Letitia James

Letitia James is a cunt.

Let’s have a Stalin, Mao and me cunting for New York Attorney General Letitia James and her hunting of political “dissenters.”

To be fair, “Tish”, as she is known to her Demonrat admirers is not actually, doing the hunting. The hunting is being done by the FDNY BITS.

For those of you not well versed in the language of American Deep State, FDNY is the Fire Department of New York and BITS is their Bureau of Investigation and Trials.

Somewhere George Orwell and Ayn Rand are having a laugh together…but I digress. Let’s go back to the beginning:

Letitia James ran for Attorney General of the State of New York on one issue and one issue only. Get Donald Trump. For those cunters who don’t believe this I encourage you to check as there are multiple clips of her saying so on campaign stops.

Fast forward a while and after a change in the law she and Judge Roland Freisler…oops…I’m sorry Judge Arthur Engoron…convicted Trump in a show Trial even Moscow would envy.

This alone is the subject of a massive cunting but that’s another topic for another day.

Fast forward again and Tish, the loathsome She-boon has been taking victory laps all over the Media and the State for her and Judge Freisler’s… I mean Judge Engoron’s victory in Kangaroo Court over Trump.

Continuing with her Victory tour she went to speak before the FDNY. But rather than the cheers of an adoring mob, she was greeted with boos, howls and chants of; TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP!

See for yourselves and pay particular attention to her response:

It’s great to live in America and be able to exercise your constitutional right to free speech…or is it?

FDNY Commissioner Laura Kavanagh doesn’t think so. To her Free Speech is not such a good idea. Accordingly, she has ordered Department Chief John Hodges to begin hunting down the dissenters so they can be brought in for re-education.

For his part Hodges is advising the dissenters to turn themselves in as it will go better for them than if they have to hunt them down.

Yes you read that correctly. Turn yourselves in or we will hunt you down for re-education.

Still don’t believe me?


So there you have it. They are openly using the language of the Worst Communists Regimes ever to implement the same repressive policies.

Be silent and obey or it’s off to the Gulag for you Kulak!

And for the rest of you…show us the respect we demand or we will hunt you down and teach you just exactly who is in charge of who.

To that I can only say:


Nominated by: General Cuntster

114 thoughts on “Letitia James

  1. Trump.

  2. ‘hunt them down’??

    Fuck off! Exercising your right under the Constitution now calls for ‘re-education’?

    Where the fuck is this, Beijing??

    Afternoon all.

  3. The problem is we will soon have old Labour whores like Rayner, Butler, Sultana, the Blessed Dianne Lammy and Shah etc etc trying to emulate these loudmouthed shit-stains – and they will be in power. Be very afraid.

    • If the UK populace returns even a minority Labour govt, then that surely is what the UK populace deserves …
      After all – that will be fucking ‘democracy’ in action.
      I’ll seriously think about emigrating to Rwanda.

    • – Could the honourable gentleman explain why he is now bussing in economic migrants from Afrika?

      Home Secretary Lammy: erm, dem’s like fleeing some war, like… erm… Souf Saddam or somewhere. Chuh. Maybe Souf Vietnam or summat. Millions of ’em, like. Also, more of de family Lammy, innit.

      • The family of Lammy, keeps growing.
        the family of Lammy, keeps sowing,
        the seeds of a new crime every day.

    • Labour already said it intends to give another 5 million Europeans the right to live in Britain, these Europeans will naturally be the dingy lips from the little known European counties of Shitskinia, Wakanda & Turdstain cos no white Frog, Jerry of Ruskie has ever wanted to move here

  4. Crouched in the bottom left corner of the screen we have Attenbore himself. In hushed tones he whispers
    ‘The female silverback weighs up to 230 kilograms, twice the weight of a man and nine times the strength. She maintains this weight by eating constantly all day and night. The courting ritual amounts to her grunting loudly and wiggling her huge posterior. She is ready to mate and calls for the dominant male to mount her from behind’.

    Sorry, better stop, I’m getting a hard on.

  5. I fully expect Donald to be assassinated before the election.

    If 2016 was an unrecoverable meltdown then 2024 is a bridge too far..lockdowns,vaccines,inflation etc….It might be that anything other than a Yes Man would be too destabilising for the great mass of sheeple to cope with.

    Donald must win,to save democracy and send the Far Left into a complete unrecoverable meltdown.

    Plus,vitally,his Great Vengeance on the “democrat” establishment that has produced such a blatant attempt to subvert democracy will be truly magnificent to behold.

