James O’Brien (3)

I would like to cunt London’s Biggest Cunt, James O’Brien at LBC radio.

Not content with attacking Brexiteers, his lips are flapping like a pair of pissflaps in the wind as he cries over the  ‘injustice’ of The Donald presidency. Making regular references to The Donald’s perceived sexism, yet he, as a supporter of the peaceful religion, conveniently overlooks their sexism and homophobia. He has also airbrushed over the behaviour of rapugees in Germany and Sweden, citing it as only a handful. Maybe,he is right, if each victim was the size of a grain of sand and the hand belonged to King Kong.

Another of his favourite pastimes, is that of talking down the British economy post referendum, despite the facts disproving his view. Another, is his likening Brexiteers to the electorate who voted for Trump; the usual racist, xenophobic, simpleton type analogies.

He even runs regular diatribes against Jeremy Corbyn. Love him or hate him at least the man has principles. So what exactly are Mr J.O.B’s politics? He hates the Tories, likewise UKIP; yet his preferred party of many moons ago, the LibDumbs, scored a huge own goal with tuition fees, thanks to Smeggy Cleggy. Finally, for him, the Labour Party is unelectable under Jezzah. Well, there is of course ‘a third way’. He is an identikit fit for B.Liar and Co supporters. Although he has not said it out loud, his meejah career, private school educated, Chiswick residing background, marks him as archetypal New Labour. Hence, his desire to see Jezzah given the Spanish Archer.

He really should take a look in the mirror – although he is so fugly – and reflect on his beardy mouthed bullshit. We are fed up being preached to by self-congratulatory champagne pseudo-socialists.

Our twatty friend sums up all that is wrong with today’s pseudo-socialists. They spout their so called liberal view of the world but in reality represent a neo-fascist form of politics. He fawns sycophantically over those callers who agree with him. Meanwhile, cutting airtime, talking over and putting down all those that disagree with him. Some other presenters on LBC may hold similar views but at least have the decency to hear out their callers.

He even has taken to attacking his fellow presenters, Katie Hopkins and Nigel of the Farage. Disgusted at having to share the same studio as them. Perhaps he is worried they will gain listeners at his expense?

In case, anyone from LBC management is reading this and wonders why I listen to his programme, well, these days I only do for few minutes at a time. Not enough to hear the advertisements that pay his wages, so please bear this in mind before considering renewing his contract.

His own TV debut talk show on ITV in 2015 lasted all of 5 minutes for a reason. The reviews were hardly congratulatory. If he carries on like this, his radio days will be numbered too. Although, perhaps he has a great future with the British Bullshit Corporation, at Newsnight, as his heavily biased opinions align so closely with theirs.

Nominated by Mike Oxard.

76 thoughts on “James O’Brien (3)

  1. What can you say about the Remoaner-in-Chief,the very wonderful fully paid up cunt James O’Shithead? The cunt spends 3 hours a day moaning about Brexit and Trump. Every topic ends up with him crying like a girl about Brexit and Trump. The cunt’s life has been ruined by Brexit and Trump. How did we not listen to him and vote to leave the EU paradise? Well it’s not our fault… We were brainwashed by the Daily Mail! I don’t know how many people read the Mail but I thought you had to go out and pay money for it, unlike the 9 million pound taxpayer funded propaganda bollocks that dropped through every letterbox in the country. Just one of the contradictions that this privileged out of touch fuckwit fails to grasp. O’Shithead hates racism and racist language yet fails to see the racism in contrasting “hard working tax paying” immigrants with “lazy Brits”. He loves immigrants except when they are British immigrants in Spain who are, of course, “decrepit old geriatrics”. No racism and prejudice there then! I could go on all day about this pathetic bastard….smug, self satisfied sack of shit oozing with false sincerity and full of hypocritical contradictions. I hate this cunt with a passion, almost as much as I hate Blaircunt. I hope the pair of them suffer a long and painful death. Fuck this cunt and every other remoaning cockroach who ever dragged his or her braindead arselicking body across the face of the earth…..yes I’m FUCKING ANGRY!!!

