The ignorance of the French motorist

is a cunt.

Just got back from La Belle (Supposedly) France. Cunts pulling out from a give way situation. E.G. Roundabouts side turnings etc. Cunts trying to get in the back of your car with theirs whilst yours is in motion, even though I am indicating to go around a round about to head in the opposite direction to the one I am travelling in.
Yesterday I saw the epitome of cuntish driving where a tart with mother in the passenger seat and French mini cunts in the back seat was texting whilst driving.

I just shook my head in disbelief at the utter stupidity of her actions. Mother saw me must have tipped the daughter off, said blowjob vendor waved, yours truly responded with a bandeleur and a gesture held sacred in British hearts since Agincourt. E.G two fingered salute.

having done a road safety course where a father and child were wiped out by a text saying don’t forget the milk. Fucking unbelievable.

Nominated by CuntyMort.

74 thoughts on “The ignorance of the French motorist

  1. My great uncle Otto told me the same thing.

    He said as he drove his panzer down the champs Elysee some beret wearing berk on a bicycle rode straight out in front of him and under the tank tracks.
    Said the smell of onions lasted days.

    Did you expect the french to be great drivers?

    The lilly pad lickers are bound to drive badly.

    • Back in 1971 I was in Paris for a few days.
      Standing atop the Arc de Triumphe looking down at the traffic I saw 4 crashes in about 10 minutes.
      Shit driving appears to be one of France’s favourite sports

    • Absolutely.

      Perhaps this righteous cunting should be ‘re-imagined’ as ‘the ignorance of the French voter’ in the light of recent events.

      They could have dropped themselves right into le poo.

      Afternoon all.

      • zthey are really in the merde now. What the left-liberal commentariat here wont tell you is what the likes of Melenchon and his fanatical pals think of the EU.

        Andrew Neill thinks the EU will end up forcing the new Socialist France to accept austerity in a few months time, meaning a bit hit on the euro and French economy.

        Macron may have prevented Le Pen gaining power for the moment, but the country is now in the hands of Froggy Corbynistas.

      • Melenchon is a lot more socialist than Keir and surrounded by far left extremists.

        No money for Starmer and he’ll anger the left by having no choice but to reduce spending. Melenchon will want to increase spending when France couldnt afford it under Macron.
        The EU will be breathing down their necks.

  2. This is a solid Cunting.

    The only problem I have is why is the issue of French ignorance limited to their driving?

  3. General I had one cunt telling me we say it this way. I replied my French lessons were 50 years ago, I told him I’m sure the academy Francaise won’t put out a hit on me. Ignorant little shit stain.

    • Hey CM,

      Me too. My French lessons were way back in the day.

      I used to visit French Canada when I was a young man and they were completely different. As long as you made the effort they appreciated it.

      I was recently on vacation and had a similar experience with a Frog tourist here in the States.

      My response…in the most American accent I could manage:

      Par doan mon sewer. No parlay cheese eating surrender monkey.

  4. They have this barmy rule, priority to the right, it’s supposed to mean ” give way to vehicles entering a roundabout”, even if you’re already on it.

    Being French, they stretch this to include pulling out of a side road onto a main road, or a supermarket carpark, or anything, really.

    To the French, it means “I’m right, so give way to me”

    • Give way to the right is correct of course Jeezum, but they need to put the other half in place as well i.e. drive on the left. Napoleon had them drive on the right because the British drive on the left. Of course we do, fucking common sense isn’t it?

    • The more confusing thing is that some roundabouts are conventional where you give way to the left while others are where you have to allow traffic entering the roundabout right of way.

      If you miss, or don’t understand the French road signs you will be fucked.

      It’s best to avoid going to France.
      The Paris ring road is a fucking nightmare.
      Other countries are poorly signposted until you are nearly at the border and the tolls are horrendously expensive.

      I believe that you also have to have a personal breathalyser test kit in your car at all times.

      Besides that, the French are all cunts.
      So why bother going?

      • Don’t blame me Artful, It was she who will be obeyeds command. I on the other hand wanted to drink Belgium dry. My retirement my fucking choice of venue.

  5. They’re French. Fuck them.

    They deserve to be wiped out in a fiery multi car pile up just for voting communist.

    How long do you think it will take to kick off a civil war in Frogland?

    My money is on about 18 months.

