Lana Del Rey [2]

Lana Del Rey is a great big double cunt…
Lana Del Rey is a double cunt….


Now, this screeching harridan is irritating enough at the best of times, but it turns out she is yet another ‘Democrat’ celebrinazi trollop in the same mold as Skanklett Johansscunt, Todger Gaga, Devil Streep, and now Titless Swift… We all know that Kanye West is a whopper of a cunt, but ‘Lana’ has it in for Old ‘Ye’ because he has shown support for Big Don as President… So, she hates him basically because he has dared to have a different opinion to her’s and he doesn’t agree with Del Rey about her precious Kilary… Classic progressive snowflake fascism… Anyone who disagrees is Hitler and no one – and I mean no one – is allowed to like Trump or go against their doctrine… Not unlike British celebricunts who automatically dislike and dismiss anyone who even questions migration and supports Brexit (Lineker, Fanny Izzard, Cuntberbatch, Lily Mong etc), cunts like Del Rey hate others simply for having an opinion and disagreeing with them… Mussolini was good at that too….


Lana Del Cunt has also gained more publicity by being filmed in a simulated rape video…
This was not a video connected to any song, nor was it an acting part in a film or TV series…This daft slag is just trying to be pretentious and ‘controversial’ by filming her sick little fantasy games… I wonder what genuine rape victims think of this self indulgent slag? Who the fuck does this cunt think she is?! A disgusting bitch, I hear you say… But there has been little to no response from the Me Too witches guild and social media mob…. But had a famous male singer done the same thing they’d be lighting the fire under him within minutes… James Franco was hauled over the coals and frozen out of the Oscars for a couple of still unsubstantiated rumours and twitter cat calls (see you, Skank-Jo, you fucking vindictive cunt!)… But Lana Del Rey(p) does something that’s thoroughly self indulgent and sick and it’s ’empowering’ and the fuckers don’t bat an eyelid because she’s a woman… Me Too is a selective virtue signaling self serving misandrist snakepit, and ‘Lana’ is a pure cunt with her rape games and attention whoring….

Oh yeah, her dreadful music, her crappy stage name, and her Wacko Jacko nose are shit too… The fake cunt….

Nominated by Norman

35 thoughts on “Lana Del Rey [2]

  1. Does she live in the real world? No
    Does she have to deal with all sorts of crime on her doorstep? No
    Does she have to go out and work from 9 till 5 for shit pay, day in day out? No
    Does she have to continually struggle paying bills from an ever dwindling income? No
    Does she donate significant money to the poor? Probably no
    Does she donate significant money to the Democratic party? Probably yes
    Does she take in/adopt illegal immigrants into her home? No
    Does she live in a fortified home well away from the plebs? Probably yes
    Is she an entitled cunt? FUCK YEA!

  2. Bloody mentally spastic celebrinobodies. They are the absolute last people I will look to for political, intellectual, philosophical or moral opinions.

  3. If she fancies hooking her big toes into those hoop ear-rings,she won’t need worry about a “simulated” Porking if I’m anywhere near.

    Fuck her.

  4. Horse faced liberal slag who thinks she is some sort of great artist… But – like that other gee gee features trollop, Paloma Cunt – Lana Del Boy is a squawking harridan… An Alanis Morrisette for the social media snowflake generation (and that Alanis cunt was bad enough for any fucking time!)… But whereas Joan Baez could get a message across or Karen Carpenter could sing a song like it was the last thing she’d ever do, cunts like Paloma Arkle and Lana Red Rum (who coincidentally both have rich backgrounds) are all pretentious gestures and posturing… Crap tunes and ‘controversial’ antics… Truly tiresome and ever so predictable… And why do they have such crappy stage names these days? In the old times rock stars did have names that suited their act or persona: Bolan, Mercury and Bowie all suited theirs… But now? Paloma Faith? Lana Del Fucking Rey? Fuck off! They want to sound like legendary country artists like Tammy Wynette and Loretta Lynn, but they just look and sound like pretentious cunts with no real soul or substance… Complete and utter crap…

  5. I’ve heard some of her “music” and it’s shit. Shitipedia has pages of the bitch. Her sound has been labelled as sadcore probably because, like Fat Slagele, only sad bastards like it. In her latest attempt to be controversial and self publicising, her new album will be called Norman Fucking Rockwell. Norman Rockwell was a painter, if you didn’t know, who portrayed scenes from American life in his pictures. They’re kitsch and sentimental but strangely quite likeable. She must think that he was an American icon who needs shattering. It’s an attention grabbing title which is hardly going to be Never Mind The Bollocks. And she stole Creep from Radiohead, the slimy yeast infected slut. Top cunting Norm, she is definitely a beef curtained cunt. She’d give Dick an itchy knob.

  6. Why is she pretending to smoke a tab? Genuine smokers don’t hold their tabs like that. Even wimminz. Probably thinks it makes her look cool. Just another phoney plastic #MeToo Celebricunt.

  7. Never heard of the scrubber. Sounds like the name of a hacienda from a 1950s western.

    • That’s what the bitch is trying to do, Freddie… ‘Lana’ wants that C&W allure and be in the same league as Wanda Jackson, Loretta Lynn, or Anne Murray… But instead she looks like a Miles Platting slag trying to be American… I’ve seen classier prossies on Sackville Street… I’m also told that Lana Del Red Rum is another of those privileged brat stage school ‘Noo Yoik’ hipster cunts… See also Tadger Gaga, Scarlett Johansscunt etc… No wonder the rest of the USA thinks the Big Apple is full of cunts… That’s because it is….

