Newcastle City Hall

A cunting for the management of Newcastle City Hall.

The new Charity that have taken over the City Hall have decided that Roy “Chubby” Brown should no longer be allowed to perform. Apparently they have decided that his act is “unpleasant,crude and offensive”.

Now whether you like Chubby Brown or not, his act must be legal or he’d have been closed down long ago. The fact that a load of pretentious twats don’t like it shouldn’t mean that he should be banned. I bet if his act consisted of sneering at white,working-class,heterosexual men,he’d be welcomed with open arms. It’s nothing but cultural snobbery.

No doubt when the charity is next whining for funding,they won’t bother mentioning that they barred an act that has been popular for years. Maybe they can put one of those hilarious new comedians on instead to make up the shortfall.

Nominated by Dick Fiddler.

191 thoughts on “Newcastle City Hall

  1. Geordie cockjockeys. I hope Chubby tells them to poke their City Hall right up their collective shitters.

    It is wet, liberal jockstraps like these who are attempting to drive free thought and speech underground. Come the revolution, these cunts should have their heads mounted on pointy sticks outside their all important City Hall.

    • Emergency cunting.
      The World Athletic Championship and the British Team.

      The British team have won nothing, all that tax payer funded training, the event being held in their own back yard, well the Islamic republic of Londonistan. Wall to wall coverage on the Beebistan broadcasting corporation and if lucky some beta male with a hipster beard manages to get a ‘pb’

      As for the fuckers in the crowd cheering the Somalian who lives in the states last Friday but running under a flag of convenience, eat quorn you cunts.

  2. Well I would find a load of ponces mincing about on stage performing a Grand Jete and leg splits offensive and disgusting. So fuck off you yellow bellied pink gin cunts. By the way, I’ve got a cock like a blind cobblers thumb as Chubby would say.

  3. fucking idiots!!!
    And as you say DF maybe they can get one of those leftie alternative comedians to bring in the punters, the sort of Cunt who dresses like a supply teacher and is about as funny!!
    ” oh Theresa May”( ho ho ) ” brexit” (snigger snigger) ” ” tango man trump ” ( ha ha ha)

    • On a lighter note….
      Suicide squad has been a tad disappointing, I really thought one of those celebrity fopdoddles would have done the deed by now…. I had such high expectations for the game..

  4. Like Stewart Lee, as funny as a finger going through the bog paper or Paul Merton , dying with every joke with James Corden as the headline act, the least talented unfunny cunt in history.
    A perfect recipe for the theatre going broke.

  5. Agreed Norman, can add Dizzee Rascal and Professor Green to the pile of cunts.

  6. It sounds like another sell-off preparation, as is happening at my local theatre.
    The sequence is: ban good shows & only put on shite – audience numbers dwindle – we can’t afford to put on better shows due to low audiences – sell-off the prime site for redevelopment – councillors pocket large brown envelopes.
    Council cunts – working for a better life (for themselves), the cunts.

  7. So does that mean they’d ban Frankie Boyle for the same reason? He’s more offensive than Chubby. He’s nasty. At least you get good, honest vulgarity with Chubby.

    • Ah but dear Frankie is “on the right side of history” like his hero Naom Chomsky.
      He’s now “retired” anyway, to count his evil capitalist millions, the cunt.

      Retired from doing what, exactly…? Certainly not working for a crust.

      • Have seen Frankie a couple of times. Can be very funny but also ‘right on’ like the rest of the cunts. Seems to have a form of paedo tourettes.
        Chubby in a whole different league. Fucking brilliant, hard working comic. A lot like saint Bernard of Embassy may he rest in peace.

    • Saw chubby once. Prayed for the interval because my sides hurt so much. He is relentlessly funny .
      “Anyone here had a wank last night?..No? Just fucking me again then is it? “

  8. These ‘oh so self righteous’ do gooding retards need to reslise that no more than an arms length away from them is an easily accessed world of any kind of perversion you can conceive of. One armed dwarves being pushed up some sluts rusty bucket, cunts pissing an puking over each other, little kids having their lives destroyed, all sorts of hideous beastiality. I’m sorry to report that any sense of morality left the fucking building a loooooooong time ago. Stop wasting everyone’s fucking time and fuck off. Cunts. By the way, best site I’ve seen is ‘Donkeys Dicks Delight’! 😂

  9. The move to take over Newcastle started many years ago with an expansion to its University and the Creation of the University of Northumbria at Newcastle. The city became flooded with poncy southern accents, pseudo intellectuals, itinerant arseholes, foodies, poofters, paki’s, chinks, addicts and the general dross that no fucker else wants.

