The Far Right (3)


We hear a lot about ‘the far right’ in Britain these days. Are you worried that your thinking might be deemed politically incorrect? Do you fear that you are, or are at risk of becoming, ‘far right’? Take our easy 10 point test now and find out if your fears are justified, simply answering ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the following questions;

* did you support Brexit?
* do you take pride in displays of the Union Jack?
* is multiculturalism a failed experiment that the British people never asked for?
* should the needs and rights of British people take precedence over migrants?
* does the state of Israel have the right to exist and defend itself?
* do you agree that freedom of expression is an inalienable right in the UK?
* is a man necessarily an adult human male, and a woman an adult human female?
* is ‘the climate crisis’ greatly exaggerated in your view?
* do you consider woke ideology and practices to be deranged?
* should Reform UK form the next government?

So how did you do? If you answered ‘yes’;
0 to 1 times. Congratulations! You are a bona fide member of the loony left; subscribe to ‘The Morning Star’ and an Owen Jones’ podcast today.
2-5 times. No need for immediate concern, but practice watchful waiting.
6-8 times. Your situation is becoming fraught. Seek urgent advice from the police about ‘checking your thinking’, and obtain counselling as soon as possible.
9-10 times. You are dyed in the wool ‘far right’. Avoid dinner parties and wine samplings in Islington and Hampstead at all costs, and don’t carry a copy of ‘The Daily Mail’ in public.

Nominated by Ron Knee.

83 thoughts on “The Far Right (3)

  1. I scored 8, which is respectably conservative, so i’m in the right constituency.

    Those who think i’m far-right never met my grandad. He mocked white people for having tans and spoke German on the telephone to his brother.

    • All my grandparents were casually racist.
      My parents are racist.

      If Tommy Robinson came round for tea he’d leave in tears,
      Join Hope not Hate.

      I don’t see it as some sort of character flaw.
      Just common sense.

      • There was nothing casual about my Grandad’s racsm. It was dedicated, laser-focused Anglo-Saxon/Nordic superiority.
        ‘White’ was far too broad as he despised the Irish and Southern Europeans as well.

      • He once gave my uncle a knife to stab an older boy who had bullied him, snd chased an Irishman around a camp in Kuwait with an axe.

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