  2. An instantly dislikeable bleating liberal, why anybody would subject themselves to appearing on his Radio show is beyond me?, a pseudo intellectual liberal agenda pushing prick without doubt, but the real Cunts are the people that tune into his show and complain , they give this annoying cunt the oxygen he craves….. like most so called liberals a complete bigot…..

  3. The cuntocracy at its finest. Have often wondered which nation state produces the greatest number of cunts? ruling out the obvious (islamic) we must be well up the shit pile, maybe we can be taught to look at our extinction in a positive way so we can all meader off into the night without making a fuss. Stiff upper lip and all that.

  4. Oh, and another thing….O’Shithead is always going on about his wife as if he can’t believe he’s found a woman who would go anywhere near him. Well I can’t believe it either. Imagine spending 24 hours a day with this little creep? I would rather shag Cherie Blair……ok, that’s an exaggeration…..Frank Maloney?

    • It’s no longer Frank Maloney,it’s now Kellie Maloney, you ignorant tranniephobe…..and a very convincing chick it makes. :). .

      • I heard that after the op Frank donated his balls to Audley Harrison who, whenever he climbed into the ring, didn’t appear to have any of his own.

  5. Every time The Donald opens his mouth, at the end of a long mystical, multicultural rainbow in far away luvvie land another snowflake melts. James O’Brian stands atop the moral high ground and plays a sad sad song on the worlds smallest violin. Well bad news cunt, there is no pot of gold at the end of this rainbow for you to bathe in its warm glow of smug self satisfaction and patronising hypocrisy….so fuck your sensitivities.

    Long been known butt plugs like this don’t orbit the same planet as the rest of us, they are so cocooned in their Islington bubble. Their retarded propaganda is about as realistic for the general public as seeing that fat arsed troll Diane Abbott on a treadmill or Blair passing a lie detector. I bet the closest any of these fucks comes to a crisis is when their local cunts-r-us organic food store has run out of mung beans and ethnically sourced fair trade coffee granuals . If they have to whine on then why not something people give a shit about like social care for the elderly or helping war vets? But its not PC and fashionable enough, they would rather hashtag some trans cunt or raghead to show ‘solidarity’, show them a victim and their all over it like Keith Vaz on a Romanian rent boy.
    So before enlightening us with another one of their pearls of wisdom, engage what passes for a brain and ask yourself ‘ am I going to sound like a patronising ignorant cunt’ ?

    • Think about it, if there wasn’t so many cunts here working for all these coffee chains, there would be more tidy cafes about, where you could get a coffee that didn’t cost three quid, and a full breakfast for what those overpriced cunts charge for a fucking sandwich.

  6. I seriously wish these moaning cunts would bugger off to a EU country if they love the EU so much, Romania maybe, that would be a good place for O’Brien, Blair, John Major, Gina Miller and others, Blair would love it’s corrupted government. cry babies! They are spoilt for choice!

  7. I’ve never heard of the cunt,but I see that he went to Ampleforth college.fees currently £33 per annum.A lot of money to pay to send your son to a kiddy-diddling,god-bothering bunch of weirdos. This is probably why the man is such a confused arsehole,anyone educated by predatory religious cranks is bound to have a twisted view on life.

    Catholic priests are sexually confused perverts, CofE ministers are whiney queers, Jewish priests are money-grabbing fossils,muslim imams are kiddie-diddling nutters and I feel sure that buddhist priests are up to no good too.

    • Should have been £33 THOUSAND per annum……but I suppose £33 is still quite dear to send your kiddie to a nest of Savile acolytes.

    • Never heard of the cunt either but don’t most London cunts think and talk that way? It’s only the odd foam flecked northern racist who thinks any different surely?

      • No just the rich cunts.
        I’m from London and everyone I know voted brexit and hates lefties.
        I think there must just be some brainwashing or indoctrination process carried out at universities.
        We had a couple of uni twats working for us about the time of brexit. They all voted remain because that’s what they were told to do at uni. Apparently if they didn’t the economy would crash and the uni’s would lose all funding making everyone poor and destitute.
        Cunts all of them.

