The Gang of Three

Ken Clarke, Nick Clegg and Lord Adonis deserve a rigorous and sustained cunting with a knobbly Blackthorn stave for going to meet Michel Barnier, to tell him what good boys they were in not wanting brexit and promising to do their best to derail it, the absolute traitorous cunts, they treat the public with utter fucking contempt which is a bit rich from people who are themselves contemptible.

Nominated by Jack the Cunter

100 thoughts on “The Gang of Three

  1. Nick Clegg has shown time and time again what a self-serving little fucking cunt of a snake he is.

    You would think that after leading his party into terminal oblivion, he would do the decent thing and fuck off. But no, this scumcunt has the air of Blair: no shame, no self-awareness, and no limit to his cuntishness.

    Both the hideously ironically-named Lord Adonis and Ken Clarke have always been monumental cunts, regardless of your political persuasion.

    These three shit-stooges should, by rights, be fucking swinging for treason.

    • Or in The Tower, being introduced to all that lovely sharp vintage torture equipment.
      It would make for a great novelty episode of “Shed and Buried”

      • “Wow! Look Sam. Is that an old Austin Seven Tourer?”

        “No Henry, it’s actually Ken Clarke in an iron mask with a red-hot poker up his arse”

        “Brilliant, put the fucking kettle on…”

        • “And look what we have here Sam … two TE20 Fergies, facing opposite directions with Nick Glegg tied between them .. let’s see if they’ll start”

  2. Too fucking right. The word treason immediately springs to mind. The electorate told Clegg to fuck off, so what did he do? Publish a book “How to stop brexit”. The cunt has less credibility than May, and that’s saying something. Clarke thinks he’s Prime Minister elect and most Lords should be executed. Three massive cunts.

    • He must have been hoping the book would ‘do the trick’ … That obviously hasn’t worked so he’s turned up the wick on being an even greater Cunt. I don’t think he’s got it in him to realise the size of the Cunt that he is … possible candidate for COTY ?

      I can’t work out if you’re a greater cunt by knowing you’re a cunt, or a greater cunt by not thinking you’re cunt …

  3. Fat, out of breath, ruddy, muttering, Hush Puppy wearing cunt Clarke should have been drowned in a bucket.

    Lord Adonis should keep to starring in the Mr Muscle ads.

    My vitriol is saved for that self-serving, patronising failure Dick Smegg. A gargantuan cunt, one that politics seldom sees such overwhelming and quite seemingly impossible cuntitude.

    I would like to see the heads of all three cunts stuck on spikes at Traitors Gate.

  4. In political terms these 3 couldn’t agree that grass was green between them but as soon as they see their EU “Annuity Gravy for Failed Politicians” fund drying up before their rheumy eyes (especially in Clarke’s case) they become best buddies in yet another 2 fingered salute to democracy.

    The thing is they think we’re thick enough to believe that they’re doing this for the greater good of the country when we all know they’re doing it to further line their already silk-lined pockets with Euros.

    When will these cunts realise that we’re on to the EU sham and it’s failed cultural experiment (at our expense) which exists purely as a money making scheme for the EU!

    Any notion of social reform or the betterment of the average European disappeared as soon as the the fucking thing was incepted.

    Three more contemptible cunts you won’t find!

    • One could argue that they’re even more contemptible that the peaceful rapey cunts cunted yesterday. Those filth don’t know any better (not that they shouldn’t be executed), but this cunt trio of quislings are surely guilty of the very dictionary definition of treason? And should be treated accordingly. Who here wouldn’t want to see them swinging from a gibbet?

  5. Apparently the Farage has requested a meeting with Barnier to represent the 17 .4 million people who voted for no transitional period or no delays to Brexit.

    Will be interesting (or amazing) to see if the mammoth, sausage-munching cunt Barnier agrees.

    • Don’t see who Farage represents. He might have started the whole business but no cunt ever voted him into Parliament and he is a political corpse right now.
      Barnier doesn’t want to talk to Farage who spent all of his time insulting the EU and their people in front of the whole world. maybe with reason because there are a fair sprinkling of cunts in there but it means he can never represent the square root of fuck all.
      Clarke and Clegg are visible cunts grade one with no power ,no support and a really shitty history to go with it so no one will take a tiny spot of notice of them.
      Who fucking cares what those dead men do?

      • He is however a standing MEP (for South East England) and therefore is more relevant in any Brexit discussion than the three muppets above!

