Brian May (4)

He was the least talented member of Queen who, it must be said, was a decent backing band for Freddie. Brian May was a snivelling, whinging walking vagina even before he aged, lost his sperm count, and resembled Zelda from the Terrahawks.

He’s gone on one of his rants, spray-farting his dinosaur grey grundies attacking the government (yeahh, tell it like it is), Covid (yeah dude, stick it to de maaan), and inevitablly Brexit (you is da Shizz, rebel). What a fucking loser.


May, who lives in Kensington in a multi-million-pound staccato mansion, championed Labour, presumably not realising they will wolf his fortune like a Fat Bottom Girl near cake.

His whiney, virtue-signalling rant read like a spoilt, spotty teenager’s bingo card : “dis cowupt government,
one of the world’s worst responses to Covid 19, poverty for many, filthy water, bwoken pwomises, de people who bwought us the disaster of Bwexit, and (zzzz) global warming.”

This decrrpit greedy, old hippy then bizarrly screeched about badgers.
Badgers. Is this what erectile disfunction does to you?

Brian “Theresa” May must have another hits album to flog. Keep buying the rants so you’ll keep buying the music so that this dreary multi-millionaire Remoaner crustmudgeon cunt can fit a new kitchen in his central London gaff whilst shitting arse biscuits into his granny pants.

Nominated by Captain Magnanimous.

Mary Hinge stuck the knife in with this:

Brian May filming himself voting

The silly sanctimonious old cunt was quite unable to just trot along and fill in his bit of paper without demanding attention, so decided to film himself whilst in the polling station, having treated his followers to what he clearly regarded as an inspirational speech about the dawn of a new era , freedom and some other load of old shit, like a pound shop, pube headed, poor mans Churchill.

This activity did not go unnoticed and he now faces a £5000 fine or prison ( I think we all know which it will be and I hardly think he will lose any sleep over losing £5000).
I don’t think it’s very likely a man of his age would not know the rules, and no doubt there were signs up about it outside the place, but Brian is above all that clearly, as he was voting for the good of Mankind.


143 thoughts on “Brian May (4)

  1. Another cunt who has probably never paid his fair share of tax, like that prolapsed arsehole fat reg..

    Cry me a river Anita dobson, dirty den was right to divorce you.

  2. So fucking ugly it is a wonder he didn’t crack the lens. Clearly a face for radio – probably yet another Kweer cocksucker of the pansy left.

  3. Everyone has a right to an opinion.

    What they don’t have is the right to shove it down other people’s throats, and especially someone who has a degree in astrophysics, who should be intelligent enough to realise that there are three things you keep to yourself.

    Your politics, religion (or lack), and your salary should be kept to yourself, because a smack in the gob often offends.

  4. Ignorant badger loving cunt with a perm. Saw him on the grid for the British GP. Brundle tried to have a word with him and the cunt didn’t even acknowledge him, walked past as if he wasn’t there.

    Bohemian Rhapsody is shit too.

  5. Must have been a right twat getting his guitar, amp and a small audience into that polling booth in the photo in the link.
    Vote-hemian Rhapsody.

  6. Saw a bit of him at the grand pricks grid walk with martin “i know all about F1 me” brundle and the the other two chancers webber and coulthard, he ignored all of them for some reason. Still, He hates the glastonbury gnome eavis and his son emily so cant be all bad.

    • Trouble is, Arch, he could probably be able to buy a Japanese Island with the change from the back of the sofa, so he’ll probably just fuck off as soon as it starts getting tough.

  7. Forget Brexit, the Tories or Covid. The only tragedy is that he didn’t fall off the roof of Buckingham Palace during the Queens Golden Jubilee.

  8. Make an example of him, a week in the stocks… preferably in downtown Kabul.

    There is a lots of hot air coming out of Labour, just like the fucking cunt May and that’s as far as it will go 😂

    • I always preferred bucktoothed sodomite Freddy.
      He had a sense of humour 👍

      Can’t be a real rock star if you’re called Brian.
      It’s a milkmans name.

      And he looks like a close up in a 70s porn mag.

      Fairs fair though , He was good in Queen .
      I liked Queen.

      Gordon’s Alive!!!!

      • While Freddy would sniffing fat lines of coke off the cock of a Brazilian male prostitute and Brian would be sat in a field noting badgers mating rituals. Fuck off Brian they thought, go and fiddle with yourself and watch Attenborough.

  9. He did own a fucking great big motor boat moored at the Chelsea harbour marina back in the 90’s and I believe he also holds some qualification that he was awarded for his work on the velocity of dust in nebulas or something could have been a PhD,
    Also lucky that Freddie never took a fancy to him or he may well have died of poof plague. Did he also marry that doyen of eastenders Anita Dobson how the fuck do I know all this bollocks.