    Monument became a shithole of fucking migrants,rapeugees and aztec nobody’s in fucking parrot feathers.

    The cultural aspect of Newcastle began to deteriorate. Cancelled were the Friday Night Pickle Jar Challenges, gone were the stotty stuffing contests, and banned were the ritual fucking over of the provvie man for a ticket.

    Foodies moved in and gone were the favourite haunts of geordies, to nosh on a lard sarnie became outlawed , and buckets of grease were confined to history.

    Yep Dick. Newcastles cahaging. As for the City Hall. Of all the years of entertainment that has been on offer, the future is to be the Bangla dancers and LGBT approved diversity acts , ritual chanting to the whiff of joss sticks and all the other fucking shite.

    Bring back T Dan Smith. Bring Back Joe Harvey, and bring back Jimi Hendrix to the cellar club.

  10. On the subject of comedians, the ABBC have just commissioned a new series of Alan Partridge next year. But this being the ABBC he is being portrayed as ‘the voice of Brexit’ cue a bigoted anti EU performance from Labour luvvie Coogan with a dollop of casual racism.

    • I simply can’t wait!! 😡
      I’m surprised the BBC hasn’t tried to resurrect Alf garnett??
      You can just imagine him sitting in his chair talking about the bleeding EU!, bloody foreigners!, and all the watching liberal wankers laughing at the old white bigoted stupid brexit voting racist…. Fuck the Beeb…

        • I’ve despised Coogan from the first time I ever saw him, doing that “bag of shite” crap.
          Even less funny than cancer, the utter cunt…

    • So Coogan will be doing the same embarrassing, tired, unfunny shite that he’s been doing for a couple of decades then. Cant wait.

      • Best thing Coogan ever did was Saxondale…. But to bring back Partridge to personify the pro-Brexit man on the street as an ignorant and racist buffoon is a dirty trick…. What a cunt…

  11. Councils are completely free of intelligence and ability.
    They are public sector troughers.
    Any one with any ability or innovativation is in the private sector.
    The sector that produces.

    • ‘Troughers’ … excellent.
      With our local council planning department Cunts, if a site visit is necessary … they will all take their cars individually (no mini bus for them) ..and they will make sure the visit staggers a lunch break … so the expenses goes in for fuel, mileage and lunch costs.
      I’ve dealt with our council on a couple of occasions and never managed to deal with the same fucker twice. For continuity and understanding of my querie I thought it would be best to deal with the same person on each visit …. No, no, no .. it seems many of these Cunts only work a two or a three day week.

  12. It makes me wonder how long it will be before all Chubby’s material disappears from Youtube, along with Bernard Manning, Jim Davison and their ilk.
    There will be an amnesty as well perhaps, as there was with guns and knives, where you can surrender offensive DVDs and videotapes, along with books and music.
    Remember all that media hyped “Video Nasties” witch hunt crap during the 1980s?
    All started by odious tory MP Graham Bright (CUNT!!) looking to make a name for himself and get noticed by The Empress Maggon, and egged on by Plod looking to boot a few doors in.
    If it can happen with a bunch of (mostly) Z Grade horror movies it can happen with comedy…

    • I read on the Guardian website that it was a disgruntled Brexiteer on holiday.

  13. @Dick Fiddler, is Ned Kelly still doing gigs?
    A Geordie comedian and he’d come on stage naked and get dressed as the show went on.
    I had a couple of his cassettes as a teen and that’s all i ever heard of him.
    Funny guy.

    • Was still around 4 years ago. Putting on his shit stained boxers always got he laugh. Last seen in Cramlington. Brilliant…fucking brilliant…” Fuck me!…was that me arse?….nah, just a Paki passin by”

        • Some Cunt smashed the window of the Unimog and pinched a saw that I’d left in the cab while we were working round the back of a house last time I was in South Shields. The cunt probably sold a £700 saw for a tenners drug money.

          • Thats Shields for yer! Even have to nail down the dog turds…..mind its mostly camel shite now!

  14. These days cunters seem to be encumbered with snowflake fucks who demand their own way or no way. Well there was a bit in the radio yesterday that reminded me of how we’ve always been encumbered by these cunts.
    Remember in the early nineties we had all these cunts wearing ANC t-shirts, Mandela t-shirts and big leather pendants in the shape of Africa?
    White man was evil and shiny happy black people were the downtrodden good guys.
    Yesterday in S.A they held a secret vote of confidence in that Jacob Zuma cunt.
    The reason for the secrecy was death threats are regularly made against any cunt going against Zuma.
    Married six times, twenty one kids, cleared of rape, up against corruption charges and cures aids through the use of a daily shower.
    It was reported that his support was so large because poor South Africans are in awe of his humble beginnings and CONSERVATIVE family ideals.