      • The problem is that the people representing Britain at the negotiations don’t really feel the same as the people who voted to leave.

        Farage has the measure of these cunts, he knows exactly how they work. We need people to stand up for Britain and to negotiate firmly & fair.

        At least Farage has stood up for Britain for years in Brussels and took no shit from the cunts despite being outnumbered in the big room.

        The reality is that no deal is better than signing up and committing to something that doesn’t work for our future.

        Its important to remember that we are leaving and not looking to enter a different scheme that involves us paying any money to these cunts again.

      • Farage more than pulling his weight broadcasting on LBC. (Monday to Thursday 7pm, & Sundays 10am-1pm).

  6. With Xmas approaching this story has cuntish behaviour of biblical proportions
    After being expressly rejected by the British electorate Clegg has now positioned himself as the champion of remain, even writing a book on how you can thwart the EU referendum result, this political dead duck simply refuses to die!
    Bitter old dinosaur cuntasaurus CLARKE should be instantly dragged to Downing Street and removed from the Conservative party, unfortunately May is so weak and vunerable it’s not going to happen, same goes for other outspoken quislings Nicky Morgan and bulldog faced Anna Soubry, the treachery of these 3 conservatives is beyond comprehension!! Actively undermining their own government……
    Lord Adonis has always been a slippery cunt, learning his trade from the master Blair….
    Have these 3 unwise men a mandate to represent the UK in brexit negotiations??
    And by agreeing to meet these Machiavellian stooges French cretin barnier has been deliberately provocative!!

  7. All 3 are destined for the pages of my history book as the festering twat faced cunts that willfully aided and abetted the fall and destruction of the United Kingdom. They are morally corrupt, inept, self serving fucking bastards of plutonium grade who need to occupy a pinewood box suitably lined with dogshite and a well screwed down lid. Clark is almost there, and I want that fucker in the dead pool most badly!

    Fuck the establishment, a cesspit of fucking certifiable deviant turds!

  8. It’s the 3 Muskycunteers, TWAthos, Portlyos and bender face. Off to meet Cardinal Barnier and Drunker the 13th (the king of France/Germany/Spain…)

  9. The point of politicians is to serve the will of the people as its impossible for millions of ppl to come together in one place at one time and count a showing of hands.

    These cunts like a lot of modern day trained to be nothing but useless cunty politician s have forgotten that . We the ppl have spoken and now stop your fucking belly aching, tantrums and weaselling and get on with our will.

    Brexit has shown at least who are the real 100% golden cunts who are deep in the EU pocket.

    • With all these smartphones we can vote on every single issue the moment the vote occurs.
      Really, we only need a person to present each side, and all the admin staff to implement the result.
      With the whole cuntry on their fucking smartphones anyway voter participation should skyrocket to over 90% we would become a true democracy, and the will of the people would be clear.
      Admittedly this system would allow fuckwitted dole claimants and armchair liberals to create senseless chaos, but hey, that’s democracy.

  10. Seems this morning that the in fighting , naming and shaming is escalating to self destruct level. Normally I would love this. But now, it is an almost guaranteed win for Corbyn should an election be called.

    Why not just get rid of the whole damned lot in one fucking go, and then start again with ISAC in charge of every fucking thing?

    • I wonder if that’s the plan? Shit.. The country actually voted brexit, we couldn’t stuff the ballot boxes enough. What shall we do ?
      Get rid of our majority – check
      Stall the negotiations – check
      Remove all our prominent brexit supporters (along with some low hanging fruit remainers) with some trumped up dossier – check
      Next – call an election that will result in a coalition government (con/lib/snp/green) Brexit stopped. Good work people, our EU bungs and pensions have been saved. Hoorah.. Subsidised trebles all round.

  11. Talking of cunts, notice the big red button on the top of the screen? And the new item in the menu?

    New method of nominating cunts to make it easier for the admins to pick them up and hopefully stop you cunts complaining. I’m all in favour of making their lives easier remembering the amount of work I used to have to put into it when I was doing it all.

    I’m sure we all appreciate their efforts? I certainly do…

    • Agreed – I think that is a great addition.

      The challenge will be to not hammer the ‘cunt me’ button considering the myriad cunts festooning the country at the moment.

  12. Sickening sight of Gorgon Brown in news today attempting to wriggle out of responsibility for Iraq War by rewriting history, suggesting Labour Government wouldn’t have been partner to invasion had he/Bliar seen a previously ‘withheld’ US report on WMD. Really???

