Step forward Mr James Michael Johnson, lawyer and politician, Speaker of the United States’ House of Representatives. A deeply evangelical Christian, he is known for his opposition to legal abortion and gay rights and not always endearing himself to members of his own party. Fellow Republican John Delgado has called him ‘a despicable bigot of the highest order’ and Megan McCain described him as ‘a raging homophobe’.

Like most politicians he changes his mind as often as it suits him. He once wrote ‘Donald Trump lacks the moral center we desperately need again in the White House. I am afraid he would break more things than he fixes. He is a hothead by nature and that is a dangerous trait in a Commander In Chief. I just don’t think he has the demeanor to be president’.

Amazingly he is now supporting Trump’s 2024 campaign and has even criticized Trump’s conviction in the hush money trial, stating that the Supreme Court ‘should step in and set this straight’. Would it surprise anyone if the corrupt bastards did? When the House expelled Republican congressman and serial liar George Santos, Johnson voted against the expulsion and afterwards called it ‘a regrettable day’.

He has been quoted as saying that if people want to understand anything he does then they should read the bible, which makes him not only a nut case but a hypocrite as well. Back in October Joe Biden asked congress for $61 billion in aid for Ukraine, a move backed by most Americans. Johnson’s job is to move legislation through the house but, worried that Moscow Marjorie was threatening to file a resolution to remove him as speaker, he resisted and delayed. He finally allowed a vote to take place in April, only after travelling to Mar-A-Lago to beg permission from his lord and master.,

As a ‘man of God’, what would he consider to be more important – releasing defence systems to be sent to save lives in Ukraine or ensuring that he remains sat at the front in congress holding the gavel? How many civilian lives were lost during those six months as the Russians shelled Ukrainian cities? Did he spend those six months wrestling with his conscience as he imagined the explosions, the fires, the falling masonry and the maimed victims choking on dust? No doubt his bible provided him with comfort during this difficult time.


Nominated by Allan link by Mingejuice Bottler.

103 thoughts on “MIKE JOHNSON

  1. Must’ve had a blow to the head, he’s seeing stars.

    Why are yanks forever waving that piece of shit rag around.

  2. OT. Those BBC cunts are asking ‘Waht’s wrong with England?’

    Simple….. They’re shit.

    I can only hope that they get knocked out and that cunt Wokegate gets the push,

    • That’s what we’re all hoping Norm.

      The FA should get rid of him on 4th July. That way the whole nation can celebrate two useless, over-promoted gits getting the sack on the same day. Good riddance to both.

      Sorry, what was the nom about?

    • GayBlack United?

      Barely watched 2 minutes. Apart from the friendly against Brazil a few months ago, its all ive really seen since 2021’s Euro final.

      Overrated, overpaid, woke-when-it-suits, mercenary cunts. Until the FA and manager and arse-crawling pundits apologise for gaslighting people into thinking the racist abuse towards the three black penalty takers came from England fans, they can do one.


      • Guardiola was after it before we appointed Woy. Apparently he’s still interested should the opportunity arise – whether he’d cut short his contract at City though I’m not so sure. If he was to take it I think it would be in 2025 (at the end of his contract) with Southgate or an interim in charge until then.

    • What’s wrong is that Southgate orders the team to drop back and defend as soon as we score a goal. All it does is invite constant pressure onto us, with predictable results. It’s pathetic. Imagine Guardiola with that side.

  3. Anyone who actively pursues a career in politics nowadays ,is only in it to trough as much money before they are replaced by another greedy pig..

    Therefore should be beaten to death with a metal bucket.
    Let’s start with that Martin freeman lookalike..

  4. “Despicable bigot of the highest order” and “raging homophobe”…I’m liking this guy but had to go and spoil it with the nutty religious stuff. Who does he think he is, Miles Plastic?

  5. Hallelujah brothers, hallelujah…. get him down to speakers corner and bring down the wrath of jeeeeesus on the kuffar haters that now rule the gaff …. vengeance is mine oh lord⛪🙏 …eat lead mo’fo

  6. Why the fuck did we get involved with the Russia-Ukrain war? Ukrain brought this on themselves. If they had let their people be armed, Russia would not have advanced on them. Ukrain is corrupt and allowed themselves to be ripe for the taking. Fuck Ukrain.
    A question aside: why the fuck were Israelis not armed on Oct 7?
    An armed populace is key to resisting an enemy.
    Turn Gaza to glass.
    The USA does the right thing after we’ve tried everything else- Winston Churchill.
    I fear that’s not even true anymore.
    Happy Friday!