    If there was one cuntry on that continent that should be moving forward, its S.A, but no, fuck that.
    I will be called a racist for sayin that Africans are doss, but show me an example of how they are not then.

    And Nelson Mandela was a cunt.
    Why no problems or whingung when Mandela and Gadaffi(sic) were bumming each other?

    • “Remember in the early nineties we had all these cunts wearing ANC t-shirts, Mandela t-shirts and big leather pendants in the shape of Africa?” totally agree with you there Bman

      “It was reported that his support was so large because poor South Africans are in awe of his humble beginnings and CONSERVATIVE family ideals” Jacob Zuma has threatened opponents voters cunt also has 783 charges of alleged corruption, fraud and racketeering ridiculous

      • You’ve got to wonder how fucked up some cunt from Dumbarton is that they’d wear a t-shirt promoting a S.A political party, proudly, around the streets of Dumbarton.

        I once watched a documentary about the ANC and their members excuse for living the high life if mansions, pools, cars, money and clothes was to show the common man what he could strive for.

        Dumb cunts.

  15. African politics are more fucking crooked than a North Korean election. Every coup, election or ministerial sacking seems to be against the wishes of the people.

    Absolutely bent as fuck to a man. Although anti-Brexit, it was the will of the voting public so I’ve had to suck it up, in Africa, no chance, decisions are already made so let’s just have a vote to make look legit, fucking despot cunts.

  16. Fuck me, the fucking cunts over at the BBC have done it again.

    On Radio 5 they are saying that this latest gang of child groomers and rapists are “mostly Asian”….mostly? have a look at the picture on the BBC website, they are all fucking dirty stinking camel jocks.

    Fuck you BBC, fuck you Islamist child groomers and fuck the people who let you get away with it for so long.

    • Staggering cuntitude even by the biased broadcasting cuntpanys standards…..
      Fucking Cunts!!!

    • If those darkie rapists were white we would never hear the end of it. It would make Stephen Lawrence and Hilborough look like a small headline in the village Gazette. And go on and on for fuckin decades

      • Bang on about the Stephen Lawrence comparison.
        These girls were specifically picked out for being British and white.
        It was racist in the extreme.

  17. “Eisa Mousavi, Mohammed Ali, Nashir Uddin, Monjur Choudhury, Taherul Alam, Habibur Rahim, Badrul Hussain, Carolann Gallon, Saiful Islam, AbdulHamid Minoyee, Prabhat Nelli, Abdul Sabe, Jahanger Zaman, Nadeem Aslam, Mohammed Azram, Yassar Hussain, Redwan Siddquee, Mohibur Rahman”

    How is that mostly Asian ^^^^^ with the exception of the sell out limey scumball Carolann they are all fucking wogs to a man.

      • What I love most about this website is that I can truly vent my spleen by saying.. Fucking dirty child fiddling goat fucking drug peddling benefit thieving smelly Paki bastards!

          • Fuck me! Is that ginger slicer meant to be a woman!!!!????? Fucking christ THAT IS FUCKING UGLY!

        • These dirty stinking flyblown muslimist excrement, these disgusting p@edo paki human filth should be put to death… And they should die in agony…

          And fuck the ABBC… Not the first time they’ve protected n@nces, and it won’t be the last…

          • They are more interested in the cash paid out to some rapist cunt for info on these filthy bastards. On radio four, they played a soundbite from an Asian councillor, who was saying ‘you can’t blame muslims just as you can’t blame white people for Jimmy Saville.’
            Twat. The difference is, most white people would have quite happily burned Saville alive for what he did, not get thirty of their mates from the local mosque to join in. How many more times is this cultural phenomenon going to be ignored?

    • Oh what a shock. The goat lovers are being kiddie fiddlers again. BBC you gutless bunch of cunts tell the truth. They’re the world lowest. Fucking muslims. Hitler killed the wrong people

  18. Fuck me, that’s Crimewatch sewn up. Jeremy Vine will be shitting bricks reporting on all these ‘peacefuls’.

    • And some reporter on the Vanessa Feltz show today on Radio 2 described his crime in 2002. And guess what? He’s a Paki.

  19. How lucky was that cunt got paid ten grand to watch, take part and report on child rape?
    Wtf is the world coming to???????

    And i cant say “fuck da police?”

    Seriously, i fuckin give up and my Michael Douglas falling down moment has been brought forward to tomorrow morning.

    Newcastle police is a cunt.