    Vote Trump and pass the ammunition.

    • America is long overdue a decent assassination.
      Think of all the terrific conspiracy theories it would propagate…
      All the fabulous books, documentaries and filums…
      Make Assassinations Great Again. 😁
      Evening all.

    • If dead dogs can vote for sniffer “get in the shower Ashley” Biden, then voters can elect a dead Donald, it doesn’t matter in politics when WEF is in charge anyway…so eat bugs and you will be happy.
      ..Sainsburys has released a proclamation that 1 in 4 of the population in now vegan and we will be entirely on a plant based diet by 2025

      • I’d love to know how they arrived at that figure. In the discounted food section, it’s usually only Vegan left.

        Even Vegans don’t want it!

  6. They should have all exercised their right to exit the building. Leave the petulant ugly spiteful cunt talking to herself!

  7. Ever see the pic of her staring daggers at the back of DT’s head in the courtroom?

    She’s full of rage. ‘roid rage. And that isn’t shorthand for ‘steroid’.

  8. Time to invest in metals or tangible assets and start a ‘prepping if Biden somehow manages to get in, that’ll be the entire Western world fucked until WW3 breaks out to fuck it up even more.
    Had Trump cleared the swamp then this shit would have had far less of an impact, it’s entirely fabricated but the loons of wokism will never, ever learn.
    I’ve never seen such demonisation of an individual in my entire life, if the entire establishment are so hell bent on destroying their nemesis then the choice should be clear to all, but sadly, not.
    This is what you get when you have careerist politicians.
    Apologies if some cunters think this is woowoo but each to their own.
    If you want to read about the Balkan conflict and survival, look here, it’s quite sobering:

  9. The Donald is leading Crooked Joe in most swing states. He is as rich as Croesus and Lorenzo the Magnificent combined. He even sells Bibles. Letitia James is just the long lost third member of The Weather Girls. Smackdown!

    Good afternoon, everyone.

  10. She won’t be doing the job much longer it’s not long till 5th Nov 👍👍
    The good news is once President Trump is back in power he can give himself a Presidential Pardon 👍👍
    These Democrats are as bent as nine Bob notes and no friend of Blighty especially that fake Paddy Sleepy Joe. They have tried everything to stop President Trump running for office in 2024 now they are trying to strip him of his assets good luck with that 👍👍🥳

  11. If the God king Trump does get re-elected, there are going to be a lot of very twitchy democrats arses.

    Considering the never ending witch hunt aimed at Trump, The contents of Hunter Bidens laptop should be made public and the entire Biden family burned at the stake…and then posthumously tried as traitors and found guilty.

  12. UT mentioned assassination.

    That isn’t so far out as the Demonrats are beyond desperate and well into despair.

    Accordingly, there is a new scam emerging and it’s being talked about quietly among the American First / MAGA crowd.

    The Republicunts performed poorly in the 2022 mid term elections. They held a slight single digit majority in the US House of Representatives.

    That single digit majority has shrunk down to effectively a 2 seat majority with a number of Republicunt resignations and 1 expulsion.

    I’m not going to get into the weeds by describing how empty seats are filled before another election because states differ as to the rules and procedures. But suffice to say control of the House is in danger.

    Eric Bolling of Newsmax stated live on his show that he was receiving calls from Republicunt congressmen who say that behind the scenes, a wealthy Demonrat donor is offering $1 million in cash and a lucrative job or Board Membership to any Republicunt Congressman who will resign in such a manner that his/her seat cannot be filled before the General Election.

    Why is this important to Trump?

    In the Supreme Court’s unanimous decision to keep Trump on the ballot one of the things said in the decision was that only Congress and not the individual States can determine who is eligible to run.

    If the Demonrats gain control of the House before the election they can declare Trump ineligible. It then moves to the Senate who will follow suit and then to Ji Jing Joe to sign and legally declare Trump an insurrectionist and therefore, ineligible to run for President.

    I believe the House majority was 9 when this Congress took office. It is now down to 2. Pick off a couple of more or perhaps persuade a couple of Establishment/RINO/Uniparty hacks to vote their way and PRESTO CHANGO…the Demonrats control the entire Congress.

    They tried to Impeach him twice.
    They tried to keep him off the ballot.
    They’re trying to ruin him financially in court.
    They’re trying to put him in jail.

    What will they do next?

    Keep watching because this shit isn’t over.

    Make America Great Again


  13. Hello Admin Team,

    Turdfence has struck again.

    My last (rather lengthy post) vanished. Could you please restore.

    thank you.

