It’s about time Facebook had a cunting.

I’m currently serving 24 hours in FB prison due to meme I posted in one of the groups I’m a member of being removed, after some snowflake cunt reported me. It was a cartoon of a pig fucking a muslim, with the words, “That’s the way Allah, Allah I like it”.

The post I put it on was by some muslim gobshite bragging the UK would be taken over by muslims and we’d all become slaves.

(Ed: Provocative and insulting to all non-muslim British people. Slavery is a crime in the UK.)

Now I don’t really give a fuck about being blocked, I have a life outside FB. Besides, I see it as a badge of honour. I’ve offended at least one lefty, and that pleases me.

What annoys me, is Zuckerberg’s double standards. He’s quite happy to allow the most vile, left wing bullshit to be posted without sanction, but when those of us who are NOT braindead, lefty dickheads post something, we don’t even get to appeal. There was also mentioned in the message that they would delete my profile if I keep doing it. Big fucking deal.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw.

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    • Not sure how to do links. I’m not computer friendly. But if you do a google search for “that’s that way allah allah I like it”, you’ll find the meme.

  1. That must have been the best meme ever! If a peace lover was offended and upset then whoopee.! fucking result!
    As for facefuck, I joined very briefly several years ago and only for a very short time. After they closed friends reunited, I was persuaded to register for facefuck as a means of keeping in touch with friends and finding lost mates.

    Like shite!

    Facefuck is a medium haunted by snowflake fuckwits with little else to do with their miserable pointless little lives than post inane gibberish and shite.

    FFS! Reading countless bites of mindless crap is exhausting and mind numbing.

    If this is the way the world is going well were all fucked.

    • The only real reason I’m on it now, is because the running club I’m a member of has decided to use it to post club news and updates, instead of using the website. The only other good thing about it, is that it’s helped me find old school friends and mates I served with in the Army.

      • QDM. Yeah, I tried to contact friends from times of Northern Ireland and Falklands. Forces magazines are ok but not everyone reads em…..
        Whist we are here…are you the Quick Draw who took the Argie Pilots bollocks? ( So quick in fact he didn’t know they were missing for 3 days. )

  2. I don’t do Facebook at all it allows cunts from your past that you never want to see again track you down for re unions and such like,also I don’t have the time its isac or ex hamster im afraid aside from that I have a life……
    The two wheeled ubar cunt drugs cheat Bradly Wiggins has had his bikes nicked from a hotel in Cardiff…..that’s what you get you stupid retard for not putting them safe, must be the ahstma tablets tucking with his mind…. they are stripped by now and some crack head is putting the on eBay piece by piece especially as they are worth 60k according to the news(hoorah for thieving crack heads now and then they do a good thing) and duck you Wiggins you can’t have it all on a silver plate…….

    • Facebook is for the little people to play at fame by living their meaningless, empty lives in public.
      Not having signed up to it because I don’t want the NSA hanging off my laptop, I get the general impression that the purpose of it is threefold:

      1) Pretend your life is more interesting, exciting and blissful then it isn’t
      2) Virtue signal the state narrative to all fellow comrades so big brother can see how well Minitrue is coming along with its Newspeak experiments.
      3) A giant dating site. And where that fails, a free amateur softcore porno site for teenage selfies.

  3. Don’t let this muslim filth think that they are above the law when it comes to hewt feewings (although they are obviously). Report the camel interfering cunts to this network of handwringing thought police wankers.


    Tip: The more people that report the same incident, the more likely it is they will do something. Not because they want to of course, but because they would fear public backlash if they don’t.

  4. Speaking of bent cyclists that filthy cunt Robert Millar is now mincing about calling himself Phillipa York. I always thought those racing saddles would do you some permanent damage. Ouch!

  5. Snowflakes, narcissists, loonies, attention seekers, demented housewives, femboys, chavs, wankers, weirdos… Facebook summed up….

