The Far Right (3)


We hear a lot about ‘the far right’ in Britain these days. Are you worried that your thinking might be deemed politically incorrect? Do you fear that you are, or are at risk of becoming, ‘far right’? Take our easy 10 point test now and find out if your fears are justified, simply answering ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the following questions;

* did you support Brexit?
* do you take pride in displays of the Union Jack?
* is multiculturalism a failed experiment that the British people never asked for?
* should the needs and rights of British people take precedence over migrants?
* does the state of Israel have the right to exist and defend itself?
* do you agree that freedom of expression is an inalienable right in the UK?
* is a man necessarily an adult human male, and a woman an adult human female?
* is ‘the climate crisis’ greatly exaggerated in your view?
* do you consider woke ideology and practices to be deranged?
* should Reform UK form the next government?

So how did you do? If you answered ‘yes’;
0 to 1 times. Congratulations! You are a bona fide member of the loony left; subscribe to ‘The Morning Star’ and an Owen Jones’ podcast today.
2-5 times. No need for immediate concern, but practice watchful waiting.
6-8 times. Your situation is becoming fraught. Seek urgent advice from the police about ‘checking your thinking’, and obtain counselling as soon as possible.
9-10 times. You are dyed in the wool ‘far right’. Avoid dinner parties and wine samplings in Islington and Hampstead at all costs, and don’t carry a copy of ‘The Daily Mail’ in public.

Nominated by Ron Knee.

83 thoughts on “The Far Right (3)

  1. Yep, I’m completely “far right” and proud to be so. Every single bullet-point agreed with.
    That any of those points should even be contentious, shows how far down the leftist, authoritarian crapper we have fallen, or rather, been pushed.
    Sheikh Genghis Anvakh.

  2. Strange, that you get articles like Richard Burgon, Clive Lewis and Zarah Sultana, who spout Communist garbage and Peter Tatchell who spouts q ueer garbage but they are never (rightly) described as “far left”. But they are.

    • I’m afraid that ‘far right’ is the new ‘racist’, or ‘bigot’ insult that the left lapses into because it wants to smear opponents, and try to close them down. Another one is accusing people of stoking ‘the rising tide of hatred’; cue Dumbza Youesless in Scotland and others.

      It’s the ‘go to’ response of loony leftists like little Owen (bless).

      This is on one level a bit of a tongue-in-cheek cunting, but seriously, I bet that in the main, Joe and Jane Public would agree with many of the points.

      It’s cunts on the far left that are out of step in my view.

      Morning all.

      • Good Morning Ron,

        There was a prime example yesterday in Europe of the mad wokeness this world is descending into when Nigel and his mates had a meeting in Brussels and the police closed it down on the orders of the mayor, a jumped up little cunt if ever there was one.

      • What ho Wank. Yeah I was so enraged about that cunt of a mayor going on about not wanting people ‘spreading hatred’ about that I cunted it yesterday.

        Cunters will have to excuse and allow for my enthusiasm in cunting on here these days.

        I can’t help myself. So many cunts, so little time…

  3. I score 9.5, my only beef being with ‘a woman is an adult human female’.
    My definition would be an adult human being with more than 10 pairs of shoes.

    • Lol! Good one Geordie!

      You forgot the twenty bottles of shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser, nail varnish remover and Gawd knows what else on the dressing table or in the bathroom cabinet.

  4. Ditto. in favour of national sovereignty, celebration of our history, culture etc, which is not allowed by the globalism-pushing arseholes in charge, therefore ‘Far Right’. A patriot by any other name, I can live with that 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  5. The mysterious Far Right..

    The terrible spectre created by the BBC,the MSM and our own government.

    A terrifying secret army of fascists plotting constantly to….

    What exactly?

    Call the lefty cowardly islamist soy degenerate Cunts out for what they are.

    The Left have won the Cluture Wars and their propaganda machine never stops.. but its just royally pissing off millions of people all over the West.

    There’s going to be a lot of bother and what the Progressive cunts thought up as a bogey man will become a reality.

    They made their fucking bed and they can lie in it.

    • Me too Sammy. Us ‘sinister’ left-handers, stoking up ‘the rising tide of hatred’ everywhere.

      I’m surprised we haven’t been proscribed.

      • The one good thing Ron, I only just avoided being forced to use my righthand at school, before it being abolished.

  6. Guilty on all counts. The way this country has gone down the shitter we could do with a lot more “far right” in our Gov’ as the torries are certainly not “right” in any sense of the word.

  7. Remember, if you’re not far left, you’re far right.
    There can be no middle ground.
    Genuinely surprised that Owen Jones hasn’t tried saying he’s a tran§bumder.
    Being a pọof is so passé nowadays. Boring even.

      • Hi PM, how’s tricks?
        If young Owen had been Barrymore’s guest, he could’ve accommodated (and probably enjoyed) a double-fisted Lubbocking with room to spare.

      • Hi TTCE,

        I’m fair to middling; you good?

        Owen has a sufficiently capacious ring that he could enjoy an dry double-relay fisting from the likes of Andre the Giant and Pat Jennings, each taking it in turns to play first to reach his Sigmoid.

  8. I’m not far right. I’m just an ordinary person. I don’t have any one world one people on furher beliefs or want to rebuild the empire.

    I don’t want to be a number in the system or exist solely to serve the state either, rules me out from the far left and the far right.

