Toxic Femininity (2)

It seems to me that in recent years, we’ve heard an awful lot of noise from feminist gender war warriors about ‘toxic masculinity’; you know, those male characteristics and traits that they find ‘problematic’ (a great gender war and woke term, that).

Funnily enough, we don’t tend to hear so much from them about ‘toxic feminism’, and even when we do, it’s couched in very defensive terms. Take this quote from an article I read the other day;

toxic masculinity encourages violence and domination in order to uphold an unequal power dynamic…toxic femininity supports silent acceptance of violence and domination in order to survive

Now this sort of stuff really gets my neck up. ‘Toxic femininity’ is all about quiet submissiveness and acquiescence then, about ‘victimhood’.

Just like the case of Erin Hebblewhite, jailed for two years and banned from teaching for life for the sexual abuse of a teenager in her care;

Express News

Just like Sheree Spencer, jailed after a terrible 20 year campaign of abuse against her husband, who threatened to claim that HE was the abuser if he called the cops;

Mirror News

Just like Jennifer Rocha, a delivery driver who bit a customer’s thumb clean off;

BBC News

It’s clear to me that in all of these examples, the women were ‘victims’ of that ol’ unequal power dynamic. Not.

Now of course I’m not attempting to argue that men aren’t capable of acting like complete cunts. That would be ridiculous. But I’d have a lot more respect for the feminist critique of masculinity if it would just own that woman also have that capacity for manipulative, devious, predatory and violent behaviour.

Come on then, all you ‘toxic masculinity’ advocates, show a bit of honesty. Own those ‘problematic’ traits and characteristics that your own sex also possesses; admit that you’re not just made of sugar and spice and all things nice.

Nominated by: Ron Knee

97 thoughts on “Toxic Femininity (2)

    • Indeed Sammy.

      I’ve found that tickling a woman’s bottom with a feather is a great way to break the ice; always makes ’em giggle.

      (Look over shoulder to see if someone north of the border has taken offence and dobbed me in to ScotPlod for misogyny).

  1. I had to laugh at the fellow who ordered a pizza and ended up getting his thumb bitten off by that mad fat bitch on a scooter.

    Instead of crying on the telly about it what he should have done is knocked fuck out of the dumpy little cunt.

    Cry Baby Britain.

      • When the fat dyke bites off your thumb

        And now you can no longer plumb

        That’s amore…….

      • Thanks Unk.

        I reckon that this case must surely constitute gbh.

        Bet the mad cow gets off with a ‘community sentence’. Other way around, the geezer’s feet wouldn’t touch…

  2. Queen Boudica.
    Now there was a toxic feminist, ‘supporting silent acceptance of violence and domination in order to survive’.

    Yeah right. Tell that to the Roman soldiers stationed at Colchester.

    • And she had the audacity to accuse him of ‘male aggression’.
      She also, the other week, had to back pedal over comments she made about coach/player relationships.
      Apparently it’s ok for a lezzer like herself to letch over nubile young ladies, but certainly not men.
      What a vile specimen the fat cunt is.

      • Like I keep saying Field Marshal, toxic femininity is all the fault of ‘male aggression’.

  3. You only have to raise your voice, or even touch a wimminz, and they immediately jump on their social media page shrieking that they’ve been raped, abused, almost murdered by some toxic alpha white male (had to include “white” because any other ethnicity are perfect gentlemen)

    Is it any wonder modern day blokes are simply not interested in getting married, or even engaged, because they know what kind of shit they might face once hitched.

    I have a great deal of respect for old school women like Kate Adie, Ellen McArthur, JK Rowling and a host of other women who have genuine strength, independence and rational thinking while completely ignoring the wokism that seems to be infiltrating most everyone these days. These women take no shit from anyone and deserve respect, But at the same time don’t go into CryBaby mode at every little bit of hurty wordy bullshit.

  4. There seems to be more and more cases of predatory sexual behaviour by female teachers getting reported from all over, like this female on girl pupil abuser;

    I’m sure that feministas will still manage to say that instances such as these stem from ‘the patriarchal system of oppression’ blah. There’s both ‘victims’ of male oppression in their own way.

    Afternoon all.

  5. Toxic femininity is disgusting!
    No need for it.
    Wash your clam ladies..

    It may be cultural for Di Abbott to have sweaty piss flaps but it’s not acceptable for white English ladies.
    And if you’re growler is unkempt like a thicket hedge get out the weed whacker.

