Dirty children and parents.

Everything is the fault of the government. To some of the more insane audience members of Wireless 4’s “Any Questions” (just listen to their reaction to an obsessed EU supporting SNP MP on Any Questions tx 7 &8th June), it is all due to Brexit. But is it the fault of even hapless Rishi or Brexit that parents are too fucking lazy to teach their children to use the lavatory?. Well, here is a BBC take on it:

One silly cow of a mother gushes that her child was “not interested” in using his chamber pot till he got to school then – would you believe it? – the school “helped” him, so that saved the lazy bleeder of a mother the bother of teaching him – she has more than enough to do staggering down the newsagent every morning to buy her scratch cards and crisps, then sinking into the sofa watching daytime TV.

You have children of six shitting themselves at school, because, well because modern parents are so ignorant, lazy and stupid (as dirty) yet, just ten years after the shitting six year old has progressed to washing behind his ears, Kweer thinks they will be ready to vote.


Nominated by W. C. Boggs.

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  1. What’s the betting all of us ISAC fathers taught our kids in the same way?
    Nappies. Then, when they’re strong enough to sit upright, sit them on the potty. Then a bog seat (with adaptor for small botties).
    Not difficult, ffs.
    You can train a puppy in less than a week.
    Why is it that council scum (and dark–keys) are always so damned fertile?

  2. Where’s big nose rashford when we need him, a arse wiper for every child..

    Take a leaf out of lammys book and fling your shit..

    • On his bike, with any luck.

      Even Wokegate has got sick of the useless whinging cunt.
      I only hope Ten Hag has the same idea.

      And I haven’t forgotten Rashford’s knee taking black fascist saluting shite during the lockdown. He just stopped short of sucking George Floyd’s dead cock.

  3. What’s the betting all of us ISAC fathers taught our kids in the same way?
    Nappıes. Then, when they’re strong enough to sit upright, sit them on the pọtty. Then a bog seat (with adaptor for small bọtties).
    Not difficult, ffs.
    You can train a puppy in less than a week.
    Why is it that council scụm (and darkıes) are always so damned fertile?

    • It’s something to aspire to thomas, you to, could one day be the leader of the free world..
      Pass the wet wipes..

      • How are you keeping Jill? We were all concerned you seemed a bit down a couple of weeks ago.

      • You’ve changed your avatar, Jill…had the panda in the previous one ran out of money for the ride?!

      • @Thomas, I just love Pandas Thomas. Will probably change it again in a few weeks.🐼🐼🐼

      • @Jill There’s a very naïve girl where I work who’s from Hong Kong and I tell her the most outrageous lies.
        She was asking me my favourite dinner and I said I was on the committee of the ‘Rare Meats Club’ where we meet every couple of months to sample rare animals from around the world and last year, we had panda steaks…she bought it and said I was terribly cruel!
        I’m a very convincing teller of tall tales…

      • You are just plain evil, Thomas.

        A person after my own heart.

        We need to stop sugarcoating. There are no unicorns farting rainbows!

  4. She should be looked at very closely by “social”. But I doubt they will do anything, they seem more interested in keeping fathers away from their kids regardless of the situation. Oh and covering their arses when they fuck up catastrophically and some kids gets killed by the scumbag parents.

  5. The chav scum who take their kids to the school gates wearing their pyjamas. And they are mostly women. My old mum would rather hve died than go out not looking her best.

    Oh, a reminder (given to us by the hated BBC). Today is Windrush Day (celebrated on 22 June since 2018).

    Windrush Day? Get to fuck.

  6. I still remember my duty of washing dirty nappies. Today I’d wrap a used one round the head of that lazy mother.

  7. Went to my local dentist last week.

    Crammed with Mills and Boons. One African bitch just threw her kid’s coat on the waiting room floor. Didn’t even bother to hang it up. Naturally, the staff didn’t pull her up about it. These human muck are indulged at every turn.

    • Did its arse stick out 3 feet behind the rest of her?

      I can’t help laughing when I see it. Like a 19th century cartoon hottentot brought to life.

      • A very small and quiet dentist in a small place between Manchester and Bury.

        Full of treeswingers demanding interpreters.
        They are everywhere. .

      • Saw one in the main foyer in Southampton General hospital sat with legs spread and openly scratching her gusset as people walked past.

