The Justice System [2]

I’d like to nominate the parasites in the justice system especially those that hand out legal aid. After hearing that James Bulgers murderer venables received legal aid however the murdered boys father couldn’t get legal aid to fight his release from prison. Read more here.

Another example a bit like the peaceful rape gangs, of our justice system failing the victims of crime.
Shame on them all.

Nominated by The Goodwood One

Good old John Worboys has received 166 grand so far (not including parole hearing or money for a new identity) as a sweet down payment on his barristers new yacht. The cunt was put away indefinitely in 2009 (yes cunters, all your calendars are wrong) for few dozen drug rapes or some such misdemeanour. But… as we all know yachts have quite a high cost of ownership attached to them and those mooring fees can be a right sting on the taint.

Anyway, long story short – they’re about to turf rumpoles blingy dinghy out of the good bit and moor him down with .. yuck.. Bankers and Celebs. Coming to an Uber near you some time in 2018, step forward one allegedly reformed rohypnol barmen, a golden goose by any other name, and conveniently with a new name and pocket full of beer tokens…

If you think I’m exaggerating a little, have a google around for the involvement of a few familiar faces in the ‘supposed’ challenge to his release (Telegraph has some good stuff). Good old SuckDick, Matrix Chambers to name a few. They haven’t even started yet and there’s already been sackings and double payments. No trough is too deep, no cause too sick and perverted that these people wont be around to make a few 100k out of it all in the name of keeping us all safe (well, for about 8 years anyway). His victims ? They got 40k —- between them.

I no longer have words for these people.

Nominated by Big Khunt

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  1. Legal Aid is a tool used exclusively by the career criminal. It is a service that is provided to feed the burgeoning “Legal Profession ” and keep them in the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed.
    I have absolutely no respect or confidence in any of the legal and Justice services having worked with the cunts for well over 15 years. Corruption is rife, particularly in UKBA and the Home Office, and any cunt who say’s other is a lying cunt.
    The trough is replenished on a regular basis and there is plenty of cash to go around. I have seen the Lawyer scum claim Legal Aid for Immigrants who are then fleeced ( and their families ) in a scam called “double bubble.”
    So, a very well deserved cunting to the twats, and well cunted by the esteemed Nominators!

    • Aye.. my first cunting too. The frisky cunt did about 11 months per victim (from the charge sheet) or around 1 month per victim if the papers are to be trusted. He was clearly let out for a little earner – plain and simple. In prison he’s not letting anyone earn anything… selfish bastard, but let him out on a 10 year license and the parole officers are earning again, his solicitor is back earning again, his accusers solicitors are all earning again (100’s more cases to investigate apprently) the police have got all the new cases to assess – easy money, barristers / judges all back earning again. This guy is a gold plated fucking cash machine for the legal profession all on the legal aid.. its gonna get to the point where this twats’s very existence has cost every man woman and child in this country at least a quid and I bet he still won’t be doing hard bird by that point.

      • As you say BK

        The justice system.

        A fantastic fucking money spining racket for the privileged few at the expense of the poor.

      • Did hear that Worboys said Muslims are cunts and should all be castrated then deported. Positive that’s what the prison officer told my mate.

      • I heard that he also dishonoured the Prophet ( blessed be his name ) Mohammed, by saying he ( Mohammed ) sucks cock!

        A shocking blasphemy!

      • No he is still a grade 1 cunt and by (supposedly) making these evil comments he will earn himself a decent spell in the nick when he is done for hate crime. The only way to be sure of a lengthy sentence in todays troubled times is to get nicked for hate crime

  2. I have commented many times before on ISAC how fundamentally flawed and ridiculous the existing justice system is, whether it be for continual delaying of enquiries (such as Hillsborough), the farcical inconsistencies of sentencing by judges, the total disregard of the feelings of the victims of crime (Jamie Bulger and his parents), millions spent on new identities for serious crimes and in many instances where it can clearly be evidenced that financial crime do pay as the prison terms and financial penalties applied are disproportionate to the crime.

    My daughter was the victim of a serious assault on 2016. She was begged by the police to press charges against her assailant which she did.

    The treatment we received by the DPP was shameful, so much that I contacted our local MP about the matter. To his credit he contacted Alison Saunders who was at best dismissive of our plight.

    We will never help the DPP again after the treatment we received, and I have the utmost sympathy for anyone unfortunate enough to be a victim of any crime.