    I’m not an extremist, I didn’t invite tens of millions of people here without giving a fuck about the people who lived here.

    Fuck off branding people as extremists because they wanted to maintain and improve their own standard of living and culture

    The extremists are already in power or running corporations.

    Ain’t us it’s you!

  9. I’ve become so far to the feckin right according to the rules of the left you couldn’t see me with the Hubble space telescope. I revel in the days of Empire the sights of the red square of British infantrymen ripping holes through lines of uppity foreigners, the might of the Royal Navy and the sight of the world’s biggest merchant navy taking British produce to grateful nations helping them to improve life for their people.
    Now we have to be ashamed of it and even worse the cheeky feckers want reparations for dragging them out of the primordial swamp, far right am I ? you can bet your bollocks on that. 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿💂‍♂️

  10. Numbers 1 to 10 are slightly right, to be be a true far right two more should be added to the list

    11. Deport all P*kis, Soots and asylum seekers
    12. Sink the boats.

    Twelve out of twelve, FAR RIGHT 👍

  11. I buy and wear Poppies. Shameful and makes me a neo Nazi.

    Oh, and women dont have bollocks. That will get me jail time in Sweatysockland.

  12. You’d think we read Mein Kampf every day and have Triumph of the Will on a loop on our DVD players the way the Left piss and moan. It’s now deemed as wrong be a patriot, proud of our history and to be concerned about mass immigration. Fuck them and their ‘my shit doesn’t stink’ fucking attitude.

  13. Being alone and old, I can only spout my mouth off on here, to make me feel better. For instance, l watched that ridiculous film “Wicked Little Letters” set in the 1920s. What was so stupid, they had black people working in the police force and especially a woman officer in charge doing a job that wasn’t given to them until the sixties ! What’s happened, through fault of their own, black characters can’t be portrayed in film being naturally nasty, they are given roles that never existed. Otherwise they wouldn’t be seen at all.

    • I long for the times 20 or 30 years ago, when you just had the token black lootenunt in the show.

      Then you got black judges, then black female judges…

      The slippery slope to insane wokery. That Anne Boleyn was black you know…

    • What I’d forgotten. The film showed a black judge, over a century ago and wasn’t even sentencing himself !?!

  14. People in Ireland got sick of libertty taking sandfilth, so they kicked off a bit.
    Of course, RTE an the paddy press blamed it on the far right.

    A far right that doesn’t exist in Eire and bever has done,

  15. I was brought up in a race neutral house. No shits given. one way or another. I don’t ‘hate’ token ‘blacks’ par se, … but I DO hate *scumbags*, black or white or anything in-between.

    So to see a mob (BLM, say) going ape-shit bonkers, rioting & looting .. yup .. put that bunch of cunts in the hate ’em column. Same rule applies to bunches of white scumbags (knax best example) being .. well, knax, .. I hate their fucking behaviour(and their shameless pride in it) too.

    What the fuck is wrong with just wishing everyone had an even just an ounce of fucking decency left in them?

    That’s not racist. I had 2 interactions with 2 individuals from India last Monday. First one, from Amazon customer service outsource. She was very mannerly and polite, and thus so was I … meet same with same is a good motto. Issue sorted. ”Have a nice day” , “You too”, at the end.

    An hour later I took a call from an unknown no. .. recorded voice telling me my revolut card was about to make an unauthorised £79 payment. I pressed 1, to connect. I don’t HAVE a revolut, y’see!?

    Indian accent. “How can I help you today?” asked the scammer – a man who was pre-emptively attempting to steal from me. And not just 80 quid don’t forget, that’s a ruse to get access to every fucking thing

    Anyways. The following 15 to 20 seconds would see me locked-up if presented to any modern woke ‘authorities’. Even – amazingly – in the light of the circumstances(attempted robbery), no doubt.

    Cheeky cunt started swearing BACK, for good measure, so I stepped it up to nuclear until the cunt hung up. If he took my advice, he is dead since, by suicide. 😁

    Am I ‘racist’? Or just reacting to a society overrun by ill-mannered, law-fucking, B-A-D people? I’ll crack a skull if it ever crosses my wall/fence, but I don’t go over the wall to find skulls to crack.

    (On a personal level, I don’t like stupid dumbwiited ‘right-on’ fucktards either. My bad. I’ll own that one).

  16. It always makes me laugh when yet another heinous crime has been commmitted, the BBC refer to the obligatory sandmuck rapist or murderer as a ‘British citizen’ or a ‘man of Norwegian origin’

    Yet Tommy Robisnson is always mentioned as’Far right activist Tommy Robinon real name Stephen Yaxley Lennon who is a an extreme islamphobic far right activist’,even it’s only in passing.;.

  17. What’s happened, some cunts have switched the world into negative and what we’re watching are blacks appearing to be on the receiving end, when it’s them being nasty. We’ll wake up one day with everything being back to normal.

  18. Far Right?

    Those liberal bastards?!!

    Fuck that , I’m not being pigeonholed with mainstream cunts like Suella Braverman, and Richard Tice ,
    Who looks like he’s auditioning for Spandau ballet with his floppy fringe.


    I’m furthest Right.
    Gas em all.
    And those we don’t gas?
    Shoot em.

    Ieg Heil ✋

  19. Try and join the Far Right.

    Go on.

    Try it.
    Can’t find them anywhere!!!

    They need a PR and promotions team,
    Maybe advertise?

    It’s easier to join the Freemasons.

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