    (Sorted – Day Admin)

    • What kind of a prosecutor would want to go after Donald Trump? After all, he hasn’t done anything wrong. Who says so? He does. He’s not guilty of anything, whether it be sexual assault, fraud, stealing secret documents, orchestrating insurrection. “It’s all a witch hunt, it’s election interference, the charges are politically motivated, they’re being brought by people who hate America” etc etc.

      He is saying what he always says and doing what he always does – trying to manipulate others to take the fall, like Michael Cohen and Allen Weisselberg, relying on partisan judges to issue biased rulings in his favour, like Aileen Cannon, and attempting to delay every hearing for as long as possible. He reckons that if he gets back into the White House he can simply pardon himself and he’ll be free and clear.

      The Attorney General himself said “No-one in this country is above the law”. And that’s right. No matter how much money they have.

      • “What kind of a prosecutor would want to go after Donald Trump?”

        A partisan dead behind the eyes, foaming at the mouth, Fascist hack with Trump Derangement Syndrome.

        “No-one in this country is above the law.”

        Hunter, Joe and the entire Biden Crime Family is.

        Hillary was and probably still is.

        Certainly the ‘mostly peaceful’ BLM rioters and their pals in Antifa were.

        Nancy Pelosi and her (allegedly) latently gay insider trading husband are.

        How about NY Congressman ‘I thought the alarm would open the door’ Jamaal Bowman?

        What about degenerate luggage thief and Biden Administration hack Sam Brinton?

        Finally why do you think all these bogus charges against Trump are always brought up in Demonratic strongholds like New York City, Washington DC and Fulton County Georgia?

        Charge Ji Jing Joe with Treason and bribery in fucking Idaho or Indiana and watch the MSM and the Progressives start screaming.

        That asshole Biden stroked his stolen classified documents in his fucking garage. And what did the Special Council say?

        He’s old with a bad memory.

        Get a fucking grip Allan.

      • And another thing, my response isn’t even up. It vanished into cyber space and all I did was ask the Admin Team to restore it.

        Yet you felt compelled to respond to a post that didn’t exist.

      • except niggy nogs, they are always above the law, oh and the clintons goes without saying, oh and bill gates and the Bidens…and of course Obongo and his husband Manchelle…plus every cunt that flew to Fuckstein island, not to mention all the American goos running the USA called stink stein and fingerachild…plus Pelosi ofcourse and her hammer it up the jacksy harder husband and just a few million other democrats, but that’s all

    • @GC, My Brother in Christ,

      That’s possibly the best answer to that question I’ve ever read. Well done, truly.

      If I had a picture frame big enough, I’d have it framed as a print.

      My cap is doffed, Sir!

  14. I’d love to see The Donald get back in as President of The United States.

    I don’t see it happening though. I think it’s more likely he’ll end up as another the Clinton Kill Count. Sadly.

    Unless you are clinically blind or actually suffering from mental retardation, even the most ardent Democrat apologist can see that life – and the world – was better under Trump.

    However, I’d like to ask to ask our US contigent – mostly the Rt. Hon. General Cuntster – is whether the Establishment will let it happen? Will Trump be assassinated before the election? If he is, will the US finally implode?

    If Trump is re-elected, what outcomes do you predict?

    I understand why Trump isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but the USA is one of my favourite countries in the world and it just makes me sad to see what it’s become under that cunt Biden. I hate him. The witchhunt against Trump by the establishment is worthy of Stalin-era Soviet Union.

    Didn’t read the OG post. Can’t be bothered to read another “orange man bad” whinge. Especially if it’s a chimp out from a sooty.

    • If El Dumpo gets elected I want to see a purge. Top down.

      Like Ho-Chi Chinky man is doing with the weebles (or whatever the fuck they are called) in China. Reeducation and waterboarding.

      Surfs up!

      • Again, like I said in my reply to Odin – I would go FULL Old Testament on them if I were Trump.


    • Hey Cuntis,

      I wrote a post (that disappeared) about how the Demonrats have a plan to take over the US House of Representatives BEFORE the General election and pass a law declaring Trump an insurrectionist and therefore, ineligible to run.

      Hopefully, the Admin Team can find and restore it.

      But to your point…they couldn’t;t remove him from office, they can’t take him off the ballot, they won;t be able to put him jail and they sure as hell can;t beat him a a fair election.

      So what’s left?


      Yes I believe it’s a real possibility.

      And it will be hailed as a move to save democracy and likened and justified to what if someone had assassinated Hitler.

      • Thank you, General.

