The Ministry of Defence [4]

I wish to cunt the MoD for denying Dennis Hutchings the honour of having serving Life Guards as pall bearers at his funeral.

Not content with hounding the poor bugger to death by allowing him to be dragged before the bent Courts in Belfast, they have shown the final insult. A curse be upon them.

And these are the cunts who provided pall bearers for that uber cunt Jimmy Saville in the form of serving Royal Marines (to my shame – we hated the cunt).

To me this demonstrates the utter cuntery going through what shit the MoD has for brains, aided and abetted by the following total cunts

1. The “Police Service of Northern Ireland” – created by total wanker Patten after kicking the RCU in the teeth – IRA quisling cunts
2. The Crown Prosecution Service – “we have no new evidence but we’ll do it anyway” – political appeasing cunts
3. The assorted lawyers and hangers on – money grabbing cunts
4. BoJo the Clown who has reneged on yet another promise to pardon all those who served in that hellhole full of maniac Paddy cunts
5. The BBC for giving their usual support for the terrorists – cunts

If I were the Hutchings family, I would ban the following from going anywhere near the funeral

1. Anyone from the MoD
2. The PSNI
3. The CPS
4. The Bastard Brainwashing Cunts
5. Any serving Life Guard above the rank of RSM for not having the balls to provide serving Life Guards regardless of what their political and MoD masters say

Rest in Peace, Dennis. God bless you.

Big Al

PS woe betide any of these cunts if they turn up on my doorstep

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37 thoughts on “The Ministry of Defence [4]

  1. And Satan Blair gave the terrorists a ‘ Stay Out Of Jail ‘ card .
    All to ensure his place in history.
    We are ruled by cunts.

    • Jesus, imagine the ‘honour’ of being Jimmy Saviles pall bearer?!!
      Not exactly something to brag about down the boozer is it?!

      Like bragging you were best man at Fred wests wedding,
      Or maid of honour at the Hindley/Brady wedding.
      Fuck me.👎

      • I went to view Jimmy Savile’s
        converted Range Rover camper van.

        White 2-door with V8 engine with a fold down single bed in the back.

        This was in the early 2000’s before all this abuse came out in the wash.

        Thought it would be handy for weekends away at the seaside with the missus and dog.

        Glad I left the fucker at the dealers who was selling it.

        I wonder what shenanigans went on in the back of it?

        Surely it would be unsalable now?

      • Dunno?
        One elderly owner,
        Not many miles on the clock,
        Barely broken in.
        Just how Jimmy liked it!

      • Funny enough loads of posh fuckers used to ring up for their posh Rolf Harris artistry too when I worked for a large insurance company. Think they need to get that revauled and their life choices.

    • I have dealings with the MoD in my job. All I can say is yes, agreed, *TCIFF, especially if Putin or Pooh Bear decide they would like to annex the UK, starting with Kent.

      *copyright RTC, all rights reserved.

      • Pootin and Pooh need to get their skates on… the French are, as we speak, annexing our sovereign fishing waters and the EU have already annexed Northern Ireland – there’ll be fuck all left to annex soon!

  2. The Taliban leadership have announced that the new pronouns for members of the LGBTQ community in Afghanistan will be, ‘was’ and ‘were’….

  3. God bless Dennis Hutchings, a man who died on active duty defending his name. Il will be thinking of him tomorrow.

  4. The MoD completely lost the plot when they decided women could be front line combat troops. Have they considered how a female soldier captured on active service would be treated by an enemy? Gang rape with a bayonet to the throat would be just for starters.

  5. The good thing is, there are hundreds of thousands of Veterans in the UK, many are starting to get really fucking angry with the behaviour of Comrade Boris and his stasi cunts.
    The government are starting to get a little concerned by the pushback momentum, that is growing steadily.

    • Absolutely. We need articulate and clear-thinking people like Chris Thrall running our MoD and making the right decisions. He captures it nicely in just 6 minutes.

  6. The British Army has more horses than tanks. Always up with the latest in military strategy, the Top Brass have decided they’ll be needed for the next Charge of the Light Brigade.

  7. I keep dreaming about being a horse.
    Happened again yesterday, that’s five nights on the trot…

  8. Any state defence organisation that willingly lets the civil justice system prosecute its members or former members for political gain, is a cunt.
    The witch-hunt of the Bloody Sunday soldiers, just to keep a few lunatic micks appeased is a fucking disgrace. Likewise the desire to find mistreatment of peaceful vermin in Iraq and Afghanistan in order to virtue signal. The military is a very blunt and very lethal instrument that simply cannot work under the same law system as civil matters.

  9. The MoD have presided over some fucking disgraces in the last 20 years.

    Allowing ambulance chasers to hound servicemen remains an unforgivable offence.

    Of all the govt departments this is the one that should be clear minded and completely non PC.
    Shame on the cunts that allow such conniving snivelling weakness.

    • Ah….! The good old days of the B Specials. The RUC of Protestant times and Catholic Priests providing “pop ups” before taking a hit.
      Indeed, those were the days.

    • CQ@.We waved the white flag years ago.
      Soldiers, civilians, police and others paid the ultimate price for the sum total of fuck all.
      Although I agree with your sentiments.
      It’s a bitter pill.
      Cromwell would have had their guts, literally.

    • Friend who served in Northern Ireland told me they were banned from firing rubber bullets at rioters heads and necks following some “unfortunate” serious injuries. Aim below the waist only. They quickly learned to fire into the road in front of the howling mob so that the rounds would bounce up to around head height. This resourceful interpretation of orders provided a new challenge and boosted morale whenever a direct hit was made. Personally I think the paras tactics for crowd control were more effective.

  10. Back in the dim and distant I got into a row with that cunt Savile and the best he could come back with was, “I shagged your missus up the arse”
    I said, “Impossible, my missus hasn’t been to London or Leeds since she was about twelve”….

  11. I’d be amazed if there’s actually any straight white British males left in the MoD. Probably a few straight white males of Israeli or Russian extraction.

  12. When all this nonsense reaches its peak it will make the Third Reich look like a well balanced and moderate outfit.
    People will say, ” Fuck me, Adolf was on to something ”
    The age of Newspeak, Doublethink and Thought Crime is upon us.
    Our children and grandchildren have a very dystopian future.

  13. The MOD have always been beyond shite, they sent the British army into Helmand Province totally unfit for purpose, and they didn’t give a fuck

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