    We make a effort for you,
    I’m always scrubbing my spuds in the sink and wearing clean undercrackers once a week.

    Up your game you scruffy mares.

      • Hiya Ron👍

        These militant feminist types?
        What’s up with them?

        I’ve no issues with women!
        Im polite and courteous
        I accept they can do good jobs
        I like them!

        I don’t want a war with them.

        We’re on the same side!
        The silly bitches.

      • They seem to try and ‘out men’ the men.

        Men don’t want masculine women, like Grace Jones and Roger Moore in A View to A Kill. She had him for breakfast and farted him out before lunch.

        Let the side down Rog, Connery wouldn’t have put up with it.

      • Sean would of knocked the corners off Graces square head.

        She was always hitting people wasn’t she?

        Most memorably Russell Harty.

        He should of stabbed her in the eye with his pen.
        See how she liked that.

      • Connery would’ve belted her, on the grounds that she was asking for it. She’d have lovedit as well.

  6. What will fuck toxic wimminz further is when trans-women start to kick off against wimminz they’re trying to chat up for a bit of “lezzing up” or sharing showers/bogs.

    If a transwoman did the same kind of aggressive-passive shit blokes do towards wimminz would the woman keep quiet for fear of causing offence, or go public and face the frenzy of the trans lobby?

  7. Can we go back to ‘he’s a basta@d’ and “she’s a bit@h”, far simpler. Idiot is gender neutral of course.

  8. Some birds are truly puddled.
    Not just once a month but 24/7.

    You need to know the signs and avoid them if single.

    Any bird that phones you 30 times a day.

    Any bird that threatens to top herself because you didn’t notice her new haircut.

    Any bird who has your name tattooed on her forehead after a couple of dates.

    There’s some real nutters out there.
    Always give a false name and address.

  9. Karen is the generic name for female toxic people – I saw one over Easter in a car park who started ranting some bile at me becuase she was waiting to park and I wasn’t going yet, having returned to the car to drop something off. I pissed her off even more by pissing myself laughing while walking away – one of my kids asked what her problem was and why was I laughing and I said, to wind her up more – they’re girls, they don’t know, but they will…

    i have something to bitch about WASPI – I find that extremely female centric and toxic.

    Why should those cunts get any better treatment than everyone who is getting fucked up the butt by this Government.

  10. I don’t know about male or female toxicity.
    It sounds a bit made up, to me, like it’s a reason to behave badly, have no manners, and so on.

    What I do find toxic, apart from the press as mentioned previously, is the way large companies weazle their way out of any kind of liability ( thumb item, for example ) for injury, damage to property or shody work by wailing ” contractor/sub contractor (Wren kitchens, I’m looking at you), not our responsibility”

    Well, you picked, and presumably vetted them. The customer pays you, not the contractor. I consider you responsible, ultimately.

  11. I’ve said it on many occasions that the ladies are my preferred best friends. I think it stems from having three lovely older sisters and a loving mother. That wil leave me being one of the few philogynist in this fantastic club.

  12. As usual all of this bollocks is down to social tedia and the way it enables all sorts of shite to spread like wildfire, wouldn’t have happened in the days of the stagecoach post or even telegrams, cunts would lose interest waiting for a reply none of this instant gratification.

  13. I can give a great example of the double standards. I many years ago had an argument with an ex who was pissed. Short of it was I rang the old bill because I was unable to drive due to a fucked up foot. She took my dog and valuables into the bedroom and made it so I couldn’t get in, so I wouldn’t leave. Police got there and she put on an oscar winning performance and said I’d assaulted her. I was arrested, went freely no cuffs. I took my phone as it had all my numbers on it. The harpy police wimmin then lost it slapping cuffs on my and hurting my wrists in the process. I then got taken down the nick and I was told ” we where going to arrest one of you, it was always going to be you” those words will stick with me forever. In essence because I’m a man it made no odds, i was going to get nicked. Turns out she was telling folks for years I’d knocked her about. She was truly abusive and fucked up in the head. She had seen on TV how woman can manipulate the system, and that’s what she did. Sometimes I wish I had fucked her up! I got a lucky break and I’m now happily married. The media always portray men as the baddies. Trust me it ain’t! Oh and never ever ever ring the old bill, cunts!