    • I wish I hadn’t either heard of him or actually heard him. He is an absolute cunt. If you ever feel like having a shout and scream at an inanimate object (i.e. radio) tune in to this cunt weekday mornings on LBC.
      See how long you can last before you shout cunt at him.
      My record is 30 seconds.

  8. The other thing that drives me fuckin loopy are the arseholes bleating on about the EU citizens that have made the uk their home? They talk as if they have chanced their arm, given up something to forge a new life in some distant hostile country?? And we somehow owe them?? Whilst bleating about that I’ve rarely if ever heard the same bleeding heart Cunts ever mentioned our UK citizens living/ working abroad!! Tebbit mentioned this last week in the lords and got served up, for as long as I can remember we seem obsessed with every other national other than our own!!, and when trump talks about America first you can hear the same liberals crying foul!!

    • Too right. You only have to look at Tunisia and Egypt to see how much of a loss the absence of holidaying Brits would make. You have to be a thick cunt to think that an ex pat Brit paying their way is the same as a thieving Roma beggar, and an even thicker cunt to think you could get other people to buy into that idea.

    • I don’t want thousands of coffin-dodging,moaning old twats back,we’ve got too many here already….selfish old twats using up valuable resources that I might need. Ban the old bastards.

  9. As much as I hate the Beeb, I can’t listen to commercial radio. The adverts drive me mental, as they are aimed at the lowest common denominator. So, to me, it’s like someone talking to a baby. Years of working at a place where the local radio station was piped over speakers 24 hours a day nearly gave me a nervous breakdown. There was no escape, even in the toilet. As for this cunt, he sounds just typical of the know better brigade.
    Matthew Parris wrote a little bitch piece for the spectator, where he tells fellow remoaners to rally against the angry brexiteers, and feel sorry for them, because they are wrong. Angry? Perhaps he means those angry people marching through London, or maybe angry people running to the courts, or all the cunts ranting on the TV and the majority of the press? Oh wait a minute….
    Most of the people who voted leave are not angry yet, as they won. However, I wonder how many will be angry if the democratic vote is frustrated by the cabal of cunts?

  10. Turns out it was all a fucking BIG mistake. They are now looking into a Canadian data company, Cambridge Analyitcals and saying Leave.eu got them to target people on sowshull meeja to get into their heads to make them vote leave. Now as I remember it the voting process had us walk into a booth and put a cross with a pencil in one of two boxes. I don’t remember seeing anyone looking at their phone with a sweaty brow fighting with the pencil trying to stop it going to the leave box. They must think we are all brainless halfwits that can’t think more than 10 secs ahead………I want some peanuts.

    • Nope I took a black, ballpoint pen from my house into the voting booth to make sure the cunts COULDN’T tamper with it as I voted leave!

      The incredulous look on the two polling station twats as I refused a pencil along with my ballot paper showing them my biro: “Eeee, the number of people who have done that t’day! We can’t touch the papers once they’re in the box hinney!”

      “You can’t but I don’t trust the lot at the counting station either! On this day I want to make sure mine counts!”

      Again their faces looked like they’d just been slapped with John Holmes’ cock!

  11. Is this O’ Brien cunt Ed Sheeran’s twin brother?… It would certainly explain the similarities in looks and cuntitude…. Mind you, I don’t think he is… Lickle Ed wouldn’t be able to stand the competition…The talentless cunt is a like a ginger Eoin McLove from Father Ted…

    • I thought the same thing when i saw the pic.
      I know nothing of Ed Sheeton’s “music”, si my unhealthy hatred for the scruffy cunt is his fucking ugly fucking face.
      The way he always looks right at the camera with a look to say ‘can i borrow that camera to photograph kids having a shite’.

      Ugly creepy seedy scruffy wimpy cunt.

    • Father Ted was one of the few actually funny tv comedies in years…now we get Mrs Browns Boys or Citizen Khan,both absolute shite…..Mind nothing compares in shitworthiness like those remade versions of Porridge and Are you being served…truly pitiful crap.

