Illa Smyth

fat cunt woman wants tax payer to fund move to larger home as she’s fat and because she’s now fat she has medical issues, which means she can’t walk, shits herself, etc etc.

Kent Online Link.

oh, snd they own the flat outright they are currently in. editorial is fucking confusing.

anyhow…..feckless overweight slob now too ill to live in current home. love, the home hasn’t changed….you have. its you that’s the issue. lose some weight and stop blaming the world fir your issues. when you realise your gob hole is bigger than your arsehole the penny may drop.

Nominated by : Chuff chugger

106 thoughts on “Illa Smyth

  1. Raise the money yourself on Onlyfans.

    She’s moaning about living in the kitchen?
    Like the UK border force her fridge has a open door policy.

    Give her a prescription for oZempic and tell her to fuck off

    • She’s obviously too fat to feed herself, so arrest whoever’s freding her and charge them with GBH.

      lettuce and water for a few weeks would sort tubby out.

      Then she’s be waiting excess skin removal surgery, on the taxpayets dime.

      When will people learn that it’s not the taxpayers job to allieviate the consequences or their stupidity.

      Accountability. Try some of that, instead of pies.

  2. How has this creature lived to 54?
    Why doesn’t her (although that’s debatable – in the link story, on their wedding day, she looks like an Indian man) husband poison her food?
    He’d finally get some peace (imagine how this piece of shit complains…all day with every wheezing breath, I’d wager) and some food to himself.
    No judge in the land wouldn’t understand.

  3. Fat Kent.

    Useless fat gobshite. Her husband needs to learn home liposuction techniques instead of begging for money.
    Scalpel, garden house, bucket, pond pump and a car battery. Have at it!

  4. My only sympathy goes out to those poor horses, rik waller was sitting on.

    That bloater would break the Trojan Horses back..

  5. Another Inaccurate and misguided cunting.

    She developed medical issues, and had several injuries THEN piled on the pounds.


    • “Piled on the pounds”…just a phrase for “ungrateful, weak-willed piece of shit who doesn’t deserve their God-given working body”.
      Morning CP/all.

      • Morning Tommo

        I disagree on that estimation of her, as last year i was reduced to hobbling between my bed, chair, kitchen and shower through injury for two months. Really gets you down. That she was once fit and active and now wants to die is tragic, however fat she is.

        My main gripe is that the cunting suggests she developed medical problems because she is fat, which is not what the article says.

    • Arthritis, gout, excess and depression. Over 20 years.

      So nothing to to excuse her 35 stones then.

      The only way ‘glands’ have affected her weight is that she’s eaten far to many of them, deep fried.

      Yes, it’s sad the mess people get themselves into. Yes, I can have sympathy, but no, I don’t want to pay for other people’s poor choices, my own poor choices are expensive enough.

      The sooner people are forced to face the consequences of their own stupidity, the sooner others will stop being stupid.

      • Arthritis and gout make it almost impossible to move around.
        Depression leads to lack of srlf-care in large numbers of people

        ‘Excess’ is another way many cope with depression and injury.

        Not exactly hard to see how she could’ve gained weight, given the co-morbidities.

    • Fucking hell CP, are you unaware of what this site is all about? Pretty much every cunting on here is offensive to someone if they choose to be offensive.

      Sometimes there’s cuntings I’m not particularly keen on so I scroll past. You can do the same thing. This isn’t a debating society and it’s deliberately OTT by design.

      Chill out, this site isn’t the be all and end all of the world or a true reflection of the people who use it or their actual world view.

      Every cunting has got past the site admin, I’m sure they occasionally see things they won’t post but on the whole it’s a bastion of free speech and wherever people can speak freely you might well not like or agree with what they say.

  6. Somebody is feeding the fat cunt.

    And clearing up the shit and piss.
    And occasionally washing her, one hopes.

    Let them chip in on paying a mortgage for it too.

    • I think she is crowd-fed.

      Her husband doesn’t look capable of shovelling grub into her sink-hole gob 24/7.

  7. I deserve a bigger house
    I deserve a bigger car
    I deserve free furniture
    I deserve a gym & spa free pass
    I deserve a free holiday

    I have flat feet I deserve a blue badge

    I have a itchy arse I deserve a carer

    I have a slight lisp I deserve a 3 bedroom house.

    A nation of deserving people.

      • Fury to KO him in the 7th.

        He’s 3 stone heavier than Usyk, he only has to catch him once.

        As Fury has shown he can beat the count after an absolute sledgehammer from Wilder, and another on the way down, there’s no way I can see Usyk having the power to get him over.