      • I spent 18 hours in a cell, wasn’t let out once. All while they tried to convince her to make a statement so it looked good on the’ we are tough on domestic crime sheet’. I learnt a valuable lesson, never trust plod. I got a caution for resisting arrest too; with a broken toe, don’t make me laugh. As a result it took me 4 months to get the okay to go to Canada on holiday. Wimmins rights, what about men! We don’t matter to these cunts or society. Well unless your a sooty.

      • Nothing mate, absolutely nothing. Found out she was cheating a few months later, and I was gone in a few hours! This is how it so often goes, bitches get away stock free. The case mentioned above about the 20 years of abuse. The stuff about I’ll tell to old bill you hurt me,ect is spot on. I am a lucky sod because if she had tried to hurt me I wouldn’t have let her! I would of ended up in prison. So I’m very very lucky. She did tell all and sundry that I was beating her. If only the purge was real. Took some of my best years for me, and I didn’t realise the extent of her lies till I left. I live a long way from there and things are good. Women can be as evil as men!

  14. In the first link the girl who was abused said she lost her virginity to the dyke in a restaurant bathroom (I believe that is an American euphemism for the toilet). Sorry if I discomfort the alphabet people but in my world for anyone to lose their virginity requires the services of someone of the opposite sex.

    I am baffled by the case of Richard Spencer. Why did he not walk away years ago?

    Jenniffer Rocha is Brazilian. Wonder why it is that when I first heard reports I knew that the perpetrator would not be British? I remember a very similar event in Walsall many years ago where the miscreant was a sheboon.

    I notice that of the four ladies listed three are lesbians who are involved in sport.
    I have noticed also that the Sun rises in the East.

  15. Just talking to the wife about this, and she says that one of the things she hates about other women is seeing them display sneering, vindictive passive-aggressiveness, which she reckons women can be world class at.

    I get what she means;

    And Tessa ‘talk to the hand’ Dunlop

    Gosh I love Alibaba-Brown and Dunlop. Could listen to them being detestable all day.

  16. Tell you who’s a good woman ,
    That Jk who writes kids books.

    She’s got the lot!
    Massive thrupennies👍
    A handbag full of £50notes
    And a good imagination.

    She’s dared that deliveroo driver who’s running Scotland to have her arrested.
    Mocking his daft ‘Hate crime’ laws.

    Good for her👋

    Everyone in Scotland should send him hate messages and then report him to the police.

    Snow them under with complaints it’d take 10years to investigate.

    I think she should go topless in protest.

    • Do you reckon they will send IsACers up to Scotland for show trials?

      Might have to build a special prison like Guantanamo to hold us all. Foxy will have gone underground, a soldier of fortune, Fiddler will be like the Waco siege and General Cuntster will be extradited from the U.S escorted off the plane in a Hannibal Lecter straitjacket and gurney.

      • Remember the script LL and we have a chance.
        JP made us do it.

        As for Foxy he’s probably busy running ‘We The People ‘ and his community service.
        I’m not calling him as a witness when my case is heard in a Scottish courtroom.😁

      • Don’t worry about JP Mis, he’s sewing his lips up in a freedom of speech protest.

      • Oh, and I had a great 70th birthday yesterday, thanks for asking.

        I’d flounce off in a huff, but I’m not quite sure how to wear one, or even if it’s clothing.

      • Happy Birthday 🎂

        You forgot mine last week.

        I was 54yr.

        But look younger.

      • I didn’t even know it was your birthday, Mis.

        Would you like to borrow my huff, so you can flounce?

      • Happy Birthday JP, mine was yesterday as well, I’m a year ahead of you!😃👍

      • And to you.
        I hope you had a great day!

        I got somewhat intoxic-ilated.
        Feel like I’m dead from the neck down today, but it was worth it!

      • I am not chopping my beard off!

        I refuse to wear a Timmy Mallet orange jump suit.

        These bars are not a cage.

    • All these videos on youtube about Rowling saying ‘arrest me’ and showing her behind bars…

      don’t ‘alf give me the ‘orn.

  17. We, the IsaC Faithful must learn to be more inclusive.

    What about Toxic Transism?
    What about Toxic Non-Binarism?
    What about Toxic Gender Neutrality?
    What about Toxic Trans Humanism (not to be confused with the above Toxic Transism)?
    What about Toxic Unicornality?

    I don’t want to be misunderstood. This is a righteous nom…as far as it goes.

      • Good evening UT,

        No matter what they say, punching a Post-op Tranny in his silicone implants is not hitting a girl.

        By the way, I hope you are nowhere near the Caliphate of Jockistan.