    Because justice, logic, fairness and compassion are words the DPP just do not fucking understand, and in my humble opinion you cannot have someone heading up the service that cares more about the perpetrators of crime than the victims.

    As I see it the justice system is on the whole made up of overpaid posh cunts who are allowed to charge exorbitant fees for their services (unless you are well off and allowed legal aid) but often just do not deliver.

    A disgrace to those expecting more.

    • Hope your daughter is well Willie, and that she is ok.
      I agree wholeheartedly with you comment. Vince Cable said last week ( about brexiteers ) that we were a bunch who harped back to the old days . Well yes I do, he was right. I want a return to decency, law and order, and a sense of Justice, and as for cunts like Cable. Fuck off !

      • Thank you Asa

        At the end of the day it is really up to her.

        Recovering following the death of her mother when she was 10 then followed by this relatively recent attack has really set her back again. I have told her that the actions of a low life scumbag should not be allowed to ruin her life and that she must be strong and try overcome it.

  3. The Justice System, in common with every other previously respected UK institution, was ultimately compromised by one Tony B. Liar and his cronies.

    One of the first things he did after taking power was to abolish the death penalty for Treason…

    How fucking convenient, especially if you happen to be an aspiring sociopathic war criminal.

    Next he installs gormless turd Sir Keir Starmer as Director of Public Prosecutions, so no wonder they fucked up on Worboys!

    Since 2013 it’s gone from bad to worse, with that incompetent cunt Alison Saunders at the helm. Fucking pathetic.

    • Correction:

      Gordon ‘bigoted woman’ Brown appointed Kunt Starmer as DPP in 2008. Same difference though.

  4. The Justice system is failing because we ,as a society,have lost our moral compass. “Progress” has allowed the devious and the deviant to become the accepted norm.
    Take Poovery as an example.Just a few years ago it was illegal. Quite correctly. Male buggery can never be an acceptable practice. It is physically wrong. No two ways about it. However now,the degenerates rule the roost. Everyone must coo with delight as one freak after another announces it’s latest abominable desire. Where do these “Gays” draw the line? The Judicial system is unable to keep up (as am I) as one after another sexual crimes are now seen as acceptable. Gays are even demanding pardons for past offences. Fucking nerve of the Cunts.
    The Judicial system can never hope to keep up with a Society that no longer considers any foul behaviour wrong. Society shouldn’t need the Judiciary to step in and tell these freaks that what they are doing is wrong. Normal people should get through to these Fruity Gentleman that they are no longer free to mince their way through life spreading corruption. Bring back the birch and hard labour for the deviants. A few good horse-whippings would reduce the pressure on an overstretched Judicial system. Who knows they might even enjoy it?

    I won’t sign of with “Fuck them”, I have no wish to encourage their foul desires.

      • Oh.don’t worry. I’ve been accused of worse. It’s the cross that I must bear to air my views. 🙂 .

    • While I’m on…Liz Hurley’s “model” nephew must be desperately unlucky to be stabbed several times and then nearly get stuffed in his attackers’ car-boot following a road rage incident when he overtook a car.
      So, he has no idea who they were or why they did it….Extraordinary.

      • He probably did the ‘Don’t you know who I am?!’ routine…. I recall being in a club in Farnworth in 87, and Rick Astley’s dad did all that crap… Expected the star treatment and to be lavished with drinks because his lad was in the charts at the time… Didn’t go down well with the working men regulars at all and he got put in his place good and proper… If it was now he’d be mobbed by cunts who would take selfies and post them on Twatter, Facefook, and Youtube… How times have changed, and not for the better, Dickie…

      • I don’t understand that selfie shite, I’d be ashamed to go crawling up to some Cunt and ask if I could have a “selfie” taken with them….unless it was Gemma Arterton,,and I was hanging out of her, of course.
        Good afternoon, Norman.

      • Afternoon, Dickie… Only person I have ever had my picture took with like that was Sir Matt Busby, and I was 15 then… Lovely bloke and had time for everyone… Bobby Charlton was a miserable cunt though…

      • Norman.. I’ve been in Jack Charlton’s company a few times when he’s been fishing locally. He’s a Cunt,but an entertaining Cunt. You could imagine him contributing to this site.

