, and take out 50k each at 1800% interest from Wonga. Then we’ll just be fine and dandy.

        Or look for the cave of gold owned by a certain tribe perhaps.

  13. Good morning cunters. Years ago I read a book about the USSR. It contained interviews with some Soviet women, the general consensus amongst them was that Western women were quite mad, wanting equality. Their dream was to leave the mine, steelworks, tractor factory behind and stay at home, have babies and look after the house, and who can blame them ?
    Western women should be careful what they wish for, as they might just get it.
    Stout cunting.
    Jack The Cunter, outside, in the cold, grafting, whilst Mrs. Cunter is out for a coffee and sandwiches with her dirty little sister.
    Bah !

    • Women don’t want real equality they want special treatment and free stuff Women are lucky, they get to live to a old age most young on average men don’t live past their forties

  14. Now if it was ‘Back To The 60s’ I’d be in like a shot… White Album out tomorrow, Best Law and Charlton playing on Saturday, buy a packet of fags without preaching or surveillance, Patrick Troughton as Doctor Who, decent pubs to go boozing in, and not a snowflake, smartphone, remainer, social media, femstapo, or migrant in fucking sight… Those really were the days…

    • What more technology could you need Norm than what was available in the 60s? The politicians were cunts so that’s not changed. Chips fried in beef dripping. Football was less cuntish. Porno was called blue movies. Even the BBC was likeable. No blambos. Terraced houses full of white people (its still like that in Heanor). There were kiddie fiddlers then and they and were kicked down the police station. stairs. Coppers were out on the street policing crime and not hurt feelings. Fucking bliss. Now it’s a cunt.

    • What more technology could you need Norm than what was available in the 60s? The politicians were cunts so that’s not changed. Chips fried in beef dripping. Football was less cuntish. Porno was called blue movies. Even the BBC was likeable. No immos. Terraced houses full of white people (its still like that in Heanor). Kiddie fiddlers were kicked down the police station. stairs. Coppers were out on the street policing crime and not hurt feelings. Fucking bliss. Now it’s a cunt.

  15. Catweazles’s answer is more ‘quantative easing’, i..e printing shit loads of money. You will have folk pushing wheelbarrow loads of fifty pound notes to the supermarket for a loaf of bread.

    The pot is completely empty with only an IOU note scrunched up in the bottom. The rate at which the government hoses taxpayer’s cash down the shitter is obscene. We simply can’t afford to spunk £13 billion on overseas aid, when we are borrowing probably at least double that just to cover the interest payments on the debt.

    At some point soon the crunch point will come and all those millions of UK folk reliant upon benefits in one shape or form will be told – ‘sorry, the money has run out’. Civil war and anarchy will follow. Who is the creditor of the debt? Bankers. Who owns these banks – a very few extremely rich people.

    I would advise you to get your shotgun licence and be prepared. Not wishing to sound like Sarah Connor from the Terminator films, but the UK is heading for a serious change and very few will escape from it unscathed.

    • We manage to find and ringfence £13bn for some banana republic or Africunt warlord to keep them in bullets and maintain highly desirable Embassies in the most expensive addresses in Londonistan then watch on as the backward bastards in Islamabad riot in the streets for stopping a woman being executed for “blasphemy” witnessed only by her next door neighbour. We then allow them to arrive in the UK to be housed in ghettos and living a life sucking from the Empires tit.
      Meanwhile the good old chancellor God bless him has managed to find £10m for ex servicemen and women, broken physically and mentally to enjoy exciting and rewarding pastimes like horse riding and coffee mornings. Seems like recuperation of our servicemen /women are still the bottom of the pile just as they were 100 years ago this Sunday when they were promised on return from the shitholes and mechanised slaughter of the trenches a “Land fit for heroes”. In the 100 years since, another World war, more campaigns and strife overseas, severe cuts and the slimming down of our services to not much more than a Dads Army home guard we “manage” to find £10m to put them back together again. Remember this Sunday when you see the hoi polloi laying wreaths at the cenotaph that in 100 years we have learned little. Still lions lead by lambs. Some old soldiers will raise a glass to friends lost – then for some its back to sleeping in a cardboard box, our living treated no better than the dead of the Somme. We as a country should be ashamed that there is room on board for every cunt, apart from our own.
      I shall be departing for the Menin Gate in Ypres this Saturday with my son – to spend a while with people who really do regard their veterans and their war dead as Heroes. I wonder if the young men in Flanders fields, Passchendaele, Verdun, Ypres, Gallipoli et al would know this England of ours today. I would say it wasn’t fucking worth it to give it all away to this generation who still rely on men better than themselves to keep them safe.

    • It’s a lot more than double what we spend on overseas aid Paul.

      £48 billion… that’s what we pay annually to cover interest payments on the National Debt.

  16. Poor fuckers didnt have time to “plan” , silly cunts must have been having their hair done in 1995.

  17. But I thought everyone would be able to retire early at 55, hell, even 50 with all of the cultural enrichment of 10 million imported doctors, scientists, businessmen and architects paying far more into the coffers than they take out… (courtesy of top cunt B.Liar)

    I am just the right age of 50. If I see my 70th birthday – which is pretty fucking unlikely given my family’s history – then the birthday card I receive from my kids will be more than I’ll be seeing from HM Govt Pensions department.

    However if they started to fuck off (including the cunts already here) the 3rd world leaches back to whatever shithole they came from; cunts who fuck off to blow the fuck out of our squaddies in some “peaceful” shithole and then decide Blighty ain’t all that bad after all and want to come back; and get the “never work, never want” Kyle scum doing the jobs that only Polak and Roma cunts will do (allegedly), then I could retire at 60.

    And if not retire, I’d at least be a damned site fucking happier that’s for fucking sure!


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