  18. I’m probably the most progressive on ISAC.
    Sort of a ‘ Renaissance man.

    I do the pots occasionally (lemon scented like JP)

    I’ll throw some shite in the washing machine.

    Even put tea on .

    See? That’s all women’s work.
    But I do it.

    Not very well admittedly.
    I’m not a puff or anything.

    But I like to be inclusive

    ” Alright Sinbad? ” I shout out the van window
    Building bridges with the Asian community

    ” Aye up lips!”
    I greet sooties while pulling the dog back so she can’t get purchase with her teeth.

    ” Aye up pal, I like your frock you can’t see your knackers”
    Reaching out to the trans community.

    I’ve not got a hateful bone in me,
    I judge people by what’s in their heart.

    And the shape of their heads.

    • We’ve always shared household stuff. Basically, she cleaned, I cooked and did DIY. But she’s had a carcinoma issue, with radiotherapy. I now cook, clean, do the laundry, shopping, ironing, hoovering, DIY, fucking everything. Because I have to. I don’t feel less of a man. More so, because I can do.

  19. A bit late to the thread, but a huge thumbs up Ron for this nom.

    As arfur and Cuntis will recall when we shared reflections on our mothers, some women can be truly horrific; my mother and my ex-wife both milked their “victim as women” status to inflict a violent reign of terror over the men in their lives.

    It’s the same syndrome as the carpet kissers. First, establish you are the de facto weaker, abused, party. Second, commit horrendous atrocities safe in the knowledge that you are immune from critical scrutiny and prosecution, and, indeed, you are assured of our sympathy given that your targets had it coming and wholly deserved what they received.

    A mate of mine, when describing to him the larceny and viciousness of my ex-wife during our divorce, summed it up in an effortlessly precise conclusion, “women are cunts”.

    Now I hope, as a father of a daughter, and a furious denouncer of men posturing as women to get into girls changing rooms, that I don’t need to elaborate too much on the nuance of my mate’s comment. But I apologise if any ladies present mistake his remark for the generalisation that it ostensibly appears to be, and infer from this that I am a hater of women. Nothing could be further from the truth. I just hate what women can get away with when motivated to do so. Finally – and admittedly this is only my experience – when I look back on who’s inflicted the most pain and damage on me in my life, it’s not the ones with the cocks.

    • 4 of us, as teenagers, went into town 1 night (early 80’s) After a few drinks we were going home and were accosted by 2 ugly F tossers who kicked of for no reason. they started punching one of us but we all held off because, you know, girls. They really escalated and I punched one of the trollops, hard, in the face. The pigs, who had just pulled up, arrested us lads. They only let us go after 1) their MD showed the bruises on one of us and 2) a female witness told them what had gone on. We were always the person and that pair of cunts got away with it.

  20. Saying you would shag a female celebrity – sexism
    saying you wouldn’t shag a female celebrity – misogyny.

    Calling a woman ‘dear’ on social media is also misogyny.

    I replied and said the poor woman had been driven to psychosis by her hatred.

  21. Women can be extremely spiteful when they feel they have been wronged. My ex employer decided to dob me up to HMRC for additional income that she thought I hadn’t paid tax on. This all happened after I left her moribund company and set up on my own.

    Turned out she was barking up the wrong tree. Hah hah.

  22. Veering off topic a bit I know, but this is a fucking hoot;

    If ScotPlod won’t make any moves against Rowling, and say her tweets aren’t criminal, a precedent’s been set.

    Any ‘gender critical’ individual can now express a view simply by copying what JK said word for word, and what are THEY going to do about it?

    You’ve got to laugh!

    • Be nice to think she’s blown this heinous exercise in thought crime out of the water, but I wouldn’t conclude just yet that the filth won’t persecute someone of a much lesser public and financial profile, nor that they won’t try and bang up someone who expresses blunter views.

      This legislation should be impelling mass protests on the streets of Scotland and should have ensured the SNP never get another vote again. It is worrying that this has not happened, as it points to the tacit willingness of the electorate to let the sinister, evil, political elite get away with doing just what the fuck they want – and this has all happened very quickly too. The notion, just ten years ago, that a Western government would actually enact the central premise of 1984, the mobilisation of the state against freedom of thought and speech, would have been treated as fanciful and exaggerated. So what can we expect in the next ten years?

      • What’s particularly sinister about this is that it was supported by Labour in Scotland.

        Prepare for massive ‘mission creep’ on this if/when Keir and his Merrie Persons get into power.

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