    • If you are going to have a Falling Down moment make sure you nip into a Paki shop and smack the cunt about with a rounders bat.

    • They were out in force to get Raoul Moat, weren’t they?…
      But had Moat been a peaceful piece of goatbuggering human filth, they’d have merely arrested him, he’d have done a token stretch,and he’d be out again and living off the state by now…

  20. At least it’s stopped the BBC droning on about the fucking “Grenfell victims” (or whatever that fucking gig hellhole was called)

    At dinner I go to Big Yellow, they have the BBC on so I’ve no choice and it was enough to make a cat puke.

    The content I heard? some grief jacking white female busy body going on about this scheme she has going to send the survivors and people who witnessed it on free fucking holidays.

    World gone bat shit mad.

    • Listening to all the bollocks on radio and TV on the amount the Govt. has bent over backwards to appease the ‘victims’ of Grenfell … I guess to do a bit of ‘damage limitation’ in the public eye …. it’s what the Govt. HASN’T done these ‘victims’ will lament on forever about. Give them a solid gold Rolls Royce each and an apartment in the Bahamas …. they’ll still say the Govt. are murderers.

    • Send the Cunts on holiday ? The sponging cunts have been on holiday since they landed their benefit-sponging arses in this country. Mind,I’d happily contribute to buying them plane tickets,as long as they’re one-way tickets back to whichever fly-blown shitehole the grabby cunts crawled out of.

    • I wonder if the people in Grenfal had been white British all the media coverage would be around. My guess is no

  21. Ah well, there’s always something unexpected on the news to cheer you up.
    Today in north Korea , a protest was held against UN sanctions towards the dog eating cunts.

    A spokesman said the sanctions were haha against haha human haha rights hahaha.


    Oh FFS. 🙂

  22. Shame Chubby ain’t on here to write this nomination for me, he would be more eloquent than I for sure.

    Cunters behold Jennifer Lawrence portraying herself as the victim of a sex crime. How so? She uploaded nude shots to the interweb including some of her face covered in Jizz, she then failed to use a strong password to protect her cunt in the cloud and got hacked with said pictures finding there way onto 4Chan and then onto the screens and hard-drives of anyone with a passing interest in celebrity gash.

    Not a sex crime at all, negligent stupidity on your part Jenny. Don’t compare yourself with women that have actually been the victim of a real sex crime.

    “Jennifer Lawrence has said the leaking of nude photos of her left her feeling “blindsided”.
    Intimate images of the Oscar-winning actress were published online in 2014.
    She told Vogue: “I think people saw [the hacking] for what it was, which was a sex crime, but that feeling, I haven’t been able to get rid of it.
    “Having your privacy violated constantly isn’t a problem if you’re perfect. But if you’re human, it’s terrifying.”

    • Stupid cunt.

      Thank you Sixdog Vomit, after googling “Jennifer Lawrence nude” i was only a few pics away from a pic of her arsehole.

      What a stupid bitch.

      Can honestly say they pics done nothing for me as i think she looks like a pouting ugly stoney faced cunt.
      Every clip you see of her, she has a look as if she’s grading the strength of a fart.
      See also Scarlet Johansson.
      Smile you rich cunt

      • Scarlet Johansson and Kirsten Stewart could win sad unhappy cunts of the year every year.

        Especially Kirsten Stewart who played a suicidal fuckdoll to robert paterson in that cancerous twilight nonsense

    • Thanks for the heads up with Jennifer Lawrence. Awesome shots. What a nasty lil minx she is. Made. My. Day. Wonder if Spivey has it down as a Jewish cabal running Hollywood, blackmailing, murder etc

      • The J-Law Fappening pics are great, but the ScarJo ones are disappointingly shite… One (very blurry) tit and one arse shot and that’s it… You’d think these celebricunt movie bastards would have a phone with a top quality camera in it…. Tightarsed Tinsletown cunts…

  23. The worst of it being that there was nee ootrage by tha’ Toon Army lads!

    That’s shameful it itself. Mind you last time I was in ‘castle it was full of student cunts so what do you expect!

    For shame…

    • I got talked into going down the Quayside for a night out a while back…dreadful..full of student cunts,pooves and wogs. I remember going to the Farmers in the Haymarket years ago. Now that was a proper pub.

      • Grapes Vault and the 3 bulls bollocks in the Haymarket for me.
        Is the Strawberry still standing?

        • The Strawberry’s still standing…it will be the end of Newcastle if it goes. The Percy was another of my watering holes…haven’t been for years. Fuck only knows what it’s like now.

