Hugh Hefner [2]


Hugh Hefner is a cunt… Arguably the biggest and most successful pimp in the western world… Also marries one plastic titted bottle blonde after another… They sure as shite aren’t with the old cunt for his good looks or staying power, so the dirty old fart is paying for it..

Anywhere else these slags would be called prossies (I know some women have to do it to survive. But these brasses don’t!) and the Playboy Mansion would be known as a whorehouse (which it basically is)… Amazing what the fucking Yanks and the good ol’ US of A gets away with, eh?

Oh, and the bunny mag hasn’t had a decent bit of famous fluff (Lindsay Lohan? Kate Moss? I fucking ask you!) in it for years…

Nominated by: Norman

7 thoughts on “Hugh Hefner [2]

  1. I can’t believe the senile, doddering old cunt paid over a quarter of a million bucks (or more) to get that Tiinsletown scrag-end, Lohan to pose in the buff for the bunny mag…. Also getting Lohan to appear to be like Marilyn Monroe (Lohan as Monroe? And I thought Lohan as the young Liz Taylor was laughable…) was also pretty cheap and ever so slightly sick… The daft old fucker should either have saved his money (Lohan would strip for a bag of chips!) or upped the financial ante a bit and got someone far fitter to brighten up a few garage walls…

  2. Jimmy Bullard…..looking at the state of that fucking cunt as he sits in the pundits chair on MOTD, one wonders how he hasn’t been cunted a long time ago. Shirt hanging open and what looks like an outfit Dave Vanian would appear on stage in, he’s the latest fucking celeb to be wheeled out on every friggin show.
    Fuck off, Bullard you twat.

    • Bullard has only got onto MOTD because of his ‘I’m A Celebrity/Cunt’ appearance… Sky have got half decent pundits like Carragher and Gary Nev. While The BBC have Phil Neville and Jimmy Bullard… Almost makes me long for the days of Alan Hansen…

      • …and Lawrenson is a cunt too.
        Arrogant, snide little put downs of his co-commentators on games. Hateful.

      • Agree about Lawro (a smug, sarcastic cunt!)… At least the Sky boys (Charlie Nicholas, Phil ‘Scouse Bastard’ Thompson, Paul Merson etc) all appear on screen in a suit and tie and clean shaven…. Those cunts on the BBC with shirts my dad used to fix cars in, no tie, top button undone and stubble… Scruffy twats like Martin Keown and Mark Lawrenson… The BBC coverage not only is shit, it also looks shit..

  3. Here in the States, Hugh Hefner has been regarded as a senile cunt for a long, long time. I lost any respect I had (he did bed some real beauties 50 years ago) when I read he had been bumfucked out of boredom. I doubt that, even gobbling Viagra like they’re Werther’s candies, these bleached whores are doing much more than changing his diapers.

    About 5 or 6 years ago, E!, the station infamous for cursing the world with the Kartrashians, had a “reality” show focusing on his 3 “girlfriends.” I saw a clip from one, wherein the Fartful Codger was taken out of his whorehouse to “meet the parents.” Instead of the disgusting robe, Hef was dressed like a yachtsman, blue blazer and cap. He looked like an Alzheimer patient dropped in the middle of Harlem and told to walk home.

    The fucker should have had the decency to die sometime during the Kennedy administration.

  4. is hugh Heffner in the dead pool,he must be turning to dust by now after all the bodily fluids he must of lost the luck old fucker,im saving up for my own playboy mansion so I become a senile dried out,dusty old bastard as well

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