      • afternoon Herman 👍

        indeed it is.
        what’s your prediction?

        I. genuinely have no idea how it’ll play out, and like both of them as fighters.
        I’m VERY excited 😆

        Should be good,
        good luck to both of them.
        A unified Heavyweight champion of the world who’s white?

        can’t believe it!

      • Afternoon pal.

        Yeah I’m thinking Usyk on points.

        He’s a masterful fighter.

        Although Fury’s best performances have traditionally been on the back of him being doubted or written off.

        Plus he has a sizable physical advantage.

        So it’s a strange one to try and call.

        Can’t wait for it.

    • She mustn’t be the only one. There must be an overweight line. I’m not going to look. By the way Mis, I can still smell and taste her cheesy piss-flaps.

  8. 60-70 years ago, before the time of abundant and universally available convenience food and the state being willing to take on every aspect of someone’s abdicated personal responsibility, these people quite simply did not exist in this country; so don’t tell me they can’t help getting in to this condition.

    Mr Gervais cuts through the fat on this issue with precision.

  9. Just leave her alone and physics will take care of the rest …

    She will soon reach her Schwarzschild radius, the radius below which the gravitational attraction between the particles of her body must cause it to undergo irreversible gravitational collapse. This phenomenon is thought to be the final fate of the more massive of fat cunts.

    Sam B. (PhD).

    • I challenge this formula.

      In this specific case the constant Pi (π) usage needs to be considered.


      Dr D Abbott MSc PhD (tribal elder)

      • Interesting MCC, but I can see where you went wrong: You were assuming the mathematical constant pi (π) when, in this case, clearly you should employ the gastronomic constant pie (🥧). It`s an easy mistake to make.

      • The Abbott formula is infallible, ask Steven Hawking.

        Kindest Regards,
        Dr D Abbott (chairperson Tower Hamlets sums club)

  10. Brick the doors and windows of its house up from the outside.

    Oh and have the committee at the council that gave her £30,000 for fuck all reason gassed.

    Good morning.

  11. You have to be cruel to be kind and remove the shovel from her husbands grasp. Why was it brought to our attention anyway, when we are about to start the day of eating and drinking. Its enough to put me off my food. Pity it doesn’t her.

  12. You have to be cruel to be kind and remove the shovel from her husbands grasp. Why was it brought to our attention anyway, when we are about to start the day of eating and drinking. Its enough to put me off my food. Pity it hasn’t her.

  13. Whatever medical issues there may be, the formula is quite simple : eat more calories then you get rid of and you’ll get fatter. Surely the solution is in her hands? Not sure why we all have to chip in for a hoist etc

  14. Don’t put it in you won’t put it on. Oh and try moving a bit, before you get too fat to do so.

    There were no thin people in Belsen when the allies liberated it.

    Whilst I have no detail of this things medical history and no wish to do so, what’s more of a piss boiler is that, in modern ‘society’ all these freeloaders just expect some other poor cunt to pay for their mistakes and misfortune.

    • ‘misfortune’ is what it is, and do blame others for that.

      BTW i think you meant no fat people at Belsen, not that it’s much of a sane and reasonable model of healthcare.

      Malnutrition occurs in both the skeletal and the obese.

      • Yes, really unfortunate, just a happenstance, that she’s gorging herself to death and had over 25 stones of excess lard.

        How could this have happened? What a terrible series of random events with no logical explanation.

      • Again, you’te not thinking about what led to her over-eating.

        In fact, you’re not thinking at all.

        Maybe you should try being disabled for a while. See what happens.

      • I have a few ailments that restrict activities that used to be ‘normal’ everyday things.

        I refuse to allow myself to be defined by them, and I certainly don’t go whining to the local rag either, with my hand out expecting others to pay for my housing, amongst other things.

  15. For a country in a cost of living and child poverty crisis, we can’t half produce some colossal fatties.

    Though according to doc “One eye” brown most of this came after he left office “kicking and screaming”.
    But good news for a mere 3 billion he can solve it.

    Maybe take it out of the 21.3 billion you owe us all, for the gold sale you gormless twat.

  16. Once sgain, the comments here show how far general reading comprehension has plummeted. The article (if you had actually read it), contradicts the cunting (why chuff chugger provider it to give context is a mystery).

    She’s not the size she is just through eating.

    Her lack of movement and activity came about through illness and injury.

    Laz, Sun reader levels of wank.

    • I read the link.

      Apparently she has endometriosis.

      If it was just her pelvis that was bloated I would probably feel sorry for her.
      But there again, probably not because I am a right cunt.