          • The Percy was a great pub. In the 60’s 2 characters in particular drank there. 1 Slash 2 Jesus.. It was all quite mental then.

  24. Met Chubby about 20 years ago. Me and a couple of the other NCO’s in my Battery were staying at the Village hotel in Blackpool, and he was there too. Great bloke, he spent a couple of hours talking to us, and even stood his round.

  25. Some of his humour is in poor taste, but I find it funny.

    Who is deciding that he cannot perform his “poor taste” and in what capacity ?

    • I find eastenders in poor taste, doesn’t stop AlBeeb putting it on every night of the week.

      • Our “betters” must decide what’s suitable for us to see, because we are all to thick/uneducated/racist to make that decision for ourselves.
        It’s just the beginning…

  26. Windows 10 is a cunt.

    I’ll say it aga-ain

    Windows 10 is a cunt

    All together no-ow

    Windows 10 IS A CUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OK, one last time, altogether, everybody, you at the front, and you at the back


    • For your information, my Windows 10 has gone to fuck knows where for the third time since its been installed.

      DVD porn it is then. 🙁

    • Windows 10 or windows in general is a abortion birdman go for firefox apple or linux there are better (OS’s) operating system. Ihope Bill Gates the phony humanitarian dies a painful unbearable death. The cunt is just a evil looking fuckhead too

  27. Time to give vaGina Millar a kick in the chuff again. The stupid cunt has been saying she may have to leave the country because of continued threats of acid attack. Whoever is threatening that DON’T! It might improve the the horrible cunts looks. So do us all a favour vaGina and fuck off with all alacrity. Cunt.

      • Banana Gob must be at a loose end now, surely?…
        There must be no corporate cocks left for her to suck any more?…
        Surely she’s had the lot?….

  28. Interesting story in the telegraph, apparently the EU have been trying to cover up some dubious travel expenses?? The sum mentioned was £500,000 !! And that’s just for the last 2 months!! WTF….
    Lots of private jets hired and luxury hotels etc etc , waist deep in the festering swamp of turds and up to his neck in this is our old pal junker!, and Italian motormouth Frederica mogheni who heads up EU foreign affairs, she’s spent the last year making various threats to the UK, another political Pygmy who hides behind the EU…
    I bet this unsavoury little episode gets swept under a very large and expensive carpet!! ..
    The EU is morphing into FIFA in the blatter days!!, mass corruption, and money being thrown around like confetti….
    The people of Europe had better open their eyes as this bunch of crooks are taking them for fools!!

    • Juncker and his dodgy cronies should be properly audited!!
      You just know those Cunts are having a dip!!
      Corrupt Cunts!!!!

      • The cunts even refer to planes as ‘air taxis’ used for ‘serious official business’. Also known to those who are not cunts as a freeloading jolly.

  29. That paki who got £10k from plod is a fucking mug cunt.

    The cunt should apply to the BBC, they pay their nonces way more than that….

    • They have all these Peaceful community leaders on BBC and SKY of course . And their main point is we have to root out the racists . FOR FUCKS SAKE i can hardly believe my ears. I know its an old cliche but Enoch was spot on about these filthy peaceful scum. Its not so much the cunts that did the rapes that boils my piss and blood. yes thats horrendous, but the media that ignores the fucking obvious and looks for excuses like they had a bad upbringing, being constantly racially abused, and the snowflakes where i work all go along with it.
      Where’s Adolf Hitler when we need him ???

      • Give us one instance of a right wing racist blowing up Muslims, stabbing Muslims, mowing down Muslims with a vehicle, flying a plane load of Muslims into buildings, hiding bombs in shoes to kill Muslims, driving around in a car with their cunt pals looking for a Muslim boy that they can abduct, torture, set on fire then kill the Muslim boy, throw gays off building tops, beheading, stoning, flogging, cutting Muslim females genetalia, raping muslime girls etc etc etfuckin c.

      • What gets me is that everyone in their “community” will have been aware of what was going on,but did nothing. It’s no good their apologists saying that it’s just the odd rotten apple…It fucking well isn’t,it’s systemic to their culture. Every fucking one of the scum who knew what was going on is as guilty as the ones in court. Their whole culture and religion is anathema to any sane person.

        • In a programme I watched about these gangs a muslim (really, but only one) was disgusted and went to the mosque elders who did nothing. Just as they do nothing about FGM, honour killing, domestic violence, terrorists etc etc.
          Their culture will excuse each and every crime. Even the one that is not actually part of their book of fairy stories.

      • Not sure even Hitler could deal with the peacefuls.