      • Sackville St? In my day that would be fancy Dan town ladies and out of my price range. Miles Platting ok after I got banned from Alexandra Rd. Handy for the Embassy club too.

  8. That cunt, Paloma Teeth was in some paper the other week… She picked her Top 5 albums… All were (surprise) by black artists… Paloma Arkle then went on about each one’s ’empowering’ ‘feminist’ or ‘political significance’…. What grandstanding virtue siganling bullshit… People like music and songs for different reasons… I still love Slade’s ‘Cum On Feel The Noize’ because it’s a stonking great rock record… Same goes for Quo’s ‘Down Down’… I also think Gilbert O’ Sullivan was a great writer, but not because he had anything political to say (he didn’t)… He wrote about people and the things we do and go through with songs like ‘We Will’ and ‘Alone Again Naturally’… I rarely (if ever) sit there and think about what some singer is saying on a political level… In actual fact that sort of thing puts me off, I can’t stand champagne preachers like Billy Bragg or Bonio… But cunts like Paloma Horse just have to make a show of picking all black acts (not one whiter band or singer she likes, ever?) and also make out each one is putting across some sort of right on message about blacks or wimmin… The Libfuck whore should work for the BBC… She’d fit in nicely…

    Hmmmmm is it one of those trans things ? Or a fluid neutral Mibby a man ? That I would be giving 2 fucks what it thinks
    In the best tradition of DF
    FUCK him/ her / other

  10. Don’t care for her music, shes basically a not fat version of adele sad depressing melancholy muzak, type of music you would slit your wrists to

  11. Rylan Clark-Neal takes over Zoe Ball’s BBC Radio 2 Saturday show

    What a gormless multitalentless cringingly gormless 24 carat fucking turd.

    This guy by todays standards is now supposedly a star. Perhaps in his own mind.

    Typical BBC, wasting large amounts of licence payers money on a banal pathetic cunt ring raider like this.

    Giving up with the world in all its splendour. It is well and truly fucked.

    • I was standing behind a cunt who looks like him at the doctors reception. Looking from the back he was standing like a homo. The homo body language is learned from other homos. Thirty years ago there was the odd one. Now its as if they have neon lights announcing it. Ryan Clark-Neal looks like a homo, probably talks and walks like a homo, so is he a homo? I don’t know. The answer is probably yes. He fits the Albeeb job description and ticks the homo box.

      • As a gay I would like to challenge the abuse Rylan is getting. You are not cunting anywhere near the level he deserves! He is an utter wankstain useless talentless limp wristed shirt lifting camp as fuck bell end.

        Come on cunters. Don’t let him off. I would quite happily take a shovel to the back of his swead. And as for his “husband” a term I fucking despise zip he can fuck right off too. SEMTEX THE CUNTS.

      • Good cunting KD. The Ponce is what we call our way a FUCK.
        Ok, I made that up , but the mincer is an embarrassment to humanity, never mind gays.

      • Is he the bloke with the ridiculous white teeth Alan ? I wonder if he takes them out at night and leaves them in peroxide ?

      • Well Fenton I’ve just watched part of him crying on poo tube. Like Willie, I couldn’t watch it all. He has got ridiculous white teeth. I have no problem with straight acting homos who shut the fuck up. It’s not my business, but this cunt is one of those that acts like a raving fairy woofter in public. He’s the sort that would give honest gays like Krav and Mince Pie Guy a bad name. Black Pigeon did something on Gay Pride and now it’s not just a march for equal rights and legality it’s a right on bumfest of blokes gyrating in bondage gear making lewd poses and actions. This cunt gave himself the puffy sounding name Rylan. What is it about them that they would mince about at a doctors reception area? He’s a diseased crusty mega cunt and I think he should have semtex with an electronic timer shoved up his crack and his arsehole sewn up. 10, 9, 8….. That’d give the oozing spunk wallah something to cry about.

  12. Maybe life will immitate art?

    Yet another Cunt who’s vastly inflated ego dwarfs any semblance of talent……..
    America appears to be infested with these uppity self righteous twats!!

  13. Rich cunts who don’t no how the other half live.
    Livid as fuck with these righteous cunts who try to do the right thing.
    It easy when you’ve got millions to spout shit.
    Fuck them all

  14. Rylan Clark has nylon teeth like Mr fucking Ed and probably a ringpiece like a very over-ripe Sanguinello blood orange.

    Anal acrobat of the first water and a consummate cunt.

  15. Christ I must be getting old. Another twat I’ve never heard of. But if Norman calls her out as a cunt that’s good enough for me.

  16. Who is this squint-eyed cunt with the ashtray breath? I’ve never heard of her and if she’s so fucking rich why is she wearing a dress from Barnardos? She looks like what my old mum would have called a night worker.

  17. I’ll tell you now, I honestly have no idea who this cunt is but I wouldn’t be kicking her out of bed for farting that’s for sure!

    Is it a she?

    No “Crying Game” action for the Rebel you know! What!

  18. Lana Del Cunt looks like the archetypal school slag in that picture… Thinks she’s something by cracking on she smokes and lads flock round her not because she’s attractive or nice, but because she’s available and it’s on a plate as the old Martini advert used to say ‘Any time any place any fucking where’…. Funny that 99% of school slags were always mingers with no class…

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