Michael Gove [7]

Michael Gove
Nominated this foul excuse for a human being about 3 months ago but it seems to have vanished into thin air.
No matter, the passage of time has simply underlined my original analysis. At the time I said we don’t need this slippery , back stabbing little weasel on our side. During the referendum campaign anyone watching him on the telly could just tell this is a cunt not to be trusted. He was , and is, a fucking liability in the same way that Blair is for the Remoaners.
Where is he now? Wormed his way back into the cabinet, licking the Hunchback’s arse and supporting her sell out all the way. What a fucking two faced fucking bastard this bloke is.
Incidentally, a certain James O’Shithead rates him as the most intelligent cunt in the Tory Party.
I rest my case.

Nominated by Freddie the Frog

Michael Gove [5]

Conservative Party Conference 2014

One simple rule “If it looks like a cunt it is a cunt”. Thus I give you Gove, the Machiavelli orf cunts. Its little piggy eyes say it, its cherub lips with a dash orf herpes say it, its sweaty face looking remarkably like a porcine vagina says it. The man is born to cunt. Has now caused even the inbred assassins orf the Westminster milieu to suck in their breath. Gove has pulled orf that classic manoeuvre orf the shafter, the Double Brutus. No sympathy for his victim Ringer Johnson or indeed Gove who has simply painted a target orn his own back for stilettos and hatchets. RIP.

Actually do have a sport orf sympathy for the cunt. Caught sight orf what he is married to, a bizarrely dressed fat filly name orf Sarah Vine.


Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

Michael Gove [4]

Michael Gove

How heartening to see that, having briefly been withdrawn from frontline service for being a massive cunt to kids, parents and teachers (not to mention a toxic electoral liability) in order to be a massive cunt just to other massive Tory cunts, this cunt has now been given free reign to be a cunt to EVERYONE as Secretary of State for Justice.

What an utter, utter cunt. So much so that he cheapens the very word ‘cunt’ itself and we are reminded once more of the limits of language when it comes to conveying extreme depth of feeling.


Michael Gove [3]


Michael Gove is not only a cunt who looks like a fucking ventriloquist’s dummy, but he is the ONLY cunt in the land to publicly and unashamedly SUPPORT the Daily Mail’s vicious attack on the dead father of Ed Miliband.

It goes without saying that anyone who writes or reads the Daily Mail is a cunt too (and Gove’s wife is a DM columnist of course), but Gove’s colossal and comprehensive cuntitude scaled new heights. Oh and by the way, when people were holding street parties in celebration of arch cunt Thatcher’s death, the Daily Mail wrote “this bilious hatred and lack of respect for the dead is a disturbing new low in British life” – shame they didn’t believe the same respect was due when writing about the likes of Ralph Miliband and, previously, Stephen Gately.

Hypocritical fucking CUNTS!

Nominated by: Fred West