Brian Fitzgerald

and the Muswell Hill Peloton Club are cunts.

This arsehole, part of a larger group of arseholes, knocked over an 81 year old women whilst cycling at 30 mph in a 20 mph zone. She later died of her injuries.
This cunt was not prosecuted as apparently there is no law about causing death by dangerous cycling. The club didn’t even have the decency to put anything on their own website, expressing any regret or offering any apology. The cunt himself has had nothing to say either.
Here’s hoping he and the rest of those cunts meet a large artic head-on during their next jaunt.


Nominated by mystic maven

74 thoughts on “Brian Fitzgerald

  1. Here’s an idea but I reckon if we all did it the funny police would come a knockin at the door.

    Every cunt on here should email the group asking why they haven’t put anything on their site to apologise.

    Here’s the address for any lazy cunt who can’t be arsed to look.

    • Or….
      Contact Credit Suisse his employer and ask if they feel comfortable employing a known killer.

      • Now that suggestion I do like Mis. I doubt it would get him fired but from my experience of banks who operate in that end of the market it would be noted as a mark against him and might affect his promotion prospects. When he moves to another job it might affect the reference from Credit Suisse in that in may not be as glowing as he had hoped. As Cuntus suggests it would be most effective if a pile of us wrote in or emailed CS.

      • I’m afraid I don’t Opey. Have to google it. Comes to mind it may increase the effect if any if any missive is copied in to people like your MP or the FCA. Our kids were born at home and the local NHS bigwigs in Brum tried to force us to use one of the maternity hospitals. I sent a letter pointing out that they did not have power of arrest and that furthermore they had a legal duty to provide cover. I copied the letter in to my MP and the Health Secretary and others I cannot now recall. The effect was brilliant. We were allocated two experienced midwives who were the only medics we saw and the kids were born in our bed at home.

    • It gets better – their mission statement on their website:

      Muswell Hill Peloton has several club runs. These are most importantly social occasions.

      Whilst the rides vary in speeds and participations, they are not racing. Whilst group riding can be intimidating at first, it is great fun and aids the efficiency of your cycling efforts.

      The aim of our club runs is to keep our members safe and increase the enjoyment of getting out on their bikes. To do this we ask all members to follow the following guidelines.

      Remember we are all responsible for the enjoyment and safety of the ride.

      • It’d be funny if somebody looked up where he lived, waited for him to leave the house one morning and cycled into him at 30mph.

    • I’ve emailed, I’ll let you know if I get a response.

      I’m 70, and don’t give two fucks if they try siccing the law on me.

    • The other half and I spent a very pleasant week in Cornwall last week, right down the end past St Ives. There is a coast road all the way, many bends in it with spectacular scenery all around. But every time we got in the fucking car, we had cyclists in front going about 5 miles per hour, pretending to be oblivious of the long line of cars behind. There were very few opportunities to overtake them. I couldn’t help wondering why they could not stop to one side for a moment to let everyone pass. It is because they are entitled cunts of course. By contrast, those driving tractors were unfailingly polite and pulled in as soon as they could.

      • If the prats are travelling at less than 10mph Mary you can legally cross a solid white line to overtake them where it’s safe to do so.

  2. Muswell hill skeleton club should be ashamed.

    A killer amongst them.
    I’d shun him.
    Loosen the bolts on his bike.
    Snip his back brake.
    Spray ‘Murder’ on his locker.
    And give him haughty looks .

    • Weirdly I used to know someone called Brian Fitzgerald, and yes, he was Irish.
      Thankfully not this cunt though.

    • Contrary to public perception, “soggy biscuit” was not a favourite private school game. However, our games master did allow some special boys to get changed in his office before swimming.

    • Oh dear Mr Cunt Engine, being such an innocent, I had to look up ‘the biscuit game’.
      As usual I now know that I shouldn’t have.
      Gives a whole new meaning to Foxes Party Rings biscuits.

      • Ho ho, good afternoon Cuntalugs!
        I would recommend that you don’t also look up ‘figging’.

      • What some people do for entertainment. Our elder was on a day shift in A&E one Monday morning. First guy in at 8.00am had got a deodorant bottle stuck up his arse, not a handbag size one, a full size one you would keep in the bathroom.

      • Sound advice, Six.

        However, I have a very strong stomach, and periodically click on the “Terrible Thomas” Grizzly Images links.

        Check with me first, in case of anyone developing a case of “fainting maiden aunt, clutching pearls, syndrome”,
        And I’ll advise click/no click.

  3. The cyclists should not be using a public park for races timed or otherwise. If the cunts want to race use a fucking velodrome. There they can bugger each other until their arseholes prolapse. Fucking care nothing cunts.

  4. The one good thing to come of this, is that legislation is to be introduced to make causing death/injury by cycling dangerously a criminal offence, punishable by imprisonment.

    Not before time, either.

    Just a pity it can’t be applied retroactively in this case.

  5. What utter bollocks. There might be no law in relation to causing death by dangerous cycling, but there is a law against manslaughter and murder. If you needed a specific law against causing death by dangerous cycling you would need one for causing death with a fucking screwdriver or a fork. This cunt needs banging up.

