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Picture by Mark Richards-Brenda Leyland, troll who has alledgedly attacked the McCanns on Twitter.

If ever there was a bunch of cunts who deserve a proper good cunting, it’s the cunts at Sky News.

Ever vigilant for the opportunity to make up a good story out of fuck all, Sky sent it’s ace reporter Martin Brunt scouring the pages of the Leicester Mercury for a non-story and he came up with a housewife who, like tens of thousands of others, doesn’t like the McCanns. Unable to tell an internet troll from a hole in his arse, Brunt proceeded to handbag the poor cow on her doorstep on national TV.

Having been publically vilified for doing not a lot, she committed suicide the next day.

Well done, Sky News. Hope you’re feeling really proud of yourselves. It’s just a shame you don’t turn your efforts towards some real investigative reporting. Can I perhaps suggest the McCanns, their lucrative charity and what actually happened to their daughter?

Nominated by: Dioclese
A cunt who doesn’t want to end up dead in a hotel room tommorrow.

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  1. Progressive liberal hogwash Dioclese. This horrible woman was posting disgusting comments about the McCanns and she thought she was safe to do so under her cloak of anonymity. This churchgoing, holier than thou, woman got outed and decided she could not face her friends/neighbours/congregation who thought she was such a lovely lady. No sympathy with her at all!

    • Bollocks. Go to her Twitter feed and then tell me that what she was saying was disgusting in any way. Her main beef seemed to be that they were guilty of abandoning their children so they could bugger off out with their mates. She’s said nothing that hasn’t already been said in the mainstream press.

      Yes, she couldn’t face the neighbours. I agree with that but the rest of what you’ve said is frankly bloody nonsense.

      As for saying things under the cloak of anonymity, the words pot, kettle and black come to mind.

      And I object to beng called a ‘progressive liberal’ – read this and the rest of my blog if you think that :

      • Fred West was on about nominating cunt of the year, perhaps we could nominate the McCanns. Certainly a pair of prize cunts !

      • I guessed you would toss in the pot and kettle. The difference is, I won’t post anything on the net that causes me such embarrassment that I feel the need to top myself.
        I am not a regular reader of your blog but I have seen it. Your post smacks of the progressive liberal approach that no one is responsible for their own actions. There is always someone else to blame. This woman was obsessed with the McCanns. You may not feel her tweets were offensive. She obviously did.

      • I have no problem with posting under a nom de plume but you should not criticise me for doing so and then do the same. I don’t now your real name and that’s fine, so why is it not fine for Brenda Leyland to do the same?

        I have no worries standing by what I have said or written although sometimes I read back and realise I have changed my opinion and i say so on occasions. I was, for example, totally wrong about Nick Clegg. He has been hugely disappointing.

        Everyone should take responsibility for their actions. This includes Sky News and Martin Brunt – although I am not holding my breath.

        Did she feel her tweets were offensive? I doubt it. I know that some of my stuff could be taken that way and I stand by it. If I had been her, I would have invited the cameras in and told them what I thought. If you can’t do that, then you shouldn’t put it on the web in the first place. People who do that are stupid and deserve what they get.

        Having said that, what Sky did to her was every bit as bad as what she was accused of doing to the McCanns.

      • I have never criticised you for using a nom de plume. I was referring to her. ‘her cloak of anonymity.’ The difference is, as I said, I will never post anything so stupid or offensive that if I am ‘outed’ I feel the need to kill myself.
        You can argue her tweets were not offensive. She was obviously embarrassed by them to an extreme degree. If Sky ‘outed’ her by lawful means then I don’t believe they have any responsibility for anything to do with this. Her actions are entirely her responsibility. not Sky, not the State, the police, health service or anyone else the progressive liberals love to blame. We need to get away from this idea that you can behave stupidly and irresponsibly and it is not your fault.

      • Is it just me who sees comments such as ‘taking responsibility for your actions’ and the ‘McCanns’ in the same sentence as just a tad ironic ?

      • And did the McCanns not behave irresponsibly in leaving young children unattended. Therefore they are responsible for the abduction of Madeline?

      • She had a genuine opinion, regardless of whether it was right or wrong, and She was expressing that opinion. It wasn’t trolling.

        The McCanns say they are not on twitter, and their shills look like they have some accountability in the affair.

        To have a journalist turn up unannounced and ambush you in the street, then put you on national TV with an ill constructed, and spurious case that you are troll, would be pretty hard for anyone to deal with. MPs are professionals at it, and they don’t generally get subjected to that. They even attributed tweets to her that She hadn’t posted.

        I would suggest that you look into it a bit more before you condemn this woman to death cuntspanker.

        The worst part of it is that the press still see it as their right to criticize ppl with impunity, and god forbid anyone else has an opinion.

        Lastly, Martin Brunt says he found out her identity through public records, but won’t elaborate on how he got that information. I guess nothing has been learnt from the Milly dowler enquiry…..

