Quick Quid

I would like to put forward for a cunting one of the Quick Quid adverts, its the one with mother out front of the family home which in itself is fine.

What agitates me beyond all that is normal is the fucking son, the little ginger twat is stood there in a faggoty robe and his sisters slippers with his neck jutting forward and a surly look on his face and says in a typical modern wanky teenage way the boilers fucked, what a surly little cunt, if my boy took that attitude he would be lapping the international space station with a veritable plethora of sparks and other incendiaries issuing from his arse.

Oh and ginger got his arms folded as well like a bloody shop girl, why this ad aggravates me so much who knows, actually i do know its cos everything now makes me mad.

Nominated by Civvydog

55 thoughts on “Quick Quid

  1. I only ever watch adverts that show a substantial amount of tit. No tit…..no watch.
    As for the QQ advert, I presume it has no tits in it, otherwise I would have seen it.
    As it has been cunted by an esteemed cunter….then it’s a right on CUNT!

    • ASA do you rate the TIT ads?
      And which current ones are worth looking out for?
      Although I’m more of a pins and peachy arse man ( ladies of course Cunts!) Im always happy to look at a nice rack……..

      • Nipple visibility = 10 points Errect visible nipple = 10 points
        Hint of a nipple = 10 points Y’see. its easy Q

  2. A veritable wankpike for an advert.

    I confess I have never taken note of the flame haired fucktard, having been too distracted by his MILFY mother.

    I would willingly service her boiler for no charge whatsoever.

  3. I think the time freeze is the cuntiest bit, if I had that abilaty I would do much more interesting things than sort my personal finances (like swapping dog turds for snack bars and filling peoples cups with piss)

    • Haha

      Or removing said surly ginger moaning cunt of a sons robe and placing him slap bang in the middle of roll call at his high school….press play….stand back and watch him die there and then

  4. I don’t understand pay day loans. Why would anyone pay 49% interest when they can stick on their credit card and pay it off in full for nothing?

    Dumb tax for suckers. In my day it was called loan sharking.

    • 49%? That’s Amigo loans, the cunts that want to charge interest based on high risk, when they also insist on a guarantor so there IS no risk. These QQ fuckers charge an APR of 1294.9%! They’re designed for the poor fuckers, and I mean poor, that can’t GET a credit card or any other mainstream lending.

      • That’s a mere 25% per week. WHAAAAAT????

        And the dumb cunt in the street (and my local pub, to be fair) blames “The Bankers. Cos they’re the ones that fucked it all up in 2008”

  5. They wouldn’t get away with depicting a black family as such gullible simpletons – in fact all these loan shark / insurance scam type adverts (premiums starting at only 13p a day!) feature only white actors, mmme…

    • These loan shark places are shite 15-30% interest on a small loan? youd have to be hard up for coin to be that foolish

  6. The ginger kid is obviously one of The Gays. Whining on about wanting a hot shower every morning. Nancy boy.
    The whole family are Cunts.

    Fuck them.

  7. Fuck me, what a bargain, thanks for sharing Civvy. I can get a loan to buy a stereo system I have my eye on for an APR of 1300%. It’s a no brainer. And they look after their approved customers so no aggresive phone calls or bailiffs if you get into difficulties! See, there is some nice things going on in the world.

  8. I haven’t seen that particular crappy advert but the one that makes my internal organs begin to swell is those shitty hammy unfunny Admiral Insurance ads. It’s worked tho, when looking for insurance I would now never contemplate getting a quote from them cunts. Purple Bricks ads bring things back to normality for me tho.

    • Fair dos, but have you checked the camel toe on the splitarse in the hat? Worth a nosey

  9. Excellent cunting. The little shit in question is a dead ringer for the next door neighbours lad, who is a complete girly fucktard.
    I have been considering cunting these loan companies, not just for being robbing bastards but for being ultra irritating cunts, from the pair of idiot, bastard offspring of the dozy British airmen from ‘Allo ‘ Allo on the 118 advert (100% interest ) to the bearded Californian hipster cunt on the Sunny ( 1200% interest ) advert, who advises all and sundry to ‘ stress not ‘ and ‘swing by our site ‘. The only swinging required here involves a rope and a fucking lampost, cunts.
    Good morning.

