The Ministry of Defence [4]

I wish to cunt the MoD for denying Dennis Hutchings the honour of having serving Life Guards as pall bearers at his funeral.

Not content with hounding the poor bugger to death by allowing him to be dragged before the bent Courts in Belfast, they have shown the final insult. A curse be upon them.

And these are the cunts who provided pall bearers for that uber cunt Jimmy Saville in the form of serving Royal Marines (to my shame – we hated the cunt).

To me this demonstrates the utter cuntery going through what shit the MoD has for brains, aided and abetted by the following total cunts

1. The “Police Service of Northern Ireland” – created by total wanker Patten after kicking the RCU in the teeth – IRA quisling cunts
2. The Crown Prosecution Service – “we have no new evidence but we’ll do it anyway” – political appeasing cunts
3. The assorted lawyers and hangers on – money grabbing cunts
4. BoJo the Clown who has reneged on yet another promise to pardon all those who served in that hellhole full of maniac Paddy cunts
5. The BBC for giving their usual support for the terrorists – cunts

If I were the Hutchings family, I would ban the following from going anywhere near the funeral

1. Anyone from the MoD
2. The PSNI
3. The CPS
4. The Bastard Brainwashing Cunts
5. Any serving Life Guard above the rank of RSM for not having the balls to provide serving Life Guards regardless of what their political and MoD masters say

Rest in Peace, Dennis. God bless you.

Big Al

PS woe betide any of these cunts if they turn up on my doorstep

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Nominated by: Big Al