  10. People like brian,only have one vision and it don’t involve the plebs..

    But his beloved labour will soon be under pressure and then the hammer will fall.

    Then it will be a struggle for bri to keep himself alive..especially when the gimmegrants want it all.

    Then it will be a bicycle race to the airport.
    But to no avail as another one bites the dust. still the show must go on..

    Don’t stop me now.. oh all right I’ll shut up.

    • If Dame Kweer doesn’t attempt to sneakily take the UK back into the EU , it’ll be The Miracle.

      Then it’ll leave over 50 percent of the public wanting to Break Free again.

      Who knows, come Sunday if Wokeland win the footy, Dame Kweer may well be seen singing We are the Champions with his Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy Owen Jones.

      Sorry about that.

  11. Never keen on Queen, with the bucktoothed shouting queen up front and neither this geezer, with the Simon Rattle hairdo. Should mention this nobody first for age status, but Rattle knows more about music in his little finger than May’s got in his little dick.

    • Never much about Sir Simon these says.
      Perhaps its because the BBC’s idea of arts coverage is limited to Banksy, Glastonbury and Taylor Fucking Swift.

  12. Maybe he’s a twat now.
    But least talented member of Queen. Do fuck off. He
    Created his own unique guitar 🎸 sound and effects plus some blindingly tuneful riffs melodies.

    • I am a Queen fan, Every.

      I just think you should keep certain things to yourself.

      After all, who wants to be lectured by people who’s lifestyle is beyond an ordinary person’s comprehension?

      Looking at you, Jeremy Vine.
      I see HMRC are taking an interest in your affairs.

      How do you like them apples?

  13. Fat bottom girls make the rocking world go round….

    True that.

    Frederick Mercury taught me that.
    And if there’s anything he’s a expert on it’s arses.

    Strange band really ,
    Freddie was from Zanzibar, a flamer, and loved opera.

    In the studio he got sneered at by Sid Vicious.

    SV ” still bringing opera to the masses Freddy?

    FM ” Mister Ferocious! How delightful to see you!

    Hehehe 😂

    Let’s have some Queen

  14. He lives in Holland park (not the actual park), where houses are around £25m for a fixer upper.

    He also has the exact same hairstyle as his wife.

  15. Brian May Ph.D should fuck off into irrelevance and concentrate on stargazing and badger-bothering.

    He wont go to jail for his antics at the poliing station but he should.

  16. This noms not filled me with murderous hatred like normal.

    Just got me listening to Queen😁

    Can’t muster the spite for this pubeheaded badgerlicker

  17. Queen were shite.

    I’ve heard all of their albums over the years and used to consider myself a bit of a fan when I was a youngster.

    Upon reflection, they’re fucking shite.

  18. Captain Mags is right about Labour wanting Brian’s wealth. This isn’t the Blair years even though Smarzy is a Blairite clone in a Corbyn world. This isn’t the Gallagher brothers at No10 for champagne receptions anymore, they have millions of scrounging immos to pay for poodle tits.

    Slightly OT, Starmer’s Mrs looks alright, not what I was expecting. A bit Stepford Wives looking maybe but that’s probably what attracted android Keir to her.

  19. I’ve always liked Queen and his contribution to the group. It’s a shame he’s turned out to be an arrogant luvvie. Bit like Neil Young, he let himself down as well.

  20. I once had an altercation with Brian May.
    Around the late 1970s it were.
    Just before Thatcher came to power.
    I should say, he’ll deny this account.
    His story will be different.
    I was exiting a London newsagents after stealing a Crunchie.
    He drew up beside me in a light coloured Jaguar XJS.
    Very flash.
    I recognised him immediately, though was never a fan of his brand of pomp rock.
    In retrospect I reckon he was kerb crawling,
    (What with me being quite dishy in those days)
    Anyway, to cut a long story short, he asked me the way to Bolsover street.
    I told him Bolsover street was in the middle of an intricate one-way system,
    A one-way system easy enough to get into,
    But almost impossible to lose.
    I told him his best bet, if he really wanted to get to Bolsover street, was to take the first left, first right, second right, third on the left, keep his eye open for a hardware shop, go right round the square sticking to the inside lane, take the second Mews on the right, and then stop.
    He would then find himself facing a very tall office block, with a crescent courtyard.
    He could take advantage of this office block by going round the crescent and coming out the other way – follow the arrows – go past two sets of traffic lights and take the next left indicated by the first green filter he came across.
    He’d have the Post Office Tower in his vision the whole time.
    All he had to do then is reverse into the underground car park, change gear, go straight on, and he’d find himself in Bolsover street with no trouble at all.
    I did warn him, though, that he’d still be faced with the problem of losing it.
    I knew one or two people who’d been wandering up and down Bolsover street for fucking years.
    Wasted the best years of their lives there.
    Cunts who live there, their faces are grey, they’re in a state of despair.
    No one pays any attention to them, you see?
    Anyway, I told him that probably the best thing he could do was to forget the whole idea of getting to Bolsover street.
    I told him: “This trip you’ve got in mind, drop it. It could prove fatal.”
    But he said he had to deliver a parcel for Freddy.
    I’d gone out of my way to help him because he had a nice open face.
    Normally I wouldn’t give a fuck.
    But he looked like a chap who would do well by badgers
    Then he drove off without a by-your-leave.
    He’ll deny this account.
    His story will be different.
    No good deed goes unpunished.
    Fuck him.