      • Woah there Mr. Fiddler –

        They’ve re-made Porridge and AYBS? Are you fucking shitting me? I’m searching the interweb after I post this. I can’t fucking believe it.

        I saw the other day that the ABBC are launching a revamped Bake Off to compete with cunt Hollywood’s version on C4. Anyone catch who they’ve got to co-present? Go on, have a guess. I’ll give you a clue – it’s predictable and checks all the lefty, liberal ‘right on’ boxes and will really make you want to heave.

        • Is it the one who should be forced to judge all of the pork related cooking tasks?

          • Could it be the corporation’s golden calf, Nadiyah|?… I can just see all the BBC cunts: worshiping a statue of their sacred sandsambo… Like those weirdos with the missile in Beneath The Planet Of The Apes…

        • Jesus wept in the back of a Ford fucking Transit. It’s TRUE!!!!!!! FFS!

          And I thought the movie mecca of Hollywood was creatively bankrupt.

          Is there no decency left in this world?

          Would love to meet the utter plank who made that shite decision. What a cunt!

          Oh, and the Bake Off-Not Bake Off presenter will be the diverse towelhead slag who ‘won’ (ahem) a recent series. The one who’s now a sleb because the ABBC says so. Fuck me sideways.

  12. I don’t listen to commercial radio either because it’s a bergen full of cunt, usually piloted by wet librarian unicorn show-day types or fat stinking lardarsed gobshites who believe they’re God’s gift to the nation, when in reality they’re just cunts. Yet again we have another SJW Rupert Bear laptop-in-Starbucks figurehead who believes he can topple The Donald! Errmmm I think not. That’s like an ant trying to square-up to a polar bear.

    These moaning dullards make me laugh. They’ve had their entitlement toys taken away from them and they’re all sulking in the corner like scolded infants in a playgroup. I’m soaking it up!

    Similar to the US Election, with Brexit…these snowflakes were so certain it was in the bag. Made me crease laughing when they’d booked their victory parties in advance and then had to take down the trimmings and cancel the whole thing because they all got shot up the arse. A rare moment of satisfaction. Don’t count your chickens dear pixiedust peddlars!

    They just won’t accept the clear-as-day facts that non-SJW supporters aren’t remotely interested in their self centred agenda-ist bullshit ramblings. Brexit was a democratic vote. I proudly supported it as did many others who wear the commonsense badge. Get over yourself radio fool.

  13. Fenian bastards killing babies is s cunt.
    A mass grave in Ireland has been found with the bodies of 800 plus babies.

    We take a lot of time to have go at Islam, but Catholicism is not far behind them cunts.
    The Irish are all made to believe that the British are their enemy and it was the British that ruled over them with an iron fist.
    Them dumb fucking Catholics have let their church rule every aspect of their lives.
    You ask any foreigner who the good guy is between the Brits and the Irish, and the Irish would be most cunts answer.
    So when the next time the Brits are getting slagged off, it would be good to remember that the Irish authorities and Catholic Church were the ones keeping people in poverty, sexually abusing kids, sold their soul to Europe, supported terrorism against British children and now we are hearing about mass graves filled with the babies of single wimmin.

    So, maybe this “i’m Irish, everybody love me” attitude should be put to bed and maybe they could start to see that their lives have been ruled by a bunch of sick, evil all knowing fascist cunts.

    800 dead babies !
    Can you imagine if it was the Brits that done that to Irish babies ?

    I’ll give this two weeks and it’ll all be forgotten about.

    • The Irish are fulltime victims, even when murdering innocents they justify in victimhood. A big part of the reason I despise Corbyn and co is due to them sucking up to the IRA killing scum.

      • Just like the Scousers, the latter being Irish who could swim so no surprise they are pretty much the same.

    • Weeks? Minutes if the ABBC has anything to do with it!

      Last week the “peaceful” cunts had Malmo and Stockholm in ribbons with various rampages and with the Swedish police confirming 50-odd “no go” areas for their officers for fear of being attacked/killed by these “peaceful” cunts.