    Once upset the old lady’s cousin… This daft irritaing cow doesn’t have any mates, and she posts endless selfies of herself and thinks everything she does should be put on Facebook… One day I got sick of her going on about ‘Suchabody says this’ and ‘my friend says that’…. I pointed out to the silly mare that she does not know these people: she has never met them or spoken to them or had a drink with them… I then told her Facebook is shite, full of knobheads, and that it wasn’t talking, wasn’t listening, and wasn’t real socializing….Cue tantrum and then waterworks…. Funny as Fuck…

  6. U2 pay tribute to St Holy Jo Of The Blessed Cox as their 30 year old album cash-in tour hits the UK….”She lived her life championing the lives of others”? Not the white working class or OAPs she didn’t, Bonio, you premium cunt…

  7. I suppose Facebook has it uses, ie staying in touch with distant family and friends, pictures of the children etc , the problem for me is it’s been hijacked by peacocking cunts who simply want to show off!!, I’ve never been on it as I generally stay in touch and socialise with people I actually like ( call me old fashioned) and certainly don’t feel the need or desire to put myself and what I’m doing out there.
    I think the story for me that best sums up Facebook happened in Brighton a couple of years ago,
    Some socially inept girl was addicted to FB, she had over 600 friends!! Apparently she was putting dozens of posts everyday, sadly she became very depressed and decided to kill herself, so she began telling her friends that she was contemplating suicide?, this went on for a short while, then she posted that she had taken an overdose at home?? Do you know how many of her 600 friends called the police or social services?? Not one!!, she died alone at home!!, absolutely true, she didn’t have a single real friend, only 600 FB fake mates!
    So FB FUCK YOU!!
    The only site I do is this one, and a big thank you to the team at ISAC…….👍👍

    • “I suppose Facebook has it uses, ie staying in touch with distant family and friends.”
      Another reason I don’t use Facebook. My family are as thick as pig shit.

    • Very true. People have these obscure “friends” who they’ll never meet and wouldn’t even recognise them in person. I don’t want to stay in touch with my so called distant family, as they’re all bubble thinking own-ends selfish grave robbing cunts who need to cunt off and depart. I hated school so my old, so-called classmates can wank out as well. These tweenagers who top themselves because of cyber bullying have based their short lives on a totally false reality. “I’ve been bullied online”…well tell whoever it is to cunt off and turn the computer off.

      In my schooldays if the local smallcock bullyboy hassled you and laid a beating on you, you got even by shooting him in the face with a catapult. These days, it’s all armchair warfare and Twittershitting. What a jug of recently brewed cuntbeer.

  8. I have Farcebook and Twatter accounts linked to my blog because for some strange reason I’ve never managed to understand, people follow the blog on social medja. Why the fuck don’t they just read the blog?!?!?!?!?

    It’s beyond me why they need a second level of notification of a post when the blog will notify them anyway. Duh?!?

    • That’s because the sort of cunts that use Facebook think it’s the proper Internet. Everything outside is just passing traffic and white noise.
      Same for Twatter. Post a link to 20,000 followers and see how few of them will actually leave the twaosphere just for a few moments.

  9. I haven’t got a Facebook or Twitter account so I just carry around a megaphone to announce what I’m doing at random times.

    I’ve now got three followers but think two of them are cops…

  10. I am in starbucks again! Different branch today as the male staff got wind of my carnal desires:Homophobes! I suggest they stop employing horrendously good looking college boys: I felt like Rolf Harris in a BBC studio.

    As to fuckbook. Never used it. What is the point of it? Snowflakes love it so I detest it….

  11. The clever thing about Cuntbook and Twatter is that it taps into its users need for attention and feeling important. It gives people the platform to (usually pretend) how well they’re doing and how their lives are like celebrities.
    A sub cunting is required for people (usually Women) who when you meet for a catch up feel the need to take 7 photos of you sat in a restaurant, and of course it goes on Cuntbook within an hour. People only take tonnes of photos (they probably never really look at again) because they can. You didn’t get cunts taking these photos in the Polaroid days.
    When will the dumb cunts realise how many different people look at profiles on Cuntbook. Employers, the Police etc not that I’m up to anything I shouldn’t… If the Police are reading this I know naffink abaaaaaht it.

    • Instagram is a cunt as well.
      Anyone cunt who stands in front of a mirror and takes a selfie to then put it on social media is a triple distilled cunt of the highest purity.
      Thinking about ‘Social Media’ it isn’t social at all is it? Its the opposite of being social. FUCK OFF you Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunts.

      • Triple distilled cunt!!!
        Fuckin classic!! Lol 😝
        ( anti) social media is the refuge of socially inept!
        A digital age Walter Mitty if you like, just endlessly posting fuckin shite in the vain attempt to make themselves look more interesting, successful and infinitely more popular than they actually are…….

