Carry On Julian (6)

As an Oz born UK National I find the whole Julian Assange saga positively shameful. A case of the UK brown nosing the Yanks without a condom. In the Wake of Brexit the British Foreign Office is both determined and terrified to keep its “Special Relationship” zombie alive with any kind of voodoo. The classic Establishment move would have been to release Mr Assange ever so discreetly many years ago and to deny all knowledge once the Americans caught wind of it. An apocryphal conversation between Sir Rupert Chinless-Wonder FO (Kenneth Williams) and Hank Thrust CIA (Sid James). Other parts played by Bernard Bresslaw (Assange) and Joan Sims (Stella Assange):

“Ah you don’t say so Hank…..that’s rather unfortunate Old Boy, nothing absolutely to do with us you understand. Rather thought it was your people that had the chappie under tabs or so we were led to believe. Your hard cheese rather donchathink?..But dear dear Hankypoos, no need to take it like that old heart, you know us….anything we can do to render assistance….would be our pleasure to drop our pants and bend over.”

Clearly when steered by America the FO can still act with swift duplicitous secrecy – classic British diplomatic skills never die, they only smell that way. As evidenced by the hush hush surrounding the Assange release today or whenever it took place. Doubtless we would still be in the dark if Assange’s own people had not released their own footage of the farrago. So far as UK news management goes this is the perfect moment to pull the stunt and have it largely buried in the endless election news cycle.
At any other time it would be major news but now you hardly notice Mr Albanese (Australian PM) throwing the blame (in my view totally justifiably) on the UK Gov. This for the extraordinary incarceration of Assange (an Australian national) for alleged crimes (not committed in the UK) in the high security nick of Belmarsh.

Mind you considering the totally flakey and allegedly whiffey (due to a lack of personal hygiene) cunt has managed to hook and land a very personable new wife name of Stella of Swedish extraction (nudge nudge) and produce two children in a tiny room in the Ecuadorian Embassy (nudge nudge nudge), Julian has not done too badly. Stella is a mouthey Hooman Rights Lawyer and his second wife so we shall see how long that Carry On lasts.

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Nominated by Sir Limpy stroke.

44 thoughts on “Carry On Julian (6)

  1. Didn’t the Ecuadorian cunts throw him out because he shit up the walls?

    Anyway it all go to show that British fair play and decency us alive and well..and our politicians definitely wouldn’t kneel and suck Bidens withered balls.


    Good morning.

  2. Seeing the nom headline, I was rather hoping that naughty Julian Clary had gotten himself into a spot of amusingly homosexual bother.

    • Clary set the gold standard for poofery.

      I can remember my father throwing stuff at the Radio Rentals luxury TV when Clary showed up. Laser guided half empty tins of Tennants.


    • If Clary had got involved in some underaged or otherwise unwanted buggery, I am sure the new government would have found him a role, even if was only to be Starmer’s lavatory assistant.

  3. I wonder how big a distraction news story there’ll be when the cunts in charge quietly slip jihadi fuck fodder Begum back into the UK.
    England beating Spain perhaps?

  4. Assange is a cunt who endangered allies and leaked details of private citizen’s political persuasions under the banner of ‘journalism.’

    He isn’t any kind of hero, he’s an irresponsible look at me cunt who revelled in wikileaks’ notoriety.

    The wanker.

  5. Just another “I’m ever so clever” libtard, middle class, perpetual uni student that’s never done a days work and sponged off of the taxpaying proles whom he despises. One hopes some retired ex intelligence/special forces types arrange a most peculiar and interesting accident for this smug supercilious cunt

  6. I am glad for Julian he was able to leave our rotting and rotten cuntry before Starmer and his bunch of faggots started dismantling it altogether. I only wish I could escape to Australia myself. As ever, though Britain was America’s poodle, and seeing Kweer brown nosing Biden yesterday we are now it’s Chihuahua.

  7. Julian is the perfect example of our fucked up immigration system..

    Once here, only dynamite will shift them.

    • I think Peter Butterworth should play Assange like Citizen Bidet in Don’t Lose Your Head. Bernard Bresslaw (“‘I’m starving!’) should be blacked up as James Cleverly – he even has a ‘Carry On’ name!

  8. Julian Assange is one of those people for whom both their first name and surname translate to ‘massive cunt’. Another example is Piers Morgan. I’m sure he’ll be gagging for an interview.

  9. Fuck diplomacy, we should have told the Ecuadorians to shove their panpipes up their arse and go and cry to the UN as we put him on a plane to the U.S. If only the govt had shown as much determination in fucking off this discount Che Guevara as they had in stopping the Begum bitch trying to come back. Which she probably will btw as Starmer gives her back her citizenship and some compo.

    • He helped expose the US government spying on its own citizens and ours. Justification was to keep us safe.

      He’s been persecuted for the act of actually doing journalism. I know it’s hard to recognise real journalism these days because there is none.

      • Exactly right Sixdog.

        Journalism in the modern era is to simply parrot the official narrative and call anybody who questions it either a racist, an outlier, or a conspiracy theorist.

      • Despite being fed up with this dysfunctional mess, I must commend 6dV and Herr Jelment for cutting through the spin and speaking truth to cunters.

      • What fucking journalism? Indiscriminate posting of everything his gang of cunts received with no discretion does not constitute journalism.

        The silly cunt was drunk on the information that fell into his hands and wanted to show off. He did expose some shit but mostly did immense damage to the safety of the collective Western nations.

        I know our governments are all villainous but this doesn’t make our adversaries suddenly friends. A point repeatedly lost on some, I know.

  10. I’m really sick of this whole clusterfuck. Everybody’s wrong and nobody’s right.

    Hang Assange and overthrow all the governments involved.

  11. This cunt of a sex pest should have been deported back to his own shitshow of a cuntry right at the start.

    • He’s a lefty little cunt,
      He endangered serving forces personnel.

      The yanks should of assassinated him.

      He in typical fashion abused the sanctuary given him by the Equatorial embassy.

      Fuck him

      • He also cost the British taxpayer over £12m in policing costs while he was holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy. Why should this shithead have been our problem?

      • Didn’t he have a cat that he let shit all over the embassy, or was that him?

        Don’t the Austrians want to arrest him for a bout of rapey shenanigans?

  12. Exposes BNP membership details = hero.
    Exposes Government filth and warmongering = zero.

    Join the armed forces, watch your leaders pick a fight on the world stage then go and kill or die on the battlefield while those who started it sit back and congratulate each other.
    Then again, what other country has blek wimminz flying F35 fighter aircraft , ain’t we the biz ?

  13. I dont trust Assange, but then I don’t trust what our media or government say about foreign adventures, either.

    Weren’t we all supposed to laugh when Gaddafi said Prince Andrew grovelled on behalf of BP? This was a while after Blair’s government had called Gaddaffi a ‘great statesman’.

  14. I had not noticed his spic-Ikea wife and was surprised to see he had fathered children (probably some type of Boys from Brazil cloning programme with a turkey baster).

    That said, she is rather tasty to look at, even with her turkey teeth but I’d have a go for sure.

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