    • The Israeli population are all trained and generally speaking, armed to the teeth.

      They may (or may not) have been caught off guard on a national holiday.

      Ukraine is just corrupt as fuck.

      Ask yourself how a comedian by trade becomes president and has $100m in the bank.

  7. It might be nice to have a senior anti-bender politician in Britain – especially if the Fairy Princess Mandelson returns to high office.

  8. This seems like the usual TDS nomination which could/would/should/ be handily-dispensed of by General Cuntster, but he seems somewhat tardy today. I guess that’s one of the disadvantages of being in the former colonies at the unfortunate tail of the Earth’s rotation.

      • The same two lefty lambs getting their knickers in a twist about foreign affairs. Yawn.
        Fuck Joe Bidet.

      • Good effort lads, I’ll guess if we’ll all wait for your man with baited breath because we won’t get a word of sense out of you two.

  9. It is utter bollocks to to pretend that “most Americans” back bottomless funding for Biden’s proxy war in Ukraine. Most Americans are more concerned about how to pay for all the fucking illegals. “Most Americans” will be voting for the man who has promised to bring the war to an end. Fuck

  10. Another fringe left diatribe devoid of any substance.

    Let’s examine these sources:

    John Delgado is a failed politician and tax cheat.

    Originally elected to the Baton Rouge, Lousiana City Council in 2012 he ran for Mayor in 2016 and came in 4th behind 2 Democrats and 1 Republican with about 8% of the vote.

    Without support in his own party he was out of politics by 2019. He’s been in the news lately because he owns a liquor store and owes $30,000 in back taxes.

    Meghan McCain is an RINO/Establishment/Uniparty hack who was a former host of The View.

    She began her career as a blogger and rose to “fame” simply because she was former Senator John McCain’s daughter.

    She is an ardent anti-Trumper like her mother who actually supported Joe Biden and is friends with Jill Biden.

    As a non entity in American politics and media, she is now a columnist for your own Daily Mail.

    By the way, if you’re going to cite her you should at least spell her name correctly.

    Finally, we have the Kyiv Independent. Never heard of it? There’s a good reason why.

    It was founded by members and staff of the old Kyiv Post. Before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Post was critical of Zelenskyy and his corrupt and tyrannical government.

    Almost shut down and virtually bankrupted by Volo, they were continued with what their CEO Brian Bonner called “fragmentary” reporting and relentless criticism of the government until they merged with the Ukrain consultant firm of Jnomics Media.

    They continue with their relentless coverage of government corruption but also the Russian invasion which has been a boon to them.

    To prop them up Ashley Mulroney sent them $200,000 through the Canadian Embassy and they are mostly funded now through Crowdfunding and GoFundMe.

    They are hardly an icon of journalistic integrity.

    So there you have it…fringe left propaganda supported by a failed political and tax cheat…a Never Trumper former View host and a non credible, on-line rag nobody reads.

    An utterly bogus nomination without merit, substance or factual support.

    • I know absolutely nothing!

      About American politics, but at the end of the day, he’s a politician.

      I have the same regard for them as I do for our Government, the Police and local Councillors.

      That is, they are inherently in in for theirselves, if not actively corrupt.

      • Jeezum,

        I wouldn’t dispute anything you said.

        And let me tell you a little about American politics. Since becoming Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mike Johnson has turned his back on the political principles he has championed and supported.

        He has caved into the Democrats on many issues especially with regard to the budget and become a full fledged member of the Establishment/Uniparty.

        As such he is on the outs with the MAGA wing of the party even though he has made nice with President Trump and they are mutually supportive of each other.

      • A politician, then, General.

        We should be able to use the word to describe any person who adjusts their stance to favour theirselves.

        Flipflop isn’t good enough, are you listening, Panto Dame?

      • @GC
        Allan did provide the link, but it didn’t work.
        He missed the https bit at the beginning.
        I merely corrected the error.
        Good evening.

    • Instructions for MAGA cult followers:

      1. criticize the choice of link

      2. claim that the nomination is factually incorrect while omitting to
      say which facts are incorrect and why

      3. cross your fingers and hope that people believe you

      • 1. Criticize the choice of link.