        • Btw… when I say social media, I’m talking about the Cunts that absolutely live on it, doing it all, Twatter facecunt instacunt…… day in day out!! Minute by minute……utter Cunts!!

    • The last bird that tried that on me was a few years ago. Didn’t know at the time she intended to put the photos on Arsebook. She then thought it would be amusing to post asinine comments underneath them. I told her to remove them. Needless to say I thankfully never heard from the twat again.
      Now I use Facebook as a good way of determining who I don’t wish to socialise with. If they have a Facebook account, they can fuck off. Or anyone who says, “you should friend me on Facebook” as a way of saying goodbye during a real live social interaction. These cunts even use real life social interactions as a way to keep up their virtual ones.

      How many times have you sat there talking to some dopey cunt and they have ignored you to social network with their imaginary digital friends.

  12. Oh gawd. Just been listening to James O’Briern. Subject :Brexit. He had a caller ,Wayne from Chelmsford who was trying to put the case for Brexit, dear oh dear, it was pretty tragic, O’ Briern tied him up in knots, he didn’t help his case by claiming Britain once ruled 3 thirds of the Earth.. is there no one out there who can phone him up and put a convincing case for Brexit?

    • I was listening to LBC (Londons biggest cunt, James O’brien) talking to that cunt from Chelmsford and James O’cunthead will interrupt, change the subject and latch on to mistake to ‘win’ the debate. He is an arrogant cunt and he still cannot accept he is in the minority with wanting to stay in the shit hole that is the EU.
      He is intelligent I will give him that but he’s too arrogant with it, I swear that cunt could talk to himself for three hours on the radio and not need a break. The cunt.

      • As I’ve said before James O’brien should be made to swim to America in his pyjamas.

    • o, brien is good a shooting down lame ducks!!
      Same as farage…..
      The people that ring in are vetted for stupidity then lead to slaughter!
      I’m surprised anybody listens to him??

  13. Anyone who uses or reads Facebook is a cunt anyway. Complaining that something has been removed from a platform run by cunts FOR cunts reminds me of that line from Annie Hall:

    “There’s an old joke: two elderly women are at a Catskill Mountain resort. And one of them says: ‘Boy, the food in this place is really terrible.’ And the other one says: ‘Yeah, I know. And such small portions.’ “

  14. FaceBook. The pioneering website for validation whores everywhere. Essentially, Facebook was the point where life was reduced to vapid ‘likes’.

    I had an account around 2009, closing it early 2010. Even back then, it was evident that the site was simply an ego-trip for people, and allowed them to paint a completely false representation of who they are. The whole obsession with fucking moronic ‘selfies’ and depicting a wonderful life through photos all started with FaeceBook. Instagram, now owned by Zuckerberg’s bastard abomination, is merely a continuation with the self-obsessed disease of the modern age.

    The site has slowly but surely evolved, becoming evermore suited to the braindead, the narcissists, and the cuntly. Endless, tiresome memes and ‘inspirational’ quotes and verses – the latter ironically posted by those too fucking stupid to understand the tragic futility of their existence and how far removed they are from achieving fucking ‘zen’.

    The worst travesty of all though is how that accursed site gave birth to the online victim mentality, which of course has been ruthlessly exploited by the left. Muslim apologists, feminists, fat acceptance… you name it.

    Fat acceptance. Put your coffee down for a moment just to fucking LOL at that concept. These obese fucking walrus-tier monstrosities parade around, bulging out of their ill-fitting nightwear, whoring for thirsty and desperate whiteknights to ‘like’. These fat cunts all moan that ‘real men’ want curves and ‘real men’ don’t care about their appearance… No, you fucking lard-arse. Fat acceptance is simply an SJW vehicle for lazy, greedy women to force the rest of us into their way of thinking, rather than just put in the time on the fucking treadmill. I eat a daily Bargain Bucket and do no exercise – I’m a victim!!! I’m putting my pictures up for the world to see – but despite this being an public forum, don’t judge me!!!

    You fucking disgusting, lazy cunts. Ever notice that ‘body acceptance’ is exclusively for women? Where’s the acceptance for fat men – or bald and short men, for that matter? The biggest irony of all – the memes from these cunts looking for real men… all of course depicting muscular, perfectly toned specimens. Fat acceptance my non-fat arse.