  6. To be fair, iv just come back from Canada. The driving was shocking. overtaking on dangerous mountain roads, huge yank tanks tailgating, 4 way stops which make no sense. The Canadians are very good at putting unmarked police on the roads. Needless to say I was not getting a speeding fine! We saw lots of Gupta types getting done, after doing stupid speeds past us. I must say that was satisfying, after putting up with thare rude behaviour. The country was amazing, and the people, but driving nope!

      • we drove over 2000km and only saw two roundabouts, crazy! The idea a motorway can just be stoped mid flow, because they can’t divert cars over or under it like we do. They instead need to stop all traffic to let cars pass from one side to another. You couldn’t make it up. It’s worse in towns, at 4 way stops, you give way to first person to arrive, unless all cars arrive at the same time. Then it’s give way to the right in order of who was furthest away from you. It’s bat shit crazy for a modern country to have such a system. The roads where not great either, alot of subsidence and pot holes. Particularly on mountain roads, which is most British Columbia.

    • I lived in Canada for two years and, as you can’t go anywhere of note without driving, for a few months you can get away with driving straight-away on the roads as long as you hold a driving licence from another country. Long term, you have to take and pass a driving test, which I did, but those “Yield” signs at 4-way junctions were a pain in the arse. I thought they worked the same way as our give way signs, but as you said Country Cunt, it has that convoluted bollocks about who gets to the junction first etc. As stated here the people were really friendly, and the ladies love an English accent (They swoon at you when they hear you speak!) but the traffic signs were flippin’ weird.

  7. Never liked the French. Arrogant bunch of white flag waving cunts. Obviously the arrogance comes out in their driving too

  8. The French are mental. Charles De Gaulle is their hero but was, in fact a cunt. Fucked off over here in order to exhort his countrymen to resist the Nazis. When the danger was over he returned to a hero’s welcome. What the fuck. Marine Le Pen wins an election but then has to do it again the next week. She then gets even more votes but comes third. Ha, ha, ha. Fuck off.

  9. All the traffic from France to the UK seems to be in rubber dinghies.
    I can’t remember seeing any French registered cars on the roads there.

    We get plenty of them in Spain and it’s true that their driving is fucking abysmal.

    It’s not just the summer when they are here, it’s year round.

    There are plenty of ancient motor homes with French plates even in the winter.
    The smelly pond dippers park up anywhere free and have a mega cheap holiday.

    I have no idea where they empty their chemical bogs.
    Probably into the sea.

    They have no need for fresh water obviously as they don’t wash.

    They are not arrogant drivers, they are just useless.
    If a French registered car or motor home is spotted then it is given a wide berth.

    I won’t go into details about how badly they drive but they are one of the few nations that make Pákí drivers look good.

  10. Your average frog is equal to Maureen from Driving School in skill and competency.

    Over there I’d be like James Hunt or Michael Schumacher or something.

    The french aren’t good for much
    Unless it’s rioting, catching stuff in ponds, or dirty looks .

    Driving, warfare, manners, hygiene,not so much ..

      • Hey LG,

        They are the World Leaders and that’s why the Left is rioting after their elections.

        Forming a government and choosing a PM is going to be tough.

        But the real fight will be over who leads le Bureau de Reddition…aka the French Surrender Bureau.

  11. The fucking french , vile people flip flop more than Starmer. They hate us cos most dust ups we’ve had with them over the centuries have left them badly humiliated and they’re still looking for any reason to get even, you watch what will happen if we get dragged back into the eu fold.

    • The French not only lost to us at Waterloo, but had to be rescued by us and the General’s lot and canucks from their goosestepping neighbours.

      As the Red Baron said in Blackadder;
      ‘ The hu-mil-i-ation vill be unbearable!’

  12. Some people are fond of Citroen 2cvs.
    I never understood that?

    We had a teacher had one.
    A dreary fuckin hippy.

    It should be a criminal offence.

    Nothing of appeal about them.
    Like the french themselves now I think about it.

  13. Goes without saying french driving will be crap being as they’ve turned out some of the most gipping cars to ever see the light of day!

  14. Bad driving who gives a 🐸 legs …. arrogant, pompous garlic eating little Napoleons…. they should bring back the guillotine and use it on the streets of gay paree …. kerplunk

  15. Slightly off topic, but it’s started already.
    Labour hasn’t been in one week, and they’re giving amnesty to 100,000 illegal dinghy drivers from France.
    Everyone knew it.

      • I’m assuming that make Jeremy Corbyn the motherfucker of the house.

      • But at least parliament returned a record number of LGBTQ weirdos and other degenerate MP’s.

      • I can see this being all smoke and mirrors, bogged down in identity politics and distraction tactics.

        Just like the last one then!

    • Hey DoC,

      On a serious note were you expecting something different from Liebor?

      On an even more serious note was the electorate expecting different from Liebor?

      The Tory Party pulled off a remarkable feat. They simultaneously fucked themselves and the British public in the ass and nobody even got a kiss.

      In the words of Gunny Hartman, they didn’t even have the Goddamned courtesy to give anyone a reach around.

      And now in comes Leibor.

      “You think the Tories were bad? Hold my lube.”

      • No General, what’s happening is exactly what I expected.
        Which is why I voted Reform.
        I think those that voted Liebour knew what would happen too, which makes it all the more puzzling why they want the country ruined.

      • I didn’t have an opportunity to vote reform as there was no candidate for my area.
        I wonder how many others were in that position.
        What is a cunt is voting for a candidate not a political party
        How is that a fair system?

      • Hey DoC

        Good for you!

        I thought Reform would make a stranger showing.

        Nonetheless, speaking from someone who has seen Demonrats from John Fuckwad Kennedy (I was a little kid) Landslide Lyndon Johnson…Peanut Jimmy Carter…Slick Willy Clinton…The Community Con Artist and now Ji Jing Joe…I’m afraid that your pain is just beginning.

      • Don’t know if you’re aware General but reform got half a million more votes than the Lib Dems. The Lib Dems won 72 seats, Reform five, a measure of how fucked up our voting system is. Consider also that people were so pissed off with the Tories that although as the Tories told us a vote for Reform helped the Labour party, four million of us voted Reform anyway.

        Oh and belated best wishes for your independence day last week.

      • Hey arfur,

        I did see that and I must confess I really didn’t understand it.

        Here in the States big states like California, Illinois and New York deliver huge majorities for Democrats but the Electoral College balances it out.

        And our congressional district all have approx the same number of voters so the popular vote there often is closer or at least more reflective of the electorates mood.

        I wasn’t sure how to read your system but only 5 seats really jumped out at me.

        I was also quite taken by the fact that Fishi retained his seat. He should have been tarred and feathered.

        I also have to wonder if Reform took votes from the Tories or if Tories took votes from Reform.

      • Labour didn’t win.

        The Conservative vote collapsed… spectacularly!

        And understandably so.

        Reform took the vast majority of their support from disillusioned Conservatives.

        A few from Labour.

        LibDems also took a sizeable chunk out of the Tory vote.

        Either way, hard to imagine why anyone would have voted Tory after 14 years of being shafted and lied to on an industrial scale.

        Unless in a futile attempt to keep Labour out.

        All Labour had to do was hold onto their regular demographic.

      • PS: I suspect that if the Democunts stick with Biden they will go the same way as the Tories in November.

  16. It’s possible that England and France will be contesting the Euro Footy Final on Sunday, each trying to outbore the other for 2 hours.

    Or they could just go straight to the penalty shoot out and save us all from falling asleep.

  17. The cunts eat snails their women are hairier than a Turks grandmother’s arsehole and the blokes all sound like screaming fucking poofs when they talk and the cunt in charge likes fucking pensioners

    • That’s the spirit 👍

      France is our ‘auld enemy ‘.
      They’re the absolute pits .

      It’s our duty as Englishmen to despise them.

      It’s not just that they stink,
      Are effete, eat newts and horses,
      Are sly and cowardly,
      But because they’re french.

      That hundred year war?
      Should be 400yr war.

      • 😁

        A fine writer Arfur.
        Suitably bearded too.
        A true patriot 🇬🇧

        Don’t make them like him anymore

  18. I read an amusing tale the other day regarding these slimy cunts..

    A nice old 90 odd year old blind lady was escorted to the polling booth by her daughter and when she was ready to vote asked “Which box do I put a cross in for war with France?”..

    Cue much laughter from the other voters.

    So,in short,Fuck the French into a cocked hat.

    • The seek him here, they seek him there…those Goddamned Frenchies send those fucking camel riding cocksuckers across the fucking Channel after we saved their cowardly arses from the 3rd Reich and now the ungrateful, back stabbing, garlic smelling, cunts want to be part of the 4th Reich…

      Oh…the most foul and foreign French!

  19. Whilst they are indeed utter cunts, I take my studded leather hat off to the greatest Frenchman ever:
    The Marquis De Sade.
    For ’twas he who set my mind down the path of warped and degenerate evil.

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