        You didn’t even provide a link so you’re hardly in a position to talk.

        2. Claim the nomination is factually incorrect while omitting to say what facts are incorrect and why.

        Do you think “…travelling to Mar-a-Largo to beg permission for his lord and master” is a factual description?

        3. Cross your finger and hope people believe you.

        That’s the pot calling the kettle black! I pointed out why Delgado, McCain and the Kyivindependent (the link you didn’t provide) weren’t credible.

        You just quoted them and expected Cunters to take it at face value.

        NO…your TDS is raging again and I pointed that out. It’s OK to hate Trump. It’s OK to hate Republicans.

        But when you regurgitate the propaganda of your leftist heroes without factual support expect to have that pointed out.

      • What’s wrong with criticising the link if it comes from a partisan source? it’s not like Democrats/the left never criticise a story with a Breitbart link.

        Your other two points could easily apply to Democrats/The Left as well, or are you blind to that as well?

        You’re not saying anything.
        Your nomination has been found wanting and now you play childish games.

      • Tell me Allan, leaving everything else to one side do you believe Biden is morally, mentally or physically fit to be the leader of the free world?

        If you do explain how and if you don’t shouldn’t that be a bigger concern?

      • @GC
        Yes I know.
        I was just putting you straight seeing as you made such a big deal of it.

      • @Minge

        Hardly a big deal.

        Absent malace, I simply took what the Admin Team said at face value and pointed it out.

        I stand corrected.

        Allan did indeed provide the bogus link.

        Credit Minge with an assist.

    • The trouble with Allan’s political posts is he seems oblivious to the flaws\corruption and incontinence of his favour party. You have to be a brainwashed partisan to have clear vision of the faults of one party and oblivious to the larger faults so obvious in your chosen party.

      The majority is of the congress and senate currently act as a uniparty, the divisions are just for show most of the time.

      What really depresses me is the use of the Ukraine in this hit piece.

      Only recently it’s been revealed the CIA has been operating in Ukraine, some say for long before the start of the war.

      Ukraine is also host to US backed germ warfare labs. The ongoing NATO expansion towards Russian borders that Putin has been issuing warnings about since he’s been in power.

      The death toll on both sides has been horrific and the west could be considered as having sacrificed all of them for its own geopolitical ends.

      The US is attempting to encircle Russia and China militarily and flash points are inevitable.

      Imagine Russia anttem to bring Ireland into its sphere of influence and then threatening to place troops and nuclear missiles there.

      I don’t admire Putin but I think he can make a valid case for provocation.
      The Ukraine war was predictable and preventable.

      Since 911 the west has been in a long running war with someone somewhere benefiting only arms companies and bankers.

      Not one of those wars has ultimately been justified or successful. The war on terror for instance. Trample all over the Middle East and cause chaos and hate, then do fuck all to stop the refugees from those countries pouring across western borders with not a clue how many of them are coming to do us harm.

      Yeah these wars are really about freedom and a concern for the innocent.

      Most laughable is the outrage about Johnson’s failure to love the gays, like you suddenly give a fuck about the Gays Allan?

      Keep posting Allan, post something that’s not just drawn from the demonrat echo chamber pushing their talking points.

      Open your eyes and you might realise both parties pretty much dance to the tune of the same masters and blind loyalty to either side makes you a drone in their game against all of us.

  11. Ooooh no the poor Ukrainians

    Who gives a fuck, getting involved in their blood feud with the Russians

    Fuck off

  12. Most of them are.

    Show me a politician
    I’ll show you a snake fondler.

    Part and parcel of the job.

    Only difference here and across the pond is they have better teeth.

    • I’m still on the snake fondlers trying it with the salt-water crocodiles!

      Old joke.

      A Brit goes to Australia. He makes friends there. They take him to a beautiful beach, at a secluded bay.
      He says ” Ooo, I think I’ll go for a swim”

      Friend ( firing up the barbie) says
      ” I wouldn’t, mate”

      Brit says ” Why? Are there sharks?”

      Friend. ” Oh no, the crocs ate ’em all”

      I’ll get my coat.

  13. Sending more arms tonUkraine will do the exact opposite of ‘saving lives’, but it will enrich corrupt politicians and MIC

    • The naivety of that staement ‘ saving lives’. Straight out of Madeline Albright’s Big Book of Neocon Bullshit.

