The Alleged Plague of The Brown People

(The media have joined the dots, but refuse to tell the world – Day Admin)

Admin may I humbly suggest that this nom is achingly current putting the Sweden Gang Wars Murder Hotspot thingy in context..

In a universe far far from here a mutant breed of banished socialists met in the smoke stained back room of an Islington pub. Over a half litre of Directors Bitter the more squiggly eyed of them proposed a motion. A motion to End All Wars of a racist nature by eliminating all races and reducing our Once Great Nation to a one stop shop of Brown People.

Mix ‘em all up then prejudice, hatred and genocide – it all comes out in the wash innit. Then we can all move forward in a cohort of LGBTH+- ethnically neutral love and look back and forever blame Whitey for all ills.

So overnight there they are among us gaining strategic positions of power as the Mayor of London, the Welsh First Minister and First Minister of Scotland and as token presenters and back room leaders of the BBC. BeGod and BeJazus they even have one in Northern Ireland.

Belfast Live

The principle problem is that to a LGBTH+- person they are all, in my humble opinion, fucking useless at their jobs. Knife crime, well all crime really, is sky high in London, public services are being propped up by guess who in the so called devolved and bankrupt nation of Wales. Scotland is fucked and floating on drugs so even less likely to give us the pleasure of choosing Independence while they have their sullen jocko mitts stuffed up, guess where, the Bank of GB.

Now we focus our LCAR Viewscreens (as used in Star Trek) on Sweden which has the highest number of gun deaths in Europe. Come again (pun intended) the land of good old free love fuck me fillies with genuine blond hair, blond minge and blue eyes? The land of Wotan and Woke where all races and hatreds are welcome and paid for by the State?

Ah…a bit embarrassing this but hidden under the radar – well deliberately suppressed really – the Brown People have been knotting and gendering and rather than casting aside their difference as predicted by the Squiggly Eyed Wokos, they have been knifing, shooting and bombing all and sundry.

Racial Conflict has morphed into Gang Conflict all paid for the Drugs Trade. Woops, let us take an Abba Moment here, pull on our naff spangly tights and satin jackets and remember when it was so cool to deregulate drugs and see beyond race and appreciate the person?

Serve ‘em right you say? Well so do I.

Sky News

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

86 thoughts on “The Alleged Plague of The Brown People

  1. I blame Blue Mink and their 1969 smash hit ‘Melting Pot’.

    Take a pinch of White man
    Wrap it up in Black skin
    Add a touch of blue blood
    And a little bitty-bit of Red Indian boy
    Curly Latin kinkies
    Mixed with yellow Chinkees
    If you lump it all together
    Well, you’ve got a recipe for a get-along scene
    Oh what a beautiful dream
    If it could only come true
    You know, you know
    What we need is a great big melting pot
    Big enough to take the world and all it’s got
    Keep it stirring for a hundred years or more
    And turn out coffee-coloured people by the score

    Now banned from BBC playlist. 😂

    • I think Blue Mink should face charges for clearly endorsing Race mixing.

      It wouldn’t solve anything.

      Everyone would be like Harvey Price with a touch of Jacky Chan.

      Musicians should shut they’re fuckin yap.

    • Only thinking about that song the other day Minge, and how the damn country is now treating it as a blueprint.
      I always preferred The Banner Man by Blue Mink.

      • Was commenting on the subject the other day regarding mixed race TV couples….I said to the Mrs that I would bet that if you knocked on every house in our postcode you’d be lucky to find more than 1 of these mythical couples, and there’d be a good chance the hubby/partner would be only visiting anyway 🧐🤣

      • the adverts dont show the most common interracial coupling by far; White man and East Asian women.

        It’s because white female marketing types and TV producers love the BBC.

      • In my experience, fewer than 5% of couples in this country are mixed race. We have a mixed race couple in our circle of friends. They are as much, if not more pissed off than the rest of us by the distorted depiction of mixed race couples in the adverts as being typically 95% of couples in the UK.

      • Glad its banned. it shouldn’t be tarnished by the association with the likes of Rylan.
        I wonder what Peter Cook would say about the BBC these days.

      • I think the sketch below leaves little doubt as to what Peter Cook would probably think about the BBC today.

