The “Biden Bump”

(“Anyone seen my brain? It’s this big!“-  Day Admin)

Yes, it is real. Well according to the desperate hacks at The Guardian:

The Guardian

However, it is not as bad as you might think. Although there are allegations that “Crooked Joe” is a sex obsessed undead maniac, the so-called “Bump” is not a reference to his aged todger being seen on the campaign trail. No, it is all about a rise in his numbers from a poll taken in Wisconsin and a other “swing” states. In some he is almost level with the Orange Man.

What can be the reason for this exciting development? Apparently it is down to extra support given by Obummer who has been resurrected to add some extra oomph to the octogenarian’s bid for a second term. Either that, or it might just be more wishful thinking from the lefties who are worried about Trump’s “piles ” ie $billions from floating Truth Social.

Roll on November.

Nominated by: Twenty Thousand Cunts Under the Sea

And seconded by: General Cuntster

I would like to second this nomination and add that it’s not just the Community Con Artist working behind the scenesnto help the Horny Old Coffin Dodger, but ‘Ole Slick Hilly is at it as well.

The Demonrats are pissing all over themselves in terror as the reality dawns on them that Donald Trump is not only the likely Repubicunt opponent but also the likely General Election winner.

Here’s your own lovable old whore, Auntie Beeb trying to convince you that because a bunch of Leftist Elites pay a lot of money to mingle with this scum that they actually are leading in the race and poised to win.

BBC News

By the way did anyone notice some of the celebretards attending the dinner? Bitch Queen Latifa and Fucking Lizzo!

I don’t care how much money these 2 heffers pay for their tickets, the event will lose money when they belly up to the buffet.

OMG! Sex Machine Joe, Queen Latifa and Lizzo in a Menage et Hog!

I’m going to be sick.

45 thoughts on “The “Biden Bump”

  1. According to The Telegraph’ “America id Bored of Trump”. Their headline writers/editors should go to fucking school.

  2. The Dems will be interfering with voting machines this November and carrying in sacks of postal votes after hours with as much carefree enthusiasm as a priapic Joe showering with his daughter (according to her diary), the dirty old bugger.

      • Hi Odin, how’s tricks?
        When you say I’ve been in Rosie Jones’s “basement”, is that a euphemism for her bumhole?
        Her ring has an undeniably green tint to it (probably something to do with the mọng diet of grass and leaves); not that it bothers me when we do ass-to-mouth whilst holding blood-smeared hunting knives to each other’s throats.

      • And still as mucky minded as ever, reaching depravities I can only aspire too! Great to have you back Thomas.

      • All good this end Thomas. .

        I actually thought that Ms Jones had kidnapped you and had you chained up somewhere in a gimp mask threatening to nosh you off, in scenes reminiscent of Abu Ghraib jail.

        Glad you are free and well.

  3. The identities of the two main POTUS candidates now seem assured, but from New Dworkin to Pigs Knuckle, Arkansas, there is only one topic of conversation:

    Who else will have a meaningful impact on the election result?

    It could be their choices of running mate. It could be a centrist third candidate taking votes away from both sides. Or, as Washington insiders predict, it could well be a shadowy figure who is seldom spotted but is always busy at work behind the scenes…

    Yep, this is the election where the Grim Reaper holds all the cards. Will he visit 82 year old Sleepy Joe while he naps? Or will he tap the Donald on the shoulder as the 78 year old tucks into yet another bucket of triple-fried wings?

    Either way, the Grim Reaper, with his snazzy campaign slogan: “Make America Grim Again” is this year tipped to swing both his scythe and the election!

    • Who’s currently running the show over there?

      Don’t think it’s ‘Smokin’ Joe’ somehow, who looks as though he couldn’t run a bath, even if he can still find his way to the bathroom.

      What a fucking state of affairs.

      • I suspect O’biden and CCP are controlling DC (an independent sovereignty unconnected to the US) and DJT and ‘team whitehats’ are covertly controlling the states and Pentagon as he signed a wartime EO prior to exiting the Oval Office.

        The lid is possibly being kept on the unthinkable ramifications of a bloodbath Royale should lavishly armed patriots confront the intervening US military, alongside huge numbers of southern border,(doubtless CCP sponsored invaders),from giving Uncle Sam the coup de grace.

        Neo-Con/AIPAC dual citizens and Crown agents i suspect will soon be fully expunged like the cancer tumours they have always been ever since the day they established their FOB-Federal-Reserve operation.

  4. He will mysteriously die on November 4th.

    The autopsy will reveal that he has actually been dead for two years and was running on vampire juice (extracted from prepubescent girls hair)

  5. Biden bump!!
    He has had far to many of those, the decrepit, senile old twat.

    If it wasn’t all televised, someone would be up on elder abuse charges..

  6. Is it t that hey’re having-to SAY this old mumbling cunt’s popularity is on the up going forward, because a blatant sudden win ‘from nowhere’ in November would be more suspicious if the thing IS in fact rigged and this cunt/puppet you wouldn’t leave in charge of a motor vehicle is put back in the big chair.