  14. Being insulted by one of America’s oolitical dynasties is an endorsement.

    He might be a despicable bigot, but isn’t everybody (apart from the woke cunts in charfe)?

    At least he’ll nevrr be called a ‘gammon.’

    As for $61 billion on Ukraine being supported by most Americans, that needs verification.

      • I think Mis likes a bit of bluegrass.

        And reminiscing about having long hair.

        And rooting Stockport’s finest.

      • Who doesn’t like Bluegrass?

        I’d like some hair that’s on my head, instead of my ears, nose and eyebrows.

        What’s rooting? I’ve quite forgot.

      • He means fornicating JP.
        It’s a vulgar word for sinful sex outside of marriage,
        Which I disapprove of.

        Bit like a republican politician myself 😁

      • LL has tried to pull the wool over my eyes.

        Shame on you, Sir.

        You know damned well I’m an innocent!

      • Got myself a allotment LL.

        You free tomorrow help me clear some nettles?

        It’s like fuckin Ron knees garden.

        I’ve cleaned some of it.

        Planted Loganberry, gooseberry,
        Few blueberry bushes and some honey berry, lots of strawberry 🍓

        Bit late for growing veg I think?

        But least I’ll have something on the go while I get it into shape.

      • No way I’m opening that.

        Can someone check it in case it’s gay?


        Evening Harold

      • I am an equal opportunities music fan.
        If it sounds good it is good. To be fair camp bands like Erasure are still 1000 times better than some of the diarrhea
        that passes for music in 2024

        How about this guy that I went to see years ago.

        Can the likes of Ed Sheeran and Capaldi (secretly Peter Kay in a ginger wig) do that sort of thing.
        I think not.

      • That takes me back, Harold.
        Back in the metal nights at a couple of clubs and pubs of Southampton, and my brother watching Kerrang all day during the holidays.

      • Although to be honest, ubless seeking out a different genre, Southampton’s clubs and bars were pretty uniform in the music they played.

        You could walk from one to another and hear the same part of Usher’s ‘Yeah’ repeated.

  15. There’s a Ukrainian currently working at the wife’s place….has sponsors,speaks English when needed for her advantage,when not it’s Google translate, going ‘home’ for 6 weeks in July not for the first time either… Hi family just popping back to see how you are coping with the bombing, shelling etc thought I’d take you out for a slap up dinner with my sponsors donations 😩…

  16. OT. But I’m sure you would all like an update.

    The Berserker came round with his pressure washer ( yes, I have one, but apparently it’s ” wank”).

    He blasted under the hut for about 10 minutes. I haven’t seen Wallace since.

  17. “Back in October Joe Biden asked congress for $61 billion in aid for Ukraine, a move backed by most Americans”

    Bollocks. Just bollocks. As usual, our duty Leftard goes on the wind up after a few swigs of sherry and armed with a smirk and his tapir like wit, lets forth another risible salvo from his spud gun.
    A jolly jape to amuse the cognoscenti at your next dinner party, right Allan ?
    This nom has the whiff of smug millennial hanging over it.

    • With some money for poor little Israel, and a big lump left over for Taiwan because that winds the Chinese up nicely.

      Biden will spend billions of Americans tax dollars securing everyone else’s borders but fuck all securing the US border.

      Right in their faces.

  18. Remember when Reagan was president? The Presidents brain is missing?

    Biden shits his brain down his leg and not a fucking peep, no satire, no concern for the free world in the media, fuck all.

    Meanwhile in Ukraine a comedian\actor who became famous playing a president in a TV show becomes president………

    In Blighty a man deprived of sky TV is PM soon to be replaced by a humble toolmakers son who was awarded a knighthood after learning the law with only the dull red glow of the swarth produced by daddies pedal powered lathe will replace him.

    Warms ya heart so it does.

    • Don’t tell me Barry, someone in Conservative HQ has tipped you off that the next nom will be ‘Modern Adverts’, so you’ve put £100 on it at Corals.

      • Tory headquarters has been sold off to wetherspoons, seeing as they won’t have a party after July 5th.

      • Morning chaps…when Labour get in and roll out their inevitable road pricing and ULEZ schemes nationwide, I’ll be looking forward to riding my motorbikes too fast through speed cameras with no number plates.

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