        CLIVE : You know that big n*gger who lives down the road?
        DEREK: Him? Yeah. Oh, lovely.
        CLIVE: Huge black cunt. I said, I said to him, I said, um, Ephraim, strange name for a black, innit? I said there’s a load of cunts down the BBC and they need sorting out. I said, um, this should appeal to your fucking primitive urges cos you like cannibalism, don’t you? You like eating people alive in a frying pan? I said, go round to the BBC with some of your mates dressed up in your loincloths and that, and, er, paint yourselves up in different colours or whatever you cunts do back in Africa. And so he said, er, oh, it’s nice, that, and he said what do we do when we arrive? I said, go beserk, tear the fucking place down.
        DEREK: Yes, spunk all over the fucking centre.
        CLIVE: Spunk all over the Director General and kill everyone in the studios, you know, and, um, he was all, you know, he got about forty of these c**ns gathered together to rush round to the BBC. And I was really looking forward to it. I was looking forward to tuning in to the news that night and seeing the news on the BBC, that the BBC had been burnt to the fucking ground.
        DEREK: Yeah. Yeah. Four… forty thousand.
        CLIVE: I turned on the Nine O’clock News. There was Kenneth Kendall, calm as a cucumber. No story about anything burning to the fucking ground. And do you know what the cunt, black, n*gger poof, cunt said when he came back?
        DEREK: No?
        CLIVE: “Oh, I’m sorry. I couldn’t find it.”
        DEREK: No!
        CLIVE: “I lost my way”, he said.
        DEREK: Cunt…

  2. I never thought the Scandies would allow this shit to happen in their own back yard.
    Not exactly the stuff of Viking legend is it?
    To all Norsemen, “Take a fucking grip and sort the filth out once and for all”.

  3. Sweden buried their heads under the snow, it took a long time to melt but by then the small wound had turned gangrenous.

    We know there is only one cure for gangrene.

  4. Yes, we have big issues with this slime. What we have in common UK/SWE is that nobody wants them.
    What’s happening in Sweden is that the average Sven Svensson has a nose for the white marching powder thus providing good trade for the gansters.
    There is a mad gangland turf scramble to recruit new members (under 18 preferably as they won’t do time) to sell the goods.
    The plod have been hacking their phones for ages and simply let the brown on brown violence continue.
    The ‘Foxtrot Network’ (Kurds) are top of the gangster food chain and publish hit-lists (with a reward clearly stated). These lists are widely available on the internet and any wannabe kiddo gangster simply says ‘I’ll do it.’
    Loads of wacko shit with these gangs. Their ill-gotten gains are often up at public auction. A Foxtrot gold ring will set you back 5000 quid. Their BMW’s are selling like rare art.
    They normally get deported only to be replaced by the next kiddo.
    Sweden loves deporting this slime but they just regenerate.

    Ask me anything…

  5. Any half wit national leader of a country being pressured into taking “migrants” should have waited to see how it turned out for the other nations that immediately took them on. Later he could say, “ No fucking way!” while pointing out real results.
    All this was predictable of course, for those of us bitterly clinging to that old fashioned notion called reality. It’s not at all complicated. You let in scum from a third world shit hole, your country becomes a third world shit hole full of scum.

    • Lowest common denominator wins.

      This is a European trend accelerating the race downwards in many ways.

      Education being one prime example where the entire class is expected to wait for Ahmed the spastic to add up his goats.

      Separating the wheat from the chaff used to be the way. Sadly now the ‘chaff’ is enabled by benefits, soft-play areas, the media and a lack of common fucking sense.

      Fuck them off a cliff.

  6. If your country’s supposed “leaders” are spineless cunts then you get open borders,a gigantic welfare bill and get to watch your country start the slide toward becoming a Third World shithole.

    If your country’s leaders are hard cunts who don’t give a tupenny fuck what anyone thinks then you get secure borders,low welfare spending and a generally stronger society.

    Anyway allowing Africans,Arabs and Pakis into your country is a well proven recipe for complete disaster.

    All Western countries keep doing it though…are they all cowards?

    Yes they are.


  7. Closing the stable door now would be far too late. It may take years but it’ll surely end in civil war and/or a real far right government and not one dreamt up by the BBC/Guardian types. I fear for my grandkids.
    Meanwhile they ban smoking and next drinking to look tough while Rome burns.

    • Nobody gives a fuck if smoking is phased out and eventually banned. At least the vast majority don’t.

      Alcohol, on the other hand, there’d be a revolution!

  8. Off topic –

    Wee Nicky’s husband has been re-arrested.

    Campervan enthusiast Peter answering questions regarding SNP finances.

    He’s only 59yr!!!
    Fuckin ell!
    He looks like he’s 70.odd.

    He must age in dog years.
    Finding out your missus likes a fish supper ages a man…😁

  9. Also off topic-

    Celebrity dwãrf Warwick Davis wife has died.

    Samantha Davis also a midget has sadly.passed away.

    I’ll be collecting donations from generous fellow cunters,
    Towards the cost of a funeral as Warwick is a little short.

    It’s extremely bad taste to suggest they’re using a shoebox as a coffin.

