The Met Office [7]

It’s going to be hot!
Oh no, it’s not!
It’s going to snow.
So warm, you’re cheeks will glow.
It’ll be windy.
It’ll thunder!
Makes me wants the chunder.

Sorry, terrible prose, but it’s going to thunder! Quick, run and hide, pull the bed covers over your head!

When did someone decide that we had become so infantilised, we needed to be warned about fucking thunder!

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Nominated by : Jeezum Priest

74 thoughts on “The Met Office [7]

  1. BBC have an article about, you guessed it…The fucking rain! We live in a maritime climate, it rains. Scroll down, and yup… Climate change caused it. Not a low pressure system from Europe. Oh and climate change also caused the turbulence yesterday. We can blame everything on the climate. I wish they’d give it a rest! I’m glad some people are starting to see through this horse shit. You know the type of thing they put out, saying some scientists believe it’s our fault ect. Care to name those sources? Nope didn’t think so. Cunts one and all, and so are the dumb sheep enabling them. Can those scientists explain why it was warm enough to grow grapes at Hadrian’s wall? Or Greenland was mild? Or it was hotter in ancient Egypt than it currently is? What about the little ice age? These all happened before industrialisation. The falicyy that we in anyway control earth is hilarious at best. We could wait for an asteroid, nuclear war, commit or super volcano. They would still say it’s climate change.

  2. How many of you old duffers like me are praying for another ’63 winter soon? Can you imagine what the snowflakes (forgive the pun) will make of it? They’ll be running around in terror like fucking headless chickens, Kwis and the Swedish goblin will be on the telly telling us the end of days is at hand and the BBC will be pushing the apocalypse myth for all they’re worth, which ain’t much admittedly. Unfortunately evidence is that the ones who don’t top themselves rather than being immolated in the imminent global firestorm probably won’t be sufficiently embarrassed to shut their flaps and fuck off.

    • Happy birthday old fruit. Goes the day well?
      If the 63 type winter goes off this year good show as I will be retired by then. Imagine the Beeb doing a private Frazer, Doomed I tell ye doomed.

      • Thanks Cunty, much appreciated. Day’s going well for my 73rd although the rain is coming down in stair-rods here in Bucks. Got to drive the wife to an appointment in a minute and collect her afterwards. Planning to get a bit pissed after that. Looking forward to retirement? I retired four years ago and I’m enjoying it no end.

    • The media mongs will still say it’s climate change. Seems we can’t win untill something serious happens. We are due a Carrington level solar flare, one missed us last year. That will set us back to the pre industrial age. Still chin up; we won’t have to listen to so called experts lecturing us about things that they know nothing about.

  3. I even remember when the television weather forecast had felt stick on letters, with FOG being across the whole country at the time. During it, the F had removed itself from the board, leaving the forecaster to apologies for the F in fog.

  4. @ Arfur, I am in two minds, a great bunch to work with. A couple of days off on the king and then going to Brittany for two weeks. I am sure madam will keep me busy as she has broken her arm in three places.

    My female side will no doubt come to the fore. Washing ironing cooking. Fuck all else I expect.

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