      Unfortunately this handily coincided with a fuck-up at the Oscars…ZZZZzzzz.

      Now then how much airtime did the “peaceful” riots in Sweden get Vs some cunt famous for make believe reading out the wrong name of other cunts doing make-believe?

      I complained to the ABBC and got the usual “looking into you concern” finally ending in: “The disruptions in Sweden were covered as appropriate.”

      I responded: “Maybe so but I expect such happenings to be headline news, not something you need an electron microscope to find! Oh, and by the way, you never qualified that the 53 no go areas were those with the highest Muslim immigration populations, which have seen a massive influx of Muslim immigrants since 2015 when they relaxed their immigration policy in-line with Frau Merkel’s wishes. My source, Fox News, which still has a modicum of unbiased reporting. The BBC should try this for a change, you know, how you used to report things in the pre Tony Blair era.”

      Still waiting to see if I get a response to my response. I doubt it. Fucking cunts!

      • The ABBC fob complainers off with bollocks. I complained about raghead bake off cunt being given a contract. My complaint was on basis that no other winner had been treated the same way. Glossed over.
        Another complaint was about no mention at all of the Rotherham sex gang who were jailed in Feb. Answer was that news items are dealt with on basis of newness, whether story had been covered in the past etc.
        Anything muzzie related which is “bad” sweep under carpet. Anything “positive” give it a contract and make me pay for it.

  14. London is an odd place, its like a third world country in the streets and yet cunts like this are oblivious in their ivory towers.

    It’s almost as if they are paid to spread propaganda and promote an illusion that’s is totally opposite to the reality.

    • It’s like a “third world country” mainly because the third world is where most of the sponging,rancid occupants come from. They come over here to leech a better life,while still wanting to live like savages.

    • You are bang on about Brixton. I live about 3 miles away and it has totally changed since the days of the Railton Road riots. By day it is full of black people but, when darkness falls whitey comes out to play. Whitey Is a wanky little hipster, skinny jeans and whispy beard. He knows racism is bad but he’s scared of blacks so never carries cash. Go into any bar in the High Road (except Wetherspoons) and it is full of these metrosexuals waving their plastic about. James O’Shithead would fit in nicelyy with these cunts.

  15. Patrick Stewart is still a cunt…
    Now he wants US citizenship, to combat the evil Trump. Will somebody tell him he’s not really an X – man? He was also spouting off about how the new wolverine film is allegorical about refugees, as it is about people seeking refuge, only wanting safety and a better life, blah blah…
    I hope Trump says “our gaff, our rules” and tells him to go fuck himself. I’m getting bored of hearing the court jesters telling us plebs they know better because they do cartwheels for the king.

    • The arrogance of luvvies knows no bounds.

      “Hello America, i would like to become an American citizen coz i wholeheartedly disagree with your choice of leader.
      I know he won the election fair and square, but me and my chums disagree with the outcome and me becoming an American citizen will help me in my goal of derailing any sense of democracy left in this country.
      Thank you , yours, an average nobody actor. “

      • What professor xavier fails to realize is he is a so called actor (overrated btw) not a real life x-men. He wants to go against the will of the people playing the court jester to elites, liberals would love him

  16. I hate james o’brien what a scumbag when news about the rotherham child abuse scandal broke out he downplayed the whole fucking thing turning the very serious issue into a crazy conspiracy theory that only islamophobes care about. He even assured the moslem community that he wouldn’t talk about the case and won’t offend their religion CUNT CUNT DOUBLE FUCKING CUNT! well cunted Mike

  17. Massive wanker, our James. Studied applied Pudding Pulling at uni, passed with honours. Thinks Stewart Lee is funny, which makes two of them in total.
    Needs more cunting does Lee, smug and very tedious cunt.

  18. Holy fuck I really hope this doesn’t happen fucking blair is a brown nosing sadistic cunt doesn’t mind being a war mongering neocon, “Tony Blair has attended a secret meeting at the White House to discuss working for Donald Trump, The Mail on Sunday can reveal…. a meeting with Jared Kushner on Wednesday with a view to becoming a Middle East peace envoy for Trump” Middle East peace envoy is that a bad joke M8?