    Btw, I wrote to the Times about the situation in Bolsover Street.
    In a letter headed ‘Life At A Dead End’.
    My letter went for nowt.

  21. Gets Boring when people who live off millions in mansions start talking about government as if anything to do with government remotely affects them, especially when they advocate a socialist.

    Anyone working class in this country who voted labour is a cunt and anyone influenced to vote labour by this loaded private healthcare gated mansion old fuckwit is a double cunt.

    That cunt mandelson was on the election count show literally saying ‘we hope to add the working class to our voter base at the next election’. he should have been hung at the hague with campbell and Blair for war crimes a good while ago.

    Fuck cunts like May who try to inspire people to vote for their own destruction. He wont be fighting in the dirt with the rest of us over healthcare, housing, schooling and the right to own a car will he?

  22. Queen and Freddie Mercury’s estate have just agreed to sell their back catalogue to Sony.

    The price ?

    One billion GBP, !! Mwuhahahaha !!!

    That’s some fucking deal.

    Saw them twice in the Seventies.

    Brilliant. FM may have been an outrageous fruit 🍑
    but he was an awesome performer and vocalist.

    May is a superb guitarist but a cunt.

    Taylor is a superb drummer but a cunt.

    Deacon is an excellent bassist and is a solid bloke.

    He has fuck all to do with the others, so has good taste.

    All of them accomplished songwriters.

    Lots of musicians are cunts.

    If you like the music, just enjoy it. 👍

    Good evening.

    PS. A girl I used to go out with back in the Seventies reckoned she could cure Freddie of the gayness.

    I think she was probably right, she was very intense.

    She died far too young. ☹️

    I like to think she and Freddie are in heaven.

    Her sat on his face and him fucking loving it. ♥️

    RIP the both of you.

      • If she’d have got her hands on him he wouldn’t have stood a chance 😃


        I hope you’re busy on your allotment and not slobbing out at home ( like me ) 😁

        We’re burning daylight !

      • On there after tea Jack.
        Got a load of pallets to drop off.

        Fucked myself up on Monday.

        The previous bloke was like a borderline midget.

        So all the doorways to the greenhouses etc are to low for me.
        Cleaned out one put some plants in ( cucumber and aubergine)

        Tuesday morning couldn’t walk 10ft.
        In fuckin agony!

        Luckily it wore off by this morning job with loads of painkillers.

        Midgets are the bane of my life.

      • Allotments are hard graft.

        But very rewarding.

        Nothing like harvesting your own produce.

        Congratulations !

        You are now a Son Of The Soil 👍

    • Thank you, this has helped me put my mind off any twattishness from May. A Night At The Opera is probably my favourite album of all time. my Dad got it for me when I was 12. I was probably one of the only kids my age in the 90s who was hooked on it. My favourite tracks are “I’m in love with my car” and that weird one “Prophet’s Song”, but I like all the others too. Very English eccentric stuff and masterful. It probably helped get me into more unusual music like Frank Zappa.

      I’ll probably just assume that May has some kind of mind virus called Wokery, which has turned him into a prize cretin late in life.

  23. I once saw this funny piece in The Sun around 20 years ago about the evolution of Brian May’s hair do. It included a grid with about 12 photos of his face and hair over time. The caption read:

    “Beelzebub has a mullet put aside for May…”


  24. This nonentity is more likely to have the piss taken out of him than anything in my circles. Its not as though he’s famous for being infamous, more for just being a nobody.

    • Who moves in your circles Sammy?

      Do you have Elizabeth Taylor on the back of your bike?

      Princess Margaret over the beach hut for a wild party ?

      Stop showing off !😂

      • For a start Mis, old Liz Taylor had double the amount of eyelashes than normal. It meant me having to wear an overcoat and scarf to stop me from catching cold, every time she flickered them at me. Princess Margaret was cold and unfeeling. That’s why she died from scalding her feet in the bowl of hot water in the beach hut, after paddling in the sea.

  25. I remember this cunt coerced the Labour MP at the time for South Pembrokeshire to support his badger hugging shit, the stupid smug Liebore cunt lapped it up and he lost his seat by huge margin, the silly cunt didn’t read the room, badgers are loathed by most in this part of the world, anyway the cunt is starting to resemble a late stage TB infected badger, maybe I should put him on my next pool!

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