Where is Geldof (7) when he is Needed?

(Didn’t some cunt say Africa no longer needs “White Man’s Aid Money”? – Day Admin)

Famine looms in Sudan as civil war survivors tell of killings and rapes’

Get a shit song written, advance the careers of whatever or whoever passes as musicians these days, and get a global concert going.

Bouncy, Addled, Sheeran, One fucking Direction would all be eager to participate. Raise millions, those warlords must need new trucks and guns.

Although, now Geldof is (mysteriously, allegedly) very rich, perhaps he hasn’t got the time.

BBC News

Nominated by: Cuntstable Cuntbubble

(Seems that impoverished Bob is worth a cool $150m  – Day Admin)


87 thoughts on “Where is Geldof (7) when he is Needed?

  1. Sudan.. Black and Muslim.. Good riddance..

    One trillion to Africa.
    I wonder what the civilised world could of achieved with that money..
    Probably cured cancer..

    Instead wasted on lazy backward simians..

    Ps bob geldof smells worse than a peaceful..
    Midge ure told me..

    • For all that money, he can’t afford a bar of soap and a comb.

      I can confirm that you don’t want to be standing downwind of him on a hot day.

      Looks like a tramp and smells like one too.

  2. I’m going to check my white privilege wallet, and they can have everything in there.

    Oops! I don’t suppose a dead moth will be much use, though!

  3. Geldof is like the deliveroo of Death.
    Everyone around him snuffs it.

    In Ireland if you say the name ‘Geldof’ people hurriedly cross themselves and you’ll be told not to say it again.
    They use the name ‘ Black Spot’ for him.

    £155million !
    Still looks like he’s a castaway.

    What’s he want all that money for if he’s not going to spend it?
    He should use it to buy everyone in Africa a meal deal from Asda.

    Rather than hoard it like a cross between Scrooge McDuck and Wurzel Gummidge.

      • I was just a little too old for the Worzel Gummidge target audience in the late 70’s, but I used to watch it anyway.

        It was brilliant.

        Una Stubbs as Aunt Sally was hilarious.

        Leave Worzel alone MNC!


      • Artie@Jill

        I meant no offence against the esteemed Mr Gummidge.

        I’m a fan!

        Not only am I a fan of the original starring the brilliant John Pertwee
        But the new incarnation starring Mackenzie Crook.

        Check this out

        The kids are now ethnicity approved by the BBC
        But the music is brilliant 😁

      • Worzel Gummidge is on again today (well Fridays) at 1800 on Talking Pictures.

  4. Oh look…..an actual genocide and not one manufactured by the MSM and politicians.

    China, Russia and Iran are among those supplying weapons to the Sudanese army so are they on a hit list to be boycotted or embassies protested outside? Thought not.

    Sudan is another stinking shithole I couldn’t care less about so at least I’ve got something in common with that scruff twat Geldof.

    • Fuck Africa and the horse it’s mum rode on , Lenny Henry said no white saviours for Africa, the dumb jigaboon, he was presenting the last comic relief last month, I wonder how much of the money that whitey gave this year, I was once berated by a charity street collector for save the children, I said I only give to animal charities, to which her reply was humans show come first, i told her to fuck right off and i will do what I want with my money, so later on that day i put a 10£ note in battersea dogs home collection can

  5. War, bombs, guns, rapes and street executions are all part of a normal day in these shit hole countries.

    People in civilised countries try to equate the lives of these people to their own.

    They feel sorry for them.

    There is no need to.

    These countries are constantly in conflict.
    The people thrive on hatred.
    Each and every person living in these countries is a semi-literate savage.

    The west should help.
    They should nuke the place.
    The rest of the world can only benefit with the total destruction of these countries.

    Why send them money?
    What the fuck are they going to spend it on?
    They are not going to use it to build a coherent democratic society.
    They have had tens of thousands of years to do that and look at them now.

      • He was “The People’s Princess”. They will have to keep Mandy away from the funeral Pyre when he goes, otherwise he will rip off his sandals and jump into the flames with him. Kweer will look lovely in his black veil mincing along behind the cortege with a single red rose in his shaking hand. I am sure British Heritage will be putting up a blue plaque on a public lavatory somewhere in London with the words “Charles Lynton wanked and cottaged here”.

    • Ha ha!

      If only, eh Gents?