      • It wasn’t what he said in his Q&A. He said he got the info from public records. But wouldn’t elaborate

  2. It has to be said that the McCann’s versions of what happened the night Madeleine vanished is at best contradictory and at worst very suspicious. Testimonies changed, dubious affidavits from witnesses and a whole range of ignored evidence cover ups and denials. Even one of their supposed “close friends” had some rather odd things to say about a conversation between Gerry Mc Cann and another of his associates.
    Whilst that does not prove anything, it does, at least to my mind, throw the McCann’s in a very poor light. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, nor do I subscribe to many theories but this account caught my attention.

  3. If you want a really good laugh, have a look at what thecolemanexperience website (cunted recently) has to say about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. It contains the classic line, “In a bizarre twist, Cliff Richard owns a home in Portugal, not far from where Madeleine McCann disappeared in 2007″.

    • I lump colemanexperience and Chris Spivey together in the same class – cunts not worthy of serious consideration by intelligent people.

      Your comment says it all, Fred

    • Kate McCanns eyes scream regret and guilt. Not that that is a scientifically proven statement but, I would be hugely surprised if them pair don’t have some knowledge of what happened to that little girl. Sky News are an absolute disgrace for the way they confronted that women, she did nothing illegal and is completely entitled to whatever opinion she has, be it wrong or right.

      I hope that cunt who cornered her disappears into oblivion, reporting on youth club discos on Skye.

      Plus they employ Eamonn Holmes, so fuck the rest of the cunts too.

      • As far as i can tell the Mccanns have made huge efforts to cover something up helped by their friends in high places. the only regret they feel is being caught out lying and not getting an easy time by the Portugese coppers

      • Sky Sports is shit too. Their presenters actually now spend time in front of a screen to show viewers what pricks are saying on social media about the day’s sporting news. People don’t pay for a subscription to see some twat of a Crystal Palace fan on twitter spouting bollocks. But that’s what Sky Sports is giving people these days… The only good thing on Sky Sports is Natalie Sawyer. A cracking pair of tits!

    • Cliff Richard who lives on Planet earth, the same planet as Hitler and Stalin. Mere coincidence ? We cant possibly comment. Tick tock.

  4. I would dearly like to nominate:


    The witch faced, peroxide blonde and cretinous presenter of Channel4 Racing.
    This odious cunt has about as much charisma as Adrian Chiles rectal passage, her interview technique seems to revolve around 3 questions and as soon as there is any rain at the races the lazy cunt does nothing but hide from the rain (I am sure she must have worked for the Council in the past)
    She is absolutely minted (Daddy’s money of course) but she still feels the need to advertise any old gambling cunts (Ladbrookes, 888sport) and seems to believe she is attractive because of a few sad cunts on Twitter who’s whole lives revolve and wanking.

    Fucking CUNT

  5. Sad case indeed. The old Leyland trout has a boat race on it that screams “not been shagged since the three day week”. One orf life’s lorst in this media crazy world. In my day she would have been up at dawn posting anonymous letters composed orf clippings from the popular press and signed “from a concerned citizen”.

    The McCanns (for whom I have every sympathy ect ect) chose to take the high profile media route and must have been aware that they were entering sad bastard territory and would attract saddos like dogs to a shitty arse. Hence the large number orf comments to the post.

    True cunt orf the month surely has to be that incompetent police johnny who was punting out a book about it all donchathink?

  6. Can I also suggest Brunt and his like do some investigation and reporting into the rampant endemic paedophilia and drug abuse which infests the media. Will he fuck of course, hypocritical bastards.

  7. This country has gone to fuck…. It’s alright for the Daily Mail and Express to spread hatefull views about the working class and God knows who else. But no one can say a word about the sainted McCanns… The poor, sick and elderly are getting fucked over and Sky News doesn’t give a fuck. But dare to say anything about the McCann martyrs and they’re lighting the faggots under some poor sod… Anyone who leaves three infant children alone at night in a foreign environment to go and get pissed with their yuppie twat friends is a total and utter cunt. Which they both are… Had the McCanns been people in ‘ordinary jobs’ (or no job, for whatever reason) they would be seen as irresponsible, selfish scum and (as the two rags above might put it) ‘The vile underbelly of Benefits Britain’. Bunch of bellends..

    • The McCanns were irresponsible but they have suffered enormous consequences. Don’t people think that is enough? People don’t think they are saints. You just don’t need to keep pointing out that they made a mistake. I think they know that.
      I feel sorry for the morons with their conspiracy theories about the McCanns having something to do with the disappearance of their daughter.
      The fact is the woman outed by Sky News was a horrible woman. In her community she portrayed herself as church going, holier than thou. She couldn’t live with everyone knowing what a hypocritical, nasty piece of work she was.