    And to bring in the number two guy responsible for the Iraq war?! at least responsible for getting the people to accept it as a bloody “leader of a peace envoy” to the Middle East this is like something out of an absurdist comedy Read here for inquiring minds http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4282190/Tony-Blair-s-secret-White-House-summit-work-Trump.html

    • I’ve been looking up Blair and his history.
      Honestly, i never knew the cunt was Scottish.
      I knew he’d spent time in Scotland, but i honestly never knew he was born there, his Da is Scottish and his Mater is Scots/Irish.

      I feel like a right ignorant cunt now, but everyday’s a school day, innit ?

      How come I’ve never heard of him being called a Scottish cunt ?

      Tiny mind blown.

        • My point is that the Scottish never stop bragging about anything that has the slightest connection to Scotland.
          So i thought I’d have heard about it from one of their many mouthpieces.

          Example – The only place in the British isles visited by Elvis was Prestwick.
          WAW WAW WEE WEE

          Cameron Diaz has a Scottish name (and Mexican)
          WAW WAW WEE WE

          Richard Bransons wife is Scottish.
          WAW WAW WEE WEE

          A Scotsman invented telly
          WAW WAW WEE WEE

          Ian Brady is Scottish
          WAW WAW WE……
          Aw fuck, scrap that last one.

          Honestly, knowing a lot a of Scots, I’d have thought I’d have heard that by know.

          Maybe they were keeping it quiet.

          He wouldn’t have been a cunt if he was from Ireland, as you foolishly claim.

          Only saints and good humoured people come from Ireland.
          The ones you call cunts are just harmless downtrodden rogues. 🙂

          • I’ve just noticed how similar your picture thingy looks like a grinng Tony Blair. 🙂

  19. Trump will have had the heads up on old ToeKnee from Sir Nige. He’ll string him along for a while, yeah Tone, great idea Tone, you’re awesome Tone, then fuck him right off very publicly into an abyss of very great depth that the cunt won’t be able to climb out of. ASS FUCKIN HOLE👊

    • Trump should sign him up, Tony’s first job would be to walk into IS territory and use his charm and diplomacy skills to get them to stop.

      Alone and unarmed of course.

      • They’d probably cut his hands off to stop him from talking – the over-gesturing, untrustworthy lying cunt!

        Mind you, if ISIS did nab him they’d probably hold the country to ransom.

        “Alluah Ackbar! People of Britain…” (London accented “peaceful” cunt in a Balaclava hat – who the libbos would welcome back with open arms tomorrow, soft cunts) “…you see this traitor of Allah – Tony Blair – before you! We demand the sum of $100,000,000 dollars otherwise we won’t behead him and will return him completely unharmed within 2 weeks! Alluah Ackbar!”

        I’ll shev in £50 quid, now if the rest of us Brexiters could do a tenner each then…

  20. Fuck me I pray to Allah that this happens. O’Shithead’s hero taking the Devil’s shilling would make his overinflated head explode. Let’s face it, The Donald has a track record for employing some top class cunts.

  21. Just heard Sadiq Khan showing ‘solidarity’ with the bunch of bleating man hating feminazi’s marching through London for International Women’s Day next week, apparently ‘this is what a feminist looks like’ he whined.
    No, this is what an opportunist cunt looks like who’ll leach onto any minority cause to score pc brownie points. Funny that he got called a racist himself by the scot nats , after playing the race card himself at every opportunity.

    • I wonder at what age he’ll look back at his life and think ‘what a cunt’.

  22. Just from the picture of the guy looks like a proper white guilt, white knight beta fuck.who is raising these drippy limp wristed soppy cunts ??

  23. I was watching a programme about weird congenital conditions the other night.
    One of the stories was about an Afghan couple who had twins and one of the twins had a tumor the same size as her own head growing on her head.
    Anyway, the couple, their older daughter and the twin girls had to leave their home town coz the other locals thought that they were “bad” for having a child like that.