    • The bloaters can cognitively dissonate all they want. The only men interested in whale meat are other bloaters and blacks.
      Saying that, I was out in town the other day and was shocked that every single bird that walked past me was overweight. English women are disgusting, filthy self-entitled slobs and I am so fucking glad I don’t have to put up with dating game anymore. I was in Prague about 5 years back and I honestly do not recall seeing a single overweight bird in all the time I was there. France was the same.

      Mind you, having said that, the girlfriend has got somewhat rotund in the past 3 years and she isn’t taking the fucking hint to lose weight. I’ve even tried playing the low scale of a trombone when she comes downstairs but she won’t do anything about. Just cry and blame her fucking hormones.
      When she asks why we don’t have sex anymore, I blame her hormones too.

  15. The Internet is being used as an auxillary brain, and as a result people are getting stupider. Ask anyone under the age of 30 anything and they’re tapping it into Google and parroting the answer in an instant. They don’t remember any of it. Some of these cunts can’t even operate a door handle without watching a Howto video on Youtube.

    Much of the info served up is served up in little bit sized Wikipedia chunks so the thickos don’t have to read the whole page.

    Wikipedia itself is maintained by cunts as dumb as the people that believe everything on it. It’s so easy to fill Wikipedia entries with bullshit facts, because everything it references is all on-line. No printed books or peer papers or published research. Just more Wikipedia propagated crap on self-elected expert blogs and Amazon ebooks.

    Which is why I like editing Wikipedia through proxy servers and filling it with crap. I like the idea of fucking up the brain dead with wrongful information. It will be a good legacy for when I die.

    • God forbid you try to explain to someone younger than 30 something that was said, done or otherwise happened pre-1995.

      “If it isn’t on Wikipedia, it didn’t happen.”

      • Like these snowflake student cunts that call LPs ‘vinyl’… ‘Hey, look at my trendy and expensive new vinyl collection case’… It’s an LP box, you snotty little cunt…

  16. Reasons why I hate Facebook….

    Some cunt from your school days (who was a complete twat, a grass and a total arselick sneak) does all the fake bonhomie bullshit: acting like we were old mates and wanting to know if they can add you to their ‘friends’ list… No, you were -and always will be – a cunt…

    Bullshitters: those who pretend to be someone they aren’t… Like posting some fit model’s pic, when in reality the Facebook user in question is as ugly as fuck…. Same goes for bellends who act like ‘characters’ and that they have an exciting life.. These cunts wouldn’t be on Facebook all fucking day if they had interesting lives… Pure bullshit…

    Foreign nu-footie cunts: These Chinky , Parking Stanley, Gook, and Bogo-Bogo twats who claim to be ‘Lifelong Man U fans’ or ‘Diehard Chelsea fans’ when the twats haven’t even set foot in the UK, never mind Old Trafford or Stamford Bridge…. Foreign fucking tosspots…

    • And another one… Cunts who plaster Facebook with pictures of their babies and their kids… Letting every p@edo cunt and weirdo in the world see their children?! How fucking stupid is that?!… It’s usually wimmin that do this… Fucking thick cunts…

      • “And another one… Cunts who plaster Facebook with pictures of their babies and their kids…”

        Quite. I never really understood why silly cunts post the pictures of their 3D scans or ultrasounds… we know you are fucking pregnant, congratulations. Some indeterminate black-and-white random computer image does not make it any more fucking interesting.

        Plus, not all, but many new mothers today suddenly think that they are the first ever women to have a fucking child. Them and their fucking sprogs are the special ones. Not the 7 billion other cunts.

        • A bloke where I live just recently made a joke about window lickers on his Facebook page, some so called friend reported this lame joke that was more childish than offensive , now he’s been suspended from his job.
          Welcome to the world of George Orwell.

          • I wonder if he’s a fan of Lily Mong and her brand of PC crazed snowflake celebcuntery?… Doubt it, somehow…

          • Indeed. I know it is becoming cliched but around Autumn last year, I re-read ‘1984’. It is absolutely unreal how this book appears to be inspiring governments and businesses.

            Smart TVs that collect your data? That’ll be my new Sony Bravia Telescreen.

          • Ian has added 79 photos to the album “Jenny’s first trip to the park.”

  17. A lot of interesting points.

    It always struck me that the FaceBook servers are essentially priceless to governments and all kinds of other fuckers.

    And yes, there is a decent novel or TV programme to be made on reality TV, the internet and the culture of validation whoring and celebrity worship. I see them all as being pretty intertwined and each bit fuels the other. The whole of society rails against invasions of privacy yet fall over each other to give Fuckerberg all their sensitive details.