  8. Gaza is getting bombed, British citizens are having their heads chopped off, The IS are running riot, it’s kicking off in the Ukraine and Russia is growling again, we have the biggest bunch of cunts in power since Maggie, there are corrupt politicians. governments and organizations, there’s a disease spreading across Africa, there are paedophile priests, there are animals close to extinction, half of Radio 1’s ex-DJs are nonces or sex pests….. And Sky News are shocked and outraged by Tweets about the McCanns and actually report it as news?! On television?!?

    As Tony Newley said ‘Stop The World! I Fucking Want To Get Off!’

  9. The McCanns are total utter gobshites. Who the fuck in their right mind would leave young children alone, with no supervision, just so they can go and get pissed with their mates. I don’t care if they were only 50 /75 yards from the room, no one in their right mind would leave young children uttended with all the fucking weirdo bastards that are around today. Whatever has happened to Madeline they are guilty of total dereliction of duty as parents.

    • Twat! The McCanns were irresponsible but they have suffered enormous consequences. Don’t you think that is enough? People don’t think they are saints. You just don’t need to keep pointing out that they made a mistake. I think they know that.
      I feel sorry for the morons with their conspiracy theories about the McCanns having something to do with the disappearance of their daughter.
      The fact is the woman outed by Sky News was a horrible woman. In her community she portrayed herself as church going, holier than thou. She couldn’t live with everyone knowing what a hypocritical, nasty piece of work she was.

      • Yes, enormous consequences

        Such as laughing and smiling in the days after Madeleine’s disappearance, millions of pounds in donations that were used on their mortgage and legal fees instead of actually searching for Madeleine, worldwide fame, a lapdog media/multiple governments and the ability to silence criticism with their highly paid lawyers Carter Ruck

      • Bollocks!!
        Everything the Mccanns have said in their statements is contradictory and flawed. Even the testimony of their toffee-nosed twat friends has about as much reliability as a Lib-Dem promise. They fucking lied, they were caught out lying, by the Portuguese police. I’m sick of hearing their bloody sanctimonious crap about finding Madeleine. Tired of seeing the all the money squandered on a futile search for a poor kid who is most likely dead. They do not give a shit and if you bothered to to look into the case history, even one of their friends suspected some kiddy fiddling going on.
        So piss off with your defence of these two wasters

      • It wasn’t a mistake, it was reckless abandonment, the loss of Madelene was solely due to them leaving her alone while they went to a restaurant, with no supervision. If you think that is acceptable, then you have no opinion that I could ever respect. Anytime they feel the need for attrition, to recognise it was their responsibility, stop blaming other ppl, and disappear from the media, is fine by me

  10. 10 million quid spent so far searching for Madeline McCann. That could have built a children’s hospital. The McCanns are cunts!

  11. Would this be the same Sky news that, upon discovering that their daughter had gone AWOL the McCanns chose to phone before the police? Would this be the same Sky news that was established and is still owned in great part by one Rupert Murdoch? Would that Rupert Murdoch the same cunt who once owned the News of the World? Would the News of the World be the same news paper which was forced to close due to a phone hacking scandal, including hacking the phone of Milly Dowler? Just checking…..

  12. I look forward every Monday to the Kev & Andrew show…..reviewing the papers!
    Always a good laugh with Kev rolling his eyes, & looking so stupid, when Andrew
    is talking sense in a coherent sensible manner.
    With a lack of good stand-up comics, this pair is well worth watching, but with
    only one cunt……vote now!

  13. As tenth anniversary approaches and this comes back into the mainstream media (has it ever been away?) I think there is a volume of respectable investigative journalism available on you tube – see the excellent Richard Hall of RichPlanet TV material who raises a number of inconsistencies in statements, timelines and absurdities as to the number of suspects we’ve been “fed” over the years to cast sufficient doubt over the whole case and the McCanns. Sky news and the mainstream press aren’t capable of doing this stuff (hands tied) so we have to rely on the likes of Mr Hall. I didn’t troll Mr Brunt or name call him anything derogatory but I’ve advised if he considers himself a true journalist he should do the same probing journalism. Nobody has grilled the McCanns properly from the outset.
    I guess the reason people do troll is because they see and feel a genuine miscarriage of justice and cover up; and feel powerless to do anything about it. I seethe every time I hear that there is yet another suspect or lead in the Maddie case.
    Most genuine reasonable people have a fair assessment of what may have happened that night but obviously only those who were directly were involved will ever know.
    But one thing is certain. The McCann party have lied since day 1; refused to answer reasonable questions which raises suspicions and acted in truly bizarre and irresponsible parental behaviour. If this is a country of free speech then people should be allowed to have their say without stupid tit for tat name calling or fear of reprisals so well done to the likes of celebrities such as Jodie Marsh who feels the truth should come out.
    Problem being our Government doesn’t want us knowing the truth.

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