Letitia James

Letitia James is a cunt.

Let’s have a Stalin, Mao and me cunting for New York Attorney General Letitia James and her hunting of political “dissenters.”

To be fair, “Tish”, as she is known to her Demonrat admirers is not actually, doing the hunting. The hunting is being done by the FDNY BITS.

For those of you not well versed in the language of American Deep State, FDNY is the Fire Department of New York and BITS is their Bureau of Investigation and Trials.

Somewhere George Orwell and Ayn Rand are having a laugh together…but I digress. Let’s go back to the beginning:

Letitia James ran for Attorney General of the State of New York on one issue and one issue only. Get Donald Trump. For those cunters who don’t believe this I encourage you to check as there are multiple clips of her saying so on campaign stops.

Fast forward a while and after a change in the law she and Judge Roland Freisler…oops…I’m sorry Judge Arthur Engoron…convicted Trump in a show Trial even Moscow would envy.

This alone is the subject of a massive cunting but that’s another topic for another day.

Fast forward again and Tish, the loathsome She-boon has been taking victory laps all over the Media and the State for her and Judge Freisler’s… I mean Judge Engoron’s victory in Kangaroo Court over Trump.

Continuing with her Victory tour she went to speak before the FDNY. But rather than the cheers of an adoring mob, she was greeted with boos, howls and chants of; TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP!

See for yourselves and pay particular attention to her response:

It’s great to live in America and be able to exercise your constitutional right to free speech…or is it?

FDNY Commissioner Laura Kavanagh doesn’t think so. To her Free Speech is not such a good idea. Accordingly, she has ordered Department Chief John Hodges to begin hunting down the dissenters so they can be brought in for re-education.

For his part Hodges is advising the dissenters to turn themselves in as it will go better for them than if they have to hunt them down.

Yes you read that correctly. Turn yourselves in or we will hunt you down for re-education.

Still don’t believe me?


So there you have it. They are openly using the language of the Worst Communists Regimes ever to implement the same repressive policies.

Be silent and obey or it’s off to the Gulag for you Kulak!

And for the rest of you…show us the respect we demand or we will hunt you down and teach you just exactly who is in charge of who.

To that I can only say:


Nominated by: General Cuntster

114 thoughts on “Letitia James

  1. This has been epic, so, because my last comment is buried in the labyrinth of WordFuck chicanery, Imma just going to repeat mice elf :
    Superman – Kryptonite.
    Vampires – garlic.
    Leftards – Facts.
    All politicians are cunts but Trump trumps them all just by dint of putting the intellectual elites (in their own minds) into a frothing tailspin.
    OC, your stalking mania is a great journey, a former mod as well no less.
    Howzabout that then.

  2. “chilling’ free speech is too much of a euphemism.

    More like full-on suppression.

    Call it what it is.
    No wonder Putin and Xi laugh at us in the West, a society telling the world how much it values freedom and democracy while bringing in hate speech laws, hunting down dissenting voices and persecuting Jews.

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