  8. I saw an advert on box the other night for something called “waterwipes” , why the fuck would anyone with a brain cell buy a wet fucking cloth in a packet, what’s wrong with the tap and a rag.🤪

  9. Most of the kids in my primary school lived here:

    Yet despite growing up in genuine social and economic deprivation, I do not recall a single child coming to school who wasn’t toilet trained. That’s because adults, no matter how poor, took parenting responsibilities seriously.

    I don’t recall any autism, ADHD, mental health issues or any other confected excuses for bad parenting either.

  10. Things have certainly changed over the years. In my day the kids attended school every day, arriving on time and staying all day. A child would only fail to be there if he or she had a genuine physical illness. Being absent without a valid reason produced an early visit to the home by the School Board man who would tell the errant parents of their responsibilties in short sentences. When I started school in 1956 my mother took me on the first day to show me the route. That was the only occasion I was accompanied to school. Like every other child in the class I was long out of nappies and could communicate adequately with the teachers. The transition to secondary school was straightforward. On my first day there in September of 1962 I reported alone to reception at 9am having never been there before and was directed to my new class room.

    • I started school in 1949. Plonked on a rocking horse whilst my mother made a quick getaway. Only lived round the corner incase of emergency. Same with you toilet trained years before. Had to be due to not wearing underpants. My mother only came as far as the playground railings to bring butties whilst at play. Never had a problem with attendance, unless poorly. Believe it or not, when it came time to change schools for the seniors, it was even closer, in the same street we lived ! Never any serious problems l recall in my mixed school days, mainly due to to everyone being white and lived local. A good idea don’t you think.

  11. Kids who shot their pants aged six, can’t use a knife and fork says a lot about modern society. Its pretty certain they are the sprogs of differently (un) employed parents. Didn’t have time to teach their kids to shit on a potty I expect.

    In other news this week Mum of 22 Sur Radford who many regard as a super mum to be celebrated has decided no more kids as her youngest starts school.

    Often left out of her heroic story is she was only 14 when her now husband Noel first impregnated her, maybe 13 as she gave birth at 14. Noel was 17 or 18 at the time…….

    She’ll probably be in the next cabinet.


    • Afternoon SV…imagine how easily the last half-dozen babies came out of that enormous fanny?! Not content with gobbling up the midwife’s watch, Sue’s Sarlaac Pit could’ve swallowed a grandfather clock sideways.
      The logistics and selfishness of having 22 kids aside, how could they possibly have given each kid the love every child deserves?
      They sicken me, how dare they put such a burden on the local community.
      They should have both been sterilised after half a dozen.

  12. Michael Ball should release a new version of the Les Mis/AIDS anthem ‘Empty Chairs at Empty Tables’ – ‘Dirty Children, Dirty Parents’ ‘ for Children in Need (of soap and talc).

  13. Both my nans went to the same primary school, a church in the middle of the woods.
    If they wanted a shit they’d have to gobwith the rest of the wildlife.

  14. Dear me.

    Child not potty trained?

    Ok all benefits stopped and emergency tax applied to cover the cost of the school picking up the responsibility.

    After a fortnight and no better?

    Gas the parents and give the children to normal people who can’t have kids.

    Shithouse Cunts.

      • Not house trained and still in nappies at 6yrs old?!

        Utter disgrace.

        Kim Jong un , North Koreas pin up president was driving aged 3.

        And at 9yrs old won a ocean going yacht race.*

        We should be embarrassed .

        * All facts courtesy of North Korea state department of propaganda

      • Yes Barry,on reflection I do feel like I’ve been unduly lenient.

        I,of course,blame Brexit and Putin.

        Good morning.

    • @unk… literally from a shithouse no doubt 😩…. more interested in big brother and love island, feckless pout lipped chavs with bone idle scruffy partners who all think they’re from the ghetto… bring back the birch 👍

    • 10 years of trawling tweets and that’s the best they have got..

      I seem to remember that bummer wes streaking threatened to push a journalist under a train..
      OK laughable, that weak as piss cunt can barely push a shit out of his stretched arsehole..

    • How awful. Digging up ancient tweets the BBC finds distasteful.

      Fetch the pomander.

      When’s Kuenssberg getting her face straightened out?

  15. When I was in primary school there was no help and it we left half a log up our ass then so be it, I soon learnt!

    I also remember fondly the type of paper we used to have, it was like tracing paper and lacerated my ass every time I used it.

    Those were the days!

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