    Fuck off, you pathetic one-eyed war criminal cunt!

  13. I was always curious as to how there’s never any mention of funding for ISAC? On quite a few sites with wich I’m involved, there’s usually some method of asking for donations/subscriptions/patreons, etc (quite justifiably so) to at least cover a percentage of the bandwidth cost. So just a little query to the admins, purely out of curiosity – how is ISAC always free to us ungrateful fuckers? If you wish to answer, please feel free to email me if you don’t want it mentioned in open session. Or call me a nosey cunt, of course!

    • Well said. This is a great site and I would be very willing to contribute to funding.

    • Likely a honeypot operation. Money is made by supplying IP addy’s, device ID’s, thought crime infractions and personal info to the virtue police to get their diversity and hate crime stats up without actually having to do any work. Or even a good old blackmail job, my last 5 posts alone could probably get me 2000 years in a re-education establishment (5k to make them go away). Its a good job i’m not who i say I am, or am I? God bless plausible deniablity.. Lets just hope the trial is a fair one…baaah. Wonder what kind of setup is behind the ISAC scene- GDPR compliant yet? pseudonimized user ID’s? Encrypted databases? Connection log retention periods. I think its time for my meds..

    • Thank The Eye.

      Not sure of the ins and outs but its a self hosted WordPress site sitting on a server somewhere that he has access to. I think he piggy backs it into something that’s connected to his business? The hosting is the only cost.

      If we had to move it it would be a few quid a month for a hosting site as the domain name is already grabbed.

      The rest is free. Any site pleading for money to cover their huge costs is bullshitting you. I’ve set up several sites on non self hosted WordPress and it costs fuck all – but the features are limited. My own site costs me fuck all!

      The Eye may like to comment further if he’s reading this – or not – but he’s the guy that deserves the thanks !

      • Yes I had a little dig after that (what was meant to be) darkly humorous paranoid rant that actually reads like I’ve been channeling that Spivey fella, always prudent though. I work in IT myself. Proper IT not spreadsheets and bullshit. Could never really donate any time but feel free to tap me up if you need advice on anything. Gratis of course.

  14. The picture at the top looks like preparatory work for a monument to be built in the event of the the brexit vote being reversed. The monument would be carved into a mountain somewhere in Europe and be known forever as Mount Cuntmore.

  15. Off message but –
    Rejoice! Bananarama have re-formed. Yes, the multi-talented, Spice Girl precursors are blessing us with their musical genius. Just as Karl Perkins, Fats Domino and many more are seen as the founders of rock n roll, Bananarama are the true founders of talentless shite. They underpin the music industry as it is today. Without them we wouldn’t have the procession of posing, warbling boy and girl ‘bands’ as they are called for some reason. Rejoice!

    • Shite Bananarama’s music may be, but there was a time when I would have gladly rammed the dark-haired one into infinity and beyond.

      • The slag with Alice Cooper made up eyes in ‘stay’ video was eminently fuckable!!

      • The 2nd line up (i.e. excluding that overrated Siobhan Faye – poor Dave Stewart) are still extremely attractive ladies.

        This statement probably makes me a sex fiend no doubt! Unless I convert to “peacefulness” and then it just becomes excused as being “cultural”.

  16. If they autocue it so they are all in tune and airbrush them to fuck, all comedy value will be lost.
    They were, and definately still are, total fucking shit, but at least they had self awareness of the sillyness of it all.
    Didn’t french and saunders rip the piss out of them?

  17. Damian Green, IMO, guilty as fuck re computer porn allegations. I remember thinking in 2009, following Green’s unjustified arrest and plod’s heavy handed raid on his home & offices, that it was strange he didn’t kick up a fuss following his subsequent release without charge.

    Was the deal: ‘kick up a fuss and we’ll reveal what we found on your computer’? A no-brainer, you might be forgiven for thinking. New Labour at the time had a habit of abusing its anti-terrorism legislation for party political purposes. Not to mention the Walter Wolfgang incident…

    Either way, like Fallon, Green is another shifty looking cunt cut straight from the same ‘Emperors New Clothes’ cloth as useless fellow cunt T. May.

    • There’s also that SNP guy, mark mcdonald whos resigned over inappropriate behaviour, the nature of which has not been disclosed. Ha ha that can’t be good then….
      There won’t be anyone left employed anywhere in a minute lol

      • Resigning shouldn’t stop a full investigation into any allegations. The people still have a right to know what those serving us are really getting up to.