        You’d never get the cunts in the shower for a start…

        • It doesn’t have to be a shower JR just tell them it’s a brothel full of underage white girls, problem solved

  30. As nothing is happening cunting wise, I’ll update you all on my Facebook tat.
    I want out. I feel a lesser man than when i started.
    They boring cunts have defeated me.
    So how do i close my account?
    Follow the instructions?
    Nah, fuck that.
    I’ve been sending Facebook vulgar messages all day.
    Calling them and their followers all the names under the sun, but mainly “cunt”.
    I’ve also described myself the biggest anti islamist on my bio as well.
    Now i wait on the unicorn army’s comeback.

    One month and I’m frazzled.

    Any non Facebook users out there, keep it that way.

      • Its never ending, Dick Fiddler.
        At least with ISAC you can switch off and comeback when you want. Go off Facebook for a day and yer messages are overflowing, friend demands overflowing, posts overflowing, its just to much for a quiet guy like me.
        Cards on the table, i don’t like that many people and cherish my privacy, so it was never gonna work out.
        Especially when my cousin informed me that she was going on her, and get this, going on her “HOLIBOBS”

        Fuckin holibobs, i ask you

        And whats with cunts that spend time with each other and the next day send each other pics of them spending time with each other?

        Doss cunts.

        • But Birdman, I was about to set up a Facebook Fwiends page for everyone on here. We could post inspirational quotes,pictures of kittens and keep everyone enthralled with the latest news about our cute kids.

          I’d physically attack any bastard who uttered “Holibobs”. My God,what a cunt of a word. Nauseating.

          • Facebook seems like a Pandora’s box of cunt. Like you birdy, I too have little time for most of humanity, and privacy is not up for grabs. So fuck Facebook, fuck zuckerbuger, and fuck all those twats who can’t go 45 seconds without checking it, particularly when driving. At the moment, you are like the little girl in the film poltergeist, stuck in the tv. “Step in to the light, bird man” ……😁

          • Fucking talent vacuum Zoe ( I did strictly cum dancing once although I don’t like to mention it) Ball uses holibobs so that’s the class of cunt we are dealing with enough said.

    • Post a load of Porn onto it – followed by Syria being bombed by Russia or some dead Mohammad’s after a phosphorous attack off Live Leak. That may do it

    • 1. Unfriend all your friends
      2. Make your account private so only friends can view or post
      ( Now nobody can see it or post to it )
      3. Turn off notifications so you don’t see new friend requests
      4. Don’t fucking look at it!!!

      Its still there but dead as a dodo…

  31. I’m just surprised that they haven’t been flown to Britain for treatment on the NHS. Perhaps when the poor dears felt a little better,a nice house could be found for them and their families,and they could attend the local school…that way,when they next suffered from a sexual emergency,they could just molest a schoolkid.

    Doesn’t say if it was a Jack or Jenny donkey…probably a Jack..the cunts’ll have been taking it up the shitter. Arabs enjoy that kind of thing.

    • Barnardos need a cunting…the dense cowardly cunts are running an anti Female Genital Mutilation campaign and using a picture of a young white girl in the sodding poster!.Firstly I resent the implication that indigenous Britons would get involved in this medieval shite and secondly why not show faces from the actual community that practices it?? Fucking appeasing PC cunts.

    • Hence the term ‘sick as a donkey’. The poor creature gets ‘approached’ and ‘admired’ by fifteen slimy bastards and then gets slaughtered, like everything’s its fault.
      Sometimes I think this planet would be a lot better off if the human race died out.

      • I know the world would be a better place if humans died out – but especially those in Suffolk and Norfolk. Arrogant rude inbred fucking cunts the lot of ’em…

  32. Evan Davis finally dared to saw Muslim rape gangs on newsnight.Bet he gets fired tomorrow.

    • Well we can’t have people telling the truth can we? that would be racist. Lets just lets give rapists 10 grand to witness rape gangs unmercily fuck underage teenagers instead of believing witness testimonials

    • Meanwhile on the ABBC news at ten the, main story was not the slavery, and rape of white British schoolgirls by the paki cunts but the slavery of immigrants by immigrants, when one was asked why didn’t you leave and go to the authorities he replied he was scared, yeah, he was fucking scared alright, the cunt was probably an illegal alien and scared of the authorities, don’t know why the fuck though, he’ll get a council house and 500 notes a week now cunt!!!!
      Britain fought to stop slavery, Blair the cunt opens the floodgates and nows its fucking rife, the cunt

  33. Saw that ghastly old trout Cheroot Bliar on news this pm. No wonder Tone took to playing away, what a bloody God-awful acid-tanker crash of a face she’s got. Her hair is looking like the cartoon version of Ann Widdecombe…

  34. Cherie Blair is Ursula the sea witch and her husband should hide his face in public and fear for his life everyday. Pair of grade A cunts.