  18. They actually told you they’d delete your profile if you continued?

    When I tried to delete my facebook profile it was like trying to get a hard-on for Sandi Toksvig. Fascist cunts won’t actually allow you to delete your profile. Oh no; they keep it ‘active’ for you ‘just in case you ever decide to come back’

    That’s nice of the manipulative cunts, isn’t it?

    Facebook and that gurning cunt of a CEO Fuckerberg need a military-grade cunting immediately.

    • This. When I erased my account in 2010, I remember some savvy cunt uploaded a detailed YouTube vid explaining how you pretty much need to manually delete EVERYTHING associated with the FB account (posts, comments, photos, liked pages etc etc). Relying on the ‘deactivite account’ (notice not ‘delete account’) does not remove content made on other’s pages and such.

      I could happily watch a hobnail boot repeatedly stamp on Mark Zuckerbergs face until his skull collapses.

      • In the end I figured that’s exactly what I’d do, so I changed my name to something ridiculous, changed my location to Zimbabwe, destroyed everything that could be destroyed and then ‘deactivated.’

        They go to great pains to explain that changing your name to something erroneous is an offense, but hey, I’m a cunt facebook, just like you are.

        Perhaps we could alternate in the Zuckerberg face-stomping, The Empire Cunts Back. I reckon we could stomp the smugness clean out of it if we combined our cuntish forces.

  19. Wayne Rooney is a cunt….
    So he’s gone back to Goodison, fair enough…But all he bullshit about ‘being ecstatic’ and his ‘dream move’ is sickening….The fat irish jig wearing chav buffoon left his ‘boyhood club’ years ago for big money, and he rubbed it Evertonians faces every time United played them… But the most sickening bit? The McChicken Nuggets machine has told the press that he ‘secretly wore Everton pyjamas for years’… Pass the fucking sick bucket… Hard to imagine the great Denis Law saying in 1973 that he secretly wore Man City underpants during his 12 years at United… Wazza’s latest antics are just more nu-footie bollocks and media circus shite… And his ‘love and ‘loyalty’ for the Toffeemen is similar to the ‘love’ and ‘loyalty’ Arselick Lineker shows for his ‘beloved’ Leicester City…

    • Rooney spent his career years effectively giving two fingers to Everton, and now, because the fat bastard has no home to go to, suddenly the white and blue never left him. Fuck off, Rooney.

      It’s only fortunate for him that the Everton faithful (some of them anyway) are gullible enough to believe that shit. In fact, if I was an Everton fan, I would by mightily pissed off – swapping Lukaku for that fucking salad dodger?

      BBC were showing a photo Ronaldo posted of himself last week – effectively with the body of a Greek god. He’s almost the same age as Rooney, too… just fucking LOL at that rug-wearing, rotund prick.

        • Look at Zlatan… Nearly 36 and still in peak condition (although his knee is fucked right now)… Wazza is just too slovenly and unprofessional… Fags, lager, and chicken nuggets pre-season?! A chav got lucky… A cunt…

    • Best none United side I ever saw play was Everton 84/85… Fuck Messi and Barca and Wenger’s ‘invincibles’… Southall, Stevens, Van den Hauwe, Mountfield, Ratcliffe, Bracewell, Sheedy, Reid, Gray, Steven and Sharp were the real deal, and Rooney wouldn’t have got near that team…

  20. So Tory MP Anne Marie Morris has been recorded using the phrase Nigger in the Woodpile at a Brexit talk.Of course this stupid comment is already being jumped upon by lefties who want to use it as supposed proof that all Brexiteers are knuckle dragging racists.Stupid phrase to use and wrong but you see the opportunistic shit stirring that follows.

    • But that uppity chocolate drop, Kanye West says it about 100 times on BBC at Glastonbury, and that’s acceptable?!

      The usual libmong snowflake anything that suits them ‘That’s OK! That’s not OK!’ bollocks… Snowflake Hunting should be made our national sport…

    • Chukitin Chikka and Tulip Siddiqi are on the bandwagon. Here we go! The witch hunt negins……Forget unemployment,housing and terrorism. How many snowflakes have been triggrted? On sky news now: Caroline Lucas slagging off the PM for being too slow to react and calling for the MP to be forced out of her seat. It gets worse……..Thef stasi left in full force.The left will be calmouring over each other whilst sharpening their knived. They do mot even know what the phrase means.