  18. I’ve just been reading that doctors have been calling for pregnant women and newborn babies to be provided with vitamin D supplements on the NHS. This is to try and arrest the rise in cases of Rickets.. Doctors say that it is caused by eating less fish,the use of sunscreen and children spending more time indoors.
    Now I’m no medic,but I wonder if they might dare to mention the fact that those bin bags that a lot of paki kids wear might be a cause. Can’t absorb much sunlight dressed in a fucking tarpaulin,surely The rise in cases started 15 years ago,just about the time that we started to really benefit from the joys of multiculturalism
    Still..I suppose rickets is a pretty minor problem when added to the medical problems caused by the inbreeding that pakis enjoy. No matter,the NHS is free for them,no need to ever contribute, so why not just ship in every disease ridden,third-world savage who fancies bringing their own unique problems to enrich the British way of life.
    Fuck them.

    • Its enough to make you think flooding Great Britain with infected people that are a massive financial drain on our NHS and other government services and is part of their cunning plan in bringing Britain to its knees.

      They certainly have contributed to longer waiting for us to access services.

      • Listening to …’the media’… all that gets sprouted out is … “There’s not enough schools .. There’s not enough medical care … There’s not enough money for blah, blah, blah ..!”
        Never, never does ..’the media’ .. say, there’s too many people, immigrants, spongers etc. It’s always the fucking fault of the Government. Waken up .. take a fucking look.

        • They are a net benefit…

          They are all key NHS, scientific and IT workers…

          None of them are here to take advantage of the UK benefits system…

          All fucking lies and propaganda pushed by liberalist media groups in the pockets of globalist billionaires who seek to further line their pockets by squeezing the middle, giving 10% of that to the lowest paid (to keep them in line) and pocketing 90% for themselves.

          Let’s take your average “peaceful” mini cab groomer, sorry, driver as an example – like the Kurds in Newcastle we cunted yesterday.

          When a cunt like that works it’ll be minimum wage (for the fairs actually logged). So no fucking tax there then. The mamma san is full time pregnant shelling out between 6-8 little bomb-makers on average so that = £0 taxes from her. Each one born through the NHS (at £n-thousand a go per child). And each one has to be educated (at £nn-thousand a go per child).

          So when all their kids are of working age the system will have shelled out in excess of £100,000 in public services for the cost of a cuppa-soup in taxes.

          O’course your libbos then go on to say that these children then go on to be the next tranche of scientists, doctors and Mayors of London. Some do (as we all know too well courtesy of complicit Khunt Khan) but the majority? No chance!

          The majority repeat the actions of their parents by producing another batch of little bomb-makers, all of which need to be cared for in the NHS, housed and educated, all while paying fuck all in taxes.

          Then you have the EU immos. Want to see the reality of this EU gift that just keeps giving. Check out the Romanian ghetto which exists in Toddington Services on the M1 just North of Lutonistan.

          Not many doctors, scientists and IT specialists amongst that lot I’m betting, however you see a rake of the cunts flogging the big issue or begging in Luton Town centre before returning to their tents in the Toddington jungle!

          Why don’t you cover this ABBC, instead of reporting a non-story of rich people avoiding tax, you cunts!?!

          If what the rich and famous do with their wealth is legal (tax avoidance) and not illegal (tax evasion) then I personally could not give a flying fuck! Because I myself pay exactly the amount of tax I’m supposed to and not one fucking penny more! Why should I – or they for that matter – pay any more just for it to be pissed away on undeserving cunts who contribute nothing and take everything??? Answer me THAT ABBC cunts!

          If the government doesn’t like it, change the fucking law! Until then I don’t care!

          However, ABBC cunts, what I do care about the pointless immigration which IS to the very real detriment of this country, so please feel free to cover that and then worry about the billions a year pissed away on these undeserving cunts rather that the millions which legally avoid our coffers you PC loving, appeasing, right-on CUNTS!

          • What I can never understand is that no-one EVER suggests the housing crisis is in anyway related to net migration of 350k every Year! That’s 3.5 million over a decade. If we deported 3.5 million of the cunts back to Somalia, I do have a very tiny feeling that it might free up a few houses. I know a really lovely guy with real problems who is desperate for a council flat but he’s white British so he’s fucked, and so is the system. Makes my blood fucking boil.

  19. There are bonfires across the land that would be enhanced by the addition of any of these three traitors or their associated running dogs.
    Does shit burn ? Depends how much petrol you use.

