Quick Quid

I would like to put forward for a cunting one of the Quick Quid adverts, its the one with mother out front of the family home which in itself is fine.

What agitates me beyond all that is normal is the fucking son, the little ginger twat is stood there in a faggoty robe and his sisters slippers with his neck jutting forward and a surly look on his face and says in a typical modern wanky teenage way the boilers fucked, what a surly little cunt, if my boy took that attitude he would be lapping the international space station with a veritable plethora of sparks and other incendiaries issuing from his arse.

Oh and ginger got his arms folded as well like a bloody shop girl, why this ad aggravates me so much who knows, actually i do know its cos everything now makes me mad.

Nominated by Civvydog