  21. People who go on holiday and spend the entire time on instagoogletwatface. Why not stay at home? Fuckbook is a SJW love fest of shite.

    Off work and watching the Battle of Britain. No poofs, BME’s, non-binarys, safe spaces, snowflakes, trannies or left wing apologists. Oh if only we could turn the clock back. And I is a screaming homosexualist you know. Once snogged a black man so I ain’t no racialist.

    • Furthermore, Kravdarth, people go on holiday, bragging about going, and for how long, having clearly stipulated in which house of which street that they live. They might as well leave a flashing neon sign saying, “Burgle here, please” with the front door open and biscuits left out.

  22. Also as Bill Cash and John Redwood were at the meting and didn`t police her language I fully expect them to be hounded by leftie unwashed pricks!

  23. Just over twenty four hours on Facebook and im feeling strange.
    Vulnerabilty i’d call it.

    I took dick fiddlers advice and went snooping on people i haven’t had contact with in over twenty years.
    Everything including their inner leg is out there with photos to show their progression into the darkness.

    Im going to use it to follow my interests and comment about nothing.
    Ive knocked back friend requests today and deleted any friends I accepted yesterday.
    I got the missus to tell them that my account is for private use.

    Jeez, I wish I used a fake name.

  24. Facebook, where the people can police each other. Goes well with some cunt’s utopian dream I’m sure.
    (Earn extra citizenship points for informing on a family member or friend).
    Soon it will be book burnings (they came for his copy of “Biggles Flies East” while he slept) and while we’re at it better look at what outdated films and “inappropriate” music he enjoys too.

    The future’s bright, the future’s fucking fascist, just not with jackboots or skinheads. I reckon so anyway…

    • For nostalgia’s sake , I went to a second hand bookshop and asked f they had any Biggles books. “No” he replied. “They were considered racist and non PC these days…”

      FFS Biggles!

      • I reckon most Biggles books got incinerated (along with Jennings, Billy Bunter and anything with Allan Quartermain in) at a private ceremony attended by the Liberal Elite.

        As the books burned and the torches blazed, instead of the Horst Wessel song, they played “Imagine” by John fucking Lennon and held hands…

  25. You couldn’t make it up.

    Wayne Rooney, his first news conference since joining Everton:

    “I’m not coming to a retirement home.”

    There’ll be a fair few scouse OAPs relieved to hear that news, Wayne.

  26. I seem to remember that cunt Clarkson made a similar remark and many others but he got away with it because he was making shitloads of foreign dosh for the cunting BBC. Watch the cunts conveniently forget that and pile into this stupid bitch.

    • Clarkson recited the “eenie meenie” rhyme in full under his breath while unaware he was being recorded. Took loads of shit for it on social media but was BBC property at the time which helped save him…

  27. I opened a facefuck acount a few years ago.
    Originally it was to stay in touch with some Canadian relations who are generally fine hospitable folks who know how to live life to the full. Me, Mrs A & the kids have been out to see them a couple of times…fucking marvellous.
    Anyway, enough about that. Straight after opening the account I was bombarded with fucking friend requests by all the cunting relations over here that I spend my whole life avoiding anyway. Mrs A said ” You can’t turn down their friend requests because they’ll be upset ”. Well fuck that with knobs on…you can guess the rest, I did refuse all of the cunts and they were upset. Cunts. Never mind, eh?.
    The final straw was when one of the distant relations who slipped the net posted a picture of her positive pregnancy test kit for all to see. How fucking sad and self obsessed can you get. It just summed up facebook for me. Account closed immediately. Run by cunts for cunts
    I have nothing. No Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or anything else and that’s how it’ll stay.
    You splendid cunters are all that’s needed…..common sense in a mad world.

  28. Esquire magazine is a load of cunt… Does it just cater for pooves and the freaks known as ‘effem men’ nowadays?… Because when I go to Morrisons with the mrs, they always have some ugly gorilla-like cunt on the front of Esquire: like Daniel Craig, Tom Hardy, Michael Fatbender, and even Tony fucking Blair….