    • Buggery and sodomy should never have been made anything other than an unnatural practice. Not only against good taste but made illegal again. Sick of these felching fuckers who ram down my lugs that “bent” is the new normal and all they want is what I already have. So, according to that logic if I decide I want a relationship with my pet dog / cat / 1973 Ford Escort / whatever, am I to assume that my yuman rights are being denied me and would I be considered a “minority”? Don’t forget it wasn’t too long ago that Harperson was part of the group that funded PIE. Take a look at the amount of gimpy Asians there are – marrying and breeding with the same bloodline. Some areas of Bradfordistan are like an extras recruitment day for “The hills have eyes”.

  5. I’m sure this comes as a surprise to absolutely none of you, but Count Dankula, better known as the person who created the “Nazi Pug” video, has just been found guilty and convicted of a hate crime for creating the aforementioned video.

    Just for context, or for anyone yet to see it, here is the video in question:

    The judge was completely unwilling to believe or accept that this was simply a joke, and noted that he is not protected by any form of free speech laws because the nature of his joke was “grossly offensive” and intended specifically to cause mass offence in its creation. Despite there being zero evidence of this guy ever showing any anti-Semitic or racist views prior to this, or that the video was watched and shared by millions of people without any offence taken, the judge was swift to charge the guy under some bullshit “communications act”.
    He was due to be sentenced today too but has now been bailed until April 23rd, the irony of that date I think being completely intended. The judge wants to enter a presentence investigation report before he sentences him, which essentially tells you already that the judge is looking at imprisoning this guy for his heinous crime.

    Great Britain 2018 ladies and gentlemen, where you can and will be arrested, convicted, and potentially imprisoned for making a Nazi joke. I remember when we used to be be able to take pride in that.

    • Fuck me. That’s kind of spiked my plan to exhibit my talking parrot. He was some very strong views on several matters.

      • You know what that makes you Flipper?

        We’re not allowed to disabuse each other so I won’t type it.

        Nice links though, both

      • I heard it just a few weeks ago when I asked a professional dole-wallah who has recently moved into the nearby village why he didn’t get a job. Apparently it’s a free country and if he wants to sit at home with his girlfriend and 3 kids,and never do a days work,it’s his right.
        Luckily I was in a foul temper and was more than capable of giving him my views on his lifestyle and his sponging tribe.

        Fuck them.

  6. Jesus fucking Christ!! In court for that? Surely it’s taking the piss out of Hitler and Nazism?
    What would they make of “Allo, Allo” the cunts? Surely that presents the Nazis as a load of dumb , bungling and quite likeable idiots. Too stupid to cause any harm.
    I despair.

    • So anyone singing ‘Springtime for Hitler and Germany’ is risking a jail sentence these days? I hold our legal system in utter contempt as it is full of over educated arseholes.

      • What’s the betting that Mel Brooks is shitting himself, waiting for the knock on the door…

    • Entered my town…..wish I fucking hadn’t,…Im surrounded by fucking nonces!

  7. News just in.. Northern white rhino: Last male Sudan, dies in Kenya

    Northern white man: Last male, Derek, dies in Bradford.

    • I went there last year with the misses, whilst on a coach trip. First and last one of those fuckers, I can advise the world.

      Two days in York. But overnight in fucking Bradistan was not mentioned until we were joined the M62 going the wrong fucking way. I asked the driver, a very nice chap, “why are we heading to Leeds when we are going to York?”. “Argh, yeah, we’re, er, staying in, er, in a hotel, quite nice, in Bradford.”

      Went out whilst it was still daylight around 18:30 ish to find a pub. Found a Wetherspoons (can live with that) but it had a paramedic van and a police car parked outside it. I kid you not.

      Next day, the car park behind the hotel was roped off with Police tape, some cunt had stabbed another cunt during a failed drugs exchange. Next morning another fucker is found shot, that is… shot, in the fucking UK, shot dead.

      Fucking flabbergasted.

    • Highly inappropriate under the circumstances.

      Three people fighting for their lives in hospital allegedly as a result of his direct orders.

      What a nasty appalling little man Juncker is.

    • Juncker is just a shite-filled douche-bag what has lost the plot totally.
      He must be 3 / 4 embalmed by now…

  8. Not only on the criminal side , the cunts keep fining companies for all of their stacked deck dealings and their tax dodging scams.
    Tell me what the point is in fining a company? A company has no feelings, no remorse, no give a fuck! The company gets fined and passes it on to the customers and shareholders and carry on business as usual. “Find a way around it” is the mantra.
    Put the individuals who make the decisions in the stocks and see what happens

  9. Chalk up a dead pool win for Boris the Boilsucker….

    Katie Boyle in a bag…..

