LaLa Land – RAF Scampton

We have a great deal of upset and outrage up here over plans to base a few 1000, young male Africans and Muslims ar RAF Scampton. It has been fought over for a year now. The Government wants to spend millions defiling the Dambuster’s base with the dregs of the earth, you know the poor fuckers who have fled war torn Calais. At about £4k each per dinghy space..

It looks like the cunts will be shipped here. But wait:-

”Former RAF base to house asylum seekers is contaminated, government letters say”

And then:-

“Those accommodated at the site are likely to be aware that it was formerly used as a military barracks. For some asylum seekers this association may trigger memories of past mental traumas in their home countries which is why the site is unlikely to be deemed suitable for those who are vulnerable or have serious mental health needs,

Yes, the poor fuckers may have Mental Elf if they leave their hotels. Not sure what living in a hedge in France did but our government’s concern is that Scampton was ‘used as a military barracks’

So we may not get the fuckers after all.

Not because of the concerns of the villagers.
Nor the loss of the proposed investment in the site.
Nor the opposition of everycunt in Lincolnshire.
Not because it is a site of great heritage.

But because we are worried about the Mental Elf.


Nominated by: Cuntstable Cuntbubble

And supported by: CuntyMcCuntface

I’d like to second CC’s nom having read the Home Office letter and picked out this little gem.

‘’The Home Office has proposed that a rule will be applied to exclude any person from being routed to the Site who has claimed to be a child since entry at Western Jet Foil, Dover regardless of whether they have subsequently been age assessed as significantly over 18.’’

No explanation as to why but I can’t help but wonder why?

Oh and btw the site is being run by SERCO………. that’s worthy of a nom all of its own.

63 thoughts on “LaLa Land – RAF Scampton

  1. Best way to sort out the hard faced scrounging fuckers’ mental health is a bullet to the brain. Problem solved. Next!

  2. Well cunted.

    A disgusting fate for such an historic base. I remember the place back in the late eighties ie in the last days when it was a matter of pride to be British. A bustling Support Command station.

    ‘Lions led by donkeys’? More like wankers led by twats. Fuck the lot of them.

    Good afternoon, everyone.

  3. Scampton should be a grade 2 listed building.

    It’s a important site for the indigenous population of these isles,
    It holds a place in hearts and minds due to it’s association with The Dambusters.

    To full of dinghy scum shows that this government have no sense of patriotism.
    No sense of respect for the brave lads who put their lives on the line for this country in WW2.

    I think they just didn’t care.

    One of the main reasons I’ll never vote Tory again.
    A total insult.

    A government full of metropolitan woke wankers.

    • Very well said sir.

      The disdain they have for the sacrifices of British people from that time of national emergency in a fight to the death with the Nazi war machine is unsurprising but still fucking despicable.

      I expect nothing less from the cosseted Fifth Column that pretends to govern our country.

      The gibbet is fitting for every last one of that foul dung.

    • The tories are selling the nation and its heritage to the lowest bidder. Absolute scumcunts. Glad ive never voted for them.

    • I’d go further, Mis. In my eyes such places are hallowed ground and it is a sin to defile them with foul, handout seeking scrounging swarthy fuckers. How inappropriate to put windy twats who ran away in a place where men who didn’t know the meaning of the words once lived. Guy Gibson V.C., please accept an apology from me for what despicable politicians and other wet wankers are doing to your legacy. The cunts should be burned at the stake.

  4. I can’t believe what I am reading, some wokey cokey snowflakey policy is changing the hearts and minds of those who orginially put these plans forward.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to those cunts there, or anywhere in the UK for that matter – why can’t they be shipped out to one of the uninhabited british isles, there’s plenty of them.

    In fact, don’t we have some British Overseas Territories that’s near Dakiland – they’ll be safe and nearer their own kind.

    • Not long since, I drew up a plan to ship all of the illegal immigrants filth out to west Falkland.

      Nothing but sheep to molest and pretty much fuck all else.

      They’ll soon get bored and beg to go home.

      On a slightly brighter note, I did read that the dinghy pirate’s 4* hotel bill is being paid out of the international aid budget.

      At least the government have partially listened to one of my ideas. The full plan involved our RAF voyagers being flown non stop to third world shitholes and returning empty.

      • They could clear some mines. I would give them a pogo-stick and tell them to get to work. Hop along….boom!