    Whatever happened to some nice bit of totty with bazzing tits (think Daisy Lowe with all guns blazing!) brightening up my otherwise boring shopping trip?…. Ah well…

  29. Fuck Facebook in the eye. A fully functional cunt trumpet, filled with shit you would never be interested in. A useful tool for the press when some teenager tops themselves or some chavs perish it a fast and furious style car crash, within minutes they have photos of the victims, usually with the same fucktard look, sucking in the cheeks, pout, then take the picture from above, to hide the double chins. Never signed up, as I don’t do anything I think other people might be interested in, and I couldn’t give a rats arse for what anyone else is doing.
    What I don’t like is that Zuckertwat has been toying with the idea of standing as a presidential candidate. With three quarters of the worlds population in his fucking pocket, he would probably walk it. Talk about a snowflake Armageddon! The slimy cunt has also said that there should be no secrets between people. Seeing as he is buying up half an Hawaiian island to protect his privacy, he obviously doesn’t see himself in the same light. A mega cunt of truly Blair proportions, potentially beating the evil overlord himself to be crowned cunt of the century.

    • Yup. Facebook photo. Chins in, tits out, mouth puckered, full on filters. 10,000 attempts later and you’ve got the one picture that accidentally makes you look glamorous. Keep as your profile pic for the next 5 years and keep misleading yourself and others that’s what you really look like.

      • Totally right, Megacunt… That Facebook obsessed silly cow who is related to my mrs does that for all her Facebook selfies… Every single one of them tinted, filtered, and fucked about with… Eyes made blue (when they’re not), skin made to look clear (when it isn’t), lips made red (again…)… It’s fake, it’s delusional, and it’s fucking vain…. But the joke of it is this: who the fuck is she trying to impress?! What is the sodding point?! People she has never met and never spoken to?! A load of cunts who are crackers and as bad as she is for attention seeking?! Cunts who – in the grand scheme of things – mean absolutely fucking nothing?! It’s laughable, but it’s also pathetic…

  30. Gooood evening, Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to this month’s race, the July Classic, 4.20 at Lingfield and this month brought to you by our sponsors Hug-A-Refugee, Walkers Crisps and the BBC. Let’s go over live now to see the latest figures….

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    George Clooney …………… 0

    This race isn’t over by a long way. It’s neck and neck….

    • I despise that smug, bland coffee salesman cunt Clooney.
      And the other three cunts as well of course.
      I truly hope that George gets fucked by a nasty terminal disease and, as he lies on his death bed, the ghost of Charlton Heston (a better actor and a much better human being as well) pops up beside him and sits chuckling to himself while polishing an assault rifle…
      How’s that for “cold dead hands” eh George? You nasty cunt…

  31. I don’t wish to full-on cunt Tommy Robinson but he is definitely up for a bit of critique lately.

    I admire the bloke and wish him well but I must confess I had to unsubscribe from his Youtube channel recently. I was actually getting tired of his obsessive compulsive talking-head videos, in which he seems to be on a mission to narrate his entire life in selfie form. (Portrait mode as well just to make it all the more annoying). A life which appears to be a perpetual series of resolutions looking for a conflict. Most of which are rarely followed up on and left unresolved.

    I could also do without the ‘cockney geezah’ fight clubbing he does on camera whenever some cunt of a snowflake or muslim approaches him in the street and makes insults. Off camera Tommy, feel free to head butt them in the face, but on camera it might be best to give all the “cum on den, let’s av it!” a miss ,as the world is watching and it does you no favours.

    There are so many other criticisms I could make but wouldn’t dare do so in the comment section of his Youtube videos for fear of being eviscerated by his fan boys.

    He is suffering from the same narcissistic tendencies most of the alt-right are partial too. Their constant selfie approach to politics is starting to look a tad disingenuous.

    Having said that I would happily slide a few inches of man gristle down Lauren Southern’s throat.

  32. When people ask me why i’m not on Faeces book i always say…..”it’s for kids and losers”. I don’t know why they take such offence. They know i say what i think and if they don’t like it why would they want it on their precious Faceshit page the cunts? It’s like those Monday morning wankers who say….”do anything special this weekend?” Of course, they don’t give a fuck about your weekend they just want to tell you how they took their brats to Eastbourne on Saturday and little Josh said the funniest thing. Just fuck off bitch! One day i’m going to say….” well i flew to Paris to assassinate the granny grabber but i couldn’t catch the cunt in my crosshairs”

  33. If you must have a Facebook account (mine is deactivated half the time), I advise you ensure all the settings are set to the highest possible privacy ones. Mine is tighter than a hangman’s noose so no fucker can snoop.