  7. I have to go and work in San Diego for most of September. Hopefully my MAGA hat and ‘Orange Man Good/Stop the Beaners’ T-shirt will go down well with Californians.
    And Beaners.

  8. It’s hard to get worked up about politicians,they are all totally hopeless cunts.

    I do want Donald to win as it upsets a lot of people but even a disrupter like him cannot win against The System in the long run..they are remorseless and wildly powerful.

    Says it all when the MSM just plays along with the same banal bullshit about Biden,a senile corrupt old cunt who cannot string a sentence together nor indeed walk in a straight line.

    They can all Fuck Off.

  9. Remember 2 years ago when the red wave was going to sweep across the States?
    Biden will win again, the fucking Yanks are going to prove they are cunts.
    Apologies to General Cunster and my rightwing American friends.

  10. They are currently busy trying to slur RFK and preventing independent candidates from standing and taking votes off the democrats.

    The democrats are worse than any thing Trump will ever come up with. But I expect there will be those like Allen who can’t see past a sun tan.

  11. shouldnt that bbc headline read ‘Biden hoisted over commode by Obama and Clinton in front of star studded audience’?

  12. Shape of things to come if the old fucking zombie is re elected-
    Pompeo warns diversity chief who espoused anti-American ‘Marxist dogma’ will ‘destroy the State Department’

  13. There is no universe,multiverse or alternate reality where Biden legally wins this election. The current state of the US is so abhorantly bad that even normies are now noticing. So if the “Biden Bump” happens then it is not natural at all, its the 2020 plan, but they need to rig it so badly at this point because he is so unpopular. I think if Biden win’s I cannot see half the country accepting it and I can either see the US splitting or civil war. We think the conservatives are unpopular in the UK, Brandon is hated even more and his “historic” establishment is historic for all the wrong reasons. The cunt clearly has dementia and it’s a fucking “miracle” he saw this term out.

  14. The election will be rigged again.

    Biden, as ridiculous as it is, will “win” again.

    Doesn’t matter that he’s suffering senile dementia and a child molesting, warmongering puppet who doesn’t know what day it is or where he is most of the time.

    He’s not Donald Trump and that’s all that matters.

    • Nah, it’s the Republicans turn to rig the election this time.
      Besides, thanks to his support for Israel, Biden has now lost the Muslim vote in key states where their vote counts and he needs to win.
      What these thick Muslims fail to appreciate is that Trump is even more pro Israel than Biden could ever be, lol.
      Afternoon HJ, all.

    • If I were a Septic, I’d probably vote for the Trumpster over this embarrassing skeleton. It would be whilst holding my breath though as the Republicans have some vile policies and some wacky old supporters who believe in “ma riiight to have uh gun” as well as a all-punishing Sky Daddy.

  15. Fucking US election build up gets more coverage here than our own general elections.
    But seeing the reaction of the libtard media is great fun. They revert to fantasy at the first sign that things aren’t going their way.
    Who can forget the ‘Putin is terminally ill’ bollocks a while back?
    Or the constant ‘Hopes of a ceasefire’ in Gaza every couple of days?
    All wishful thinking.
    Bigging up Biden is just another sign of their desperation.
    Surely the average yank can see he’s a doddering, corrupt, possibly perverted vegetable and a liability?

  16. I have absolutely no understanding of American politics seems far to complicated and drawn out to me, but then my understanding of British politics is limited to thinking that one lot are cunts and the other lot are bigger cunts choose for yourselves who’s who. Politics has more cunts than the total sum of the internets porn stash.

  17. Considering how much of the black vote that Trump is gobbling up (traditionally the demographic most hostile to the republicans) if Trump loses again, I doubt that “everybody” is going to just shrug off Trump’s so-called “tantrums” as unfounded…. watch this space.

  18. Time this old fossil went to the old people’s home
    Democrats will and have pulled more strokes than Oxford to stop President Donald Trump returning to office in November 5th
    At the moment the USA doesn’t show a great light as the leader of the free World under Biden’s leadership in fact it’s a laughing stock get rid 👍
    Don’t preach about corruption till you get your own Country sorted starting with the electoral system that is plainly rotten to the core 👎👎

    • You reckon Biden’s a trans-man, eh Sir Limply sir?
      We all know that in these enlightened times men can give birth, so long as they’re born with a cunt, eggs & uterus set.
      Bob’s their name if not your uncle!
      Doesn’t make Biden a proper man, though, does it?
      More like the Müzzie poodle he obviously is.
      Thank fuck assisted suicide is legal in the USA.
      Otherwise he’d have to get a vet to kill him.
      Won’t be long now before some cunt declares it their ‘human right’ to be officially classified as ‘dead’ so they can demand an official looking death certificate, no questions asked, so their greedy dependants can cash in on rip-off life insurance policies before they’d otherwise be eligible.
      Premiums starting at only 13p a day, if anyone’s interested?
      Fuck them.

  19. This ancient wanker is an embarrassment to White people this could be a realistic reworking of ‘A weekend at Bernie’s’ with the head sniffer as the lead part.!!

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