A. C. Grayling [3]

Cunt of the week award should go to this smelly old wanker A.C.G. Just watch this.

I hate those pompous fuckers who use their initials rather than their names so they can appear *academic* and *important*.

I have heard the motherfucker on the BBC and he is the epitome of the Ladybird Book Of Philosophy. Fuck this old wanket

Nominated by W.C. Boggs

Wankpuffinery such as this has pushed me to the limits.

I have NEVER been a violent person, but have come to the conclusion that the ballot box is now a joke. After all, Verminhofstadt, Grayling et al. treat it with contempt.

It will be interesting to see how things pan out. I fear that Jo Cox may NOT be the last offed MP…

Also, German MEP Markus Ferber is a cunt. He has threatened that, if Italy DARES to elect a populist government, the “Troika” may invade Rome – ie IMF, European Commission and European Central Bank.

One of the Italians rightly replied that “It’s never a good sign when the Germans talk about invading

It is time that the EU is destroyed for good.
Hopefully not by violent force but I am struggling to see it any other way.

Nominated by HBelindaHubbard

A C Grayling [2]

On the subject of over opinionated, anti-Brexit gob shites, I’m nominating A.C. Grayling for a much deserved cunting. In case anyone doesn’t know, Grayling is a Professor of Philosophy, who founded the New College of Humanities in 2011, and is an author. Grayling is among the very worst of Remainers, due to his frequent demonstrations of his tenuous grip on reality, and his increasingly tedious habit of hurling insults at those of us who voted to leave the EU.

Like the rest of the most vocal pro-EU traitors, Grayling is immensely arrogant and possessed of an unshakable belief in his own infallibility. He believes that, not only is he an intellectual, but that’s he’s in the very top tier of intellectuals. And like the rest of his ilk, he’s completely oblivious to the fact that he’s actually a nasty, demented, hypocritical, arrogant, ignorant tool. In his latest outburst, he described those of us who voted to leave the EU as “vermin”. Yep, that’s the level of Grayling’s argument on the subject of Brexit.

To me, hurling insults at someone just because you disagree with them, or in the case of the referendum, because they voted against the EU, is not only pathetic, it displays an appalling level of ignorance and contempt toward the people you’re insulting, it also betrays an ignorance of the issues and reasons that caused people to vote to leave. Worse still, it betrays a basic lack of ability to debate those issues in a calm, rational, logical manner, coupled with a disgraceful lack of respect for democracy.

People like Grayling always like to see themselves as superior to others. More informed, more intelligent, better able to make important decisions, morally superior. A symptom of the supreme arrogance they’re afflicted with. They call themselves academics and intellectuals in an effort to fool people into thinking that they actually are more intelligent. The simple fact is though, the only people they’re fooling, is themselves.

Listening to these people is reminiscent of the old the news reels of Hitler and Mussolini addressing their followers, yet they have the audacity to call US fascists. For the record, I happen to be half American, with a wife of Nigerian descent, so not the dictionary definition of a fascist. Or a racist for that matter. If I hate someone, it’s because of WHO they are, not WHAT they are. I hate arrogance, I hate people who are nasty and intolerant. In other words, lefties. I don’t hate Muslims simply because they’re Muslims. I hate them because they demonstrate, on a daily basis, that they and their “religion”, are violent, bigoted, intolerant, racist,misogynistic, anti-Semitic, backward, uncivilised, evil wankers. EVERY day, they demand the WE respect THEIR beliefs and culture, whilst simultaneously showing contempt for ours. And if we don’t show them respect and give them everything they want, they’ll kill us and our children. “Islam Will Dominate” say the placards they wave. Yet according to left wing assholes, Islam is THE religion of peace. In the same way that Wayne Rooney is an Astro Physicist.

If people want to disagree with me, that’s fine. They have every right to hold an opposing view, and as long as they respect the fact that I also have the right to hold an opposing view, I have no problem with them. The problems start when people believe that their moral and intellectual superiority means that they are the only ones with the right to hold an opinion, and then sneer, shout, hurl insults and use violence against those they see as inferior.

Grayling is not just one of those people, he’s one of the worst. Rather than engage in mature debate with leave voters, he calls us names, like a spoilt six year old. He calls us racists, fascists, intolerant, bigoted. I’ve seen this cunt in television debates, and he’s everything you’d expect from a lefty. If I was debating with someone, I would sit and listen to them speaking, no matter how much I hated what they were saying, and then I would express my opinion. If nothing else, it’s just basic manners. Like other lefties though, Grayling is quick to start shouting people down and acting like a toddler every time someone says something he disagrees with. And he calls US intolerant?

He’s a cunt of the highest order. Worse still, he’s a fucking hypocrite. I’m vermin because I wanted my country to be governed by people who I voted for in a free, fair, democratic election? I’m intolerant for voting to leave a malign organisation that has NEVER allowed ordinary citizens to vote for those who presume to govern them? An organisation that insults us and treats us with contempt, whilst demanding tens of billions of pounds a year from us? That spends that money like it was an infinite resource? That introduces the most insane rules, regulations and laws? At least I allow to people express their opinion, no matter how much I disagree with it, without constantly interrupting and shouting them down. I would say that was very in-vermin like. Unlike Grayling and his chums.

According to him and his lefty mates, I’m bigoted because I want to stop foreigners coming to the UK. That is incorrect. What I want, like most people, is for immigration to be properly controlled. I don’t want that because I hate foreigners, I want it because we live on an island, with limited resources. The main reason the NHS is in trouble, and that there aren’t enough houses, is because there are already too many people here. Yet lefties want even more allowed in. I want the government, the police, courts, immigration, etc, to do their fucking jobs and protect the British people from the countless foreign criminals and terrorists they continually allow to come here, no questions asked. Because unlike Grayling and his mates, I don’t live in a middle or upper class neighbourhood, untouched by unchecked immigration. I’ve seen what it does to long established communities. I have no problem with people wanting to come to the UK, like my dad, earn an honest living, pay tax, obey our laws, and respect the British people and our culture and traditions. I don’t have a problem with us taking in the odd refugee, as long as they behave themselves, respect us, show some gratitude and fuck off home once it’s safe. How is that bigoted?

It’s a simple fact that the left is currently experiencing a huge rise in anti-Semitism right now. That IS bigoted and intolerant. To decent, sane people that is. To Grayling and other lefties, it’s justified because Israel isn’t being very nice to the Palestinians. THAT is the worst kind of hypocrisy.

Want to see vermin, Grayling? Take a look in the mirror, and at your friends. Intellectual? I think not.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw