Brian May (4)

He was the least talented member of Queen who, it must be said, was a decent backing band for Freddie. Brian May was a snivelling, whinging walking vagina even before he aged, lost his sperm count, and resembled Zelda from the Terrahawks.

He’s gone on one of his rants, spray-farting his dinosaur grey grundies attacking the government (yeahh, tell it like it is), Covid (yeah dude, stick it to de maaan), and inevitablly Brexit (you is da Shizz, rebel). What a fucking loser.


May, who lives in Kensington in a multi-million-pound staccato mansion, championed Labour, presumably not realising they will wolf his fortune like a Fat Bottom Girl near cake.

His whiney, virtue-signalling rant read like a spoilt, spotty teenager’s bingo card : “dis cowupt government,
one of the world’s worst responses to Covid 19, poverty for many, filthy water, bwoken pwomises, de people who bwought us the disaster of Bwexit, and (zzzz) global warming.”

This decrrpit greedy, old hippy then bizarrly screeched about badgers.
Badgers. Is this what erectile disfunction does to you?

Brian “Theresa” May must have another hits album to flog. Keep buying the rants so you’ll keep buying the music so that this dreary multi-millionaire Remoaner crustmudgeon cunt can fit a new kitchen in his central London gaff whilst shitting arse biscuits into his granny pants.

Nominated by Captain Magnanimous.

Mary Hinge stuck the knife in with this:

Brian May filming himself voting

The silly sanctimonious old cunt was quite unable to just trot along and fill in his bit of paper without demanding attention, so decided to film himself whilst in the polling station, having treated his followers to what he clearly regarded as an inspirational speech about the dawn of a new era , freedom and some other load of old shit, like a pound shop, pube headed, poor mans Churchill.

This activity did not go unnoticed and he now faces a £5000 fine or prison ( I think we all know which it will be and I hardly think he will lose any sleep over losing £5000).
I don’t think it’s very likely a man of his age would not know the rules, and no doubt there were signs up about it outside the place, but Brian is above all that clearly, as he was voting for the good of Mankind.


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  1. Who gives a fuck Brian? Multimillionaire social justice warrior casts vote and posts some dribble on social media.

    Enjoy your nice life Brian, you did well out of playing guitar for a band with one trick. Status Quo, AC/DC, Cliff Richard and Queen.

    Outside their ageing fans no one gives a fuck. Playing at Live Aid wasn’t the most charitable thing ever done, you gave up a little time for a lot of publicity and got ordinary folk to part with their hard earned.

    Silly old cunt.

  2. Brian May is a fucking disgrace.

    My dad also broke electoral law by watching over my mum’s shoulder while she put her cross on her ballot paper. This was the early 1970s and she was sympathetic to Labour, but knew if she didn’t vote Conservative her life wouldn’t be worth living when she got home.

    However, the polling station staff saw what he was doing and and gave him a right earful, reminding him of the secret ballot law in this country. By then I think she’d already voted Conservative under pressure, but think Labour won marginally in the constituency on that occasion.

  3. I hate you with a perfect hatred. And if it weren’t for Freddie, no one would know your name, because you are bang average at guitar.

    get you fucking hair cut, lanky prick

      • Nope. A champagne socialist.
        I believe he allowed Sir Patrick Moore, who was running out of funds, to continue living in his old house by buying it and letting him live there rent free.
        Nice guy? No. Not really.
        He could easily have just given the house to Patrick, after all, those royalties keep rolling in, he’d hardly have noticed it, financially, for what was supposed to be his friend, idol and mentor.
        But he didn’t.

    • Bang average?
      That’s bollocks.

      Post a link to you playing guitar and we’ll see.

      I agree that maybe he should keep his opinions to himself, although we don’t on here do we.

      It’s easy to be a champagne socialist when whoever is voted in it won’t affect you ’cause you’ve got millions in the bank and multiple properties worth millions.

    • All i can say about the berk who reported Dawn Butler to the police is ‘ ‘triggered’.

      Proof, if any more were needed, that Twitter is for whinging fagg0ts, be they right or left wing.

  4. When driving and I see a dead Badger on the road, I say ‘another dead one you couldn’t save, Brian you Cunt’

    Passengers often give a quizzical look..

  5. Off topic but I’m so fucking happy for Watkins. He’s one of the best strikers in the Premier League and yet STILL people kept doubting his ability to perform for England. He deserved that.

    • England deserved that.
      And yes, it was a penalty. The cunt was showing his studs.

      Anyone else spot the Dutch c**n picking his nose? Lovely.

      • That penalty decision was the single worst decision of any referee in the entire tournament.

        An absolute fucking shocker to be honest.

        Whether it’s England or Madagascar, it’s important to win fair and square.

      • Considering how many we’ve had go the other way in previous years I’ll take it

  6. How was that a penalty? Both the twats had their feet in the air so of course studs were showing. If that had been the other way round then engerland fans would have been having a chimp out

    • It wasn’t a penalty, but I can see why it was given. Studs up is studs up and Dumfries surely knew there was a risk of catching Kane. It was more of a 50/50 incident though.

  7. This is a piss weak.era of international football.

    France are wank.
    The Italians are a shadow of teams previous as are the Germans.

    The fact the FA have thrown millions at this “project” and won trophies at youth level, it’s actually a natural progression to actually win something at senior level. Or should be.

    Big test yet to come on Sunday against the best team in the tournament.

    I’ll believe these cunts are up to it when their hands are actually on the trophy.

    • France are out, and so are ze Germans. England are in the final might not have been pretty but it’s England, not Brazil, few cunts eating humble pie today.

      • They’ve won fuck all yet.

        If they do, then fair enough and credit where it’s due.

        Until then…

      • Exactly, Herman! I’m not sure how my fellow counters managed to stray from slagging Brian May, to those worthless homosexualists of the engerlund team, but I was they’d stay on topic as I now feel obliged to slate anything or anyone remotely connected to football! Hopefully the useless cunts will be taking home the losers medal, again, because that always brings me great joy, along with reading about the ridiculous, braying imbeciles wearing the engerlund shirt getting the living shit kicked out of them while on foreign soil!

      • Sunday England. 4. Spain 0. And plenty of humble pie ohh and a kane hat trick

      • It still doesn’t detract from my point that this is a piss weak era of international football.

        If England do somehow manage to win it, and it’s still a big if, it’ll be by default.

        People who know fuck all about the game are the type to predict scorelines that my 9 year old nephew would predict.

        Bulldog Nationalism .. meh!

  8. I don’t understand why people are supporting a team that wouldn’t look out of place in the African cup of nations

      • It really is bizarre Flexi. Yes crime can be an issue for various reasons but most minorites seem to genuinely want to fit in and integrate into British society. This lot are pining for a Britain that ceased to exist decades ago – and for good reason.

      • why are the government, media and large corporations so obsessed with it?

      • @OC

        Care about race?

        Are you for real?

        Have you been living under a rock for 15 years?

        We are race baited and gaslit by race grifters in government and media on a daily fucking basis.

        The FA and the English football team being among the very worst offenders.

        If wanking over Gay Black United is what floats your boat then wank on my friend.

      • The trouble is Opey, while a few on here will never accept black people in an England shirt as if we’re still living in the 1970s, I didn’t care until the FA politicised the national side with woke dogshit.

        The racial thing wasnt started by the fans. it was stirred up by the England team, the FA, the mecia back in 2021. The kneeling for criminals, the armbands, the laces, then the gaslighting over racist comments which came from non-white countries.
        The media. claiming graffiti saying ‘Fuck Sancho’ was racist.

        The England team is beset by racial politics through its own making, and the media continue to pile it on with their hectoring ‘hate’ adverts sandwiched with all the others.

      • @ CP

        Exactly that.

        I, like most, never ever gave a fuck what colour an England player was.

        Wright, Ince, Campbell etc in 90s. I cheered them on.

        Enter Southgate, George Floyd, the rainbow brigade and the assumption that we the plebs all need “educating”

        Cheeky patronising cunts.

        So fuck them.

      • To be honest, in the past 20 years ive shown more ‘hate’ towards England’s white players than black or mixed race, be it through frustration at their complacent attitude, laziness or being picked for being at a certain club rather than form (Maguire, you Easter island-faced oaf), while wanting to see decent black players given more opportunity (Jermaine Defoe was neglected but oddities like Crouch called up).

        Had i been msnaging the England side of yhe noughties, there wouldve been a few more black players in the squad, not because of politics, but i thought they were talented and shoudve been given more of a chance.

  9. One thing we do seem to have now that we didn’t have in the past is an absolute determination to win. We saw it tonight, and we saw it against Slovakia – we stayed in the game, kept fighting and took our chance when it came. I’ll take that over being out in the R16 playing attractive football.

    • I wouldve thought determination to win would see us get more than 5 points in the group stage against 2 minnows and Denmark. Slovakia showed that England play a completely different game to the intense style of the Premiership. If I were cynical, i’d say they play this way to draw the match into extra time to allow broadcasters to show more ads to a captive audience.

      • That argument falls apart when you realise how many games have been on the BBC

  10. You can bet your bollocks that this cunt (and that twat, Roger Taylor) will flog the Qieen ‘brand; unitl their deaths. Whether it’s with Adam Lambert or that fat cunt Ben Elton. As long as they get the cash, they don’t care who soils the legacy, or how.

    I dare say they already have plans for an AI Freddie project….

    • It will be unbearable if they win..

      A knighthood for the FA arse licker wokegate.
      Rodney starmer will claim the win for the Labour Party..

      Every plastic celebrity fan stupid faces everywhere.

      So fuck the knee bending, BLM supporting rainbow lace wearing,poof supporting though not enough to play a world cup in a Muslim run regime..

  11. Apparently, Queen (the two that are left) insist if they are to be on a ‘NOW’ compilation, they have to be Disc 1, Track 1.

    What does it bloody matter? They get paid regardless. Such childish self important bollocks.

    • Same here. Never really been a fan of ‘Rock Royalty’. Pensioners with drum kits and electric guitars , playing at English Heritage sites. Against the ideals of rock and roll. They always get some crusty fucker with a knighthood for Glastonbore, along with house band Coldplay.

      Still, it makes all the boomers who spunked five or ten grand on a glamping ticket feel young if the cunts on stage have bus passes.

  12. I think Southgate is making a point by playing black players over white players who are just as talented, although the white players might have more time playing european football.

    Should England win the thing it will be a PR coup for all involved in the project.

    Gordon, Gallagher, Palmer, Bowen can remain on the bench, with Grealish excised from the squad altogether.

    All they’ll need for the world cup is to replace (ssh!) Pickford, Stones, Foden and Kane, although Kane will be 32-33 so ripe for replacement (Pssst!).

    Easy does it, Gareth

  13. What is all this negative England shit they lose a game their cunts they draw a game their cunts they win a game their cunts and the manager is useless.what the fuck happened to the pride and support we use to have .if you support with positive vibes and believes there is no limit to what is achievable

    • Well, speaking for myself. I still resent the fact that a cunt like Southgate lectured us that we needed ‘educating’. Just because there were misgivings about over two years of taking the knee for George bloody Floyd. That still leaves a bad taste, the arrogance of the man. Southgate made English football about diversity, politics and BLM, and he had no right to.

      And it’s not so much the current players, there are some good ones. But I cannot take to Gareth and I never will.

  14. Overrated band. Absolutely camp, stadium rock. “The Bicycle Song” and “Fat Bottomed Girls” are hardly pinnacle levels of songwriting. Absolute shite.

    Brian May’s half the guitarrist Lindsey Buckingham is. The latter can’t sing for toffee after his triple heart bypass, yet can still shred like a demon at 74.

    • Lindsety was well shafted by that slag, Stevie Nicks.
      She only got into Mac because Buckingham was giving her one (along with most of California’s rock stars), and she gets him ‘fired’.
      Nicks is a complete cunt.

      • Saw John Squire and Liam Gallagher recently.
        John can still play and he’s still got it. Worth going just to see and hear him play.

  15. The English football fan consist of supporters from lower league sides, that need the thrill of the big time. That’s all it is. Pathetic.

  16. Brian May
    Sadiq Khan
    Emmanuel Khant.
    May wears white clogs, is he some sort of camp chef ?
    Taylor enjoys playing the cunt as well as the drums.

    • Nah.A highly educated (to put it mildly) gentleman.A Phd in astro physics too ffs.His thesis concerned with….Space dust ffs.A doctor of dust with an axe made from a fireplace originally.

      Notwithstanding his goofy politics,a fascinating yeoman of Albion ol Bri..

  17. Early Queen (up to News of the World) were a great rock band. Sheer Heart Attack being a personal fave LP
    Later Queen music was dogshit. A band totally fucking themselves in the arse with “I Want To Break Wind” or whatever it’s called.

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