Illa Smyth

fat cunt woman wants tax payer to fund move to larger home as she’s fat and because she’s now fat she has medical issues, which means she can’t walk, shits herself, etc etc.

Kent Online Link.

oh, snd they own the flat outright they are currently in. editorial is fucking confusing.

anyhow…..feckless overweight slob now too ill to live in current home. love, the home hasn’t changed….you have. its you that’s the issue. lose some weight and stop blaming the world fir your issues. when you realise your gob hole is bigger than your arsehole the penny may drop.

Nominated by : Chuff chugger

106 thoughts on “Illa Smyth

  1. As we’ve seen in recent days, if anybody needs cunting, it’s the disabled. and their carers, especially the ones who’ve been told they’re dead.

    Fucking cunts.

    In my day they’d have been put on a train to zpoland and gassed.

    • So the disabled cunt be cunted? It’s possible to be a cunt and be disabled. Or is it ok to cunt anything unless it’s something that affects you?

      Once again I’d advise you to take what’s said in here with a pinch of salt, the way it’s meant to be taken.

      You’re starting to attack people on the site and you look a bit of a nob doing it!

      • You have my sympathies CP, you appear to be suffering from self-righteousitis.

        She’s disabled in the same way an alcoholic is. It’s entirely self inflicted and entirely fixable.

      • Yes I did?

        Are you implying that anyone one who disagrees with you is either ill-informed or thick? Again?

      • If you had read the article you will realise that her weight gain occured after the injuries and illness which affected her mobility and evidently her mental health.

        It’s not rocket science.

      • Right, let me get this straight. Because of a skiing accident that caused undefined injuries decade’s ago, she was somehow forced to become morbidly obese and lose all sense of personal responsibility?

        It’s ridiculous. And absolving her of responsibility is only going to hasten her death.

      • Horse-riding injuries as well. You don’t know the full story or medical history and are leaving stuff out as it is.

        Proper strawmen being set up by you lot.
        Keep them coming.

        Site’s called Is a cunt, not be a cunt, but I can be one as well.

  2. Having not watched adverts in years due to self control, could someone tell me if they now ask people to eat responsibly ?

  3. Pity, before the cafe owner did the right thing, I was about to go in there with my enormous old fashioned typewriter, taking up more room and making a right old fucking racket.

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