Toxic Femininity (2)

It seems to me that in recent years, we’ve heard an awful lot of noise from feminist gender war warriors about ‘toxic masculinity’; you know, those male characteristics and traits that they find ‘problematic’ (a great gender war and woke term, that).

Funnily enough, we don’t tend to hear so much from them about ‘toxic feminism’, and even when we do, it’s couched in very defensive terms. Take this quote from an article I read the other day;

toxic masculinity encourages violence and domination in order to uphold an unequal power dynamic…toxic femininity supports silent acceptance of violence and domination in order to survive

Now this sort of stuff really gets my neck up. ‘Toxic femininity’ is all about quiet submissiveness and acquiescence then, about ‘victimhood’.

Just like the case of Erin Hebblewhite, jailed for two years and banned from teaching for life for the sexual abuse of a teenager in her care;

Express News

Just like Sheree Spencer, jailed after a terrible 20 year campaign of abuse against her husband, who threatened to claim that HE was the abuser if he called the cops;

Mirror News

Just like Jennifer Rocha, a delivery driver who bit a customer’s thumb clean off;

BBC News

It’s clear to me that in all of these examples, the women were ‘victims’ of that ol’ unequal power dynamic. Not.

Now of course I’m not attempting to argue that men aren’t capable of acting like complete cunts. That would be ridiculous. But I’d have a lot more respect for the feminist critique of masculinity if it would just own that woman also have that capacity for manipulative, devious, predatory and violent behaviour.

Come on then, all you ‘toxic masculinity’ advocates, show a bit of honesty. Own those ‘problematic’ traits and characteristics that your own sex also possesses; admit that you’re not just made of sugar and spice and all things nice.

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  1. They’re all wankers.

    I can’t be arsed with this sort of shit any more.

    I’m sick of it.

    Can you imagine having these sort of discussions even 10 years ago?

    The world is fucking mad.

    Bring on the asteroid.

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