      I confess, the good Capn’s headline did have me wondering for a split second before I remembered the date. A real 1957 spaghetti harvest prank that one!

    • If only it was left in the cunts contact that everyone he foolishly let in, must return from once they came. All will be clambering to do a Julius Caesar on him.

    • Hope that cunt take his fugly Blair witch project with him, never seen anything as revolting as Cherrie outside of an overflowing bog full of diarrhea as her mooey

  6. Geldof looked dirty, dishevelled and unkempt 40 years ago. The rumour is, in his dotage, he is living in Oil Drum Lane, Shepherds Bush in a rag and bone yard. Either that or he now calling himself Piers Corbyn

    • He lives in Davington Priory in Faversham Kent, lush medieval old place. Has done fuck all for the village and thinks he’s too good to speak to the locals. Spends all his money on those flowblow kids that his ex-mrs got banged up with, not his the dickless twat

  7. Perhaps people think that by throwing money at the place it will be returned to the utopia that it once was.

    Peaceful, nomadic Sudanese wandering around with their camels, bartering with their hand made rugs for anything that they need.

    The country has always been a war torn shit tip.

    Leave the fuckers to destroy it a little bit more.

  8. Famine in these same countries come around more than sales at DFS…I will give them one thing they must have some inner strength/willpower to still climb aboard Mrs Ishmael as she lies in a seductive fly negligee 🪰….’listen my ebony goddess,we are down to just six kids,we need more bucket carriers’…….’lie down,lie down,push it up,push it up’ 🎶🎶

  9. Bobby Goboff.

    Ho he, what a wanker.

    Another irrelevant sleb. Best ignored.

    As for the sand people, they can eff off too. They get none of my lovely pension.

  10. The one positive thing about the Geldorf organised concerts was that donations were voluntary.

    You had the choice of ‘Giving your fooking money’, or not.

    Apparently millions of pounds were raised, although I suspect that many people who rang in with pledges didn’t actually pay up.

    The ones that did pay up probably got a warm, fuzzy feeling by imagining that they were doing something good and worthwhile.

    Fair enough….. It’s their money.

    Now there is no choice.
    BILLIONS of pounds of hard earned money is sent to these places by governments.

  11. Geldolf lives in Faversham in Kent. I used to know somebody who lived near him. Despite his £30 million, he apparently haggles over items in charity shops. He is the genuine poi-key millionaire.

    • I live not a million miles away from Faversham and have heard very similar from one or two of the locals.

      He’s a right fucking scratter and tighter than a crab’s arse.

      • He probably washes his clothes in the local pond and shits ourside his flea-infested house.

      • Thanks to the tradionally widespread availability of seasonal agricultural work, fruit and hop picking mainly, Kent has always been a haven for “cheerful, ruddy-cheeked travelling folk”.

        This cunt fits right in…..

      • On the positive side, Faversham is home to Shepherd Neame, purveyors of the excellent Spitfire Ale.

        Once advertised locally with the slogan,

        “No Fokker comes close”.

    • In the music industry he was known for pulling the old “do you know who I am” bollocks when out and about on days off gigs.
      Tight fisted peasant.

  12. I guess Saint Bob doesn’t need to do anything anymore as we have decided to move everyone from Africa over here. Problem solved. What could possibly go wrong?

  13. It gladden the heart to hear these savages have fucked themselves for the thousandth time..

    All the money in the world can do nothing for them.

    Let battle commence and fuck Geldof the champagne socialist bog trotting Cunt.

    Good morning.

    • As a kid in ’84, .. I saw the big deal as just charidddy on a bigger scale. I remember my households phone pledge(kind of at innocent me & my sisters insistence), and the honouring it at the bank.

      Since then, though … maturity gave me the insight that all it did (the whole event, not the Cuntemall clans tenner) .. was perpetuate misery. Short term ‘fix’ ; more unsustainable kids shat out, as is their wont ’round them there parts (& root cause of all their problems) and subsequently even more poverty then when the novelty had worn off ’round THESE parts after the singalong and the big show were over.

      Well done Bob. You caused more generational suffering net as a consequence of your busybodying.

  14. How’s he got all that money?
    I can’t get over it.

    He can’t get much from the Boomtown Rats back catalogue?
    After all they were fuckin rubbish.

    He doesn’t do anything else.
    So how’s he got it?

    Has anyone checked the books for the Live Aid concert and single?

