Michael Gove [7]

Michael Gove
Nominated this foul excuse for a human being about 3 months ago but it seems to have vanished into thin air.
No matter, the passage of time has simply underlined my original analysis. At the time I said we don’t need this slippery , back stabbing little weasel on our side. During the referendum campaign anyone watching him on the telly could just tell this is a cunt not to be trusted. He was , and is, a fucking liability in the same way that Blair is for the Remoaners.
Where is he now? Wormed his way back into the cabinet, licking the Hunchback’s arse and supporting her sell out all the way. What a fucking two faced fucking bastard this bloke is.
Incidentally, a certain James O’Shithead rates him as the most intelligent cunt in the Tory Party.
I rest my case.

Nominated by Freddie the Frog

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  1. Agree with you there, Freddie. I’ve met the man a couple of years ago – the fucker literarily walked into me… no apology, just a look of disgust on his face having touched a pleb. I think the muttering of cunt from me solidified his view. Cunt

      • That’s his adoptive dad. His actual dad appears to be unknown. Ernest gove appears to have been an Aberdeen fish merchant,, middleman at the pier between boats and lorries. May involve some skinning and gutting. Not a posh job, but a damn sight easier than fishing. Before Michael went to Oxford (2:1, English) he joined the Labour Party, but switched later. On record as admiring Tony Blair.

  2. He, as well as Leadsom, Liam Fox and all the other betraying slugs can all Shit Off.

    I hope they have a disastrous Christmas.

  3. His every word is venemous poison running through Brexit’s veins. He’s a slimy, devious, unprincipled little toad who stands for nothing but his own selfish desire for power. He’s our B Liar and, like B Liar, should be novitexed into oblivion.

  4. He looks the kind of wimp who would be bullied in school and this has left him permanently traumatised.


  5. Bang on cunting Freddie… though must say I’ve never actually heard O’Shithead express anything other than total contempt for Pob, especially with regard to his “no more experts” comment – always cited out of context of course, but why let anything approaching the truth get in the way of the award winning O’Shithead ‘means justify the ends’ sleight of hand method of journalism?

    Mind you, with O’Cunt anything’s possible I suppose…

    • Don’t know the O’Shithead stance now because I stay away from the cunt but when he was Minister for Education, I think, the O’Shithead tongue 👅 was firmly up the Gove arse.
      Of course as soon as he declared for Brexit everything changed. Brexit is the work of Satan in O’Shithead’s world.

      • That explains it – I’d barely heard of O’Cunt before the referendum.

        Think I’ve reached breaking point now… have to switch him off after 30 seconds maximum nowadays!

  6. A fucking greasy, slimy, Judas if ever I saw one…
    If it wasn’t for pob (or pig as my autospell keeps calling him) we’d have Boris instead of May. (Boris wouldn’t be perfect but he couldn’t be worse really could he).

    Gove is a backstabbing unprincipled turncoat.
    And a cunt.

    • Evening Mr Sausage.

      I believe Gove and Boris bottled it after unexpectedly winning the referendum, they cooked up that back-stabbing stunt between them as a means of copping out of the leadership contest, leaving only May and Leadsom, the latter either got cold feet or was warned off by the Tory establishment who wanted to use May as a patsy, to ensure the EU got a great deal whether we left or remained.

      The only thing they now fear is No Deal, e.g. an authentic Brexit. There’ll be a huge amount of Brexiteer MP arm twisting over the Christmas / New Year holiday period and they’ll return saying May’s deal is not so bad after all, cunts.

      Gove’s role has of course been pivotal in all this.

      • Evening ruff.
        You may be right but would gove really want to be seen as a Judas for the rest of his career? He’d have to be particularly stupid … oh wait….

        The whole Tory party is a total shower of shit. It’s only saving grace is that it’s better that Corbyn McDonnell and Abbott…. *shudder*

  7. Gove can fuck off with the rest of the fake conservatives. This lot are total cunts caring for nothing but their own interests.

    They have to be a real shower of shit to have put Corbyn on the edge of real political power.

    You can only fuck the average person for so long before they have enough and I’ve had enough of this cunt!

    • “Fake conservatives”….
      How true sixdog!
      They’re just new labour with a different name. Jrm seems to be the only real conservative…
      I don’t consider myself to be a real conservative but they should be at least true to who they’re meant to be.
      …guess pob should fit right in as the whole lot are a bunch of fucking turncoats.

      We need to somehow dispense with this two party system as neither are worth a wank.
      As you say, any party that would be able to allow a Wankstain jihadist IRA loving commie like compo anywhere near power must be fucking useless.

  8. I wouldn’t lick Mays arse under any circumstances. Then again Heidi Allen or even Esther McVey: slurp slurp lick lick please.

  9. The Gove mob now have a new cunning plan ……..if the sell out is voted down in Parliament they are going to present it a second time!!!!
    Fucking hell , they just won’t accept defeat will they?
    A portend of things to come I fear.

  10. A slimy, duplicitous, fifty-faced, treacherous, back-stabbing CUNT!

    The contemptible derision with which I hold this “school to politics” cunt is seconded only by the weakness of our leader!

    With the exception of Kate Hoey, all of the fuckers in Cuntminster deserve to die a thousand deaths, but if there was a shortlist then Greasy Gove might not be first on the list but he’d be in the top 1!

    Total cunt!

    Even the Samaritans would tell you to kill yourself!


  11. compo alert !!! apparentty the couple wrongly arrested for the Gatwick drone incident are ‘ receiving medical treatment’ ! they were laying it on thick lol. worth a try i suppose!! and btw i live in Crawley/

    • Another indictment of how shit our society is.

      Pre “generation ME” the hassled parties would feel pissed off but would understand the services predicament – just doing their job – but nowadays every cunt has there hand out for any fucking reason.

      How the fuck did we cope when we we actually had to work for money?


      • We didn’t go around shutting down international airports because of imaginary drones, that’s for sure!

        Sorry. Am feeling especially pissed off and irritable tonight. Man fucking flu.

        Silver lining: might get out of going round to mother-in-law’s tomorrow…

      • I know how you feel ruff…
        I’ve got man flu. Still got enough in me to get drunk, but only just.
        It is laying it on a bit to claim medical care but the lawyer has probably told them to say that … as Richard said COMPO ALERT …
        But how fucked off would you be tough ha ha! 36 fucking hours in the nick… sorry wrongful arrest, but it was so serious we over reacted …. oh, actually there might not have even been a drone anyway.
        What bunch of useless twats.

      • You had man flu a month or two back, didn’t you Deploy?

        Fuck me… can’t even think straight now… take care mate… reckon it’s my time… bin a pleasure reading your posts… and everyone else’s… us all got to go sometime… was hoping to outlive Cunt Of The Century… he’s only two days younger than me, you know…

        Merry Christmas Cunters.

  12. I think Admin owes him an apology. That picture makes him look as if he’s the most gormless dick-brained tit in the world.

  13. Will be remembered for sticking the knife into Boris and sitting on the fence regarding pretty much everything.

    Looking out for number one is all he is about.

    Never rated him, mind you can say that about nearly if not all MP’s.

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