  10. Dear Fuckwit BBC news, your one sided fake news has graced these hallowed pages many a time, however today you get four strikes and thats too much, its either i write this or i explode like that bloke from Scanners…
    strike 1, you mention at the top of the news about the anniversary of the summer of terror last year, and to highlight this you ran a story about..the IRA 25 years ago! Thats it, run a story about nasty white people murdering so you dont have to address who the real terrorists are.
    Strike 2. You edited the first play of the police’s new anti terror ad so it didn’t actually show the terrorist we are supposed to be whistle blowing on, just in case we need to phone in about a 70 year old women or an 8 year old girl acting suspiciously and get all confused.
    Strike 3. Apparently 50 million people on Facebook were convinced to vote for Trump by ads on Facebook rather than using their own minds and opinions and the democratic voting process, further expanding on the loony left theory that Trump shouldn’t be president cos he’s bad.
    Strike 4. A swift sideswipe at the Government for having too many potholes and councils not having enough money to fill them, and to reinforce this point? They interview a cunt who moaned so much about the lack of money for road repair her sued the council for 18 grand! Yeah that’ll help you fuckng bellend.
    This was all in the space of an hour (could be longer, but i passed out several time from lack of oxygen)
    Joking aside, lets have a referendum on the licence fee and how the BBC is funded, as they dont speak for me or my values, or the values of many normal sane people either.
    BBC, utter spunk bubble cunts.

    • But have found time to run stories on The Half-Blood Prince and his future Mrs having chosen a wedding cake, fuck Brexit for now…what is to become of Ant & Dec? And Kensington and Chelsea Council spending £21 million housing Grenfell refugees, sorry ‘survivors’.

      On a similar note regarding Grenfell, DtS posted yesterday about Labour hosting a summer arts festival on June 16th, any coincidence the Grenfell fire was on the 14th? Lammy, Flabbott and co will be brushing up on their ‘evil Tories’ rhetoric.

    • I haven’t watched that wankfest of a channel for 4 or 5 years or listened to any of their libtard crap radios stations either.

      Come to think of it, I haven’t watched any other of the shit channels for a similar period – if I want every independent thought and fibre of existence drained out of me I just get shitfaced on Stella – far more enjoyable.

      I just leave the idiot box to the Missus – it appears to have worked….

    • I support the cunt who sued the council; councils are useless cunts. If a few more got sued for being cunts they might actually start doing the jobs they’re elected to do.

  11. I suppose this falls under the justice system (of Spain)
    Last week in Madrid, a Senegalese Street vendor died…. I’m not sure how, maybe the polis manhandled him……
    Anyway, what followed was rioting by Senegalese males. These illegal immigrants from Senegal were smashing the place up and setting fires to bins and cars and pushing Spanish natives out the way in a threatening demeanour. Two nights this lasted.
    How did it become resolved?
    Did the policia present attack the rioting cunts and stomp them out?
    Did the illegal rioters realise that they are squatting in a country that they have no right being in?
    No….. What happened was that the policia arranged a meeting with the Senegalese consulate and begged for calm…….

    Remember that the next time a Brit is slung in a jail in magaluf and the British consulate and policia don’t give a shiny shite about him……

    • Very disappointing Birdman.

      You would have thought at the very least they would be given a bit of a police baton or tasers or water canons. After all, who the fuck is in charge?

  12. Wonder why the celebrislags Me Too/Time’s Up coven have not said anything about the heinous sex crimes and any messages of support to the victims of said crimes in Telford?…. Could it be that the poor girls are white, English, and not rich and famous? Or could it be because the dirty stinking human filth who committed these crimes are of a peaceful persuasion?….

    Fucking self serving snowflake slatterns…. They can never be cunted enough…

    • I have been commanded to do my biennial online diversity training course, so I’ll have to disagree with you there. Call me back and see how much I’ve changed my mind when I have actually waded through an hour and a half of PC pussyfluff updated to include transgender issues, arcane acts of Parliament, and bullying in the workplace, which apparently lowers morale even more than being compulsorily patronised every two years by management with time on its hands. But every time I start, my brain seeks the nearest exit (ear) and I need counselling, so can anyone help me?

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