    In their new town, there’s a doctor who is prepared to treat the child, so off they went to see him, and here’s my point.
    The Da walked about twenty feet in front of the wife who was completely covered from head to toe with only a lace/mesh strip to see through. Her and the elder daughter were left to carry the twins, even though one was ill.
    The Da showed no emotion at all, and never even held the door open for the females in his family.
    Face covered, left to walk behind him and left to carry the sick child.
    Yet in the MSM and cunts like O’Brien , its white Western males that are the sexist arrogant cunts.

    The tumor actually turned out to be a triplet.
    A little toddler sitting about with the head of its dead sister stuck to its own head for over a year.

    Crazy telly.

  24. Whispers going round that Madame May is now gunning for Wee Burney… The PM is said to be sick of the corrosive evil dwarf, and it’s apparently been decided that Krankie breath has to go…

    I do hope so… With fucking knobs on…

    • Ladies and Gentlecunts, today we are going to try and answer a question that has been on everyone’s lips lately

      Does Nicola Sturgeon have the most punchable face ever ?

      Or is Vagina Miller’s face just as punchable ?

      Some claim it to be the Flabbot, so stay tuned and we’ll have the answer by the end of the show.

      Please ask the cunt that pays the fuckin bill before ye pick up the fuckin phone.

    • may should give the english a vote to see if we want to dissolve the union with the porridge w@gs

  25. Ex-Barmouth mayor John Sam Jones and his German partner Jupp Korsten who have lived in UK for 30 years have had enough of ‘anti-migrant’ hostility and are quitting UK to go live in Germany and hope to help syrian refugees. Sorry to hear that chaps, we’re all gonna miss ya. Can I change my vote?

    • Wish them luck with all the rapeugee filth and street shitters they’ll encounter in ze fatherland….

  26. Just watched an interview with the controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders. He’s just got back on the campaign trai lafter having to lie low after an increase of threats to his life. I wonder from where these threats originate. Would it be from a more extreme far right source or could it by chance come from the liberal, peace loving, democratic left? A bit of a paradox I think.

  27. SpamspamspamspamspamspamSPAAAAAAAAMMMM

    That’s what ye call “appearing to be SPAM !!!!,!!!!

  28. Reply to trouserbulge.



    I’m sure that she’d much prefer a good old Scottish putter.


    I put this reply down here to avoid being called spam.

    Ruined the fuckin effect of the joke now

  29. Cunts like O’Brien make me weep for those who gave their lives for our freedom.
    Most noticeably my great grandfather who died from a bayonet injury. Tried to make it back to his trench but was unfortunately pronounced dead on a rifle….

  30. That’s the worst fucking joke I’ve ever heard. It would have been good coming out of the mouth of Tommy Cooper though.

  31. I listened to this bastard this morning going on and on about the fact that the Good Friday agreement contains a clause that says N. Ireland can vote,by referendum, to unite with the Irish Republic. Leaving aside the fact that O’Shithead thinks people are too thick to vote in a referendum does anybody think that an Ulster Proddy is going to vote for that? “I don’t want my country broken up” cries O’Shithead and it’s all the fault of us thick cunts voting for Brexit. This cunt had better hope that some doctor doesn’t give me 6 months to live because I’ll go down to the LBC building in Leicester Square, follow the trail of slime and kill this motherfucker! I feel better now.

  32. James O’brien is a monumental super mega zoid CUNT !!!!!

    ‘Treasures’ British values yet welcomes all who want to destroy them.

    This poisonous crettin deserves to be shafted with the wrong end of a pineapple.

    The world’s biggest terrorist sympathiser and Islamic cheer leader that despises people who don’t agree.

    Would he continually defend Muslims if say his daughters were blown up by radicals or gang raped/groomed by Muslim rings?

    Crying about Brexit, Spouting his own hate towards people who disagree with his ‘Tolerant’ thinking.

    He is the Ultimate hypocritical CUNT!

    I wish no harm on his Daughters but to their Parasite of a father I would like to see him deported to Syria or cloud cuckoo land!


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