  20. Treacherous, pusillanimous, democracy-hating turd-eaters.

    Haven’t got a bollock between them.

  21. These three monumental cunts better fucking think on. If and when we actually escape from EU incarceration they and their fellow traitors are very likely to find that a lot of people will not have forgotten their shameful attempts to sabotage the will of the electorate. Cunting fucking cunt fuckers.

  22. Just seen another cunt panel on ABBC ‘Dateline London’ programme arguing YET AGAIN that the Leave vote was ‘probably’ manipulated by Russia, so mandate for Brexit may be illegitimate…

    Fuck me, it can only be a matter of time before some cunt suggests the 17.4 million voting OUT were suffering from PTSD after being sexually harassed behind the UKIP bike sheds!

    • 3 questions really.

      Why would Russia even bother? What possible gain is to them one way or the other? And, how the fuck are they supposed to have done It? I certainly don’t remember having an epiphany in the middle of the night with Putin whispering “Vote leave” Did they put anti-remain serum in my brandy?

      • The argument is Putin stands to gain by destabilising the EU and the West in general, using Social Media to further his sinister ends. That’s the theory, I think, C n’ N…

  23. Off topic but pikeys are cunts. Went to the cinema. The area is home to an established site. Just as the film starts a group came in. Made lots of noise. I asked them to be quiet. Got some abuse but they did shut up for a minute. They then got louder so I went to ask staff to assist. They shouted out that I was RRRRRAAACCCCIIISSSSTTT. When asked by staff they did leave, whilst still shouting. On the way out after the film I thanked the staff member who assisted me. He said they have not been brought up properly: well said. As for the two idiots who filmed the first ten minutes on their phones:CUNTS.

    If you can’t behave in a cinema:FUCK OFF.

  24. Ken Clarke is a senile of fanny, who is drinking himself to death, but I do hope he lives just long enough to see us leave the EU. A lifetime of treachery come to naught.

    Choke on it Ken, choke on it

    Adonis has never achieved anything of importance, just sat on various committes.

    Clegg should take his fat Spanish wife, his Spanish kids and fuck off to Spain. Catalonia is nice this time of year

    • I don’t give a shit where he goes as long as he stays their and shuts the fuck up. I wish the students had risen up and beat the lying shit to a pulp after he fucked them over their tuition fees.

      Nothing but an embarrassment to our nation and will never be a respected statesman. Will always be remembered for being Scameron’s bitch.

    • A few seconds even managed to make it onto the ABBC/Sky news!

      Brexit is far from the rocket science Establisment is trying (quite successfully) to brainwash electorate into believing.

    • Problem is unless you have a Conservative or UKIP MP, your email will likely be directed to junk folder…Ooops a daisy.

      Sadly some MP’s don’t use the will of their constituents when making decisions and use their own mind.

      Even worse, some do & say what their little sHitler leader briefs them to do in her absence of a Westminster seat for their own arse. Mind you, getting their seat at the EU table is much more important.

      • My MP is a typical identikit Labour Remoaner, representing a Leave voting constituency, there only by the skin of his teeth, thanks to the useless Maybot and a disastrous Tory General Election campaign.

        Needless to say, my emails and those of my neighbour remain unanswered.

  25. Blame culture Britain.

    The cunts have been watching crooked Hilary’s stunt involving Russia and the amount of distraction its caused in the USA.

    It’s all a load if bollocks, we all voted at the time and made our decision based on the information presented to us by both camps.

    Anyone who claims they didn’t know what they were voting for is a fool who really should have paid attention.

    All the energy exerted trying to derail or further delay would be better used in working together to secure Britain’s future.

    They have all had their chance to change their tune and offer positive contributions but don’t as come the time any of their parties get into No10, they will blame the tories and “the way they handled brexit” for decades while they continue to dilly dally along the path, fucking us up further.

    Trust me when I say that is all we will ever hear….Blame.

    Oh and you could add that Gina Miller’s facial profile to Mount Cuntmore too.

  26. Unfortunately our comments come from the heart as opposed to liberal group think.

    Try and unfriend that one soft lad!

    • You call me racist then you call me a “scouse sounding piece of filth?
      I should have mentioned it earlier but I’m pissing myself laughing at you being all upset and i forgot.
      I love this site, and the greatest pleasure it gives me is the upsetting of doss cunts like you.

      Ta xxxx

  27. Never used to hate the police until they became a vehicle for a liberalist agenda.

    Time for racist coppers? Maybe they’re the only cunts left in that shower of shit that have any stones left!

