Kirstie Allsop [2]

I do believe Kirstie Allsop is well over due a cunting of the highest magnitude.

Not only did this self serving cunt recently leave her kids in economy class whilst she got her face in the trough of business class, she has now smashed up their I Pads because they dared to go over screen time.

This cunt of a woman, who has never done a days work in her life and was born into wealth, seems to believe she has an opinion. Pity her opinion is not the same as ours in that she is a complete cunt.

Her sister got the share of the beauty, and Kirsty got the share of being a cunt. Out of the two I could happily toss Sophie Allsopp a pint of throat yoghurt, and happily toss Kisrty Allsopp a fucking hand grenade. But the di-gastric heffer would probably eat it with some fava beans and a nice chianti.

With her little sucky TV programmes about making things and her fuckwit partnership with that other cunt about buying homes, Kirsty Allsopp is the toffee nosed cunt of this week.

Nominated by Dry Itchy Cunt

Kirstie Allsop – now there is a cunt for the ages.

I have always detested this fucking specimen. The template for all sharp-elbowed, self-entitled middle-class parents everywhere – a bit like my own fucking sister dearest. Totally aloof to real life and convinced that she and she alone is the harbinger of the proper way of life, this cunt is Carnot/Rankin tier efficient at cyclically boiling the piss every time she appears.

The cunt think proper parenting is to smash up little Rupert and Hubert’s iPad. The little cherubs perhaps shouldn’t have been left to become so addicted to them in the first place; but nevertheless, taking such fucking idiotic action demonstrates i) Allsop’s limited capacity as a parent, and ii) the frivolity with money that shows how out of touch her and her ilk must be. The fact that she has flounced off Twitter due to anyone challenging her shit abilities as a mother says it all.

I caught Allsop on a few episodes of Question Time. It was the closest my TV had come to a terminal Lubbocking, clean up to the elbow. Kirstie Allsop – uppity shitcunt.

Nominated by The Empire Cunts Back

I see that her off ‘Location, Location, Location’ (or whatever it’s called) has incurred the wrath of the Twitterati for breaking up her kids’ iPads when they wouldn’t turn them off.
Now I wouldn’t care to comment one way or the other on this occasion with regard to Allsopp’s parenting skills. Couldn’t really give a fuck. What I will say however is that anyone calling her kids (get this) ‘Oscar Hercules’ and ‘Bay Atlas’ just has to be a cunt of massive dimensions.
‘Bay Atlas’! Wtf?

Nominated by Ron Knee

Kirsty Allsop


Kirsty Allsop! What a fat, horrible bastard she is.

I had the misfortune to be sat in front of the telly the other night while she patronised, rolled her eyes and generally spoke to the fucking idiots who can’t find their own new house like they were, well, fucking idiots. She strikes me as a right nasty, patronising cunt of a cunt.

I don’t know how that Phil resists from turning around and booting her straight in the gash.

Nominated by: Jimbob Cunt III