The Gang of Three

Ken Clarke, Nick Clegg and Lord Adonis deserve a rigorous and sustained cunting with a knobbly Blackthorn stave for going to meet Michel Barnier, to tell him what good boys they were in not wanting brexit and promising to do their best to derail it, the absolute traitorous cunts, they treat the public with utter fucking contempt which is a bit rich from people who are themselves contemptible.

Nominated by Jack the Cunter

100 thoughts on “The Gang of Three

  1. I see another nut-job has blown away more innocents in a baptist church in Texas.

    The shooter is being named as Devin Patrick Kelly but as of yet they have no idea for the motive.

    You’ll know if he was just a nut-job like the Vegas cunt as the ABBC will cover it for a week or so.

    If however this is another one of these saddo “peaceful” converts “fighting” for ISIS you’ll hear no more of it.

  2. That troll…..appeared to have a thing about fisting….

    Maybe he learnt it at school….

    “Morning class…hands up everybody who likes fisting”….

    • Is that the one that ranted on about ‘racists’, then had a go at people for ‘sounding’ Scouse and Scottish ? Priceless… Also had a thing about poppies I believe… I don’t single out people who don’t wear them, but I’ve nothing against people who do either…To commemorate those who saved the UK from Hitler and protected the residents of the Falklands isn’t wrong for fuck’s sake… Unless you’re actually anti-British, of course… Not another Fenian cunt with ‘IRA connections’ (snigger!), eh?….

  3. Here’s a thought from the wee small hours.
    We have gay males and their partners, lesbians and their partners, bisexuals and whatever partner is flavour of the month. Who the fuck is rooting all these trannys/she males/ladyboys/chicks with dicks?

    That’ll be the next trend. Tranny lovers pride

    “Thee are no chicks with dicks John, only guys with tits”

    Ted2 (again)

    • The worst thing about that link and the story is the word “returning”.

      There wouldn’t be an issue or any cost if we were to just say: “Fuck off, you’re not coming back in the first place cunts! Go to Saudi. It’s nearer, richer and has views similar to your own. Unfortunately you will have to work for a living and they don’t need many mini-cab drivers but hey you can’t have everything right!”

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