Kirsty Allsop


Kirsty Allsop! What a fat, horrible bastard she is.

I had the misfortune to be sat in front of the telly the other night while she patronised, rolled her eyes and generally spoke to the fucking idiots who can’t find their own new house like they were, well, fucking idiots. She strikes me as a right nasty, patronising cunt of a cunt.

I don’t know how that Phil resists from turning around and booting her straight in the gash.

Nominated by: Jimbob Cunt III

15 thoughts on “Kirsty Allsop

  1. Good photoshop, but I always imagine she has something between her legs that resembles Brian Blessed’s beard.

  2. Seeing as I am a pedantic CUNT.

    Or as I call her CRUSTY OLDSOCKS

  3. Fuck off, she is fat, tory and has a mustache.
    I would rather fuck Jimmy Savile’s decomposed corpse!

    Kirstie’s sister Sophie got the looks in the family, Kirstie got the pies, sweets, cake and body hair

  4. Where’s her minge gone? I suggest she may be suffering from ‘SMS’ or Small Minge Syndrome. The main symptom of which is the non development of the gash upward of the clitoris. The upside of which means a lady can wear a very, very small and sexy bikini bottom without the snatch winking at you over the top of the said garment. Either way I’d be more than happy to accommodate her in the bedroom department. ”She’s got a lot of ‘action’ goin’ on”. As my old uncle Peter used to say of any woman with an ample bosom. Mind you he’s now inside for being a little in-discrete with an overly endowed landlady in a car park in Swindon.
    BTW…I offered up the spank haired Mr Charlie Mullins for a good cunting a few days ago…You got a backlog or just ignoring me? He’s a cunt and no mistake so do the necessary needful please.

  5. This fat mumsy cunt has ruined hundreds of young peoples lives, basically she’s always said you need to buy houses because house prices always go up. Now all these poor young bastards have watched he property porn and believed this fat cunt. They are now sat in a house worth less than they paid for, which is also owned by a cunt banker.
    When house prices dropped I thought I’d seen the back of this fucking disgusting cunt but now she’s back making curtains out of dead peoples clothes and tables out of gypsies fly tips.
    I hate this cunt.

  6. This is another case of ugly, blue blood, spoilt fat cunt ,pug faced witch…gaining a telly job from her family connections. Scaring middle aged, middle class couples into buying up properties, for their self-endulgent property portfollio’s

    Resulting in young people, like myself, having to rent for the rest of our fucking lives!!

  7. She has every characteristic that I hate in British women.bossy,fat,feminist,loud,ignorant,and has facial hair,and she’s ugly and has bock eyes.

  8. Kirsty is one of the most shaggable women in the world so piss off all you cunts that don’t like her,she’s a total ride!!!!

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