The BBC (117) and Selective Reporting

It’s been a few days, … the BBC.

Lenifying beyond any decency, by lies of omission

I didn’t go LOOKING for this … in fact ; what I went looking for was yesterday’s 300-cunt mini riot in Milton Keynes. (Or minor scuffle as the BBC might have called it, if they had bothered to cover it, that is.)

What I found in the same results, was the following pair, side by side.

(1) A man has been jailed for ramming a motorcyclist off a Buckinghamshire bridge in what police described as an act of “extreme” road rage.


(2) Motorcyclist falls from Milton Keynes bridge after collision.

These two descriptions are of the very same incident. Reported by the Guardian in the top example, the BBC in the bottom one.

If you read the full description of the ‘incident’, from link the first, it reads more like attempted vehicular homicide.

The second one reads relatively more like a bit of a misunderstanding.

And the more thorough (factwise) telling of events precedes the one that leaves the more pertinent facts out, by a week, .. so it was undeniably purposely so. Strangely it’s the BBC one with the vid clip. But that’s no mitigation.

And NEITHER report carrying a photo of the driver, a Mr John Smith. I’m kidding… it’s a Mr. Nikesh Mistry, .. and he seemingly IS a ‘mistry’ (sic) ‘cos ain’t NO pic to be found in relation to name and crime combined.

Have a gander. It’s fucking blatant.

The Guardian

BBC News

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42 thoughts on “The BBC (117) and Selective Reporting

  1. I wouldn’t worry about the lack of a photo, the inbred cunts all look the same..

    A hairier version of oddbod from carry on screaming..

  2. When the beeb is involved, its no surprise..

    The aid worker Alan Henning had a shaving accident according to the BBC.

  3. Wireless 4 are certainly not keen on reporting on the shit that the old whore Rayner has landed herself in due to her greedy, entitled, sleazy manner. There was a brief mention in the newspaper review at 0530,but little else. Just imagine if that had been the Conservative Deputy PM.

  4. Four years for that mayhem,such multicultural enrichment!

    I certainly hope the damaged motorcyclist is happy with such a short sentence,just long enough to recover then wait for that little cunt to come out of prison for some proper medicine.

    PS Gas everyone at the BBC.

  5. It’s like when the dearest Beeb referred to the London terror attacks on 7/7 as “a bus exploded”.

    What, engine trouble was it then BBC?! Clearly not warmongering jihadists. Cunts. (Them and the said jihadists, dunno who’s worse).

  6. When I switched on the telly the other day it was on BBC 1 the daughter had been round earlier and whilst I was in the shower I presume she had been watching the box….I need a new telly and the daughter has been disowned…😩 😵‍💫

  7. Nasty horrible far far right tory saved from certain death by a passing lovely wise caring socialist who was then run over by a viscious horrible rich stop the boats Farage and Braverman supporting bastard with a large house ( that could be used by innocent beautiful migrants) on his way to a support Israel march.

  8. It’s quite shameful to notice the stuff the BBC choose not to cover, or their refussl to name Hamas as terrorists. There are a number of British youtubers who exposed their lies on various subjects, particularly their ‘fact-check’ and ‘verify’ departments.

    Our BBC? Anything but.

    It amazes me that so many on this site still choose to listen to radio 4.

  9. The BBC are always putting out selective reports, there is truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth but Auntie doesn’t like that, it’s the truth that fits with their agenda and only that truth.

    A man on a motorcycle fell from a bridge after a collision with a motor vehicle, if Tommy R had been the driver the report would have been a far right terror attack.

  10. Reading between the lines (because y’HAVE to), it’s probable that the nearly-murdered biker probably gave the BMW cunt the finger which was enough to bring a personal jihad down on himself.

    2 years real time for all that is ridiculous. That for the cuntish manoeuvres alone, more for the vehicular gbh – intentional – AND 2 more victims in the other (innocent in all this) car had their lives fucked up, owner/driver in the shortish term, passenger badly injured it says, but that never comes up again either.

    All ‘cos this Mistry cunt has an irrational temper.

    Oh well. Onto the next one. (‘BBC 118’) We won’t have long to wait, I’m sure.

    • Amazon drones, delivering dreidel’s to orphan children..

      Fact checked by disinformation correspondent Mariane Faithfull..

  11. My piss is still simmering after they referred to the ‘Infamous Dam Busters Raid’. They really are a set of wankers. All those brave lads giving their lives to then be called ‘Infamous’. But they are never brought to book, they are never given a bollocking or we have the ‘lessons will learnt’ shit especially after Jimmy Savile. Tonguing Linekers fucking arsehole, letting him say what he wants. My hatred for these bastards is off the scale.

  12. I spend part of the day (when I am not working or looking at naughty videos wondering what I could have with a box of tissues near me) on the BBC on HYS having a right old laugh with some of the tossers on there.

    Needless to say I get cancelled quite a bit, so I was wondering if being a comedian (and therefore giving me some additional freedom of speech) would be better way to air my views and opinions.

    This is why I like this site, we can all be cunts and get away with (provided we stick to the rules of engagement).

    Keep up the good work – maybe an IsaC yearly partly in some lavish hotel, with an awards ceremony, black tie style event would be in order.

    We can spend the evening cunting everyone and everything and get drunk in the process.

    • As much as id like to i’m afraid i am an antisocial sociopathic and misanthropic sort of cunt and prefer to drink alone.

      As they used to say before everyone turned into narcissistic social media addicts, ‘it’s not you, it’s me’.

  13. ITV News at 10 (or whenever they choose to screen it) is just as fucking bad.

    Poor wounded Palestinians, aid, injured children, evil Israelis, yada, yada, woof, woof, hairy arseholes.

    Then that tramp’s jockstrap Peston is invited to give his non-views on the situation.

    News, my hairy bumhole. Fuck off.

    • Judging by his nose, John Irvine ITV’s International Correspondent, looks like he enjoys a few Goldstars as much as reporting on the poor Palestinians.

  14. Typical Beebscum.

    Turn it on any time and it’s ‘Gaza this, Gaza that’.

    And they were even more hilarious yesterday. The UK is riddled with problems: knife crime, an inept government, an even worse opposition, cost of liviing, terrorism, those scum waiting to be fucked off to Rwanda and so on.

    But the BBC’s main concern was some law abour deepfaking. According to them – and our not so esteemed government – some freak making fake blueys is more important than all the gallons of liquid shit that the country is up to its lip in.

    • It’s watch Gen Z are worried about, hence all of these Taylor Swift stories the BBC keep pushing, despite their average viewer being 62 years old.

      Deluded fuckpigs.

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