Harry Styles (2)

Harry Styles of One Direction ‘fame’ seems to be intent on heading in the ‘Wrong Direction’

The pretentious self important cunt says that his latest single “Sign of the Times” is influenced by the terrible decision of Brexit and by Black Lives Matter. He reckons he will vote for “whoever is against Brexit” adding the push to leave the EU is “creating the kind of world he does not want to live in”. Actually, it’s Harry Styles and his ilk that want to create the kind of world I don’t want to live in.

Well, Harry, here’s a couple of things you seem to need reminding about : Despite what you think, you’re not really that important and nobody really gives a flying fuck what you think except you.

It’s no wonder you support the Labour Party because it’s full of left wing politically naive fuckwits like you. So please get back to churning out more of your bubblegum pop for the kiddywinkles, put your ego back in the box and just shut the fuck up, there’s a good boy…

Nominated by Dioclese

Harry Styles


Harry Styles – A complete and utter cunt.

Sings like a cunt, Has the hair of a cunt, Looks like a cunt from a band full of cunts,

Fucks two bit E grade Celb slut cunts, who cant get a fuck anywhere else

This cunt alone is reason someone needs to seriously off that king of cunts Simon Cowell, who let him out on all of us.

Nominated by : Bloke in Holland