    Not suggesting he’s nicked the money for a minute!
    A virtuous, EU loving, white Saviour like Bob wouldn’t do something like that…….

  15. Sending money to Africa is so last century.

    If “Live Aid” or anything similar happened today, it wouldn’t be enough to simply give Bob and his ilk “some of your fucking money” to send to whichever shit hole was apparently in need of it.

    No, it would be something more along the lines of “give us your fucking house and car because Mtembe the inherently violent, machete waving African and his 30 starving dependants need it much more than you”

    I could just imagine all the white middle class Guardian readers doing the right thing as well.

    Good Morning.

    • All they’ll ever get from me is some of that plastic food you see in greengrocer’s windows, eat that and dig your own wells

  16. I blame Bobby and his egotist gobshite pop pals for the global warming all that fucking self important yelping and squawking all those fucking concerts of gangs of virtue signaling “stars” telling everyone else to part with their hard earned cash when probably all they gave up was their time, CUNTS!

  17. I went to see Andy Fairweather Low at Pontardawe Arts Centre a few years ago. He told a story of being invited to perform at Bill Wyman’s 80th party at the O2 arena with various other “superstars”. He was asked which song he would like to sing and chose one only to be told that Bob Geldof wanted to do it. Andy pointed out he had written it (I think it was wide eyed and Legless) only to be told that Bob had said Andy could go fuck himself and meant it. As far as Andy was concerned Geldof is the 2nd most vile man in the music industry only surpassed by Van Morrison.

  18. Fuck Sudan. We’ve got our own problems. Fuck Geldof, he’s one of those problems. Socialism is great, you spend everybody’s money but your own.

    Where’s the charidee gigs for the white male kids being left behind in the school system? Or the indigenous homeless who get less priority than the gimmiegrants? Or the parents who work all the hours god sends just to be able not to afford food for everyone at home?
    Not a minority are they, so they can get fucked in the eyes of the trendy left. And let’s be honest, none of them give two shits about anything but themselves and their bank balance. They just like to tell everyone they do. Cunts.

  19. Bobby lad, why don’t you walk to Sudan with a bag of seed potatoes balanced on yer head.

    Show the locals how to farm the tatties of life. They might make you King. The Gobshite King.

    Moi, I don’t care.

    • Actually saw that recently, big arse bouncing along with a bag of something on its head, first time I’ve seen that in an English high street.
      you can take the sub-species out of shitland but you can’t take shitland out of the Homo Shitolians…
      (Thanks Custer you made my day with that one)

  20. For all the so called woes in Africa, the population keeps growing..

    Though can you starve a parasite to extinction?

    I remember seeing the news footage as a kid, and thinking those lazy cunts have plenty of energy to fuck all day..
    More mouths to feed..

    But dig a well or do some farming, they suddenly come over all tired.
    Go and see your neighbours in wakanda if you want a handout..

    • isn’t it feed a cold and starve a virus, who cares starve them anyway and let the poor little lions have a nosh on the bones.

  21. March on the Sudanese embassy at once, chanting ‘Sudan shall be free, from the desert to the sea’. Carry an SWP placard demanding a ceasefire, and accusing Israel of genocide against Sudanese warlords.

    Didn’t think so.

    Morning all.

      • I don’t care where the feck they are, so long as my prayers come true and a meteor hits and blows the shite out of them that’ll do for me, save the elephants first and move them to sri lanka they’re more important

  22. If you look at the history of the First Nation People over in America, they became over-run with people coming from the East, with no vote on the matter as to whether they could come or even stay. There was no respect for the ways, customs, and values of the First Nation people. They came, they took, and they shat on everything.
    They refused to speak the language of the First Nations, and insisted on their own set of beliefs, and even built their own places of worship. They also brought their diseases, their families, and then waited until their numbers grew sufficiently to complete the coup d’etat, and then quickly install a new rule book to govern the land, which would now go under an entirely new name to that known by the First Nation people, and those First Nation people became prisoners in their own homeland.
    Is history not repeating itself to us First Nation Brits?

    • Terrible analogy. Those first nation Americans were hopelessly backwards compared to those that came from the East.

      The situation is far worse for the native Brit; he has literally nothing to learn from the coloniser.

    • sounds like the romans, vikings, saxons and normans…
      I WANT REPARATIONS …fuck the feather heads, lazy hunter gathers couldn’t even invent the wheel

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