Where is Geldof (7) when he is Needed?

(Didn’t some cunt say Africa no longer needs “White Man’s Aid Money”? – Day Admin)

Famine looms in Sudan as civil war survivors tell of killings and rapes’

Get a shit song written, advance the careers of whatever or whoever passes as musicians these days, and get a global concert going.

Bouncy, Addled, Sheeran, One fucking Direction would all be eager to participate. Raise millions, those warlords must need new trucks and guns.

Although, now Geldof is (mysteriously, allegedly) very rich, perhaps he hasn’t got the time.

BBC News

Nominated by: Cuntstable Cuntbubble

(Seems that impoverished Bob is worth a cool $150m  – Day Admin)


87 thoughts on “Where is Geldof (7) when he is Needed?

  1. I used to have a t-shirt in the 80’s that proudly proclaimed “I gave fuck all to Live Aid” and was quite proud of it. I give the same amount to any charity that send money outside of the UK, or anything to do with kids or dogs or homosexualists. I’ve been in ports in some of these fly blown shitholes in Africa, and we’ve had to be defended by a fucking brigade of armed troops to stop the thieving n*gnogs getting on board! Razor wire, water cannons, savage dogs and AK-47’s were the order of the day. Seen more than one of the daft, light fingered cunts become victims of all of them, and quite rightly so! Shame we cannot post pics on here as I’ve got a few belters, I can tell you!

    • PS, Bob Geldof is a cunt? You’re not wrong!! Bog trotter cunt, get to fuck!!

  2. Has that dirty smeely cunt Geldoff ever had a bath? Most disgusting person on the planet.

  3. I’m Irish, and like all of us, although most are in denial bout it, a bit British too. Like a lot of us, Bob shacked up in England and done well for himself. When I hear his name I always remember him slugging off Ireland, priest ridden banana republic etc etc.at the height of his fame. Then I remember him during the Brexit campaign taunting English workers from a boat. Suit him better to tidy himself up and keep his kids in line. My parents worked hard, stayed together and were proud to live in a country Sir Bob scoffed at and mocked. Cunt. Absolutely

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