Mr. Pothole, aka Mark Morrell

and some ugly bitch who I think is trying for a pay day.

One of my major moans. I don’t drive, but I sit in cars, and by all the Holy, pun intended, maybe they’ll make a road out of this fucking ploughed field soon.

In Sheffield, it was announced that they had x £m pounds to spend, not only to fix the roads, but the footpaths too.

I’ll ask OC, potholes fixed?
Other Sheffield folk? Bob Frapples, I think you’re one of the elite on here?

Now, here’s Mark, bless his cotton socks, trying to make a difference.

GB news

Can I just add, that if Rebecca Salisbury hadn’t been strolling, with her airpods in and glued to TikShit, she might have noticed the damaged footpath, and avoided it.
Also, she says she just wanted to get some money back for taxis? If they’d have given you £10, it would be admitting liability. Sue them. See how that works.

Nominated by Jeezum Priest.

33 thoughts on “Mr. Pothole, aka Mark Morrell

  1. Here we are ,taxed to Hell and back ,getting very little in return and yet the fuckers want us to vote for them.
    None of the cunts will get my vote.

  2. Potholes in Sheffield were terrible.
    Like bomb craters!
    But last time I went they appeared to have been filled in.

    I was more upset by the tenner I had to pay for the pleasure of driving through the city centre with the outrageous CAZ scheme by the robbing cunts of Sheffield council.

  3. Following the example of Sadiq Khan all councils are now trying to introduce money making schemes to bleed the motorists dry, whilst doing the square root of fuck all to maintain roads. There’s a large prison population (and an even bigger number who should be inside) who might be put to work fixing the roads. They could also make an effort to tidy up the litter on the kerbsides as well.

    • There are also 1.8m sat on their arses who could fill potholes and a variety of other shit shovelling jobs. To quote Sir Humphrey, “they would be off the register faster than you can say parasite”

  4. No council is here too work for the taxpayer period…… Plethora of cycle lanes as if we’re china,bin collections as if we’re fucking Soweto, parking restrictions with Gestapo guards, services cuts whilst some cunt wastes money on some vanity project,stated potholes bigger than moon craters…..’we’re on the highway to hell,and we’re going down aaalllll the waaaaaayyy’ 🎤

    • Just about sums it up Gelderd. A developing story is that of crumbling bridges in London. Hammersmith bridge has been closed for years and another bridge on a major road in north-east London has now been closed for months. Local authorities refuse to carry out repairs pleading poverty.

      • Morning Arfur, morning all.
        Funny you should mention Hammersmith Bridge, I was ranting about it last night.
        This fucking Victorian monstrosity should be dismantled and sold to a Yank and a modern one built.
        It’s always had problems, I don’t think it was designed for serious traffic use, unlike it’s neighbour down the River, Putney Bridge, it’s even got wooden benches running the length of it.

  5. The average council now will need twenty people planning for each pot hole repair for a month, followed by a large team closing the road for a week and then the one bloke who does the work will fill it in with something that lasts a couple of weeks.

  6. The pothole should at least be filled with water and a gentleman on standby, ready to lay his cape over it, incase a lady might accidentally step into it. That at the most would cost a mere tuppence a day.

    • Do you mean the ladies’-in-questions tuppences, perchance?

      Kind of akin to Victorian porn, before pizza-delivery guys existed.

  7. The new Aston Martin, 0-60 in 3.6 secs, top end 205mph.
    Breaks down in the pot holed 20 mph zone…….

  8. Check out the Manchester artist WANKSY on line,and see how to get potholes filled quickly by the local council.
    He spray paints massive penises around the offending pothole,which I personally think is funny puts a smile on your face and gets the lazy bastard council to do a bit of work

  9. Do you still have to pay road tax in the UK?

    If you do then it’s obviously spent on something else.

    You shouldn’t need to campaign for something that you have already paid for.

    I don’t know what they build roads with there.
    They are always being repaired and they are so slow doing it.

    The roads in northern Italy for instance, deteriorate every winter with snow and ice damage.
    They manage to get them in perfect order for the tourist season.

    If you hit a pot hole on one of the many mountain roads you would be over the side, dead.

    I remember the M25 being built.
    It was under repair before it had fully opened and I don’t think that they have ever had a time when parts of it were not being repaired.

    The last time that I used the fucking road it was like a cattle trail.

    I don’t think that it will be much better now.

    • There’s a pothole near to us that’s so big that a family of Parkies has moved into it. The Council’s given them cash to do it out.

      Morning all.

      • That’s the only way Ron that’s going to get them off their arses. An illegal immigrant for every pothole and I know what their simplistic way of going about it will be, bring out the steamroller to kill two illegals with one stone.

  10. These full of bone idle cunts councils are currently limited to increasing council tax by more than 5%. They can apply for that ceiling to be lifted only in very special circumstances and, where that happens, there is uproar from the poor bastards that have no choice but to pay it. I might be a cynical old fucker but it has struck me that if councils continue to waste money on all sorts of pointless shite and leave the roads to deteriorate until they are so full of holes that they believe that they have a case to charge more than 5% they will seek an uplift and try to sell it to the electorate that they had no other option and that by repairing the roads they are actually doing everybody a big favour and deserve praise for doing what they should have done years ago.

    • The roads in the UK are like co-cart tracks. In fact cart tracks would be closer. I was back home a month ago and realised my driving skills weren’t up to scratch, fucking pothole slalom.

      No potholes in Sweden. All roads and buildings always go down to the bed rock. They don’t break.

  11. This is more like the is a cunt stuff I prefer than the more depressing shite you see on here. We’ve had UB40 coming back from the dead, women with short hair, Desert Island Discs, Sussex Police, Bottled Water, That Song Contest, Food & Drink, The Mobile Phone again, Blacks wanting our acting jobs, Women for being women, King Dick spanner, Confectionary, the useless United manager, dirty women on the phone (you can’t get enough of) and their snatches that need tarting up and many more. Keep it up lads.

  12. It’s also oft said that another factor in the ‘EV’s will fix everything’ farce is that each and every one does more damage to roads by virtue of all being a circa a ton heavier than their internal combustion equivalent.

    As bad as the roads are today, .. it’s still the best they shall ever be going forward as all of societies’ multifarious woes start to merge, on this roadtrip(!) to Dystopia we’re all on.

    Happy midweek everyone.

  13. Potholes aren’t much of an issue on Eccy Road, but then that’s one of the nicer areas of Sheffield anyway. We’ve had a few more Mudslimes popping up there recently though – time was they used to be confined to Mooristan and the city centre.

      • I avoid the centre, OC.

        It scares the crap out of me, all those fucking beggars that look like they’d rip your arm off and eat it in front of you, not to mention the crack/spice users.

        Scariest of all are the headscarf and cardigan wearing Big Issue sellers, they don’t take no for an answer, do they?

  14. i always come out with my own little mantra when faced with overbearing council ‘officials’ who claim to have authority over me, i say ‘the role of an elected council is to negotiate with government the needs and wants of the electorate of said county and to maintain the local infrastructure i.e, roads (local) if you claim to have such ‘authority’ i demand you have a common law court convened and we will see!
    they usually fuck off and never heard from again.

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