It’s about time Facebook had a cunting.

I’m currently serving 24 hours in FB prison due to meme I posted in one of the groups I’m a member of being removed, after some snowflake cunt reported me. It was a cartoon of a pig fucking a muslim, with the words, “That’s the way Allah, Allah I like it”.

The post I put it on was by some muslim gobshite bragging the UK would be taken over by muslims and we’d all become slaves.

(Ed: Provocative and insulting to all non-muslim British people. Slavery is a crime in the UK.)

Now I don’t really give a fuck about being blocked, I have a life outside FB. Besides, I see it as a badge of honour. I’ve offended at least one lefty, and that pleases me.

What annoys me, is Zuckerberg’s double standards. He’s quite happy to allow the most vile, left wing bullshit to be posted without sanction, but when those of us who are NOT braindead, lefty dickheads post something, we don’t even get to appeal. There was also mentioned in the message that they would delete my profile if I keep doing it. Big fucking deal.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw.

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  1. The problem I have with Fuckbook, Twatter and all the other so-called “social media” outlets is, they lend themselves to and encourage narcissistic over indulgence which transcends the banal and trite. Put another way, it’s absolute bollocks.

    For companies or such like who have product to sell or a message to spread, I can see how they could be a useful means to spread the word, so to speak. That aside, they are all completely unnecessary.

    What really cracks me up is how these internet based offerings are collectively referred to as social media, when in fact they are the antithesis of being social. They actively encourage distancing oneself from actual human to human contact. Furthermore, the relative anonymity of one’s identity online also encourages the type of behaviour one would expect from a very young infant, someone with severe mental issues and/or sociopath tendencies.

    As such Fuckbook and all its kin can all fuck off with extreme prejudice.

    • too fucking right mate
      what the fuck is social about a pub full of cunts all staring at their phones?
      i miss the days of walking into a boozer and every cunt in there stopped talking,turned and stared at you, now no cunt bats an eyelid as they are all too busy squinting into their phones the cunts

      • “every cunt in there stopped talking,turned and stared at you”

        Walk into a pub in the Cotswolds and they still do that now.

    • I know I’d get banned and have been lol, its too much ego stroking for insecure tossers. Cunts are always asking if I’m on facebook it feels like a another job for me and having opinions on facebook is life threatening could get doxxed or lose friends. People ruin their lives with facebook its like a cocaine addiction

      I like Orwell his novels and writings are easy to read and I think hes somekind of prophet too

  2. It’s cunting Youtube that fucks me off. At least with Facebook you have little idea how popular stupidity is. Youtube keeps a count of it.
    For instance:
    “Richard Dawkins, the explanation of our existence” 36,000 views in 1 month
    “Fidget Spinner Tricks for Beginners” 5,000,000 views in 2 months.
    And as for that utter, utter retarded man-child cunt pew-dee-pie. Take a fucking sledgehammer to him somebody please.

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