  10. My favourite Loan advert is the one where you get some pillock to guarantee your loan and still get charged 49.9% APR. For a secured loan for fuck sake. Can only imagine which thick fuckers go for that one.

    • That’s the one I mentioned above, Amigo Loans. Amigo = friend, if you want to keep them don’t use them as a fucking guarantor!

  11. Poor people always get fucked over because their lending options are so limited they get the worst terms available , just look at brighthouse FFS!! Charging double and in some cases triple what the appliance is worth!
    I know they have to factor in a higher level on non payment but they don’t take any prisoners…..
    Another ad that really fuckin irritates me is that soppy daft cunt doing his Experian credit rating with his missus and his gobby dog, the fucking prick acts like he’s won the lottery!! MUG..

    • Or the one where the wife tells her partner to sort his life insurance out as they’ve just moved into a new house, presumably bought cash because no cunt would have given them a mortgage unless they’d both sorted life insurance FIRST.

      • If my other half started on about life insurance, particularly if we’d just moved to a new gaff, I’d be looking over my shoulder! He needs to get a loan out to buy himself some kevlar and whatnot!

      • Yeah – why would a fit looking bird like that hang out with an autistic twat like him if it’s not for sinister purposes?

      • The only insurance that would be good for the customer will never see the light of day.

  12. These are apparently not loan sharks, as they have a consumer credit license. So 1295% APR isn’t loan sharking. Had to clarify that for myself. Wow.

    Still and all, advertising the services provided by these parasites must require some consideration of the target punter, who is as thick as a pile of sapele offcuts in a timber yard, has no notion of managing his or more likely her finances, believes that a Harry-Markel Wedding commemorative plate has investment value and is committed to a PCP scheme for the bling car in the double-mortgaged drive. The family depicted here would seem to epitomise the kind of target I’d be looking for if I wanted to lend money at exorbitant rates of interest and knew some cooperative bailiffs.

    Which means that we savvy and intelligent cunters, who have been around a bit, are effectively forced to watch what amounts to dickhead porn along with all the other garbage on the idiot lantern, if we had not long ago decided that there are better things to be done with our time and money than slump in front of a 72″ screen financed via QQ all day.


    • A 72″ telly is part of your inalienable human rights.

      Whatever happened to living within your means?

  13. Love the bit about whipping the little shit, brings back so many happy memories. Yes agree with your analysis of loan companies they are predators nothing more nothing less.

  14. In passing, why isn’t the little cunt ready for school? His (?)sister is. Is that part of the plot line? Why is he up at all, if not? Come on -it’s obviously before 2pm, and he’s a teenager. And, stretching credulity still further, instead of being in a hypnotic trance while texting his mates, he is actually interacting with the real world. My credulity is distinctly stretched by this one.

  15. The Yank intelligence agencies already have spent a year and a half devoted to finding the evidence for Russians hacking the 2016 Trump/Hilary elections

    So I guess Maggie May can go ahead and spend another year and a half looking for evidence for the Russian skripal poisoning before we decide to just give up and admit that Russia is being consistently scapegoated by hoaxes. Oh wait she doesn’t need evidence so lets just have a nuclear war with russia because some crooked spy got poisoned, yep thats a great idea indeed

    • TitSlapper

      But they do have irrefutable evidence that the Ruskies are to blame.

      That clueless fuckwit Boris said so on TV only a couple of days ago so it must be true.

      What’s the Russian for “please don’t vaporise me”?

      • Reliably informed that the answer to the above question is:

        пожалуйста, не парируй меня

        which is pronounced: pozhaluysta, ne pariruy menya

        Good luck everyone.

  16. If my lad opened the front door to have a moan about the lack of hot water, I’d think it was time he needed another lesson in what it’s like to go with out, not just hot water either.