  34. I think i may be sold on Facebook.
    I’ve started following The Rebel, Tommy Robinson, and bands i like so now rather than look for stuff, they are sending me the stuff and i just sit back and enjoy.

    As long as i keep it to that, i think this is an alright thing.

    Anybody seen Paul Joseph Watson tearing George Clooney a new one ?
    Its funny.

  35. Surely George Clooney is up for a major cunting after fleeing the terrorists playground that is Europe and taking his family to the safety of LA.
    This from an immigration enthusiast.

    As for his ‘acting’, he looks up, looks down, smirks, speaks and repeatrepeatrepeat.

    Also, i cant stand male slebs who wear tuxedos to fancy do’s but wear faded jeans and t-shirts when riding their ‘classic’ motorcycles, and then don a baseball cap to watch the basketball with the ‘boys’.

    That’s called schizophrenia, or in layman’s terms, an arsehole.


    • That ‘that’s’ at the end is a mistake.
      Just in case someone felt I’d left them hanging. 🙂

      • George Clooney publicly joked about an old man’s cancer. Chuck Heston may not have been everyone’s cup of tea but there are limits.
        And Clooney was an even worse Batman that Val Kilmer, which tales a lot of doing considering how bored old Iceman looked…

  36. This Facebook is fantastic.
    Just over twenty four hours and I’ve already got into an argument with some Glesga Rangers fans.
    Jeez, are they easy to wind up.

    I said earlier that I wouldn’t comment on Facebook and keep it private, but i just couldn’t help myself.

    Now for some Celtic fans. 🙂

    • Arsenal fans are easy meat, birdman… Well, the plastic nu-footie ones are… Ask them who Michael Thomas is, and call them clueless knobheads when they obviously have no idea who he is… Then some ‘Lifelong Gooner’ from Malaysia or Fuzzywuzzyland will explode and then be threatening to ‘take you out’… Fucking hilarious and totally priceless…

      • These rangers fans think that they’ve all got the better of me without realising that I’m winding them up for fun.
        They’re all in a right tizz.

        They’re obviously unaware of ISAC humour. 🙂

        • Tut tut birdman – Fuckbook has obviously created another ‘monster’. For shame…..for shame.

  37. dont do social media myself as someone said above its for kids.
    if i want to speak to someone ill ring them
    if i want to see someone ill go to my local
    if i havent been in contact with someone for 20 years there is a reason
    they are cunts
    i once took the piss out of a mate who was all over facebook
    he told me he only uses it as a promotional tool for work
    silly cunt

  38. The problem I have with Fuckbook, Twatter and all the other so-called “social media” outlets is, they lend themselves to and encourage narcissistic over indulgence which transcends the banal and trite. Put another way, it’s absolute bollocks.

    For companies or such like who have product to sell or a message to spread, I can see how they could be a useful means to spread the word, so to speak. That aside, they are all completely unnecessary.

    What really cracks me up is how these internet based offerings are collectively referred to as social media, when in fact they are the antithesis of being social. They actively encourage distancing oneself from actual human to human contact. Furthermore, the relative anonymity of one’s identity online also encourages the type of behaviour one would expect from a very young infant, someone with severe mental issues and/or sociopath tendencies.

    As such Fuckbook and all its kin can all fuck off with extreme prejudice.

    • too fucking right mate
      what the fuck is social about a pub full of cunts all staring at their phones?
      i miss the days of walking into a boozer and every cunt in there stopped talking,turned and stared at you, now no cunt bats an eyelid as they are all too busy squinting into their phones the cunts

      • “every cunt in there stopped talking,turned and stared at you”

        Walk into a pub in the Cotswolds and they still do that now.

    • I know I’d get banned and have been lol, its too much ego stroking for insecure tossers. Cunts are always asking if I’m on facebook it feels like a another job for me and having opinions on facebook is life threatening could get doxxed or lose friends. People ruin their lives with facebook its like a cocaine addiction

      I like Orwell his novels and writings are easy to read and I think hes somekind of prophet too

  39. It’s cunting Youtube that fucks me off. At least with Facebook you have little idea how popular stupidity is. Youtube keeps a count of it.
    For instance:
    “Richard Dawkins, the explanation of our existence” 36,000 views in 1 month
    “Fidget Spinner Tricks for Beginners” 5,000,000 views in 2 months.
    And as for that utter, utter retarded man-child cunt pew-dee-pie. Take a fucking sledgehammer to him somebody please.

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