    • If I were the Blairs I would just shut the fuck up and fade away from public life with all that cash in their bloated bank accounts. Whenever these two cunts do an interview they just damage their tainted image even further.

  35. Am listening to LBC. Majid Nawaz is standing in for James O’ Briern. I really don’t understand this bloke. He spends a lot of time pointing out the bad things about Islam and yet he remains a Muslim. Wtf? He’s just had a bonkers Muslim zealot call him insisting the Quran must be followed to the letter and that it is ‘the unchanging word of God’ and threatening Nawaz. I don’t understand how Nawaz can see how flawed Islam is and. Yet still profess that he is a Muslim. Do the sensible thing Majid denounce that shit and make a complete break.

    • Yer I listen to him too and quite like him but I also wonder the same thing. He seems to be against Islam and still remains with it. This I feel is a very good example of the power religion has over people. The fear of what they call God is overwhelming. God is everywhere an banging his fist all the time.

      • Nothing wrong with that cunters hes a reformist he wants to tell the truth of islam’s not so pleasant past and corruption He leaves Islam he gets killed He criticizes islam he gets killed its a lose lose situation

      • He won’t cross the line BVM and become an Apostate. He would end up like Salmon Rushdie .

  36. I’d like to nominate TeamYouTube & their Gestapo ADL chums for a good Cunting.
    They are the Book Burners, Witch Hunters, sand buryers of heads and Sodomites of the digital age and the covert censorship will escalate into overt imprisonment if nothings done.

    • agreed they have censored abunch of youtubers Sargon of Akkad, Murdoch Murdoch, black conservative Trump supporters. They are banning or demonitizing bunch of youtubers recently

      • Agreed, they have their sights on good people like Paul Joseph Watson, Black Pigeon and Pat Condel ,
        These cunts must be crushed in the most hideous way possible .

        • Thanks to you FF I started listening to black pigeon. It’s very good and unbiased. He calls it how he sees it, and how most people with a brain see it.

        • I was on YT last night and dropped into Paul Joseph Watson’s page, only to see his latest vid announcing he’s done with YT (for now) due to the mass deletion of his uploads, suppression of his other vids in searches and overall curtailment of free speech.

          I am REALLY worried about what the world is coming to. Literally anything which opposes or critiques liberal/socialist/leftist positions on anything is being shutdown, silenced, marginalised or otherwise eradicated. I’m worried, I really am. I feel that in my lifetime, alternate views won’t be allowed or worse, we’ll be means tested on our belief systems and if it doesn’t align with ‘theirs’ then they’ll be consequences. Does anyone else feel like this is where it’s going?

          • Year mate.
            Orwell was just a bit too optimistic with he’s dates.
            Should have been a little more patient.
            This YT/Google ideology. It’s only purpose is to undermine society and give birth to a fully fledged Orwellian champagne nightmare.

          • I’m sure that you’re right,I.Y.. However,I’d go further. At the risk of sounding like a hyper-Spivey,I believe that we are the last generation that will be nominally “free”. I also believe that the authors of the “New World”are a prominent banking family and their tribe. I have no idea what their end-game is,but it doesn’t include the ideals that we have taken for granted. Free speech,individuality,independence,even self-determination will be things of the past in my lifetime.

            I pity the next generation. We have failed them.

  37. Typical lefty cunts banning anything that they don’t like.

    …I can’t really say anything.

    If I was in charge I’d ban bicycle’s, vegetarians, Muslims, crime (proper ban it, not the half arsed attempt we currently have), Muslims, music festivals, Jeremy compo cuntbyn, Muslims, benefits, all job titles with ‘diversity’ in the name, the band diversity, equality, tolerance, Muslims, political correctness, multiculturalism, everything French (apart from the women) and Muslims.

    • Yet more toys thrown out of the Sheeran pram…. This tuneless pumpkin headed chimp wants everyone to lick his ginger arse, and he doesn’t like it when the odd sane and rational person tells him he’s a talentless shit….

    • One hit wonder but because he looks like a ginger victim he’ll get special treatment. hyped up the charts.

    • I noticed the BBC didn’t at any point say they were pikeys, or ‘travellers’ who don’t travel as the PC brigade call them. There was a recent case of the same in S Wales. Again it was a pikey family preying on the vulnerable. These scum are protected by ridiculous race laws which lets them live outside society while thieving, polluting, wrecking, littering (by fuck do they know how to litter) and enslaving.