    You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • It’s a shame indeed. My phone battery died as I was dialling 999 to get help for her before she bled out from her deformed orifice.
      It’s Warwick’s fault, you see.
      He likes to watch his wife getting brutalised by a man with a normal-sized slaghammer.
      It’s not my fault that she slipped me some viagra and told me to go all Wayne Couzens on her dry, disfigured bumhole, dressed as Willow.

      • To clarify, it was me who was dressed as Willow, not her bumhole.
        That was dressed as the screaming tentacled monster from Space 1999, the episode entitled “Dragon’s Domain”.

      • I’d like to see Rachel Rileys bumhole. Dressed up as her own bumhole.
        Is that so wrong?

      • Don’t seem wrong to me and I’d like to see her fanny dressed up as her cunt!

      • Jesus fucking Christ Thomas!

        I don’t suppose you have any video footage?

        Asking for a friend.

    • Do you really think we’d be so crass and insensitive, Mis, as to suggest a shoebox?

      I ordered some Hunters wellies last Blick Friday. The box they came in is HUGE! It also has a white satin lining, all be it printed with Hunters, in green, all over.

      They can have that, I’ll even pay for delivery.

      You have to look after the little people, dontcha?

    • Here’s the least offensive joke I can muster.

      When Warwick Davis said he’d lost his wife, i thought he meant down the back of the sofa.

  10. You have to admire the Danes.

    Under the DF (Danish National people’s party), they came up with the brilliant plan of not giving them welfare and fucking the lying brown filth off back to Syria, where they claimed they were from, once the dust had settled.

    Those that wanted handouts were pointed in the direction of Sweden. A country so wet and liberal that it now has the dual honor of being not only the murder capital of Europe, but also the rape capital of Europe too.

    Well done Denmark. You clearly saw the writing on England’s wall and thought ‘Fuck that, let’s send the scum up north’.

    Just a reminder that for us, Scotland is up north.

    Just saying.

    • My Danish brothers have certainly upped their game, comply or fuck off home.

      We’ll soon have the 3-strike rule in Sweden, bit lame but at least it will thin them out a bit.

      No fucking lefty lawyers in this part of the world to defend them. See you at the airport Ahmed.

      Too little too late 🤬

      • When you say ‘Three strike rule’, do you mean the the burgeoning illegal underclass need to commit murder, rape and armed robbery to qualify for a Swedish passport?

      • @Odin – correct Ahmed must complete the holy trinity of crime to get his swedopass

  11. I don’t see how making us all one colour helps anything .

    After all it’s not like black people don’t kill each other in record numbers

    • It has everything to do with producing a more subservient, lower IQ population for them to rule over.

      Think about the epsilons in Aldous Huxley’s Brave new world and you would be bang on the money.

      Breed out intelligence by importing sub Saharan genes.

  12. Well the black and brown horde will soon have to put their best scientists to work..

    This planet has probably 2 to 3 generations left, before it goes bang.

    So the peacefuls will have to look to go interstellar, or intersmellier in their case.

    Hopefully if they ever achieve it, the world they find will have a indigenous population who will just liquidate them on arrival.

  13. What happens if everyone had the same colour of skin, it would return me back to my childhood, when arguing and fallout was the norm because you spoke with a different dialect, more money, thick cunt, cleaver, handsome, ugly. You get the picture.

    • It was more a subtle racism years back, not so much the obvious colour of the skin today, albeit they’re nasty pieces of work the black cunts these day.

  14. And I am sick of seeing fat black wimmin in their duds on advertising boards.
    Who the fuck wants to clock a monster like Lizzo?

    Mind you, look on the bright side. At least we can’t smell her as well…

  15. O/T
    Mr Krankie’s been charged with embezzlement.
    In response, First Monster Hamas McYousless is rushing a law through the Jock Parliament making the arrest of any SNP member a Hate Crime.

  16. Listening to Julia Hartley Brewer this morning, some Old Cove rang in and suggested that any illegals showing the similar DNA should be sent back to the country that has the said DNA as prominent in.
    Seems a plan although she seemed a bit shocked. Talk Radio is getting soft.🤔

  17. There’s a short story by Arthur C Clarke called Reunion. It’s less than 500 words long and the final part says:

    ‘We have a simple remedy for the offensive yet harmless genetic plague that afflicted so many of the colonists. […] People of Earth, you can rejoin the society of the universe without shame, without embarrassment.

    If any of you are still white, we can cure you.’

    If you’re interested:

    • Ahhhhh, the chuckling racial self-deprecation of the white English posho.

      Good show Arthur! Really made me think about what ‘us’ whites done did and do.

  18. Did you own an SNP membership between 2012 and 2022? You may be entitled to compensation. Don’t wait, find out if you’re owed thousands.

    The SNP, spending other people’s money on themselves, that’s socialism.

    In other news former first minister pondering starting onlyfans page.

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