    • Don’t disagree, Twenty.

      I’m sure if the CPS had tried hard enough, they could have found something to charge the cunt with.

      Didn’t stop them jailing that half blind, mentally challenged woman who shouted at some old trout cycling illegally on the pavement, who subsequently fell off in front of a car and died. I’m not saying it wasn’t a tragedy, but it didn’t merit a prison sentence.

      Thankfully, she’s won her appeal and is free, but at what cost?

      • I wondered what had happened to her. It was a damn disgrace to lock her up, all she did was yell at some stupid twat not to cycle on the pavement.
        A week ago some lad was cycling toward me on the pavement. I refused to move over and he just managed to get past without touching me. He yelled something at me, I threatened to kick his fucking head in and he called me an old bastard.
        Going back to the subject, how can cycling into someone and killing them not be illegal? I don’t understand this.

  6. Cunts, the majority of cyclists are cunts. I work with a keen cyclist and he agrees. Most A roads are not suitable for bicycles, does it stop the cunts?

    Does it fuck. Just slow rush hour traffic to a crawl because your a self absorbed piece of shit.

  7. I’m inclined to be relatively lenient in this case.

    Break the cunts legs,tie it into a wheelchair,set it on fire and push it headlong into the next terrorist march in Londonistan.

    Firm but fair.

    • If he works for credit suisse, running over and killing old ladies is probably small fry.

      Murdering hookers and small animals are normally the order of the day..

      I thought those bunch of cunts went bankrupt and were bought out?

  8. If he works for credit suisse, running over and killing old ladies is probably small fry.

    Murdering hòòkers and small animals are normally the order of the day..

    I thought those bunch of cunts went bankrupt and were bought out?

  9. I bet that the twats who cycle to work all have jobs in the ‘Department of Annoying People’ that you find in most workplace’s.

    • My cunt of an employer is encouraging people to cycle to work by offering a financial incentive, it never seems to occur to them to do the same for bus users, allowing them to buy a years bus pass at a much reduced rate, rather than the extortionate weekly or monthly ones. It’s all about the environment though, allegedly. I’m still waiting for my tax rebate for walking to work and back for donkeys years
      Another thing that gets on my tripe about this is the fact these cyclists have a shower when they get to work instead of getting on with it, and you then find damp towels, socks and other undesirable things hanging about the place.

      • Buy second hand folder of ebay, don’t forget the helmet, hi Viz from Poundland.

        Travel by bus. Unfold bike out of sight, done hi viz vest, push bike in, claim financial incentive.

      • Your employer Mary is of course just posing and probably thinks this scheme will enhance his reputation with the customers. I wonder what the ramifications will be when one of the people he has incentivised to cycle on the road does a pizza impression on the tarmac one rush hour.

    • I love cycling to work. 1980s steel treader with a luggage rack. no Lycra in sight, and can’t get above 8mph due to its weight and my lack of fitness. Cycle paths all the way and I avoid the tailbacks of traffic and mithering mothers on the school run.

      And yes I am a truly annoying cunt and don’t give a fuck who cares.

  10. I fucking hate cyclists. Was the poor old dear that this cunt killed white by any chance? If it was a joe daki or an alphabet, he’d have got life.

  11. It’s bollox. There are so many laws, they could have found something. I have no doubt that if Tommy Robinson (not sure of his real name) had been involved, he would be doing a twn year stretch. In any case, racing on the road is illegal unless authorised – hence why most responsible bike clubs do time trials.

  12. O/T, aircraft hits massive sink, some poor bugger dies. Guess what.

    It’s fucking climate change…!


      • Spot on Arch! Clear air turbulence has been known about since the early days of aviation and over the years aircraft have been lost to it. I watched the BBC report wondering how long it would take them to blame climate change. I think it was within a couple of minutes. It’s pretty tame anyway. Wind shear at low level is much more exciting. That’s what brought the Hunter down in the traffic at Shoreham a few years ago.

        Oh fuck, it’s turned midnight, my birthday’s come round yet again.

  13. Surely a Duty of Care is absent from all this. This Fitzgerald baboon has a legal Duty of Care not to whizz around at high speeds on his bike, mowing down pedestrians?

    I don’t get this at all.

    • He is a cunt. All the Lycra clad wiggins wannabes are.

      I think I read in a paper that the victims family alleged in a report there is a ‘fit up’ in government and the DPP over changing the ‘law’ or applying existing due to the amount of Lycra clad MPs and public figures who indulge in two wheeled fuckwhittrey and therefore are protecting their ‘fun’… allegedly.

  14. Jeremy Vine probably blames the old woman for daring obstruct a cyclist.

    He and his lycra-clad chum Brian need to have a high-speed encounter with a scaffold pole.

  15. I would like to watch my wife’s demented Dachshund rip this smug cunt’s cock off with its teeth.
    I would then stuff it up his anus….. ,his severed cock of course not the fucking Dachshund!

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