      • If they operate outside of the law, the law shouldn’t protect them. If we can’t protect ourselves or our property from them, the law is not fit for purpose. There was a fat smelly bitch behind me in the supermarket last night, thick Irish accent, with a retarded child running riot around the place. Occasionally she would tell little Daniel to ‘behave now’ but there was none of it. You could see, even as a three year old that he had the gypo gene. Remember the good old days when you could put a sign in the window saying ‘no itinerants’? Sadly missed….

  38. Massive cunting for foreign students on buses.

    I live in Bournemouth where we have a huge influx of these pig ignorant, smelly fuckers every year.

    Sit in the elderly and disabled seats? Check. Cunts.
    Stand at the front of the bus so no one can get on? Check. Cunts.
    Have no idea where to get off so you press the stop button regardless? Check. Fucking huge cunts.
    Speak really loudly to your raghead mate sat next to you? Double check. Cunts.
    Play YouTube videos at top volume? Arsehole cunt twatting cunts.

    The list could continue but I’m about to go nuclear in a North Korea style.

    Only two more stops.. Cunts.

    • They crowd the pavement outside the language schools in Brighton n Hove. Sit on the pavement, shout loudly and generally make it hard for you to get past the buggers, in other places too.

      • You know how badly i feel about cunts that wear tights under their shorts BVM , well i would not only ban them but any metro sexual cunt or any cunt caught in this attire would be publicly flogged.

        • I’m not keen on those mugs with bits of shrapnel and ball bearing’s stuck in their face, tongue and privates. Need to be electrocuted, taking advantage of the metal contacts.

    • I used to spend a lot of time in Bournemouth in the early nineties, a girlfriend moved there, so I knew it well. About a year ago, I was passing, so I thought I’d stop and have a look around. Fuck me, what a difference! There always were the foreign students even back then, but it really did feel like I was in a different country. I was going to say I didn’t see many white people, but I didn’t see many British people of any colour.

    • Absolutely right… And why do these Iron Curtain white wogs have to speak (OK, shout) so loudly when they’re on their phones?…. Cunts… Thoughtless, ignorant, selfish cunts… And yes, these scum do put their shopping bags on the isle seat as an old ‘un tries to find somewhere to sit… And, no, they never offer to move their shite and let the aforementioned OAP sit down…. Gyppo cunts…

      • Maybe its because I rewatched blade runner recently but I’m about 90% convinced Mike Pence is a replicant. Probably a newer hybrid model so he won’t be “retired” anytime soon

        “Commerce is our goal here at Tyrell. “More human than human” is our motto”

  39. The headline sounded like a classic Bushism. “We’ll let our friends be the peacekeepers and the great country call America will be the pacemakers”.
    Amen to that.

  40. Also I am I the only one who wants Trump and Mattis to just bomb the fuck put of North Korea and put them in their place.

    • Shaun – You know how Yank munitions have a tendency to stray off target? Well, I was thinking that perhaps The Donald could accidentally on purpose launch some severe shit in the general direction of – oh I don’t know – anything ending in “stan” or anywhere really that has an over-population of ‘peacefuls’. Let’s be honest, that solves a multitude of problems pretty inexpensively. Efficient and popular – a first for any government!

      • Type in the net James Mattis quotes.This guy with Trumps backing will bomb the fuck out of all enemies of the US.He is ciol and calm but as soon as there is a first strike he will authorize the fulll firce of the US arsenals.

        • Unlike Obama, Trump doesn’t make empty threats. Remember those cruise missile strikes in Syria?

          Empty threats just make you look weak. Korea needs to remember Syria and know he means what he says…

        • True, Dio… And I’m going to put a bet on that Kim Mong-Un will be dead before the end of 2017…

      • Deep State are probably going to kill Trump soon cunters, big cheese in the CIA publicly said They would. Current political environment is surreal its just fucking crazy

  41. Sharks are cunts
    Yesterday the beach was closed due to a shark lurking around.

    No more getting stoned and then floating around on my lilo until it’s time for the next doob, no.

    That was the Med beach, and wouldn’t be so bad as i usually use the beach on the Bay Of Algeciras/Gibraltar, but last Sunday i encountered a foot long sea cucumber in that one.
    Have you ever seen a sea cucumber?
    Ugly, slimy, ugly, slimy things.
    Fuck that, my limit is the showers from now on.

    A few years ago i stopped swimming in fresh water lakes and rivers due to Jeremy Wade.

    As Billy Connaly once said, ” don’t go in the water, everything in there hates us”

    I don’t know how to spell connoly, and spell check ain’t helping.

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