The Google search engine


I think there is some kind of gremlin in the above.

I just typed in “Ugly Fat cunt wins Miss Alabama”, and it came back with “It looks like there aren’t many great matches for your search”, and no links offered.

Meanwhile…. *this* happened a few days ago.

the sun

Hmmmm…. 😄

Nominated by CuntemAll.

74 thoughts on “The Google search engine

  1. It may have been a closer run result than we think. There was a fairly chunky lass in the Pantone 18-1029 range (‘toasted coconut’) a bit further down the stage.

    Imagine the dilemma. Chunky but darker, vs. obese but not super-definable heritagewise.

    They doubled-down on the weight angle. Went for all-out grotesque. The racist cunts.

    There’s no WAY 3, 5, … however many judges were involved … all independently chose that as the most beautiful contestant (“personality’ spin, my hole!) in a beauty pageant, without being steered/directed.

    Or lying. I know there are fetishists out there, but no …. just no. No fucking way.

    If this was a Miss Obese USA Pageant taking place, and an undeniably attractive, thin, healthy lass entered and took the title, there’d be indignant outrage from the fatties, … backed up as ever by the shamefacedly ‘woke cause of the moment, however ridiculous’ online anons.

    Double standards, as ever.

    Still. At least the winner of THIS [beauty pageant in the past couple of weeks], .. has a VAJ there somewhere under all the folds …

    Unlike ‘Miss’ Maryland 2024. An XY-chromosome person. To wit : a dude. No matter HOW ya dress it up. (Wow! , that old saying has never made more sense).

    Google ignoring searches about whether the dong is gone or tucked.

    Forbes metaphorically sucks his/her cock, here

    Follow the trends, people. If a black 20+stone guy with acne scars and the dead foetus-head of his dead siamese twin sticking out his neck enters Miss World next year, .. back that cunt for the win!

    Ditto if some mental elf spaznik abusing ‘inclusivity’ gets their CAT into crufts…

    • Isnt it odd how all of these pro-war exploitative, zero-hour contract corporate news entities are now so agitated by what they deem ‘right- wing’?

      These journo/activists are too hypocritical and ignorant to pay much attention to.

  2. As I was told as a boy it’s not looks but personality that counts with girls, I had a thing about birds with double D personalities, and easily removed panties.

  3. I notice that the fat cunt says even something typed can have an effect.

    Funny how the effect is never to stop eating

  4. Aside from the rigged algorithms that bury or hide results they don’t want you to see, I first found IsaC by typing “Michele Obama is a Cunt” so how bad can Google be?

    • I found it by Typing “Brendan Rodgers is a cunt.” He totally is but I don’t think he’s ever been cunted…….

      A titanic cunt at that.

  5. Some ” plus” sized lasses are actually very pretty, beautiful even.

    This looks like she’s one bacon sandwich short of a catastrophic stroke.

  6. Plus sized? Oh, my sides…🤣

    Funny, how these ‘proud’ lardies never actually say that they are fat and clinically obese. It’s always some fancy ‘polite’ woke shit like ‘plus sized’.

    As for Miss Alabama being plus sized? The 1945 atomic bomb was smaller than that.

    • And if anyone is honest, and points out that these ‘plus sized’ tarts are fat, they ripple, wobble, tantrum and blubber like a waterfall of lard.😫

  7. Quite astonishing that the following cunts have never been cunted….

    Brendan Rodgers
    P. Diddy
    Stevie Nicks
    James Bolam

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