      • Your proposal for the use of West Falkland Odin, struck me as a brilliant idea when you first posted it and the more I think about it the better it seems. WF has an area of 1,750 square miles so plenty of room for the bastards and the population at present is 160. These folks could be compensated handsomely for moving across the channel to East Falkland where the remaining nearly 4,000 people live. Accommodation for the interlopers could then be constructed with no complications of dealing with foreign governments or planning controls etc. The great thing is that all this including transporting the dross down there and feeding them would be vastly cheaper than keeping them in hotels.They would be safely clear of the despotic regime in France which they are fleeing from (haha!) and we would be spared their criminal activities. Everyone wins, what’s not to like?

  5. We are well on the path to complete disaster.

    The cunts who wrote that document and those that enforce it should be shot today.

    The foreign looters can be sent back to France,or just gassed,whichever is most cost effective.

    The “civil service” is our enemy.

  6. Wankers the lot of em. Sacrilege what they are doing to the hallowed ground of Scampton, but…..
    all planned of course,

    Revolution now.

    I mean you’ve only got to look at the piece of smoking legislation they passed in the HoC yesterday. Worthy of a cunting in its own right.

    There was a time when Conservative values meant freedom of choice…. and to support that we’d have educated the masses regarding the health issues and rights/wrongs of smoking…. but ultimately we let the individual decide….

    Nowadays, a piss poor education system, control freaks on both side of the house of parliament (labour are the official opposition ffs, but go along with anything that involves curtailing of individuals rights and freedoms) a slavish worship of the NHS demagogue and a general view in HMG that the ‘nanny state’ is best, coupled with WEF alignment and a desire to be cuckolded by the EU means we get the shithhousery and cuntitude we see and comment on every day of the week, from our so called ‘betters’ in Government and the Civil Service.

    Cunts the lot of em.
    Rant over, apols admin.

    • If every smoker in the UK packed up today, the NHS would collapse in a matter of weeks.

      Where do the fuckwits think we are going to get our smokes from when they start to outlaw it?

      The black market, obviously.

      It’s borderline cheaper to smoke weed instead of tabs as it is.

  7. To make the cunts feel at home, they should be housed a shit hut (literally), walk 6 miles to a waterhole (contaminated with pig piss) and get a bowl of rice per week

    All the bullshit around mental health of these cunts is TRUELY fucking ridiculous, they are all economic migrants, the closest they have come to any kind of trauma is missing a fucking hand out.

    • To really make them feel “at home” after escaping shitholistan it’s likely they need daily beatings from the police and a weekly napalm strike from the govt.

      After that give them a blanket soaked in typhus.

    • Making them feel at home is a thing that has long passed me by.

      I’d put a bullet into every dinghy drifting across the channel. The let the fuckers take their chances.

      Any cunt helping them, same treatment.

      It’s now gone too far.

  8. I’m in no doubt this was proposed and supported by the typical pencil necked, pierced, blue rinse millennial type, common in public office today as some sort of jolly wheeze sticking it to the gammon boomers they scoff at.
    If only they could enjoy a year of fascism that held every single principle they hate. Where to now, shitlib ? It’s deliberate, an onslaught to destroy ethno European culture.

  9. The stinking dinghy filth aren’t fit to lick the black Labrador’s* arse clean after it shat. A fucking insult to the memory of some real heroes.
    I tried posting a nom about this before, but it may have been a bit too derogatory.
    I wish a squadron of Lancasters would bounce bombs up and down the Channel.

    * Also misnomers such as Digger, or Trigger in recent TV showings of the film to avoid upsetting people who couldn’t give a fuck that people died securing their future.

    • I’d like to see the heir to the Lancaster, the Vulcan, flying low over the channel, howling at those bobbing about in their boats before a grabbling hook is dropped and the cunts are taken for a rise.

      Up, up and away/ on that beautiful / that beautiful balloon.
      ba-da-ba-bappa-ba-da .

  10. Scampton was were N1gger’s grave was. The cunts at the Raf expunged his name. Gives me great pleasure to keep sending FOI requests to them using the dog’s full and rightful name – what a load of old bollocks they reply.

    If you want to know what the UK will be like in 10 years, look at Sweden now.