      • She’s also had a number of injuries which contribute to her lack of mobiliy.

        It’s not offensive to me if peopke want to mock the disabled, just the lowest of low-hanging fruit.

        A chimp could do it.

    • Morning CP – I utterly sympathise with the ordeal you suffered and completely understand that when your health is bad or your situation is shit you struggle to remain fit and healthy (was def the case for me during my divorce). It is also true the article describes her as a once fit and healthy woman, so it is indeed tragic that she should now end up like this.

      But what the article conspicuously omits is the reason why she’s gotten quite this big. Whatever the circumstances of your life don’t you ultimately still make choices according to your situation, and hasn’t the choice she’s made been to eat to a level that has only dramatically worsened her situation?

      I’m completely happy to be set straight on this, but as far as I can tell, the bulk of her appalling weight has been put on electively by herself

      • This is a reasonable response.

        There is a simple answer to why she might get into this state. Depression.

        Self-care goes out the window.

        It can happen to anybody.

      • Yes and I get that, I drank to near suicidal levels at my lowest ebb, and still drink too much today such is my weakness of will.

        When the cirrhosis and kidney failure catches up with me I’ll know it was my fault and console myself with the thought I enjoyed myself much of the time while I was doing it. That and I’m a complete cunt who deserves bad things to happen to him 😂.

        Anyway, hope all is better for you these days, cheers mate

    • If she’s immobilised through illness she could eat less and more healthy. She chose not to. This fat fuck wants sympathy after stuffing her maw with shite. Do you pity smokers with lung issues or pissheads with liver issues ?
      Fat shaming.

    • I’m not mocking her. I’m stating the obvious. She’s eating herself to death.

      Just about anyone over 50 has mobility problems. I have 2 slipped discs and carpal tunnel in both hands. Both problems a result of decades of hard work.

      I gain weight easily, so I have to be careful. I weigh myself regularly, and when it’s creeping up its vegetable smoothies and lemon tea for a week.

      You know, personal responsibility?

      • No. She’s not my responsibility. But if she was, I would not have allowed her to get into such a state.

        I can’t fix everybody’s problems, I have enough trouble of my own.

        It’s not the job of government either.

        You live and die by the choices you make, and she is choosing to commit slow suicide by gluttony. That’s her choice, she should own it.

      • ‘No. She’s not my responsibility’

        Nice cop-out, but If you pay tax, she is your responsibility., and If you do not wonder why she is in the state she is, then you have no grounds for complaining about her cost to the taxpayer.

      • Making statements instead of presenting reasoned arguments is what my 4 year grandson does, in the vain hope if he says it long enough it will become true.

        There is zero link between me having a significant portion of my earnings taken from me by force and me having responsibility for the irresponsible, who I don’t know, have never met and never will.

        SHE should be responsible for HERSELF, instead of expecting strangers to do it for her.

        I’ll volunteer to help, and I guarantee I can halve her weight in 18 months, but that would involve hard work and temporary discomfort, so she won’t do it.

        Guess she’ll just have to make do with do-gooders stroking her hand and explaining why it’s not her fault really, until she dies.

        People like you.

      • It would save this unfortunate woman a lot of suffering
        (And the taxpayer money in ongoing expenses)
        If trips to Digntas* could be prescribed by GPs and NHS doctors.

        * Other Assisted Suicide centres are available in parts of Europe and in some States in the U.S.

    • She would be unable to reach that size without some cunt feeding her.
      I bet that when her partner priises her shit-encrusted bum cheeks apart for a passionate rimming session it sounds just like that loud cracking sound that results from the Earth’s crust splitting during an earthquake.

  17. Lord Smyth must’ve reported his Lady wife for eating him out of house and home and didn’t get a reply due to the fact the authorities thought they lived in a mansion. If only they’d dropped the Y.

  18. Macdonalds party organiser, who ate all the processed shite in one sitting ?
    Useless, worthless, whiny land whale sack of shite, render the cunt down and use the remains for flamethrower target practice

      • I refer the honorable gentleman to the answer I gave some moments ago.

        Yes, I have numerous injuries and ailments. No, I don’t let them define me or rob me of personal responsibility.

        For seeing how keen you are to claim others haven’t read the post, one would think you would at least read the replies to your inane comments.

  19. She seemed to be accident prone, last one was a pie eating contest without a finish line.

    What a fucking mess, unfortunately someone else has to sort it out.

  20. Instead of an ordinary chocolate bar after every meal, why not a laxative ? Fingers down the throat then or study bulimia ? Only trying to help.

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