        That paints a very, very bleak image of things Stateside. Whilst you and I may not agree (at least not entirely!) on Ukraine, I’m 100% with you here.

        Surely killing The Big Man would absolutely plunge the country into a Civil War Electric Boogaloo – MAGA vs. Trannies.

        Who next for POTUS after Biden, then? Big Mike? Hillary?

      • FFS man you’re sounding even more paranoid by the hour. The Democrats taking over the House without elections? Assassination attempts? Come on now, you’re going full crackpot.

      • Plus if Trump IS assassinated the Democrats wouldn’t try to justify it for the simple reason that they’d never admit to doing it. Most likely they’d try to ignore the noise and get on with their own affairs. Do you even think about what you post before submitting it? Is your brain so fried by this point from Breitbart bullshit that you genuinely think state actors would admit to assassinating a popular figure, completely against their own interests? Do you honestly think they’d risk the consequences of boasting about such a thing? A rogue individual would perhaps, but not the Democrats themselves.

    • The Trumpster is just another WEFster so politically nothing will change but I’ll be chuffed to see him win anyway if it causes blue haired wanktards to melt down and CNN, MSNBC, Botox Cher & Cathy fuckface Griffin explode like dog shit bombs

  15. In other bad news the new criminal justice act has new powers to clamp down on nuisance rough sleepers, but not to be used to arrest people that smell.

    So that’s 4 million pàķi’s off the hook..

  16. Do you have a link from a source that doesn’t lean pro-Trump? It’s hard to properly judge the situation when you’re using a source which is obviously going to be heavily biased a particular way.

      • Don’t you realise that links to sources that are not pro-Trump are all fake news generated by the Deep State?

    • OC,

      Did you apply that standard to Allan when he linked his now defunct nomination of Dinesh D’Souza to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb), which is essentially an on line catalog for Amazon and NOT in any way shape or form a recognized news source?

      Did you apply that standard to Allan when he linked a 2024 Supreme Court decision on Trump not being removed from the ballot to a 2 year old editorial in a well known liberal rag about abortion?

      Will you apply that standard to Allan’s proposed nomination of Rudy Giuliani that is linked to an opinion piece in Vanity fucking Fair magazine?

      The first link is actual footage to the event and speaks for itself.

      The second link is to Newsmax…a legitimate, recognized news source. With attributed quotations

      Your request has nothing to do with the facts of my nomination but rather your dislike of me.

      It is blatant hypocrisy and not relevant.

      By the way…have you ever requested another link for the same reason from anyone here at IsaC?

      You’re just trying to start shit because you can.

      I will not respond further.

      • Where possible, GC, I would prefer sources to be linked from publications which don’t necessarily adhere to one’s worldview. The likes of Reuters, AP etc (who are generally neutral) would also be good. That goes for EVERYONE.

      • No one ever asks me for a link to prove what I say.

        That’s because I’m beyond suspicion.

        My words taken as fact .
        Because I’m virtuous.

      it’s Ashley Biden on the fun times daddy gave her with a soap on a rope and some shower gel…will that do?

  17. I hope the animal trump does not win the presidency and gets 50 years with no parole the filthy scamming lying dog cunt.

  18. Again GC, you’re using a source which is unashamedly pro-Trump. I’m not saying you’re necessarily wrong but your points would hold a lot more merit if you linked articles from publications who aren’t in the GOP’s pocket.

  19. Oh, wow.

    I’m here, in the UK, and although I watch with interest, I don’t really give a fuck.

    Sorry, not sorry.

  20. seems we have division in the camp, i’ve noted the names down and will be posting out the white feathers and blue hair dye later today.

  21. Dunno what all this yank shites about.
    Nor do I care.

    3 British aid workers killed in Gaza?
    Oh well.

    9 dead and hundreds injured in Taiwan earthquake.
    Not that arsed.

    Foreign problems aren’t my concern.

    Holland’s pies have gone up by 25p.

    This country is doomed.

      • I’m thriving thanks JP.

        A chicken tried to kill.me,
        But it turns out my natural toxicity fights off food poisoning.

        Yeah bit Camp David on here tonight?
        Be that Deep State at work.

        They should all receive a good thrashing off Admin.

  22. I have no problem administering a lashing, Mis.

    My only problem is that they might enjoy it, and that makes me shudder.

  23. Anyway, I’m willing to draw a line under it if you are. I still think you should’ve been nicer to Allan on his thread, but I do regret that things escalated to this extent.

    (Draw a line now please! – Day Admin)

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