  28. Away and do something constructive then, don’t forget afterwards to wipe your arse with your bare mitt.

  29. “Its an Echo Chamber for Sad Losers…”

    Or realists unencumbered by “group think” driven by social media and the sheep that follow it.

    I’ll give you a couple of minutes to look up “unencumbered” on Google or to ask one of your many thousands of “real” friends on TwitBook and look forward your reply…

    • I seem to remember agreeing with you once Birdman. Probably just a nightmare though. Personally I would never agree with any cunt who could agree with me either.

  30. Commrade Steptoe addressing a group in Shitpool, sorry Blackpool today saying the Labour Party is committed to changing a warped and degraded culture in Westminster. Funny that, never heard you saying that prior to last week you fucking vacuous insincere scruffy old commie fuckwit. I think your bro Terry Fuckwit carries more credibility than you ya fucking traitorous old fraud.

    • Just saw him on the news sporting a “micro poppy”, why the hypocrite even bothers, I do not know.

      Looks like the scruffy fooker got Flabbot to do his tie up for him, either that or he was getting dragged around the playground by it at the break by his Momentum mates.

      • Steptoe Corbyn should have a green poppy: for all his dead IRA comrades… The horrible little terrorist loving gnome of a cunt…

  31. As a Doctor of Psychotic Enlightenment, I strongly advise you to calm down dear and go back to your Nazi PC virtue signalling snowflake Momentum colleagues for some nice Disneyland counselling or a spot of sexual harassment, always assuming you can get it up, of course.

    • In case of confusion, the comment above was addressed to a dearly departed cunt who has since been mysteriously yet thankfully consigned to the dustbin of IAC history…

  32. If your not a liberal by 20, you have no heart. If your not a conservative by 40, you have no brain. Try not to feed the troll too much, it’s quite unfair to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person.

  33. Shit, did I miss a troll?
    It was probably Cleggers himself, seeing as he actually has nothing really constructive to do now that there’s no Pigfucker to make tea for…

    • No , you missed nothing.
      A few of us have dropped some acid and posted some weird paranoid fuelled posts, that’s all. 🙂

    • Could have been Kenny boy, incandescent with my rather flattering description of the rum soaked, troublesome, old cuntbubble.

    • It sounded like it actually could have been Smegg, Catweazle, Flabbot or an alike thinker of theirs. Its well known Flabbot likes to hunt down as much shit about herself online as possible.

      Soul searching?, maybe researching for the making of her version of the ABBC’s, Who do you think you are.

  34. Ho ho, and another one bites the dust with as yet unreleased details of inappropriate behaviour. Chris Pincher this time.
    Wonder from how many feet this one looked at a woman.

  35. I see another nut-job has blown away more innocents in a baptist church in Texas.

    The shooter is being named as Devin Patrick Kelly but as of yet they have no idea for the motive.

    You’ll know if he was just a nut-job like the Vegas cunt as the ABBC will cover it for a week or so.

    If however this is another one of these saddo “peaceful” converts “fighting” for ISIS you’ll hear no more of it.

  36. That troll…..appeared to have a thing about fisting….

    Maybe he learnt it at school….

    “Morning class…hands up everybody who likes fisting”….

    • Is that the one that ranted on about ‘racists’, then had a go at people for ‘sounding’ Scouse and Scottish ? Priceless… Also had a thing about poppies I believe… I don’t single out people who don’t wear them, but I’ve nothing against people who do either…To commemorate those who saved the UK from Hitler and protected the residents of the Falklands isn’t wrong for fuck’s sake… Unless you’re actually anti-British, of course… Not another Fenian cunt with ‘IRA connections’ (snigger!), eh?….

  37. Here’s a thought from the wee small hours.
    We have gay males and their partners, lesbians and their partners, bisexuals and whatever partner is flavour of the month. Who the fuck is rooting all these trannys/she males/ladyboys/chicks with dicks?

    That’ll be the next trend. Tranny lovers pride

    “Thee are no chicks with dicks John, only guys with tits”

    Ted2 (again)

    • The worst thing about that link and the story is the word “returning”.

      There wouldn’t be an issue or any cost if we were to just say: “Fuck off, you’re not coming back in the first place cunts! Go to Saudi. It’s nearer, richer and has views similar to your own. Unfortunately you will have to work for a living and they don’t need many mini-cab drivers but hey you can’t have everything right!”

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