      • Woof ! …

      • Could be Brian, Mog.
        Could be an inverted Abo, Tombo.
        Who knows.
        Who cares.
        Try this …
        <,︻╦╤─ ҉ – –

  11. I utterly despise this stinking shit hole of a country and the absolute traitors that ‘run’ it. Cunts to a man.

  12. If you possess an ounce of Britishness and a smidgeon of knowledge of British history, a visit to the old RAF bases always gives you goosebumps, if only for a brief moment.
    The places always seem to be full of unseen ghosts.
    So the next time a conservative MP starts banging on about Churchill. Blitz spirit and other cliches, I’ll be inclined to smash the telly, or if they are in the vicinity, something even worse.
    These wankers have absolutely no idea how powerful history can be to many of us.
    Don’t vote for any of them, it just encourages them.

  13. Not to worry.

    James Cleverly, aka Batshitman, is going to save us, he’s got a wizard wheeze up his sleeve. He’s given the Rwandan government £400 million to take 200 illegals off our hands! That’s only £2 million per illegal – a bargain, I’m sure you all agree!

    Of course, we’ll have to take an unspecified number of Rwandan refugees in return, but not a large number, James assures us… And we’ll only have to pay another £50million on top later, for reasons that are yet to be explained.

    Obviously, 200 illegals is a mere drop in the ocean compared to the hundreds of thousands that await processing, doesn’t even come close to the record number that have been brought here by Border Force so far this year. Meantime no airline will touch the scheme with a barge pole.

    But that’s not the point. The point is to make the mug electorate think the Tories are taking mass illegal immigration seriously and are doing something about it. Unlike Labour.

    Well, I’m convinced. Even if no flights take off I know their hearts are in the right place, and that’s the important thing. 🤣

  14. Yet another kick in the bollocks for the white British!
    The establishment clearly don’t give a fuck for any genuine British values or the people.
    If it’s not enough to have daki do types or mechanical diggers forced down our throat all over tv and media to make it all seem normal!
    These cunts in power are giving us the middle finger at every opportunity.
    For over 60 years we have had this multicultural crap pushed on us yet conflict still exists, or course it does . What do they expect when the indigenous population are treated as second class citizens in our own fucking country!
    Call me racist, call me far right if that’s what it takes so be it.
    Little wonder Russia and China view us as insignificant when alien races can just waltz in and have the country bow to their whims, we must look like a joke to the rest of the world!

    • R.e. Mechanical diggers all over tv and media, I love the way they push the false narrative of the black middle class family which is a complete myth. They show mum, dad (yeah, like the old fella is ever around!), two pleasant kids, plus a dog – the spoons hate dogs! And the latest advert has one driving a range rover! I make a point of never buying these products.

      Oh, and mcdonalds latest advert seems to comprise 3 minutes of watching a spade eat a hamburger.

      • Same as an advert for a mobility company doing the rounds on the telebox, it features a blek greengrocer handing a calabrese to an old cunt in a dilly cart outside the shop! nothing un-toward about that you might say, well the shop in question is in southwold where i live, the shop is called little gem and has two old white dears running it, has been for yonks so where the spook fits in buggers me? there are only two bleks in the whole town, blek bob who stewards our local club and blek ron! both of whom are veteran royal marines and have british values right up the kazoo! so where this bollocks of an advert fits in is beyond me.

      • Our dog hated spoons, used to go ape-shit every time he saw one and didn’t even need to be taught!

  15. If they ever get housed there, they won’t be there long.. more and likely torch the place..

    They all want to stay in nice hotels near to schools and houses, were they can cause untold trouble.

    My piss is boiling over that pàķi schoolkid that has cost us 150,000 on a frivolous lawsuit.. all over not being allowed to pray, even though her scum parents knew that from the beginning..

    I would nail the whole cunt families head’s and hands to the floor.. pray away for the rest of your life..

  16. A hundred foot high statue of a certain dog with his name the same height should be placed there.

  17. I was expecting the cause of the “contamination” to be traces of depleted uranium left behind by some dirty British servicemen during a short stay in the barracks after having returned from Iraq in 1991….. but that would have actually given mention to British servicemen and we can’t possibly have that.

  18. The more I live in this fucking loony bin of a country the more I want to live in Hungary. A country with nationalistic pride, immigrants are not welcome and any other country who complains about it is told to go fuck themselves. Like Xanadu compared to this half baked, idiotic land I call home,

    • I can’t wait to visit The Old County in the summer. Everyone’s white. Everything’s clean. People take pride in their surroundings.

      The phone’s going off for a fortnight whilst I spend quality time with the in-laws and their tight knit community.

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