    My kids would have never dared.

    Teenage daughter switched on the emersion heater once, went through the roof, she never touched it again.

  17. Well there’s a surprise. While talking about irresponsible financing, Mark Carneys forecast inflation rate in tatters. Every single forecast the cunt makes is wrong. How he still has a job is beyond me. If the was in the private sector he’d be toast years ago.

    • I thought Mark Carney was a cunt from day 1 and he’s proved to be just that. With his anti Brexit pronouncements, completely wrong financial assessments, keeping the interest rate at ridiculously low levels and being a Canadian, he is out of the Premier Cunt League relegation zone and is heading up the table. What is it with the UK that we have to hire so many foreigners to fill high level posts in Britain? There’s also the UK Information Commissioner, Elizabeth Denham, another fucking Canadian. I think it’s all a plot by that table topping cunt, Justin Trudeau. Now there is a useless, PC cunt.

      • Carney was a fucking waste of space as the Canadian equivalent. I don’t quite know what these cunts do other than go on the TV and tell us that their imagination is better than our imagination.The Canadian dollar fell through the floor during his reign here and the pound has done the same since he flim-flammed his way into Threadneedle Street.
        You know why he got the job? Because he’s good looking and can give a good speech.
        It’s not because he’s smart, it’s because he knew a lot of people in the right places.
        His replacement here in Canada is no better, they all seem to take pride in letting the currency get to the level of the Mexican Peso. Fire the fucking lot of them and you wouldn’t notice the difference

    • The Ginger Gremlin is also appearing in videos with known woman beater, Chris Brown… What a lovely little gingerbread chappie he is….

  18. Quick Quid are cunts and what they do should be illegal… Even Big Grouty, Frankie Barrow, Tommy McCardle, the Driscoll Brothers, and Harry Fenning combined wouldn’t charge as much ‘interest’ as these bastards… And those Amigo cunts are just as bad…

    • Didn’t Tommy McCardle try and stitch tinhead up once until Ron Dicko put the cunt straight?

      • McCardle was early Brookie, and usually got Barry and Terry involved, in the shit, or beaten up… The there was Barry’s other gangster boss, S-S-S-Sizzler….

  19. Michael Caine is not a cunt…
    The great man has took the piss out of the Me Too and Time’s Up celebrislag mob, has shown ‘equality’ up for the mockery it really is (Michael commented on how he worked with Liz Taylor and got only a tenth of what she was paid), and he has basically told all the Remainer and snowflake fannies to fuck off and has said that Britain could be great again without the meddling and crap from the EU hindering us… A tall order, considering all the snowflakes, libfucks, and migrant leeches we now have infesting the place… But at least the man hasn’t bowed down and licked leftie arse just to appear popular and get ‘likes’ on Twatter…. Stout fellow….

    • He’s worked since leaving school, even if it’s meant taking some ropey old roles. Fought in the Korean War, makes sure his family has never been poor, still adores his wife and is still working in his 80s (if there’s been a better film than The Prestige since it came out, I haven’t seen it). Top fella.

      • His own look back at the 60s film, My Generation, is great too… But one can watch it and then think of UK 2018 and weep with sadness, anger and shame…

  20. You can’t blame a teenager for being stupid. They’re all fucking stupid. The words ‘stupid’ and ‘teenager’ should be hyphenated and inseparable.
    I blame the mother, telling him he’ll just have to stink? The silly cow’s first job should be to teach him how to boil a kettle. Then take him to the supermarket and show him how to buy deodorant. And she should also have a word with him about parading around in women’s clothing in front of the neighbours. Or he’ll end up with a sore arse as well as smelly armpits.

  21. Love the previous comments… I had viewed this previously and was much of the opinion the Ginger Snowflake would benefit from being on the receiving end of a Thermobaric device, partly for being pathetic, partly for his Cunt like stance… maybe when the Russians invade this insipid outraged piece of Fucking Shit will be sighted queuing up with the other Gurning Shit to defend his country… Irony Intentional.

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